Friday, September 22, 2017

Love Struck Café - a Hallmark Channel Original "Fall Harvest" Movie starring Andrew Walker and Sarah Jane Morris!


Movie: Love Struck Café

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: October 14, 2017


Andrew Walker ... Joe Wainwright
Sarah Jane Morris ... Megan Quinn
Dolores Drake ...


Storyline via Hallmark: Megan Quinn, an aspiring architect, faces multiple tasks – developing her hometown lake into a commercialized entertainment center, forcing Mrs. Frances Figgins, her childhood mentor, out of her family’s home, and helping out at her family café after her father breaks his leg, all while also dealing with the return of her childhood sweetheart, Joe, who broke her heart.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks


  1. This is the only movie I didn't see a preview from Hallmark this weekend on tv. I am hoping they are not downplaying it like Milford. I saw a short preview to A Harvest Wedding and the other movie this AM. But not Love Struck Café. I love Andrew Walker and was hoping to see him in more Hallmark. Too bad we couldn't have Arielle Kebbel in this.

    1. You will really like this movie. Andrew Walker is great, but Sarah Jane Morris, playing the love interest is very good too.

  2. Andrew Walker is one of the best actors. He seems so natural- like he's not acting a part. We always look forward to seeing him. My all time favorite in "Bridal Wave" with Andrew and Arielle.

  3. I love Andrew Walker, but couldn’t really get into Sarah Jane Morris as the main female in this one. Her part really fell flat for me.

  4. I found quite a bit of downside to this movie.

    One of the main aspects of this is that after Megan and Joe broke up, Joe had married someone else and had a daughter. There was absolutely nothing mentioned about this in the preview and it was suddenly sprung on the viewer about half-an-hour in.

    At the end the homily that first love is forever love kept being mentioned but Joe's first marriage was never discussed nor explained between himself and Megan.

    Obviously you would not really recognise adults from when they were young children but I didn't really think people would change that much from post-adolescence to full adulthood and I found it offputting that the actors they used in the flashback scenes looked nothing like the mature Joe and Megan.

    While they had been school sweethearts in the movie the adult Megan looked much older to me than Joe.

    Strangely though despite all this I actually really quite enjoyed this movie and it may very well be Andrew Waklker's best performance yet for Hallmark.


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