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Friday, January 1, 2016

Hallmark starts the New Year with New Movies!!!

See Two New Movies Premiere ~
the first weekend of the New Year!
Saturday January 2, 2016 -

Winterfest begins on the Hallmark Channel with Luke Perry in...


via Hallmark: Avery Ford, a famous actor in popular Western films, is sent by his manager to a Montana dude ranch where he's supposed to rustle up business for the ranch while also... Click Here to Read More...

Premieres Saturday January 2, 2016
on the Hallmark Channel at 9pm/8c.

Sunday January 3, 2016 -

Mystery Movie Series premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries with Lori Loughlin in...

via Hallmark: When Jenn's old pal Sandra becomes the prime suspect in a murder case... Click Here to Read More...

Premieres Sunday January 3, 2016
on the Hallmark Channel at 9pm/8c.
You will want to note... the Hallmark Channel has changed the premiere time for their movies,
after the Christmas season, back to 9pm/8c.
Personally, I am still catching up on watching some Christmas movies with my family, that we recorded over the Holiday Season (how about you?), but I still love to see the New TV Movie Premieres coming our way!!!
Have a Happy First Weekend of the New Year, and I hope you all enjoy the New Movies!!!
Happy New Year!!!


  1. It’s hard to believe that it’s New Years Day. It's been two months already since the first new movie of the 2015 Christmas season premiered on Hallmark. By the end of October I had our room decorated for Christmas. With a small tree and colored lights around the closet door and window. That way we could watch the November movies in a Christmas atmosphere. Then after Thanksgiving, we decorated the rest of the house. And were able to watch most of the movies in the living room.

    Net, I wish to thank you for compiling the list of Christmas movies. It’s a labor of love. And must be very time consuming. Without your list, I’m sure I would have missed a lot of good movies.

    There were so many good movies, It’s to pick a favorite. I’m going to go with A Prince For Christmas. I’m biased. It was filmed in East Aurora, NY. Not far from my home in suburban Buffalo.

    By coincidence, the day after watching the movie, I went East Aurora with my daughter to pick up a package. We stopped in Firefly Cupcakes where the Prince and Emma had their first date. Good cupcakes. Even had K-9 cupcakes for our dog.

    The clerk said the cast and crew were super nice. The B&B where the Prince stayed and the diner that Emma owned all exist. We laughed at the liberties they took with the geography of the town. Saying it was two hours from the city. And only one train day. I guess thats called artistic licensee. For effect.

    The movies associate producer, Markus Hill, told WIVB News4 out of Buffalo, that A Prince for Christmas was “one of the only Christmas movies airing on TV this year that had real snow. It just makes it look so much more authentic.”

    1. Happy New Year, to you! That sounds like such a fun experience seeing "the set" of the movie "A Prince for Christmas" in person! I love knowing they had real snow while filming. I always look for that and typically you can tell. It looks real, to me, in Northpole: Open for Christmas, but who knows... they can do so much with computer graphics!

      Thank you for sharing this, Robert! I haven't watched "A Prince for Christmas", yet, but now as I watch... I will be sure to look for all the locations you mentioned and, of course, the snow!!!

  2. last year as the Christmas shows were wrapping up on the Hallmark Channel they announced the return of Christmas on Oct. 31. There wasn't any word this year on when Christmas will return. Do you have any idea when they will return for 2016?

    1. Excellent question! I'm assuming it would be around the same time, but they probably didn't want to confirm a date, yet, which may change later on. Plus, now that they have "Fall Harvest" movies... perhaps, they may want to tie those into the Holiday Season!!!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 04, 2016

      Anonymous & Net -- The fact that Hallmark did not mention anything about a date for the next Countdown, nor did they even say "Join us for the Countdown to Christmas 2016...", did not go unnoticed by me. That's exactly the sort of thing I listen and look for, and I was listening and looking as the final movies aired this past Friday night.

      On the one hand, Hallmark seems to change plans so often -- even after making official announcements of titles, dates, schedules, channels, etc. -- that perhaps this time they don't want to specify a date when it could likely change.

      On the other hand, because of the odd day on which Halloween falls this year -- a Monday -- and the fact that the Rose Parade 2017 will air on Monday, January 2nd (instead of January 1st, because the Rose Parade never takes place on Sundays!), it is very possible that Hallmark does not yet know what the exact start AND end dates of the next Christmas event will be.

      It's going to be tricky this year. If Hallmark starts the Countdown on Saturday, 10/29, they could be taking away a slot from a potential new Fall Harvest movie, and even if not, people would complain that 10/29 was too early. If they started the Countdown on Friday, November 4th, that's almost too late at that point, assuming that they are going to give us at least another 17 new movies (probably more), mostly on weekends.

      And... since Hallmark always shows the Rose Parade, does that mean they will end the Christmas movies on the night of Monday, January 2, 2017, or will they end them on the night of Sunday, January 1st? Will they, perhaps, add in a new New Year's-themed movie to the line-up, to air on Christmas weekend or New Year's weekend?

      Will Hallmark begin the Countdown on Saturday, October 29th? Sunday, October 30th? Monday, October 31st? Or Friday, November 4th? If they began it on Halloween (Monday), then would they not debut the first new movie until Friday, 11/4 or Saturday, 11/5?

      There are many questions, and I would assume that by the time of the Christmas in July event they will announce the official date of the next Countdown (if it hasn't already leaked out before that time).

    3. I absolutely agree, Sherry! The calendar for 2016- doesn't give a clear idea as to when the Countdown to Christmas lineup should begin or end! I'm sure, as you mentioned, they will have to weigh the number of Christmas movies versus Fall Harvest themed films and then settle on a date. I do recall the Rose a Bowl Parade airing on a Monday before... So they just ended the Holiday Season on that day... Giving us one extra day of Christmas movies, extending it to January 2nd!

      It will be interesting to see how they plan it... Especially with this also be a big presidential election year, right around the time the Christmas movies should begin!

  3. Looking forward to new movies!


    1. Me too, Misty! This Winterfest idea was a fabulous one! :)

  4. We are still watching Christmas movies , too! LOL! I thought we were the only ones behind. We left to visit family so I had to hope everything would tape alright and be waiting for me to watch after the Holidays. Everything worked out fine and I'm loving watching them all after Christmas. I'm still in the Christmas mood. Anyway, Winterfest looks like a cute diversion from the end of the Holiday season blahs. Thanks for everything you do to make this site great every Christmas! Lissa

    1. So glad everything worked out for you Lissa! I love watching several after Christmas and keeping the spirit alive in our home just a little longer!!!

      Thank you, also, for your kind words on this site! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  5. Happy New Year to all the It's a Wonderful Movie family! I love coming here and seeing Net's postings and all your comments. Here's to another great year of great movies!

    1. Awe! That is truly so sweet... I love it! I also value everyone who visits here and love reading all the helpful comments, suggestions, and reviews! Thank you for commenting and joining the "It's a Wonderful Movie" family!!!

      Happy New Year to You!!! :)

  6. A Snow Capped Christmas is showing on W Network right now.
    I came here trying to figure out wether it was filmed in Vancouver (Mt Seymour), but above it says Kelowna. Wonder if that's right?


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