Friday, February 3, 2017

Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart" Season 4 is filled with Emotion & Drama!



TV Series: When Calls the Heart - Season 4

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: February 19, 2017 - April 23, 2017
("When Calls the Heart" airs weekly on Sunday nights!)

*When Calls the Heart Season 4 is Available on DVD - ➤Click Here!

The "When Calls the Heart" television series is inspired by Janette Oke’s bestselling book series.

*See Season 4 Episode Details below!


Erin Krakow ... Elizabeth Thatcher
Daniel Lissing ... Jack Thornton
Lori Loughlin ... Abigail Stanton
Jack Wagner ... Bill Avery
Pascale Hutton ... Rosemary LeVeaux
Kavan Smith ... Leland Coulter
Andrea Brooks ... Faith Carter
Mark Humphrey ... Frank Hogan
Erica Carroll ... Dottie Ramsey
Loretta Walsh ... Florence Blakeley
Martin Cummins ... Henry Gowen
Jeremy Guilbaut ... Ray Wyatt
Paul Greene ... Carson
Niall Matter ... Shane Cantrell
Cynthia Busby ...
Johannah Newmarch ... Molly Sullivan
Eva Bourne ... Clara
Aren Buchholz ... Jesse
Spencer Drever ... Cyrus Rivera
Adam Bergquist ... Hank Rivera
Larissa Albuquerque ... Katie Yost
Natasha Quirke ... Nancy Tucker
Daniel Arnold ... Jed Campbell
Nelson Leis ... Glenn Tate
Christian Sloan ... Curtis Tate
Nathan Dashwood ... Flloyd
Kadence Kendall Roach ... Anna Hayford
Gracyn Shinyei ... Emily Montgomery
Carter Ryan Evancic ... Cody
Ali Skovbye ... Becky
Ava Grace Cooper ... Opal
Christian Michael Cooper ... Timmy Lawson
Jaiven Natt ... Robert
Hannah Zirke ... Ruby Benson
Imogen Tear ... Hattie
Spencer Drever ... Cyrus Rivera
Andrew Dunbar ... Dale Kellog
Julie Fairweather ... Ellen Weise
Eileen Pedde ... Helen Burke
John Emmet Tracy ... Dr. Karl Strohm
Ben Corns ... Bruce Weise
Preston Vanderslice ... Michael Gleason
Julian D. Christopher ... George Edwards
Duncan Fraser ... Sam Collins
Matthew Clarke ... Murphy
Callum Seagram Airlie ... Harper Tucker
Genea Charpentier ... Laura Campbell
Amelie Eve ... Maggie Lawson
Oscar ... Rip the Dog
Rowdy ... Dasher the Dog

via Hallmark Press Release: The network’s most socially engaged fan base (#Hearties) will enjoy 10 all-new episodes of “When Calls the Heart,” starring Erin Krakow (“Army Wives”), Lori Loughlin (“Fuller House,” “90210”), Daniel Lissing (“The Last Resort”), Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton (“Sanctuary”), Kavan Smith (“Supernatural”), Niall Matter (“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”) and Paul Greene (“A Wish for Christmas”). The most dramatic, emotional season in the series’ history begins February 19 (9 p.m. ET/PT).


The pre-cursor to "When Calls the Heart" Season 4 - was their Christmas movie...
"When Calls the Heart Christmas." See details - HERE!


EPISODE 1 - Words from the Heart:
(premiere date: February 19, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: "As Elizabeth and Jack coach the kids in baseball, Elizabeth struggles to help a young boy come to terms with an old injury. Abigail takes on her duties as mayor and it seems nearly everyone in Hope Valley wants her attention. The National Pacific Railroad wants to run a new route through Hope Valley but not all the residents are convinced it's in everyone's best interests and a heated debate ensues."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

EPISODE 2 - Heart of Truth:
(premiere date: February 26, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: "When Robert tells a lie about seeing a bear and becomes a town hero, Elizabeth has to coax the truth from him. Hope Valley begins to taste prosperity from the railroad's arrival when the mill gets a big contract and Lee expands his workforce to meet the demand. Jack is honored by the Mounted Police for his outstanding work, while Elizabeth gets disappointing news from a publisher."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

EPISODE 3 - The Heart of the Community:
(premiere date: March 5, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: "To raise money for new school supplies, Elizabeth and the kids throw a carnival. But for Phillip, the new kid in Elizabeth’s classroom, the carnival sheds new light, and possibly even hope, on his relationship with his distant father."

"Abigail finalizes a deal to bring the railroad to Hope Valley and new families flock to the town with the promise of work. When word reaches Hope Valley that a notorious gang may be heading their way, Jack and Bill enlist Frank's counsel in thwarting their plan to rob the incoming stage carrying the railroad's payroll. Elizabeth takes a strong interest in a new student whose single father has little time for him due to working overtime at the mill. Elizabeth plans a carnival to raise much-needed money for supplies the school needs to accommodate the new students. Rosemary's new job at the café comes to an abrupt end and she sets her sights on a new opportunity."

Actor Niall Matter ("Finding Father Christmas" and "Stop the Wedding") joins the "When Calls the Heart" series in this episode!

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

EPISODE 4 - Change of Heart:
(premiere date: March 12, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: "Abigail's tenure as mayor is threatened as Gowen plots in the shadows to be reinstated. Elizabeth finds her job in jeopardy. Jack reunites with a younger Mountie he mentored at the Academy as he passes through town, while newcomer Carson Shepherd lands a job at the café. Rosemary helps Cody scheme to get Frank and Abigail back together. Not swayed after the stagecoach heist was thwarted by Bill, Jack and Frank, the Tate brothers return to Hope Valley with their sights set on carrying out a daring bank robbery."

Actor Paul Greene ("Perfect Match," "A Christmas Detour," "Campfire Kiss") joins the "When Calls the Heart" series in this episode!

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

EPISODE 5 - Heart of a Teacher:
(premiere date: March 19, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: "Elizabeth fights to clear her name and get her job back; Jack gets some troubling news; Wyatt and the railroad continue to make problems for Hope Valley; the children have to deal with a stern new schoolteacher."

"Henry Gowen reassumes his position as mayor of Hope Valley and, without warning, fires Elizabeth as the school's teacher, citing a scandal from her past as the cause. With the support of nearly the entire town Elizabeth travels to Cape Fullerton in hopes of disproving the false allegations. Certain that big money is at play in Gowen's favorable dealings with the railroad, Bill lays out a plan to find out what underhanded doings are going on between Gowen and Ray Wyatt. When Jack delivers the Tate brothers to Mountie Headquarters, he receives bad news about a young Mountie he mentored, which weighs heavily on him."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

EPISODE 6 - My Heart Will Go On:
(premiere date: March 26, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: "After the death of a friend, Jack makes some difficult life choices that may affect Elizabeth as well."

"Elizabeth spends tutors Hope Valley's children after school while continuing to fight to regain her job as the school's teacher. Cody and Abigail spearhead a letter-writing campaign for her reinstatement and an unexpected ally steps in on Elizabeth's behalf. Henry Gowen continues to act as the puppet of Ray Wyatt who remains intent on controlling the town and its inhabitants, while Bill Avery redoubles his efforts to locate the missing witness, an accountant whose testimony could help bring Gowen to justice. While attending the funeral of a young Mountie who died in service, Jack begins to question his own devotion to duty."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

EPISODE 7 - Healing Heart:
(premiere date: April 2, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: "Elizabeth has problems in her classroom when the nephews of Ray Wyatt come to her class and bully other students. Meanwhile - Lee loses his voice and Rosemary does the talking for him, Bill finds AJ Foster, and Ray Wyatt opens a commissary and steals Abigail’s cafe’s business."

"With Jack on his new assignment in the Northern Territories, Elizabeth begins to plan her future with Jack as while worrying about his safety. At the café, Carson Shepherd, implements a plan to attract customers in the wake of Ray Wyatt’s obvious attempts to squeeze Abigail out of business. Elizabeth has a new challenge in the classroom with a pair of new students, who are ill-behaved bullies harboring a family secret. Bill Avery finally captures the mystery witness in the Henry Gowen embezzlement case and they soon find themselves engaged in a firefight when Wyatt catches wind that Avery might be onto his and Gowen’s nefarious plans."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

EPISODE 8 - Courageous Hearts:
(premiere date: April 9, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: “Tension between Elizabeth and her new students continues. Meanwhile Lee and Rosemary fight about Rosemary learning to drive, and Abigail struggles to hold the café together while the railroad’s commissary thrives.”

"Elizabeth nervously awaits word on Jack’s safety in the Northern Territories and further attracts the ire of railroad boss Ray Wyatt when she implores Wyatt’s brother Russ to help his sons deal with the loss of their mother. Bill Avery’s plan to bring A.J. back to Hope Valley to testify against Henry Gowen is complicated by Dale Kellogg, who was ordered by Ray Wyatt to hunt the pair down and stop them by any means necessary. Frank Hogan’s suspicions about Carson Shepherd’s past prompt the newcomer to share with Frank his big secret. Meanwhile, Abigail receives an offer from Wyatt that could save the café. After Lee Coulter buys a new car, insists that he teach her to drive but learns a big lesson about humility instead."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

EPISODE 9 - Heart of a Secret:
(premiere date: April 16, 2017 - Easter Sunday)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: “Elizabeth takes Opal in while her parents are away; a newcomer to Hope Valley has some insight into Carson Shepherd’s mysterious past; an unlikely turn of events puts Cody in harm’s way.”

"Abigail is mayor of Hope Valley Henry once again with Gowen in jail and, a mystery woman arrives in town bearing harmful allegations about Carson Shepherd’s secret past that confirm Frank Hogan’s suspicions. Elizabeth takes care of Opal for a few days and learns some lifelong lessons about motherhood, and is thrilled when she meets a young Mountie under Jack’s command who is passing through and gives her a full update on Jack. Cody is excited that his sister Becky has returned from school on a surprise visit but is saddened that she doesn’t seem to have any time for him. Meanwhile, Rosemary questions her own talents when she is unable to make sales at Dottie’s Dress Shop."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

EPISODE 10 - Heart of a Fighter - Season 4 FINALE:
(premiere date: April 23, 2017)

Story Synopsis via Hallmark: “The town gathers around Abigail as Cody fights for his life; Carson comes to terms with his past and gets a chance at redemption.”

"Abigail must make a life-or-death decision as Cody lies seriously ill at the infirmary with apparent appendicitis, and a race is on to get a qualified surgeon to Hope Valley in time. Abigail must decide whether to allow Carson to operate against the doctor’s orders, while Elizabeth tries to convince his sister-in-law that his Carson was not responsible for his wife’s death. During this crisis, Abigail finally receives long-awaited news about her status as Cody and Becky’s guardian."

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs


When Calls the Heart:
The Heart of Faith

This is the Christmas Movie-
the Beginning to Season FOUR!

When Calls the Heart - COMPLETE Season 4
is Available on DVD - ➤Click Here!


"When Calls the Heart" (which is reminiscent of the Laura Ingalls Wilder television drama "Little House on the Prairie") is a beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring television series!

See or Skip:

I would absolutely, highly suggest watching this wonderful show with your family!

*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter
*Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs


  1. Replies
    1. Me, too, Susan!!! It's wonderful Hallmark has such a wonderful Family TV Series everyone can feel good sitting down to watch together!!!

  2. The wait is almost over! I'm so excited!! I'm looking forward to seeing where all of the characters' journeys take them this season, and I can't wait to see who Paul Greene and Niall Matter are playing. I love that they joined the cast this season!

    1. I feel exactly the same way, Amy! I love the WCTH series, too, and I'm most excited to see it return!!! I can't help from wondering who Paul Greene & Niall Matter will portray? Good guys or bad guys???

      According to IMDB, Niall Matter is in only one episode, so that's interesting, too - if that is correct. I was hoping for more!!!

      In any case... I simply love that they've joined the cast, too, Amy! So fun!!! :)

  3. Do you know if Hallmark will be re-airing the Christmas episode? My DVR didn't tape it!!!

    1. I just double-checked for you, Kim, and unfortunately, it doesn't look as if Hallmark will be repeating the Christmas Movie/Episode of "When Calls the Heart." So sorry to hear your DVR didn't record it.

      There are, however, other ways you can see it!

      You can watch it any time through Amazon video! Here's the link:
      (the price is very low!)

      Also, the DVD of the "When Calls the Heart Christmas" movie which is titled When Calls the Heart: The Heart of Faith, will be released March 21, 2017. I know that is after Season 4 airs, but the last time I looked, the price was incredibly low, so you may still want to check into that as an option. Here's the link:

      Oh, I sure hope one of these works for you! It was such a beautiful episode, filled with the wonder & spirit of Christmas... hope you can see it soon!

    2. Thank you for checking on this for me! I so appreciate your site. I have a 13-year-old daughter and our "thing" is watching Hallmark movies together. I'm always able to see what is coming up so we don't miss them.

    3. My DVR didn't record it either. I was so upset! I just watched it on YouTube it was so sweet.

  4. I love Daniel Lissing and would really like to watch this particularly since Paul Greene and Niall Matter are joining the cast but I really couldn't go through another debacle of how they finished Cedar Cove so don't watch any of these series.

    I understand that all shows will run their course and have to fnish sometime but I can accept this as long as they treat the viewers with respect and at least give us an ending.

    Net - I wouldn't worry yet about Niall Matter only appearing in 1 episode - sometimes IMDB only update the actor's schedule as each episode airs.

    I doubt Hallmark would have publicised his appearance so much if he was only going to appear in the one episode - here's hoping anyway.

    1. You really should watch the are missing out on a truly fantastic series. I understand your disappointment over CC, but hoestly, this show's cast and crew...and yes, even the network, have gone out of their way to be respectful to fans. They will never abandon this show without a proper ending...I would guarantee it. This show has built an entrenches fan base that has helped other series on the network too. They know the backlash they would receive if they ever dropped the show without a conclusion and some fair warning. Watch won't regret it!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, February 09, 2017

      The TV business is the TV business, and viewers are at its mercy and whims. No fan base of any show is guaranteed to get the ending that it wants. All they can do is hope.

      If a show gets cancelled unexpectedly -- after its season has ended -- then proper closure is not likely. That's why Cedar Cove did not have any closure -- no one knew that the show was going to get cancelled until after Season 3 was over.

      By the time CC was cancelled -- which was likely due to a drop in ratings or behind the scenes contract issues -- the actors were no longer under contract and the Hallmark execs who wanted to cancel it were not going to spend time and money to make a 2-hour movie to wrap things up for a show they wanted to end. They wanted to end it, and unfortunately it ended after the season was over. If it had been cancelled in the middle of when Season 3 was being filmed, then the writers could have adjusted the script and written in some closure.

      But that didn't happen, and that's just the way it works sometimes. We all have to deal with losing shows at some point, and sometimes we will lose them unexpectedly, without closure.

      In the case of When Calls the Heart, that series is not dealing with declining ratings thus far. It is a hit show for Hallmark, and there is no question that the passionate fans are hanging in with the show until the bitter end.

      If and when WCTH ever gets cancelled, or if a decision is reached to end the show after X number of seasons (which sometimes happens with TV shows), I'm sure the fans' devotion will be taken into consideration, and the final scripts will be written so that there is some closure. The show would still end, but at least the loose ends would be tied up.

    3. Watching any television series, unfortunately, is risky... especially a drama series where the storylines are often on-going.

      I recall watching a mystery drama series called "Reunion" that starred Sean Faris (Christmas with Holly), Chyler Leigh (Window Wonderland), Will Estes (Blue Bloods), Gregory Harrison (Signed, Sealed, Delivered), and many more well known actors!

      Anyway, the show was a suspenseful tale each episode - that was ultimately supposed to lead to a revealing finale of who-dun-it! Unfortunately, the series was cancelled mid-stream and the mystery remain unsolved. It was quite disappointing then and, frankly, remains so today.

      So..... I fully understand your hesitation, Anonymous, but I do think Hallmark loves this series dearly, and if at all possible, I'm sure they will do their utmost best to end the "When Calls the Heart" series in a way that pleases their enormous fan base!

      Just my two cents, but I agree with Anonymous #2 above... "When Calls the Heart" is such a beautiful show, and if you don't watch, you'll truly be missing out.

      WCTH is definitely a series, in my opinion, that is worth the risk!

      Blessings to You!!! Net

  5. I love When Calls the Heart TV show I have other shows I like to watch but that is my all-time favorite. is my favorite TV show all of it and the Hallmark to channels the Hallmark channel hallmark movie and Mystery Channel so if had to have one or two channels those channels would be it also like to watch me TV that shows old shows but if I had to choose it would be the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark and Mystery Channel I like to watch them over and over and over and over.

  6. Based on the synopsis that is posted for Episode 6, I have a feeling that the "friend" might be Jack's brother, Tom Thornton. Out of all of the people in Jack's life that we the fans know of, Tom would be someone that would cause Jack to make "difficult life choices" if something happened to Tom.

  7. Why are all the women's roots showing? They need a new hairstylist. Every woman on the cast needs to have their roots touched up. It makes it look so un-authentic. I just don't get it. It bugs me that their dark roots are showing.back in those days they didn't have colorist to dye hair. It makes it so unbelievable. All the women need to get their roots done before they film.

  8. I just absolutely love this show. I started on season 3, so I have been watching season 1 and 2 just to fill in the details, and I just cant stop watching this show. It is one of the best shows on TV right now :)

  9. After last nights episode I've become a die hard Hearties fan! Hallmark has won me over.

  10. Net, our family loves When Calls the Heart every Sunday night. They wanted me to ask you - do you think there will be more seasons? If so, will everyone in the cast return? Do you think Jack will come back before the finale?

    1. So good to hear, Abby! All of my family loves it, too! Not sure if Jack will return before the finale. I'm hoping, but I don't know. As for another season, I'm hopeful for that, too, plus Erin Krakow will be on Home & Family again Monday -- perhaps, to make an Announcement!!! :)

  11. I was so heartbroken with the final episode of season 4 of When Calls the Heart expecting to see Mountie Jack comes back but didn't. I hope that his character won't be written off. And now that Paul Greene's character saved Cody, will he be a regular on that show?

    1. Excellent questions! I only wish I knew! I would love to see both Daniel Lissing (Jack) and Paul Greene (Carson) return next season, but we'll have to wait and see! Let's hope together!!! :)

  12. please tell me there will be a season 5 for When Calls the Heart. It's my favorite show. When will the dvd of season 4 be available to buy? I watch them over and over. Thanks

    1. Yes, "When Calls the Heart" will return for a Season 5 - next year in 2018! (It's one of my favorite shows, too!)

      As for Season 4 on DVD, so far they are releasing them by episode. Some of them are pictured above, but you can also go directly to AMAZON and see ALL the current DVDs of "When Calls the Heart" that are available! Hope this helps!

      Blessings on your day! Net :)


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