Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Christmas Cottage - a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie starring Merritt Patterson & Steve Lund!


Movie: The Christmas Cottage

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 9, 2017

*Based on the novel The Christmas Cottage by Samantha Chase!


Merritt Patterson ... Lacey
Steve Lund ... Ean
Brittney Wilson ... Ava
Victor Zinck ... Roger
Carey Feehan ... Mason
P Lynn Johnson ... Aunt Sarah
Laurie Paton ... Ava’s Mother


Storyline via Hallmark: When Lacey takes a rare break from work for her friend Ava’s Christmas Eve wedding, she reconnects with her former flame, Ean. The two decorate the cottage where the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon – a cottage said to bring true love to anyone who stays there – and feel their chemistry return. Lacey, however, is dating her equally workaholic business partner, Roger, who arrives just before the wedding. With Roger in town Lacey sees the sharp contrast between Ean’s family values and Roger’s sole focus on work, and must decide if the professional goals she shares with Roger or the connection and history she shares with Ean are more important in a lasting relationship.

*Based on the novel The Christmas Cottage by Samantha Chase!

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs


  1. I just watched the Father Christmas movies this past weekend. I had only seen parts of Finding Father Christmas but watched it entirely. The scene where Niall Matter asks Erin Krakow to stay was the most romantic scene in any movie I could imagine. I would love to see one more sequel and enjoy their wedding!

    1. 1 more sequel is Kissing Father Christmas - Erin Krakow & Niall Matter. Based on the book

  2. I have to say, I did not like the Winterfest movie Merritt Patterson was in this past year, and I tried to watch it like 5 times. So I am going to give this one a chance cause I love Steve Lund, and hope Merritt makes a better impression on me :)

    1. I was trying to remember where I saw her from! Was it the winter prince one? I think I saw her on a Pixl movie this year where she wasn't too bad, but I agree about the winter one. I'm here for Steve Lund as well. Loved him in The Best Christmas Party Ever.

  3. What has happened to all the new movies that were scheduled for Hallmark movies and Mysteries next weekend? Would you look on the guide for next weekend cause I was setting up my DVR none of them are on there

  4. I'm never a big fan of this type of story where there is an existing boyfriend. This movie is the exact portrayal of why I don't like this type of story line! I didn't like how Lacey was clearly flirting with Ean while she was still in a relationship with Roger, it's just a big turn off for me. No matter how poor Roger's personality is, to me I just don't agree with how Lacey kept jumping between the 2 guys. She also wasn't the one who would "come clean first" to Rogers about her feeling but it had to be Roger who had to ask. I also just don't understand how cool Roger was towards the whole breakup. It was so weird and WRONG.

    I do think Steve Lund was amazing and Merrit was pretty good too (except I can't stand her character, it was just so poorly written).


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