Tuesday, March 14, 2017

INSP Films Begins Production on its Latest Movie “Christmas on the Coast”

I have just learned some exciting *New Christmas Movie News* direct from my friends at INSP!!! Check out all the news below...


INSP Films Begins Production
on its Latest Movie “Christmas on the Coast”
This Upcoming Romantic Drama
Will Be Filmed in Georgia

(Indian Land, SC – March 14, 2017) - INSP Films has commenced production on the romantic movie, Christmas on the Coast, with filming taking place in the picturesque Georgia towns of St. Simons, Brunswick and Darien. The announcement was made by Gary Wheeler, Vice President of Original Movies at INSP Films.

“In the tradition of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ comes our latest holiday film, Christmas on the Coast,” said Wheeler. “It follows the story of a New York romance novelist, who after a string of flops, looks to get her creative juices flowing again by heading home to the south for the winter. What awaits her there is more than she expected, and definitely more than she came for. It is a heartwarming story of love, hope and inspiration.”

Christmas on the Coast is produced by INSP Films and will be distributed by Imagicomm Entertainment. The movie is scheduled for release in November 2017.


About INSP Films

INSP Films is a theatrical motion picture production company owned by television network INSP. Founded in 2015, it produces films that are dramatic, inspiring and family-friendly.

This one sounds like it will be a good one - I'm intrigued by the storyline with the romance novelist! I'm also thrilled to hear it will be premiering in November! Yay! I feel like Christmas has never ended this year with all the Christmassy Movie News we keep receiving! It's wonderful to see INSP undergo production on their second Christmas movie following "Christmas in the Smokies" in 2015 with Sarah Lancaster, Alan Powell, Jill Wagner, and Barry Corbin! I can't wait to hear and share more news on Christmas on the Coast!


  1. Yay for INSP! I'm happy to read they are back to making Christmas movies. I was just trying to remember who all was in the first one they did so I'm glad you mentioned Sarah Lancaster and Jill Wagner. They were both great but could have seen a little more of Jill as I recall.

    1. Me, too, CJ! I'm also happy to see another Christmas movie project for INSP! They are pretty well known for their Western shows and "Saddle Up Saturday" - so I was glad their first movie "out of the gate" (so to speak!) "Christmas in the Smokies" was such a good one!

      You are so right- Sarah Lancaster was terrific in it, and it's too bad Jill Wagner wasn't in it more.. because I thoroughly enjoyed her (as you did!) in every scene she was in!

      That was a wonderful get for INSP to have two - such great actresses in their first original Christmas INSP film. That leaves us all with high anticipation for this next one!!!

  2. Always happy to hear more Christmas movie news, Net! I feel Christmas has ended either. It's here to stay!

    1. I feel exactly the same... it's Christmas Every Day!!!

      Blessings! Net

  3. Absolutely love the cast and crew of this movie...super nice and fun!!! This is going to be a wonderful Christmas movie!

  4. Darien is a very friendly and scenic town full of wonderfully people.


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