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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Give YOUR TAKE! Which Hallmark *FALL HARVEST* Movie did You like Best?

Now that Hallmark has premiered ALL

of their *FALL HARVEST* Movies-

it's time again for...


This is where you can share *your take* on the recent block of Original TV movies!

Please answer these 2 questions in comments below...

1. Which "FALL HARVEST" movie did you like/love the most?

2. Which "FALL HARVEST" movie poster (above) do you like best?

Looking forward to hearing all your responses!!! Feel free to share your thoughts on all the *Fall Harvest* movies!!!

(*Please note: Since I don't personally watch or endorse the Good Witch series or movies, I have decided not to include it here. Thank you for understanding. If you wish to mention it below - it's up to you. Also, please know - any comment that contains language or is demeaning to the actors intelligence, weight, or their overall appearance, etc... will not be published. If you didn't like a particular movie, the story, the actor's chemistry, etc... it's fine to share that... however, let's try to keep this positive of what we liked best about "Fall Harvest"! Thank you!)


  1. I enjoyed the most Falling for Vermont. It felt the most like Fall. Harvest Love was the next favorite. I liked the actors chemistry the most in this one.

    I liked All of My Heart: Inn Love but something was off for me. Sometimes I have a hard time with sequels because the characters have evolved so much from the original movie that I feel like a big piece of the puzzle is missing. The character of Brian just seemed overly happy at times and maybe that was actor discretion.

    I didn't really enjoy Lovestruck Cafe. I like Andrew Walker a lot but I didn't feel the huge chemistry and longing since high school.

    Same with the Harvest Wedding. Both good actors but I didn't feel the chemistry and supposed connection they have been supposed to have shared.

    Now I am gearing up for the Christmas Movies! Even if you don't like one or two they are still better than most of regular tv.

    1. All Of My Heart - Inn Love was my most favorite Fall Harvest Movie -

      The Second Favorite was Love Struck Cafe; in which is my most favorite Poster as well -

  2. All of My Heart Inn Love--favorite Fall movie
    Favorite poster--also All of My Heart Inn Love

  3. All of My Heart Inn Love for favorite Fall movie and poster.

  4. I think Harvest Love barely edges out Falling for Vermont for Favorite movie. Poster....All of My Heart: Inn Love because BABY GOATS!! haha

  5. My favorite movie was All of My Heart Inn Love

    My favorite poster is Falling for Vermont because it looks the most like Fall.

  6. Falling for Vermont for best movie and poster.

  7. Best Movie - A Harvest Wedding

    Liked seeing the farm as a significant part of the story.

    Best Poster - well, not A Harvest Wedding or Love Struck Café. Where are the people?

    I'll pick Harvest Love.

  8. Best Movies: A Harvest Wedding
    Best Poster: A Harvest Wedding

  9. Best Movie(s) and Poster(s)...because it was an absolute tie for me...Falling For Vermont, Harvest Love. I was sadly let down by All of my Heart - Inn Love. Still a good one to watch though. The others, I turned off early.Gearing up for the Holidays now!

  10. In spite of all the renovations and changes from the original movie, Lacey and Brennan captured my heart, yet again, in "Inn Love" and that goes for the poster, also. I loved seeing them together with one of their "kids". LOL! All the Fall Harvest movies were great!!

  11. I do think that the first 3 really hit it out of the park. I loved Julie in "Pumpkin Pie Wars" and thought she was terrific in "Falling for Vermont", plus the town was great in this one. It was good to see Ryan Paevey in a different role than "Donovan Darcy", and I really liked Jen Lilley as a mom in this movie. "All of My Heart: Inn Love" was a great sequel - it was super fun to see the couple really spend time together during the first half of the movie, plus I liked all the other love matches that were made.

    I liked the other two movies a lot - the first three were just extra good. I actually hope Victor and Jill make another movie together sometime.

    For poster, I think "Falling" and "Harvest Love" are a tie - the first for the great tree backdrop, the second for Jen and Ryan's fall clothes.

  12. My faves for fall were a tie. I really liked Falling For Vermont even though I didn't like the Mira Sorvino version. I liked the way they handled the theme this time. I also liked A Harvest Wedding, too. It was very cute and funny and I think the hero and heroine played off each other well.

    As for movie poster, I like the Love Stuck Cafe one because it reminds me of a book cover. Weird reason but I think it's cute and a bit different from the usual 'posey' type of posters. A Harvest Wedding poster reminded me of the same (and that cake looks absolutely delicious!)

    Among the people posters, I like the Falling for Vermont one. :-)

  13. I choice Harvest Love

  14. All of My Love Inn Love - I just wish they were married already! I loved the poster too!

    1. Estra -- Maybe there will be another sequel. This is what I thought; exciting. Maybe All Of My Heart-- Christmas Wedding or the movie will remain in the Autumn Season. These are just my thoughts only --

  15. I pretty much loved all the Fall Harvest movies, but A Harvest Wedding was my favorite!

    Poster pick- All of my Heart Inn Love

  16. I really enjoyed Harvest Love.

  17. My favorite movie is Harvest Love

  18. Falling for Vermont was by far the best, watched it every time it aired and I already got the DVD and watched that about 5 times so far, the cast was great and worked very well together. Would love to see a sequel next year at this time.

  19. loved them all; but esp the All of my heart Inn Love.

  20. All of My Heart Inn Love was my favorite fall movie and poster...loved the first and the sequel didn’t disappoint!

    Rest would rank 2. Falling for Vermont 3. Harvest Wedding 4. Harvest Love 5. Love Struck Cafe

  21. Loved Love Struck Café!!! Love Andrew Walker - would never miss a movie he is in.

  22. It's a toss-up between All of My Heart: Inn Love and Falling for Vermont for favorite movie, but if I had to choose I'd go with Inn Love. It was just so much fun seeing Brian and Jenny and all the townsfolk again. Brennan and Lacey are just wonderful together. I also really enjoyed A Harvest Wedding and the pairing of Jill Wagner and Victor Webster. The other two movies I thought were just okay, although I did enjoy seeing Ryan Paevey again.

    For favorite poster, definitely Falling for Vermont. It has the most autumn feel to it. Makes me want to go out for a walk!

  23. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, October 24, 2017

    Movie: A Harvest Wedding

    Poster: All of My Heart Inn Love

  24. My favorite is Falling for Vermont! Excellent Hallmark movie, very well made. Hallmark really knocked it out of the park with this one! Great actors and writing. Love the natural flow and the chemistry! SO good! Will definitely be watching this again.

    A Harvest Wedding is second. Jill Wagner and Victor Webster were great. Just not sure why Victor's character had to reject Jill's character first before finally accepting/pursuing. I thought that was a little odd, but overall pretty good.

    Harvest Love and Lovestruck Cafe have great potentials, esp with the great actors, but they're just not quite there. I really wanted to like them but they are kinda forgettable and I couldn't really feel a lot of emotion/chemistry :(

    All of my Heart sequel... I actually enjoyed watching it but i'm honestly not too sure of how i feel about it (the story line etc). It's hard to like a sequel. Lacey and Brennan were excellent and it was pretty entertaining and enjoyable to watch, but I don't know if I like the story line that much.

  25. For me its a toss up between Falling for Vermont and Harvest Love. Both movies were great and had lots of fall vibes...loved the harvest festival scenes in both especially. I really wanted to like Harvest Wedding, but something just felt off to me. Not sure what, but I had trouble finishing it. As for the other two, Inn Love and Love Struck Cafe, they didn’t feel like fall at all. I’m not sure why they were even included in Fall Harvest. It just felt like Hallmark was trying to top their normal 3 Fall Harvest movies by adding 2 more. They were good just not fall movies to me. Anyway, my absolute favorite Fall Harvest movies are still October Kiss and Harvest Moon from 2015. I’m not sure if Hallmark will ever be able to top those. So glad they finally released them on DVD!!!

  26. I loved Falling for Vermont! It felt slightly different than the usual fare and I really enjoyed it. Julie Gonzalo just sparkles.

    I think the best poster is the one for All of my Heart.

  27. Definitely Harvest Love for both movie and poster!

  28. Have to say HARVEST LOVE was the best movie and poster. Great chemistry between the leads. Sweet movie

  29. Okay.... A Harvest Wedding for both....

  30. I echo what CH Mom said above as far as breaking down the movie; also echoing Jules' comment about being a fan of Andrew Walker's movies but feel Love Struck Cafe didn't really showcase his skills.

    While I do really enjoy the movies from Hallmark and Movies & Mysteries (not interested in too much on other channels), I have felt over the last year or so that a trend for delivering more quantity of movies has, perhaps, resulted in a decrease in quality in some cases. My personal preference would be to have fewer new movies of quality that I want to own and watch time and again (The Christmas Card, The Christmas Ornament).

    Julie B

  31. Falling for Vermont was my favorite and Inn Love for best poster. I really love how naturally affectionate and tender Brennan's character is with Lacey (Jenny) in AOMH Inn Love movie! Now we need their wedding movie! I also enjoyed seeing Ryan Paevy in Harvest Love but the movie itself was just OK.

  32. Hi! I absolutely loved Falling for Vermont. I thought they had great chemistry and the story was told without all the cheesy aspects. One of the best I have seen.

    Best movie and best picture: Falling for Vermont

  33. Enjoyed Harvest Love and Harvest Wedding!

  34. Movie for me was Love Struck Café--I just loved the going back home story and rekindling the high school/forever love.

    Movie Poster--Falling for Vermont, I love the fall leaves in the background, and Julie Gonzalo is beautiful. I rewatched Pumpkin Pie Wars a few weeks ago, I can't believe I didn't initially love it, I do now.

  35. A Harvest Wedding for both.

  36. In my opinion, the best “Fall Harvest” film is “Love Struck Café”! I also feel this was one of the best Hallmark movies of 2017! The best posters, in my opinion, are for “Harvest Love” and “All of My Heart: Inn Love”.

  37. "Falling for Vermont" and "Love Struck Cafe" were miles better than "Harvest Love" and "Harvest Wedding" for me. "All of My Heart" was somewhere in the middle. Julie Gonzalo is a marvel!

    I like the 3 posters with people in them. I wish Hallmark wouldn't have front covers with no people! It's hard to remember who was in the movie with no photos, and it's just less compelling and personal.


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