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Candace Cameron Bure - Christmas Movie Watch 2016!!!



UPDATE September 26, 2016:
New Details and Movie Title for
Candace's Christmas Movie updated HERE!

If you are following along with us at "It's a Wonderful Movie", then YOU are already IN THE KNOW that I shared *here* that Candace Cameron Bure has previously informed fans she is indeed filming a new Hallmark Christmas Movie for the 2016 Christmas Season!!!

Yay! This is obviously Awesome News for all of us - who love Candace's Hallmark Movies! So far, the particular Christmas movie Candace is doing has not been announced - so we can only guess!

Candace Cameron Bure just shared this picture via Instagram, with the caption...
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄"

Candace Cameron Bure - via Instagram

UPDATE: Looks like we are still on *Candace Cameron Bure* - Christmas Movie Watch 2016!!! This shot is from the filming of her Netflix series "Fuller House". (Thank you for the info, Sherry!)

Well, since we know Candace will still be filming a Christmas Movie this year... Any guesses on which one - it might be?

Here are some of the titles Hallmark recently announced, with unknown casts (so far!):

A Christmas Broadcast,
A Worthwhile Life,
Christmas Angel in Training (Hallmark Hall of Fame),
Curveball Christmas,
Runaway Sleigh,
The Sound of Christmas, and
Rose Parade New Year.

(see the press release *here*)

Course, it may also be a movie that hasn't been announced, yet!

Which previous Candace Cameron Bure Hallmark Christmas Movie is your favorite?

Moonlight & Mistletoe, Let it Snow, Christmas Under Wraps, A Christmas Detour


  1. Let it Snow is my absolute favorite, so far!!

  2. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, August 08, 2016

    Net -- I saw this photo from Candace last night, and I almost emailed you about it... until I read through the comments and saw that the photo was taken in her "Fuller House" dressing room, or somewhere on the set.

    Last week I read that there was a Fuller House Thanksgiving episode being shot. I think they did a Christmas episode immediately after.

    Actor Dave Coulier (also in "Fuller House") posted a photo of himself in a Christmas sweater yesterday as well.

    But Candace does have a movie coming up, so it has to be filmed at some point!

    The movie could also be something for HMM, which Hallmark has not yet expanded upon. For example, "Sleigh Bell Sweethearts" -- announced by Teri Wilson but not yet by Hallmark. if that one is going to HMM, perhaps they didn't want to announce it yet, but Candace could be in that one.

  3. Christmas Under Wraps is my most fav.
    If I were to guess, I think her movie is Runaway Sleigh.


  4. I still like Moonlight & Mistletoe best. Can't be topped.

  5. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, August 08, 2016

    No problem, Net! :-) As I mentioned, I almost emailed you about it before I deduced that the photo was likely taken somewhere on the Fuller House set (and if Dave Coulier had not posted a photo of himself in a red Christmas sweater then I might have thought that Candace was, indeed, filming her movie).

    In any case, she has confirmed more than once on Twitter that she DOES have a Hallmark Christmas move coming up this year. It could end up on either of the 2 channels, but there WILL be one. If she is going to shoot it before she returns to "The View," she'd have to do it VERY soon. So, even if the above photo is not from a movie set, it could still be a teaser/clue that she is going to be shooting the movie soon.

    My favorite Candace Hallmark movie is, without question, "Let It Snow." That's also one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, period. BUT, I also really enjoy "A Christmas Detour." In fact, I like ACD much more now than I did when I first watched it last year. I think it's a really good movie on many levels.

    1. Hi Sherry - I felt the same way when I watched A Christmas Detour last month - I enjoyed it more than when I first watch it last year. In fact, I found myself liking a lot of the 2015 movies better this go-around. As I mentioned in a much-earlier post, I was overall disappointed with the 2015 movies because I felt there was a lack of chemistry between the many of leads and there was a definite lack of humor (which, if done right, adds to the chemistry). I'm hoping the 2016 movies approach the level of the 2013 ones like Let it Snow (which you and I previously mentioned was one of the better years). We'll soon see...

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, August 12, 2016

      Mark -- Yes, 2013 was a prime year for these movies. So many gems came out of that specific batch of Christmas movies. There were even a couple of really good ones on Lifetime in 2013.

      I tend to think that it's hit or miss, in that the same writers, same directors, same actors, etc., might be involved in the really good movies that we love (so we know they can put out some effective content), but they also might be involved in some lackluster/not-as-great movies too. I think it boils down to the combo of who is paired up together (including which writers and directors are paired up with which actors). Individually, the actors might have been great in separate movies, but when put together for a romantic connection the results are not as successful. As you said, there is a lack of chemistry in some of them -- and it really stands out when you've seen the movies with really great chemistry! And, some scripts are just not as strong as others, and the actors can only do so much with the material.

      I have definitely found that there are some movies that I love right off the bat, immediately (like "Let it Snow"), and then others are kind of slower to grow on me, but then I end up really appreciating them over time (like "A Christmas Detour"). Sometimes my initial reaction to a movie is not the fault of the movie, but it just might boil down to whether or not I'm distracted or involved with other things and can't fully focus. But when I see it again, later on down the road, and I am less distracted, I end up having a totally different opinion!

      I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who has a newfound appreciation for "A Christmas Detour"! I never thought it was bad -- I liked it well enough last year -- but now I definitely think it was one of the stronger installments in the 2015 batch of movies.

  6. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, August 08, 2016

    Oh, almost forgot -- my guesses for which movie Candace might be in are these 3:

    -- Christmas Expectations (since it's already on the schedule on a particular date, that tells me that Hallmark has the full cast lined up and is close to starting production)

    -- Nutcracker (because it's on Saturday of Thanksgiving Week, which is prime real estate on the schedule, and because it's about a woman who used to be a dancer -- maybe Candace could apply some of her "Dancing With the Stars" skills in a flashback scene or two)

    -- Sleigh Bell Sweethearts (because Candace's current long, wavy blonde hair is similar to the hairstyle of the girl on the cover of the book -- but I think that SBS might go to HMM instead of the main channel)

    1. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, August 09, 2016

      Sherry....I think Candace will be in Sleigh Bell Sweethearts too. That story line fits her.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, August 09, 2016

      Joyce -- I was completely unfamiliar with the story of "Sleigh Bell Sweethearts" until Teri Wilson announced that it was being made into a Hallmark movie this year. Then I read the synopsis/outline and was trying to figure out who could play the lead roles.

      Of course, SBS is not listed among the 19 new movies for the Countdown to Christmas. So I can only assume that IF it is, indeed, being made into a movie scheduled for the holidays of 2016, it will end up on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. Since that's where the Aurora Teagarden movies air, Hallmark may think it's a good idea to put Candace's new Christmas movie there, to lure a lot of viewers over to HMM.

      And... there is always a chance that the movie (SBS) won't actually be shown until 2017. Sometimes the productions get delayed. Hopefully it will make it to HMM this year, but I don't see anything that looks like the Sleigh Bell Sweethearts story (with a different title) in the list of movies set for the main Hallmark Channel this year.

    3. I think that because of the Aurora Teagarden series and because of Candace’s movies on the main Hallmark Channel, I’m going to guess that Candace will be the lead in “Christmas Angel in Training,” especially since the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies now air on both Hallmark channels. Also, since the Hall of Fame movies are normally sold on DVD, having a star with a recognizable name like Candace’s could help increase DVD sales.

  7. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, August 08, 2016

    Let It Snow, Christmas Under that order! Love "Let It Snow"!

  8. Love all of Candace's Hallmark movies, but I still love Moonlight & Mistletoe best! Unfortunately, they don't play it as much as they used to.

  9. Why isn't Christmas Under Wraps on DVD?

  10. Let It Snow is my favorite, I watch it all the time. Christmas Under Wraps second. That's Garland for you.

  11. I think it will be Runaway Sleigh!!

  12. I think it will be Runaway Sleigh!!

  13. I'll throw my guess in. I'll say A Worthwhile Life. It sounds more unusual and a deeper sort of storyline the usual Hallmark Channel movie. Maybe Candace had a hand in choosing the movie and wanted something deeper this time.

  14. Fuller House? Seriously? This felt so close. I think Candace knew fans would draw this conclusion.

    My guess is the title hasn't been released.


    1. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, August 10, 2016

      The title may not have been mentioned by Hallmark yet, but there is no room for anything else on the main channel beyond the 19 movies that have been announced.

      The only channel with any titles left to be announced would be Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

      Sleigh Bell Sweethearts has not been announced by Hallmark, but it was announced by the author of the story. It's on Net's list of Christmas Movies coming up in 2016. I tend to wonder if it might end up in the 2017 batch, though.

      Fuller House was shooting a Thanksgiving thing last week, so it makes sense that Christmas was the next thing they'd touch on. Dave Coulier from the show posted a photo of himself in a red Christmas sweater on the same day that Candace posted her photo. I think people jumped to conclusions because they didn't look any further after Candace posted the photo, and because she IS doing a Christmas movie this year. It was an easy conclusion to jump to! I almost got fooled for a second, when I first saw the photo, but then I looked into it.

      I'm sure Candace knew what fans would think. No disrespect intended to any fans of Hallmark movies, but a lot of them get so excited when they see that their favorite Hallmark actors are working on a project, that they immediately assume it's a Hallmark movie. They forget that Hallmark actors have lots of other jobs and do lots of other things -- series, movies for other channels, music, art, etc.

      For example, right now Danica McKellar is working on a movie for Lifetime. Autumn Reeser is working on a TV series for the E! channel. Bailee Madison has been shooting a movie for Freeform (and just finished a movie for Syfy very recently). Jesse Hutch was working on "Gears of War" before moving on to another project. Antonio Cupo and Emily Rose were recently working on a movie, and it looks like it might be going to Lifetime or straight to DVD. Paul Greene was recently working on a project that he said was not for Hallmark.

      In any case, Candace is doing a Christmas movie this year, so it has to be filmed at some point soon (unless she somehow already secretly filmed it without anyone realizing it)!

  15. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 16, 2016

    I just wanted to revisit this topic of Candace Cameron Bure's unknown Christmas movie now that additional details have come out about who is in some of the other movies, and new titles have come to light!

    I get the feeling that Candace was maybe, originally, going to do one particular movie, and that one got delayed or didn't work out for whatever reason, sending Hallmark scrambling to put her in another one that can work with her schedule. I have no idea if my hunch is right, or which movie she might have been originally scheduled to do, though.

    My first predictions for which movie Candace might be doing have proven to be totally wrong. I predicted "Christmas Expectations" or "Nutcracker," and she is in neither one of those! Lol. My wild card option was "Sleigh Bell Sweethearts," but, as of this moment, it doesn't even appear that it is going to make it into this year's line-up so that's probably out of the running as well!

    So, what's left that Candace could possibly be in??:

    --A Christmas Broadcast (we have no idea if this movie is even still happening this year)

    --A Worthwhile Life (this is Lauren's guess above -- this one is supposed to still be happening, but no clue who is in it)

    --Curveball Christmas (who knows if this one is still happening?)

    --A Christmas to Remember (this movie is going to HMM, and it has the same title that was originally supposed to go to the movie Candace filmed last year)

    --A Christmas Carol (new title that just came up)

    --Meant to Be (the newly announced Brennan Elliott movie)

    Or... could it be something previously unannounced that will surprise us all?

    Those are really the only choices that make sense. Which one will Candace do?

    I don't think she's doing "Runaway Sleigh" (because it starts filming soon and she just started the new season of "The View," but it's a last resort option) OR "The Sound of Christmas" (because I don't see her playing a piano teacher).


  16. I, too, am really surprised that we don't know this one yet. Candace is definitely Hallmark's highest profile Christmas movie star, and usually her movies are filmed well in advance; not the last minute additions. It would certainly make sense that there's been a change of plans, or it's just the busy schedule, with Fuller House and the View certainly being priorities, that Bure has of late.

  17. There are certainly a lot of variables to consider when contemplating which Christmas movie Candace Cameron Bure will star in this Christmas Season!!!

    First of all, it very well could be one of the recent movies listed, that don't have a star attached to the movie, yet... such as "Meant to Be". I also found it to be interesting that one of the titles was the former title of "A Christmas Detour"... "A Christmas to Remember". I noticed that right off, as well, and wondered if that could possibly be a clue! However, that one is a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original movie and I have a feeling Candace's Christmas movie will still be on the main Hallmark Channel.

    Another question now is- will Candace's Christmas Movie even air during Thanksgiving week? Typically Candace's movie would air on Saturday night, but they just filled the Saturday night time slot on Thanksgiving week with the new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.

    If Candace's Christmas Movie is going to air during Thanksgiving week- then it can't be "A Christmas Carol" - currently scheduled for December 4th, "Meant to Be" - currently scheduled for December 11th, or "Runaway Sleigh" - currently scheduled for December 18th.

    Since Hallmark has recently officially announced 16 of the 19 titles that are supposed to premiere this year, that means some of the titles that were previously announced, won't be happening this year, at all.

    So which movies will make it? My guess is "A PRINCE FOR CHRISTMAS" and "JOY TO THE WORLD" - since they already have actresses attached to the projects. (Jaime Pressly and Brooke Shields)

    If we add in those two movies, we have 18, leaving us only Candace's movie!

    So, which movie could hers be? With all of my deductions above, that leaves us with three... "A CHRISTMAS BROADCAST", "A WORTHWHILE LIFE" , and "CURVEBALL CHRISTMAS".

    You can read details on each of those movies, here!

    So, Candace's Christmas movie could be one of those or potentially something completely new!!! And, will it premiere Thursday, Thanksgiving Night or on the last night of Thanksgiving week, Sunday? Or, another night?

    I'm thinking they will keep in November, because networks really look at ratings numbers in November, so knowing Candace's movies always get high ratings, I think it will remain there!

    Hope they will announce something soon!!!

    My guess is "Curveball Christmas" or something completely new!

  18. So, Candace Cameron Bure posted a photo on her Instagram in period costume with the caption: "We are headed back to Christmas 1945."

    Could this be A Worthwhile Life, which by descriptions seems like it would have flashbacks and doesn't yet have a cast or airdate? That movie is supposed to start shooting on Monday in Utah according to:

    1. At this point, I'd say anything is possible! I updated info, here when my sister told me about this latest news this afternoon! Love movies set in a different time period, so this should be great!!!

      I'm thinking flashbacks are a definite possibility!!!

  19. For everyone who has been watching to see news on Candace Cameron Bure's Christmas Movie, please see New Details & the Movie Title for Candace's Christmas Movie updated HERE!


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