Friday, February 3, 2017

Hallmark Continues "Countdown to Valentine's Day" and goes to the Dogs and Cats this Weekend!!! Plus More!!!

Saturday FEBRUARY 4, 2017:

Hallmark "unleashes" an all new Valentine movie...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: "Rival lawyers battle each other in court as their respective dogs fall madly in love, bringing their guardians together at every turn until..." Click Here to Read More...

See the Premiere of Walking the Dog
Saturday FEBRUARY 4, 2017
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

PixL will "move you" with an all new romantic comedy...

image via: PixL entertainment
Storyline via PixL: "Interior designer Olivia Wilson (Ambyr Childers) loses her job in New York. With newfound time on her hands she decides to head home to California to surprise her dad, Neil (Jim O’Heir) for the 25th anniversary of the family business, Wilson Family Movers. Upon arrival she meets..." Click Here to Read More...

See the Premiere of A Moving Romance
Saturday FEBRUARY 4, 2017
at 9pm/8c. on PixL

Sunday FEBRUARY 5, 2017:

It's HALLMARK vs. the BIG GAME, with...

Kitten Bowl IV

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

via Hallmark: "The "Kitten Bowl" is a feline catstravaganza presented in association with North Shore Animal League America (the nation's largest no-kill shelter and animal adoption organization) and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation."

See Kitten Bowl IV
Sunday FEBRUARY 5, 2017
at 12pm/11c. on the Hallmark Channel

*Also, on Sunday night, the Hallmark Channel will give viewers an "instant re-play" of one of last year's popular "Countdown to Valentine's Day" Original Movies, which has a Football theme to it - Love on the Sidelines! (this movie is also newly available on DVD!)

The Animal Planet Premieres their annual Doggone cute...

 Puppy Bowl XIII
image via: Animal Planet

via Animal Planet: The Puppy Bowl returns with an all-star, all-adorable puppy and kitten cast that's ready to mix it up in Animal Planet stadium.

See Puppy Bowl XIII
Sunday FEBRUARY 5, 2017
at 3pm/2c./12p. on Animal Planet

If you like football or if you love Animals (particularly Dogs & Cats!), then this will be a touchdown furr-tastic weekend for you on TV! I certainly know all of my Fur-Babies mean the world to me! Each one is unique, with their own personality- a very precious special member of our family! And, it's fun to watch all these sweet kitties & puppies on TV - who I hope will find a forever home some day soon!

Have a wonderful first weekend of February... as we continue to Countdown to Valentine's Day! (by the way, you can see that schedule- HERE!)

Plus, if you want more details on "Walking the Dog", visit HERE, and more details on "A Moving Romance", visit HERE!

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  1. Walking the Dog looks good! It is funny they chose Sam Page for another Valentine movie again this year. I think I'll be kind of disappointed now if he doesn't do one next year.


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