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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Searching for CHRISTMAS MOVIE Treasures!!!

Today, July 25th, marks FIVE MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! Here at *It's a Wonderful Movie* we are celebrating *Christmas in July* ALL Month Long! According to the Countdown Clock, at the bottom of this page, today is 93 days until October 27th, the day Christmas movies begin once again on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and 152 days until actual Christmas day!!!

While in discussion with one of the visitors here, Mark, regarding a shared interest in a Hallmark Christmas movie, one we both enjoy, but isn't quite as popular as many others... Mark asked if I might inquire from all of you of any *Christmas Movie Treasures* you may know of... perhaps something unique or sentimental to you, that may or may not be well known, or often shown, and is definitely not as popular, as say "It's a Wonderful Life," "White Christmas," "Miracle on 34th Street," etc...

Whatever Christmas show you share - it can be a Theater movie, TV movie, cartoon, or special, etc... There's only one main requirement - it must be family friendly!

My Christmas Treasures...

I am going to start it off by sharing three!

1.) I absolutely love the heartwarming, nearly 30 minute special of a much older Jimmy Stewart (of "It's a Wonderful Life"), who spends Christmas all alone in "Mr. Krueger's Christmas," and yet, still finds joy in the true meaning of Christmas! It's truly, without a doubt, one of the most touching shows I have ever seen... tugs at every heart string!

"Mr. Krueger's Christmas" - watch video here:

*"Mr. Krueger's Christmas" is available on DVD at Amazon!

2.) For my second choice, I decided to choose a Christmas special that I hold so dear... it's "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." It's a children's version of the nativity pageant that is traditionally held each year, but this time around when the rowdy Herdman siblings, who've never even been to church before, get involved - it becomes a Christmas pageant the adults and children alike, never forget! This precious story will lift your spirit and warm your heart... it's a true Christmas treasure!

"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" - watch video here:

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is available on DVD at Amazon!)

3.) There are several classic Christmas movies that I love, but I'll just mention one today... "Love Finds Andy Hardy!" Mickey Rooney plus Judy Garland - what more can I say? Well, plenty! It's a delicious piece of Americana hometown apple pie at Christmastime! Simply delightful, old-fashioned, and downright captivating! When Andy Hardy (portrayed by Mickey Rooney) has too many dates for the upcoming Christmas dance, it's quite a mixed-up mess! And, when Judy Garland sings - it's the most loveliest Christmas!!!

*See my full movie review of Love Finds Andy Hardy - HERE!

"Love Finds Andy Hardy" movie trailer - watch here:

Please share one to three
of your beloved Christmas treasures
in comments below!!!


  1. I did not know any of these movies! Excellent choices!
    Oooh Netie you always have the best material in your blog. I follow your posts many years and I always find a movie that can reall warm my heart with hope and love. Thank you my dearest friend. 95 days ! I cant wait! Let make this last months of 2017 memorable and great! I hope & pray that Jesus will guide us every signle moment! Amen!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! That means so much to me, truly! I agree... let's, indeed, make the last months of 2017 memorable and great!

      Thank you for your prayers! God's Blessings back to you, Net

  2. Three of my Christmas favorites are "The Gift of Love" with Marie Osmond and Timothy Bottoms. It is a rendition of the Gift of the Magi. The other two are Once Upon a Christmas and Twice Upon a Christmas with Kathy Ireland and John Dye. Kathy plays Santa's daughter who tries to get a family's name of the naughty list and onto the nice list in the first movie. In the second movie, Kristen(Kathy's character) has decided to stay with the family, but she doesn't remember who she is and that she is Santa's daughter. So she is trying to find out who she really is.

    These three are great and I don't think that they are aired on television anymore, but they are available on Amazon.

    1. Stephanie... Great picks! Those are all fun Christmas movies, too, and are rarely seen, if all, especially the one with Marie Osmond! My sister got that one for me on
      a few years ago. I had never seen it until then, but it's such a precious story of giving, as the Gift of the Magi always is!

      Also, Kathy Ireland is so sweet in Once and Twice Upon a Christmas. I always enjoy the family aspect of the story. I just checked Amazon and they have both of them available in one DVD together!

      Thank you, Stephanie... for reminding us all of these three movies!

      Blessings, Net :)

  3. 5 months to Christmas..... you lost a month! :-)

    1. Yes, it most certainly is! Thanks so much! I've corrected it above! :)

  4. Hi Net, thank you so much for running with my suggestion! As we discussed, here's hoping you and I and others will find some "hidden gems" to watch either now or during the Christmas season!

    I am going to offer the following three for now:

    1. The 1940 movie "Remember the Night" which stars Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray. To me this film has it all -- it begins like a crime story with both comedy and drama, and then slowly becomes a touching Christmastime story of spiritual rebirth, budding romance and the importance of family, with top-notch acting by all involved (including Sterling Holloway, the voice of Pooh-bear). I can only guess that it is not that popular because it doesn't have a feel-good ending, but it is definitely a Christmas movie all should see!

    2. My next item is a 1939 MGM Christmas cartoon called "Peace on Earth". Simply, a grandfather squirrel shares an anti-war bedtime story with little ones on Christmas Eve. The animation is unbelievable, and the message of "Peace on Earth" is really driven home. I get emotional every time I see it!

    3. My final suggestion for now is the 1939 movie "Bachelor Mother" with Ginger Rogers. (Yes, I am a lover of the old classics!) The story about a motherly-mixup takes place at Christmastime and is a wonderful 1930's typical romantic comedy. Enjoy!

    While I totally agree with Net's three suggestions, I also want to second "Mr. Krueger's Christmas". When it first came out, it was heralded as the return of Jimmy Stewart in a new Christmas classic! Just don't expect George Bailey!

    1. Thank you, Mark, again, for spearheading this discussion today and for adding some wonderful, unique gems!

      I love all of your mentions. "Remember the Night" is such a precious story of true love! At the end I always want more... perhaps, an epilogue showing their happy ending! Plus, I love seeing Beulah Bondi as the mother. She portrays that role so beautifully, as she does in "It's a Wonderful Life".

      Like you, I also adore the classic black & white movies like Ginger Rogers in "Bachelor Mother". In fact, Ginger Roger's other Christmas movie "I'll be Seeing You" has the same sort-of feel as "Remember the Night".

      Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful shows! It's been awhile since I've seen the animation "Peace on Earth," but you've inspired me to re-watch it again!

      Blessings, Net :)

  5. I always loved watching A Mom for Christmas that Olivia Newton John starred in.

    I also want to say Thank you for everything you do for us throughout the year. Net you ate awesome!

    1. Oh, thank you, Marge! How sweet! I'm so glad you enjoy visiting here!

      I remember that movie - where Olivia Newton John portrays the mannequin who comes to life. It's such a sweet one - a classic from... I was going to say 80's, but it actually came out in 1990, so almost! But all the fashion & hair - is definitely an 80's feel!

      Thank you for sharing, Marge! Blessings & Happy Christmas in July!!! Net

  6. TCM has helped to bring some delightful movies to the viewing schedule. 1) If you can get over the old-school special effects, "The Great Rupert" teaches so many clever lessons through a sweet Christmas story - the benefits of sharing and investing in your community rather than hoarding away your wealth. 2) "Fitzwilly" - not a very Christmasy title but a great Christmas comedy / caper movie with Dick van Dyke, Barbara Feldon, and an awesome plot. 3) "It Happened on Fifth Avenue" - this one isn't so secret anymore now that TCM has released it on DVD - another great plot about sharing your wealth and your opportunities with your community and the people you care about. 4) "The Cheaters" - terrible title but a slight screwball comedy with a few serious moments from 1945.

    1. Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful TCM classics! I'm familiar with the first three, but not the last one. Thank you for suggesting it - I'll be sure to check it out!

      "The Great Rupert" is such a delightful comedy, Jimmy Durante at his best, plus, it has the "boy-next-door" from Meet Me in St. Louis," Tom Drake! I so agree - it has many "clever lessons" in it, plus I love that squirrel!

      "Fitzwilly" is one I just discovered on TCM only a few years ago. Oh my goodness, what a hoot! I'm so glad you suggested it for everyone! It's quite intriguing and such a fun one to watch!

      And, your third movie treasure pick - "It Happened on Fifth Avenue"... is such a remarkable creative movie! It's now a new favorite classic of mine, and I always look for it on TCM each year!!!

      Thank you so much for sharing all of these great classic films! I'm definitely going to look up that last one you mentioned!

      Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

  7. It is actually 5 months until Christmas Day not 4 months! Don't want to confuse anyone!

    1. Guess time is flying by too fast! Ha! Thanks for the notice, I corrected it above!

  8. My three fav lesser known Christmas movies are: The House Without a Christmas Tree (Made for TV 1972) starring Jason Robards as the bitter dad who refuses his daughter's wish for a Christmas tree; The Great Rupert (Theatrical Film 1950) with Jimmy Durante as a down on his luck head of a former vaudeville family who are facing homelessness at Christmas, and Since You Went Away (Theatrical Film 1944) starring Claudette Colbert, Shirley Temple, Jennifer Jones, Robert Walker, and more about the tribulations of those on the home front in the US during WWII.

  9. Deck the Halls with Steve Bacic and Gabrielle Carteris TV Movie 2005. A really family friendly movie.

    1. Marianne - Thank you for sharing! I recall that touching Lifetime original movie. It's also available on DVD at Amazon:

      By the way... I love your profile pic with Santa!!! So cute!

      Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

  10. Ok, so I'm really bad at narrowing down my list of favorite Christmas films. So, here is my top six: Star in the Night (1945) is a great retelling of the Christmas story updated. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947) is one that I consider second to the It's a Wonderful Life movie. The Christmas Card (2006), love this film mostly to how much it honors our veterans, plus a great romance. Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (1977), another cartoon that's reminiscent of Frosty or Rudolph but is another aspect of the Christmas story. Christmas Comes to Willow Creek (1987) is one that isn't shown very often anymore but is one that also shows the reason of the season. Holiday in Handcuffs (2007), I love this romance for the season. It's one of my favorites every year. :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your favorite movie treasure picks!

      You have certainly picked a lot of good ones I love, too - including "It Happened on Fifth Avenue," "The Christmas Card," and "Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey"! Those are all wonderful and uniquely different!

      "Star in the Night" sounds lovely, too - I will be certain to look for it!

      Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

    2. My mother used to show her elementary students the Nestor movie. Those were the days!

    3. Oh yes... those were the days! AMEN to that! Such a precious little cartoon that tells the nativity story. Love that sweet donkey, Nestor! :)

  11. This is so nice, I love it, great stories all of them, your proposals and the comments, love them, I like some Christmas specials since I was a child that will stay in my heart forever:
    "The little troll prince a christmas parable"
    "Noel (The Happy Christmas Ornament)"
    And last but not least
    "Ziggy's Gift (Christmas Special)"
    Thanks for letting us share.
    (I think they all are on You Tube right now)

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for remembering and mentioning the precious cartoon special, "Noel"! I love that sweet little red ornament, whose name is Noel! And, that one special line in the cartoon... "My name is Noel, and I have a Happppp-i-ness!"

      Brings back precious memories... thank you!!!

      Blessings and Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

    2. :)You are right, that was a great line.
      Happy Christmas in July to you too!!!

  12. I have to say the Drew Barrymore version of "Babes in Toyland" as it is corny but so cute. My second choice has become one I watch a few times a year (yup, I watch Christmas movies all year long). It is Drew Lachey in "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas". And based on a true story, "Horses of McBride" makes your heart warm. I could talk about Christmas movies for days! Thanks for this wonderful place to find out about my favorite movies and to hear from others like myself!

    1. Those are all fun movie choices, Tanya. I am not really familiar with that "Babes in Toyland," but I will be sure to look for it. The movie "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas" is a fun one from UP and "Horses of McBride" aired on INSP a few years ago and most definitely has the same feel as the TV series "Heartland." I also enjoyed this movie and their enormous effort to save the trapped horses.

      Thanks for sharing in the fun - I'm so glad you enjoy visiting here! I love hearing back from all of you!

      Blessings on your day, Tanya... and Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

  13. I've got a few ...

    Nativity! A UK theatrical starring Martin Freeman about a primary school Christmas musical contest. Great movie with great music that can usually be found for very little on DVD. Definitely a Christmas classic and everyone I've showed it to adores it. There are also two sequels, the first of which, Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger, is not as classic, but is pretty good. It follows the same school, with different kids and a new teacher, David Tennant, to a national musical contest. The third is, so far, only available in the UK.

    Another UK Christmas series we really like is Robbie the Reindeer, a series of BBC-original Christmas specials featuring Rudolph's son trying to break into Santa's sleigh crew. (Due to copyright issues, they can never say the name Rudolph, which leads to some good jokes.) It's done by the same people as Wallace and Grommit and one of the voices is Hugh Grant. There are both US and UK versions of the first two -- Ben Stiller voices the lead of Robbie in the US versions -- but the third never aired here.

    The Happy Elf, is an animated special starring Harry Connick, Jr. It is available on DVD, but also usually airs, somewhere, during the season. It's about a Christmas elf who has to bring Santa's spirit to a small, sad town.

    Hoops & Yoyo Ruin Christmas is a 2011 Hallmark original animated special that didn't get a lot of attention but is really sweet and funny about how Hoops & Yoyo go back in time and almost keep Kris Kringle from being Santa. There's also a Halloween episode that takes place in a mall, from that same year, that is equally worth seeking out. Hallmark doesn't air it anymore, but they both were released on DVD, so can be found if you search.

    Disney Channel aired an original special last year, Duck the Halls, as part of it's Mickey Mouse series, that I didn't hear many people talking about, but our family loved. It's not on DVD, but is available on Amazon or iTunes digitally.

    Lastly, Olive the Other Reindeer. Based on a delightful children's book, and voiced by Drew Barrymore, is the story of a dog named Olive that mis-hears a radio announcer saying "All of the Other Reindeer" and thinks Santa needs her, so she treks to the North Pole. It's so adorable and I have no idea why more people don't love it. It's also out on DVD.

    1. Oh my goodness, that is a nice list of Christmas treasures, Sleepy Kitty Paws! Those are definitely many unique, hard to find movies & cartoons on TV.

      I used to love all of those cute "Hoops and YoYo" video clips and the cartoons, too! I also remember when "Hoops and YoYo" hosted some of the Christmas movies during the holiday season on the Hallmark Channel... movies like "Moonlight and Mistletoe" and "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

      The last few years, the little ones in my family have asked if "Olive the Other Reindeer" would be on TV, and I don't believe we ever found him the last couple years, but it is such a sweet one! And, yes, I have it on DVD- thank goodness!

      Here's the link to the "Olive the Other Reindeer" DVD - for those of you, who are interested:

      Also, the Hoops & Yo-Yo Christmas DVD:

      Thanks for sharing, SKP!!!

      Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

  14. I too like a a couple of treasures in Mr. Kruegers Christmas and love finds Andy Hardy but will choose different treasures (plenty to choose without repeating it!). I will choose a few that I have to watch at least once during the Christmas season.

    First I will choose an ABC Family original film from 1996. Christmas Every Day. I enjoyed its "GroundHog Day" premise but although it is a bit dated I still enjoy it as much as the first time I saw it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vw19pKcKHc

    Second: I will choose "The Shop around the Corner". You might recognise the remake as "You got Mail!". This Jimmy Stewart treasure has just got lost in some of the great films he has made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYLRwVplyqE

    The 3 Godfathers- This treasure often gets forgotten as a Christmas classic. a western take on 3 wise men.

    Also enjoy Casper's First Christmas. It combines many of the classic Hanna Barbera characters to celebrate Christmas with Casper. (I also love Yogi's First Christmas) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkWMt_CQuUQ

    Honorable Mentions: The Christmas Box, Love Under the Christmas Table, A Christmas Visitor, A Grandpa for Christmas, A Town without Christmas, On Strike for Christmas, 3 Day Test, Christmas in Pacland, A Flintsone Christmas Carol, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Elf- Buddy's Musical Christmas and Snowman & Snowdog (I love how it appears as if the book is coming alive into a complete small feature!).
    So many Treasures to choose from!

    1. I so agree, tvh... there are definitely a LOT of Christmas Movie Treasures to choose from!

      I like so many of the ones you mentioned, especially "Christmas Everyday" with Erik von Detten! What a great family Christmas TV movie from The Family Channel (ABC Family/Freeform)- before the Hallmark Channel even came into existence! I know some people don't like repeating movies like this, but I love this particular one! It's funny that ABC Family also did two other similar "repeating the day over until you get it right" stories with "Christmas Do Over" and "12 Dates of Christmas"!

      All fun mentions, tvh!!! Thanks for taking the time to share so many of the ones you love!

      I also enjoy "The Shop around the Corner" with Jimmy Stewart, and the re-make movie "In the Good Ole Summertime" with Van Johnson and Judy Garland!

      Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

    2. I forgot another treasure I have to watch every year. Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas! How did I forget that???

    3. Christmas Do Over is one of my favorite made-for-TV Christmas movies.

  15. Hey, Net, after spending a day looking through my "stash", I found a few gems that I would love to see aired once again, like:
    One Special Night-James Garner/Julie Andrews
    The Angel Doll-Keith Carradine
    Ms. Scrooge-Cicely Tyson
    Christmas at Cadillac Jack's-joe Campanella
    Christmas Snow- Sid Caesar/Katherine Helmond
    My Christmas Soldier-WW11 setting,
    Christmas Eve 1943
    Christmas Oranges-Edward Herrmann
    Jim, I bought this movie a few years back without even seeing it and I'm glad I did!! What a beautiful, heartfelt movie that should have been promoted and shown for all to see.

    1. Linda - Wow, that's an incredible list of rare Christmas jewels, to be sure! I've heard of some of these, but not all! I just love discovering new ones & being reminded of ones that aren't quite as common, but are definitely worthy of a re-airing!

      Thank you so much for going through your Christmas "stash" and sharing all of these wonderful titles! So many good ones there! And, how fun that you have "Christmas Oranges" on DVD! I was delighted TCT aired in July -and I sure hope they bring it back for Christmastime!

      Now that you've reminded me of so many wonderful movies, I'll have to go back and re-watch some of them - soon!

      Blessings and Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

    2. Linda, I'm now wondering how many more "Christmas Oranges" type movies I have never seen that are fabulous. Looking through all these posts, there are a lot that I have never seen, especially the really old ones.

    3. Oh, Jim, so many wonderful, heartfelt movies out there that never got the acclaim they deserved. I began collecting seven years ago all the faith based, family oriented Christmas movies I could find and I have hundreds and hundreds of them. I'm so glad Net did this post because it gave me a chance to look back and see exactly what I have and I found so many treasures!! I set aside a nice little stack that I intend to watch from now until our "new" movies begin. Do try to find "The Angel Doll", a 50's setting with Keith Carradine; think you'll love it!!

  16. I'll jump in on this as I think this is a great idea. I appreciate all the work you do keeping up with this site and information.

    1. Going back to my days as a kid, I always enjoyed watching Dukes of Hazzard. Their Christmas episode (I think Season 3) titled "The Great Santa Claus Chase" is an easy watch and a reminder of how good family is at Christmas. Throughout the entire episode, you could feel some tension between the Dukes and Boss Hogg, but not enough to dampen the spirit of Christmas. At the end, where Boss Hogg is reading Dickens' Christmas Carol, you sense he's having a change of heart, and then when he shows up to the Duke farm with presents, it is a great way to end the episode.

    2. Another one for me was Whoopi Goldberg in "Call Me Claus." Whoopi plays the overworked network producer perfectly, and I think Nigel Hawthorne is one of the most underappreciated Santas out there. I believe this was a TNT special back fifteen years ago or somewhere around there.

    3. Finally, I'll go with the Brady Christmas. It probably is a little more popular to the readers of this page, but I never see it on TV anymore, and I can remember watching it for the first time as a kid on a Saturday afternoon. I didn't know much about reunion type specials, so it was neat to see it out there, and it plays on so many character levels throughout.

    Thanks for doing this. I've enjoyed reading the other comments!

    1. Thank you, Brent, for jumping right on in and sharing your Christmas movie favorites! That's awesome! I loved to hear of everyone's treasures! It's like following a pirate's treasure map and discovering little pots of gold along the way!

      As for Dukes of Hazzard, I have a brother who loved that show... so I grew up watching it regularly! Trust me! It was his favorite show, too, in those days and I must admit, in spite of being a girlie girl, I loved those car-chases, too! (*But, let's keep that between us, okay?) The Christmas episode sounds like a good - I'll have to be sure and re-watch that one!

      I was wondering... have you ever seen "Christmas Comes to Willow Creek"? I ask because it stars both Dukes of Hazzard stars- John Schneider and Tom Wopat as two feuding brothers who are forced to work with one another at Christmastime. It's from 1987 and was a made for television movie. Wikipedia has a great description of it and Amazon has it on DVD, if you're interested.

      By the way, I also love reunion shows! I always wished The Waltons had come back for another Christmas movie, but now with so many of the original characters gone, including the father, Ralph Waite and the shows creator Earl Hamner, I'm not sure if it will ever happen. So unfortunate. As for the Bradys, I've always enjoyed their reunion, too, and all the crazy mishaps and escapades in the Christmas movie! It's warmly satisfying to see the house full again and the Brady kids all grown up! If only the real Cindy could've been there - it would've been perfection! (the actress who played the role was great, but just not the real one, you know?)

      Blessings to you, Brent, and I'm so glad to know you have enjoyed reading all the treasures here!

      Happy Christmas in July!!! Net :)

    2. Yes I've watched Willow Creek a few times over the years. It's a great story about those two bickering and then coming together at the right time. Thanks Net!

  17. Kelsey Gramar in Mr. St. Nick. He's the son of Santa Claus who wants to stay with the Florida, sun loving life.

    One Magic Christmas.... a redo of It's a Wonderful Life

    The two movies about Santa's son having to get married. Single Santa and Meet the Santas ... a fun movie. Chrystal Barnard and Steve Gutenberg.

  18. Davey and Goliath, "Christmas Lost and Found" is a very nice hidden treasure that I have not seen in quite some time. Just popped it on. Not sure how many people know about Davey and Goliath. Very wonderful Christian messages in every show. Made for children but fun and inspiring to watch at any age. The opening and closing song always gets to me. I sometimes will pop on the show just to hear that music. A very sentimental childhood memory for me.

  19. One of my all time favorite Christmas movies that they never air anymore and has not been released on DVD is It Came Upon A Midnight Clear starring Mickey Rooney. It was a TV movie from the mid-80s.

  20. How fun! I haven't seen half of the movies everyone has mentioned. I guess I have some watching to do! I'll share a few of my favorites I'm sure to watch every year.

    1. A Holiday for Love (aka Christmas in My Hometown) - the 1996 movie with Tim Matheson and Melissa Gilbert. A lot of newer Christmas movies share a similar plot (corporate guy or gal comes to small town to assess the factory) but this is still my favorite and the one I compare all the others to! I was so happy when they finally released it on DVD recently.

    2. Silent Night - the 2002 film with Linda Hamilton about German and American soldiers who take refuge in a woman's cabin on Christmas Eve during World War II. Such a beautiful and powerful story that really shows the meaning of the season.

    3. Christmas Child, based on the beautiful Max Lucado story. My family has watched that so many times I could probably quote it! I love the touching story, the quirky townsfolk, and the fact that Steven Curtis Chapman (my favorite Christian singer) is in it.

    4. Mary Christmas (2002) - I'm a big fan of John Schneider, and this is one of my favorites of his movies. Nothing new plot-wise, but it's sweet and full of heart.

    5. The Sons of Mistletoe (2001) with George Newbern and Roma Downey. Again, nothing really new, but the little twist in the story did surprise me the first time I watched it, which I always love.


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