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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mickey Rooney in the Classic Christmas Movie "Love Finds Andy Hardy"

In honor of the late Mickey Rooney's birthday today, I would like to share my review of Love Finds Andy Hardy, his very entertaining family movie, set a Christmastime in the small town of Carvel.

Love Finds Andy Hardy
(the fourth film of sixteen, in the Andy Hardy film series)
Starring Legendary Actor
Mickey Rooney

You will find yourself completely captivated
with Andy Hardy and all of his wonderful, delightful schemes! 

This timeless tale is from a bygone era of wholesome American values
that hopefully will never completely go out of style.

The Opening credits begin and you are immediately introduced to the Hardy family - Judge Hardy, the Father, and Mother Emily, Sister Marian, and of course, Andy Hardy!

In each of the "Andy Hardy films",
Andy always seems to get himself in a bit of trouble...

First of all, Car trouble...

(Andy owes $8 on the car he put a $12 down payment on!)

and then, Girl Trouble... times two!!!

(Polly Benedict is Andy's girl, but her family is leaving over Christmas to visit her Grandmother... so she won't be able to go to the Christmas Dance with Andy.

And, Cynthia, is Beezy's girl; however, Beezy, who will also be gone over Christmas, is willing to mail Andy that $8, if Andy dates Cynthia, while he's gone and takes her to the Christmas Dance!)

Cynthia is a sweet girl, but Andy soon finds out -
they have nothing in common.

Luckily for Andy, he has an understanding Father,
he can always go to for advice...

 However, Fathers' thoughts are somewhat consumed
with Mother, who has received a telegram...

Emily's Mother has had a stroke and she must go and care for her.

The family vows to take care of the house and each other
while Mother is away...

In the meantime... a new girl has arrived in town... Betsy Booth.

(Yes, it's Judy Garland, the girl next door! (pun intended here for all "Meet Me in St. Louis fans!) This is Mickey and Judy's 2nd film together and just the start to their fantastic on screen duo.)

Betsy and Andy become good friends and she tries to help him
figure out his troubles.

She even offers Andy the money he needs, but he doesn't accept it.

Andy thinks everything will eventually work out.

Beezy sends him a letter with no money inside
and Polly sends a telegram saying she will be home, after all,
for the Christmas Dance.

Once again... Andy is in trouble
and he takes his problems to his father.

(who always knows best!)

He is understanding and kind,
but he is longing to contact his wife Emily, who is still away.

(Emily's mother doesn't have a telephone and Emily is always
disturbed by telegrams... so, those won't work.)

Andy has an idea...

They send a touching, loving message through Ham Radio:

"Dear Mother,

Send you all our love and hope and trust. We are here praying for you. God bless and keep you and yours.

Father, Marian, Andy"

Judge Hardy says “I never expected to see anything like this in my life”.

 (It's fascinating to see how technology is so different. This may be a comedy, but there are many thoughtful, deep, poignant moments like this one.)

In the end...

Will Mother Hardy return home in time for Christmas?

Will Andy ever get that $8 he needs to buy his car?


Will Andy have a date, after all, to the Christmas Dance?

The image above may be a clue, but
I won't give the end completely away,
except to say -
Love "truly" Finds Andy Hardy...

...the true Love of family, friends, and a pretty girl, too!

It may be a mixed up Wonderful Mess...
but, You will find yourself
Loving every minute of it!

Love Finds Andy Hardy is often shown at Christmastime on TCM and it is also available on DVD.

I also created this video clip of Love Finds Andy Hardy below.
(It can also be viewed on You Tube)

I hope you have enjoyed this Movie Review of Love Finds Andy Hardy, as my tribute to the late Mickey Rooney, who won our hearts over and over again with his countless, delightful roles.

May Mickey Rooney's magical, mischievous smile live on in our hearts and on the screen for many generations to come...

I will express to you now, through the internet, the same words expressed above to Mother Hardy via ham radio...  "May God Bless and keep you and yours!"


This post is part of The getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon hosted by Once Upon a ScreenOutspoken & Freckled and Paula’s Cinema Club taking place throughout the month of September. Please visit the getTV schedule for details on Rooney screenings throughout the month and any of the host sites for a complete list of entries.


  1. I really enjoyed your tribute for Mickey Rooney. He was something truly special! He was such a light in Hollywood , he outshined nearly everyone around him except Judy. They were true stars. The likes of them will never be seen again. Your video clip was very nice. My eyes teared up. Mickey touched my heart, too.

    1. Oh, thank you! My eyes got misty making it. Mickey always touches my heart, too.

  2. That is a wonderful review/tribute to the movie!

    Thanks for sharing it!


    1. Thank you, Misty. I'm glad you liked it! TCM will be playing Love Finds Andy Hardy this year on Christmas Day! I absolutely adore every "Andy Hardy" movie!

  3. I love Andrew Hardy..Thanks

    1. Oh, me too! He's the Best! As Andy would say, "WooooHoooo!!!"


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