Saturday, September 24, 2016

Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Details on New Christmas Movie!!!

Looks like Candace is heading back in time in her new Christmas Movie!


Candace Cameron Bure posted this picture on Facebook, with the caption...
"We are headed back to Christmas, 1945."

Candace shared this Tweet, Yesterday on Friday:

So... we know for sure this is Candace's Hallmark "Christmas" Movie!!!

Now, the questions is - Which Christmas Movie is it??? Is the movie set in 1945 or does Candace's character just like to wear vintage like Autumn Reeser's character in "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade?"

I'm not sure this particular time period sounds like the Christmas movies we have previously heard about, so the Mystery continues!!! (Guess we need Aurora Teagarden to help solve this one!)

*Special "Thank You" to my Sweet Sister, for sending this info my way!


  1. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, September 24, 2016

    Net --

    I'm pretty sure that if this is "A Worthwhile Life" that Candace is filming, there is some sort of flashback to 1945. The origins of the necklace in the story probably date back to 1945.

    Candace could be envisioning a scenario in 1945, in which she imagines she is someone from that time period.

    OR she could be thinking of a relative -- like her grandmother in a specific situation -- in 1945.

    OR, the lead male in the movie -- the one with the necklace -- could realize that Candace looks strikingly like his grandmother, who we see in flashbacks to 1945.

    I suspect that the whole movie is not set in the past, but 1945 is somehow a pivotal time that is relevant to the origins and importance of the necklace, which are revealed as the necklace is investigated.

    Of course, if this is NOT "A Worthwhile Life," then who knows what's happening? Lol.

  2. Just based on this photo and Candace's comments, I'm going to predict that Candace will star in the movie, "A Christmas Broadcast". The description that we've been given for this movie does not specify the time period of this story. Also, the title could refer to a radio broadcast instead of a broadcast for television or the internet. If the movie was about a radio station in 1945, it would compliment the movies that have already featured radio stations taking place in the modern day ("On the Twelfth Day of Christmas", Love On the Air"). In any of her comments, Candace never mentioned when her movie will be released. Hallmark never gave a premiere date for "A Christmas Broadcast". Even though this movie is about to start production, it might get released next year.

  3. Was there any clue with where Candace twitted from?



  4. New Details & Movie Title for Candace's Christmas Movie updated HERE!


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