Thursday, December 29, 2016

Remembering the Legendary Actresses ~ Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher

I'm sure you were, as I was, stunned to learn the passing of both of these actresses so suddenly these passed few days. First, Actress Carrie Fisher, from a heart attack on December 27, 2016, and then her mother, Actress Debbie Reynolds from a stroke a day later, December 28, 2016. So tragic, especially for all of the dear family and friends they left behind.

Actress Debbie Reynolds - the All American Girl Next Door!

Both Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher were legends in the acting world. Debbie Reynolds was from Hollywood's By-gone Golden Era... with hits like "Singing in the Rain," "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis," "Susan Slept Here," "The Tender Trap," "Tammy and the Bachelor," "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," and so much more! You can see Debbie Reynolds' extensive acting career at imdb - with over 80 acting credits in her filmography and over 200 performances as herself!

"Singin' in the Rain" - Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor

via US magazine - Getty Images; Terry O'Neill/Getty Images
Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain in 1952;
Carrie Fisher in Star Wars in 1977 

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford in Star Wars 

Of course, Carrie Fisher will forever be remembered as the iconic character from the original Star Wars movies, as Princess Leia. You can see her filmography at imdb, with over 90 acting credits!

Debbie Reynolds with daughter Carrie Fisher

My thoughts...
It is so sad to see these two pass away - Daughter and Mother, so close to one another.

Debbie was such a wonderful actress and beautiful singer. Her song "Tammy" and "Singin' in the Rain" are both musical favorites! Each year when Debbie's birthday comes along in April, you may recall, I have often wished her a Happy Birthday here on my site and shared news on TCM's movie marathon for her. I'm sure TCM will have a memoriam movie tribute for her soon, as they have already shared this touching video tribute below.

With my prayers and sympathy to all of their family and friends...


  1. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, December 29, 2016

    I feel immense sadness for Billie Lourd -- Carrie's young daughter and Debbie's granddaughter -- and for Todd Fisher -- Carrie's brother and Debbie's son.

    In addition to Carrie and Todd's half-sisters, Tricia and Joely, I also thought about actress/director Penny Marshall -- who was Carrie's best friend -- because Penny has now lost her best friend AND her brother (Garry Marshall) in the same year.

    We've all lost loved ones at times in our lives, I'm sure, and the grief can be overwhelming for the loss of even one person, let alone 2 people at the same time. I just don't know they can all even process it. The weight of the sorrow could be too much to bear for many people.

    It was hard enough for fans to lose Carrie. It was so unexpected. So shocking. But to know that her mom -- a legend and part of "old Hollywood" -- was so grief-stricken and heartbroken that she fell ill and passed on is just so much more poignant and astonishing. Debbie was an older lady, but the sadness, stress and pain of losing her daughter is what took her life (via the stroke). She wanted to be with Carrie.

  2. Just when you thought it couldn't possibly happen again so close to the end of 2016; we loose two more endearing legends in the entertainment field. I grew up loving Debbie Reynolds and all of her movies. Then, her daughter Carrie blasting on the scene with the Star Wars series...amazing and so sad. Thank you, Net, for the tribute and let us pray comfort and peace to their family and friends!!

  3. Thanks for putting up the lovely tribute to Debbie and Carrie!


  4. TCM will be airing a Debbie Reynolds movie marathon on January 27th (Friday).

    1. Thank you for sharing this news, Jill. I thought TCM would surely give Debbie Reynolds a marathon tribute.

      I sure hope they are playing "Tammy and the Bachelor." I just adore her in it, especially when she sings the beautiful song, "Tammy."


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