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Monday, January 4, 2016

"Christmas Movie News" for 2016 and Beyond!

(Last update: November 16, 2016)

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Christmas Movies listed below!!!

This post first began in January of 2016, but you will find many updates made since that day! Scroll Down for more details...

As soon as the last Christmas movie airs in December, and we say farewell to another glorious Holiday season, everyone’s thoughts quickly turn to wondering what next year’s Christmas season will bring!

Farewell Christmas 2015!
Well, now that 2016 is officially here – we will piece together a few early Christmas Findings!

1.) NORTHPOLE 3 ???

(posted January, 2016) For the Hallmark Channelfirst of all, could there be a third “NORTHPOLE” movie? Oh, I certainly hope so, but please know there isn't any news or announcement on that happening, yet! But, if there is – I certainly hope Bailee Madison, who has that genuine sparkle, will return as Elf Clementine! She’s adorably dazzy and makes Christmas extra fun for all the little ones and grownups, too!

Bailee Madison in Hallmark's NORTHPOLE: Open for Christmas

UPDATE (July 21, 2016): While we are all still on NORTHPOLE 3 WATCH for this Christmas Season, or next year... I am excited to share with you all that BAILEE MADISON will be starring in an all new original Made-for-TV Christmas Movie this 2016 Christmas Season on Freeform (the newly named ABC Family). See Details Below - #57!

UPDATE (September, 2016): It looks like there will not be a Northpole 3 this year. We will have to hope for next year!


2.) Karen Kingbury's The Bridge Part 2

(posted January, 2016) Also… we do, of course, know there will be a second part to the inspirational story of “Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge” - sometime in 2016. (Update below!)

I know the decision to wait a year before showing the conclusion to this story was difficult for many of you. Please know, I personally value and respect all of your thoughts and opinions on the matter, and feel especially sorry for older individuals, or those who have an illness, who are steadfast Hallmark Channel watchers. Hopefully, the Hallmark Channel will be able to air it sooner, then later, but please know, I haven’t heard any news on that, yet. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: (January 18, 2016) Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge Part 2 will officially air, due to popular demand, March 20, 2016 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and will encore the next weekend on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 on the Hallmark Channel. As Karen Kingsbury's shared via social media, "It's Christmas on Easter!"

“Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge”


3.) A Puppy for Christmas

(posted January, 2016) Officially, Cedar Cove came to an end on the Hallmark Channel in 2015, but we will still see stars from the series popping up in Hallmark movies and other series, including Cynthia Busby, who starred on Cedar Cove as Rebecca Jennings and also starred in the Winterfest movie: “Unleashing Mr. Darcy”. Dare2Productions have revealed, they have just filmed, in December, a Christmas Movie for 2016, currently titled: “A Puppy for Christmas”!!! The film will star Cynthia Busby, Greyston Holt, Allison Price, and Derek Mcgrath.

UPDATE - July 1, 2016: Worldscreen is reporting this Marvista Film is officially going to be an UP Christmas Movie!

Cynthia Busby in A Puppy for Christmas” (wt)!!!
(image via: Dare2Productions, Cynthia Busby , and Russ De Jong Instagram)

on set of “A Puppy for Christmas” (wt)!!! (image via: Dare2Productions, Cynthia Busby , and Russ De Jong Instagram)

Greyston Holt, Allison Price, Cynthia Busby, and Derek Mcgrath.
on set of “A Puppy for Christmas” (wt)!!!
(image via: Dare2Productions, Cynthia Busby , and Russ De Jong Instagram)

Update June 23, 2016:

Storyline via Marvista:
"Noelle has the perfect set-up: a successful job, a handsome boyfriend and the life of her dreams. She is only missing one thing. Deciding to finally take the plunge, Noelle adopts an adorable puppy. However, her life does not become the dream she imagined it would. Instead her new furry friend turns her world upside down and soon they are facing Christmas alone. Accepting an invitation to spend the holidays with her coworker, Liam, she is surrounded by the Christmas cheer of a warm, happy family. Sparks soon begin to fly between Noelle and her host as the warmth of the season ignites something between them. But when Noelle’s estranged boyfriend tracks her and proposes in an attempt to win her back, Noelle must decide which life she wants. Will it be the safe, successful world she knows, or an unpredictable future with the man who is quickly winning her heart?"

Starring: Cindy Busby, Greyston Holt, Christopher Russell

Images via Marvista:


image courtesy: Instagram
UPDATE: (posted January, 2016) It looks like the movie we thought Autumn Reeser was filming for Christmas this passed December (2015), was actually her Hallmark Channel Valentine's Day movie... Valentine Ever After. If you are wondering why we originally suspected it to be a Christmas movie, well, there was snow and this sweet Christmassy pic with an adorable kitty, plus Autumn's Instagram post:  

Autumn Reeser, via Instagram:
"Well, a kitten is a great way to end a movie and a year! Happy 2015 and happy holidays everyone... @hallmarkmovies #ohcanada #thatsawrap"

After further research, unfortunately, it looks like the Christmassy pic Autumn posted was simply taken somewhere on location during the Christmas season. I do think it would be great fun to have Autumn Reeser in another Hallmark Christmas Movie - since many fans loved her in Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade! (One of my all-time faves, by the way - I wish was played more often during the Holidays!)


4.) Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas - Returns???

(posted January, 2016) Now, for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries… one of the actors from the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" series revealed there just might be another Christmas movie in the works for the Dead Letter Office team during The Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas… for 2016! Their last Christmas movie was "Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas" - pictured below! It's a personal favorite of mine! Such a beautiful story wrapped around undelivered letters and a very sweet Christmas nativity pageant.

For Hallmark Movies & Mysteries... I’m also going to guess that one or more of the ongoing HMM mystery series might just do a Christmas themed movie this year, as well!

UPDATE (July, 2016): I have recently read reports that there will not be a ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ Christmas Movie for the 2016 Christmas Season, after all. However, let’s all keep a look out and hope for a potential SSD Christmas movie in 2017!


5.) Wish for Christmas

(posted January, 2016) Also, I had heard buzz that Joey Lawrence (who starred in Hallmark’s “Hitched for the Holidays”) was recently filming a new Christmas movie, so I did a little research and discovered this movie, currently titled Wish for Christmas will premiere on Lifetime during their 2016 Christmas Season! The film will star Joey Lawrence, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Anna Fricks, Jeff Schroeder, and more!

UPDATE: This movie will not air on Lifetime, but it is available on DVD. See below...
image via: Alexandra Co-founder MirrorTree Productions via Instagram

image via: @johnkdgraham via Instagram

Available on DVD!

Wish For Christmas


6.) Love Always, Santa

Previously Known as: The Last Love Letter

(posted January, 2016) I just recently discovered this news (January, 2016)! Looks like another NEW Christmas Movie is in the filming process, titled... "The Last Love Letter".

According to a casting call for extras on the web-site, voiceofalexandria.com: Want To Be In A Movie? Here's Your Chance "If you ever wanted to be in the movies, you'll have a chance tonight (Friday) in Northfield. Strike Accord Productions wants extras to hang around Bridge Square in downtown Northfield, to create outdoor scenes about a Christmas fair in a film that's now being called "The Last Love Letter." Line producer Jillian Nodland says you can show up at the square any time from 5:30 tonight until as late as 5:30 tomorrow (Saturday) morning. You're asked to wear cold weather clothing with Santa hats or other Christmas touches. Nodland says you won't get paid, so there's no checking in-and-out -- you can stay as long as you like -- and if you're there late at night, the crowds will be most likely be smaller, and you'll have a better chance of seeing yourself on film."   (information via: voiceofalexandria.com Posted on Jan 22, 2016 by Minnesota News Network)

We will have to keep a look out for this one - to see if it's a made-for-TV movie!?!?!?

UPDATE (March, 2016): One tweet mentions this will be a Hallmark TV Christmas movie, but that hasn't been officially confirmed. This is a Marvista Entertainment project. Other films from this production company have aired on the Hallmark Channel, such as "Fir Crazy".

I found a couple on set pics with actresses Marguerite Moreau and Sara Marsh, via Instagram:

Update: June 23, 2016:

Storyline via Marvista: "Celia Banks has given her whole life to seven-year-old daughter Lilly. After losing her husband three years ago, Celia has also given up on love... but Lilly doesn't want her mother to spend another holiday season alone. She decides to send a letter to Santa, Inc., a service that answers children’s North Pole bound mail, wishing for her mom to be happy again. When struggling children’s author Jake Platt (“Santa”) receives Lilly’s letter, he is inspired to write for the first time in years. Once Celia reads Jake’s heartfelt response, the two begin an old-fashioned correspondence and fall more in love with each letter, just in time for Christmas."

*Thank you for finding the alternative title and the additional images above, Sherry.

UPDATE - July 1, 2016: Worldscreen is reporting this Marvista Film is officially going to be a Hallmark Movie!

UPDATE - September 14, 2016 This movie will premiere during Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 'Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas' 2016!

Premieres: Sunday, November 6th
After losing her husband Bradley three years ago on Christmas day, Celia Banks never thought she’d fall in love again. Now, her entire world revolves around taking care of her daughter Lilly. Lilly writes a letter to Santa with one wish — for her mommy to be happy and find love again.


7.) The Christmas Gift

(posted January, 2016) In October, 2015 – news appeared that Kevin Sorbo would be starring in a new Christmas Movie, along with Dan Martin and Ella Joyce. The film has the current working title The Christmas Gift and will be self-funded through this web-site: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-christmas-gift#/.

You can read all about the movie project there and if you like, you can contribute to make this new Christmas movie – which will be about the true meaning of Christmas – and is expected to be released during the 2016 Christmas Season! Here are some more details about the story, via: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-christmas-gift#/: “The Christmas Gift, will be a film in which we hope to recapture that spirit and magic. Our story takes place in New York City at Christmas, where the urban metropolis takes on its most special glow. It’s about two people who live and work at the opposite ends of society— one, the ruthless CEO of the largest real estate company in the state; the other, a professional hockey player whose career was cut short by injury and runs a homeless mission in New York’s Bowery district. They are both faced with their own personal crises, and both must overcome extreme obstacles. But, wondrous things can happen at Christmas if you just have a little faith, which is what this movie is about. It’s about the Christmas miracles and how they affect the lives of everyday people.”

Pre-production artwork of "The Christmas Gift" movie via: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-christmas-gift#/

You can donate to help this movie be made by contributing at: indiegogo.com. With your donation you can earn "The Christmas Gift" Movie merchandise- a magnet, ornament, t-shirt, signed movie poster, an extra spot or speaking role in the movie, etc… See all the details, here!


8.) Joseph and Mary

(posted January, 2016) In other Holiday news… Kevin Sorbo will also star as Joseph in the Biblical story Joseph and Mary, which will premiere in theaters! Of course, Joseph and Mary’s main story is the Christmas Story, the birth of Jesus!

This movie has been released on DVD - see information here.


9.) Dashing through the Snow (Disney Movie)

Added February 23, 2016: Disney has a new movie project titled "Dashing Through the Snow". Via The Tracking Board: this "action/comedy follows a cop in New York City who arrests a burglar during a reported breaking and entering on Christmas Eve. However, the officer gets into hot water when he discovers that the man may or may not be the actual Santa Claus."

A special "thank you" to SleepyKittyPaws for sharing this movie news in the comment section below!



10.) I'll be Next Door for Christmas

Added February 23, 2016: Disney star Laura Marano (Austin & Ally) is filming a new Christmas movie "I'll be Next Door for Christmas". Here is the fun synopsis below via Twitter: Beware... Contains Movie Spoilers!!!
storyline via: Twitter



11.) The Rooftop Christmas Tree

Added February 23, 2016: MORE Christmas Movie News via millstonenews.com: There is a NEW Christmas movie filming in Almonte, Canada. "The Millstone received a note from the municipality today saying that a film called The Rooftop Christmas Tree would be shooting scenes here over the next several weeks"... "from February 22 through March 14th, 2016."

According to the Almonte.com web-site, Almonte IS A SCENIC MILL TOWN on the Canadian Mississippi River, 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa, Canada. *Correction made to the movie title on March 23, 2016- it is officially "The Rooftop Christmas Tree", not "A Rooftop Christmas Tree". Thank you to the writer of this story, Landria Onkka, for e-mailing me to inform me of this news.
image via: Millstonenews.com / Almonte doubles as ‘Rosedale’ (Ian MacLean)

(Update added March 9, 2016) ---- The Rooftop Christmas Tree is coming to TV!!! Millstonenews.com has once again revealed more Christmas Movie news on the movie The Rooftop Christmas Tree. On their web-site, they recently did an interview with Landria Onkka, author of “The Rooftop Christmas Tree”. In this interview they revealed plot details, casting details, and not only where, but when it will can be seen on TV! Plot: via Millstonenews.com interview: "No one in the small southern town of Rosedale knows why reclusive Mr. Landis places a lit Christmas tree on the roof of his deteriorating home.  But, he has hauled it up there for as long as anyone can remember, landing him in Judge Conner’s courtroom every year and earning jail time just in time for Christmas.  Having grown up on his street, defense attorney Sarah Wright remembers the troubled household and reaches out to help the man, but he refuses." see more at Millstonenews.com

Casting Details: The Rooftop Christmas Tree will star Michelle Morgan (Heartland) and Tim Reid (WKRP in Cincinnati, Sister, Sister)

When & Where Revealed: The Rooftop Christmas Tree will be an UP Christmas Movie! The current scheduled premiere date is November 27, 2016!!! Be sure to stay tuned for any changes or updates!  

UPDATE April 25, 2016: CLICK HERE to see my Interview with writer Landria Onkka on her UP Movie : The Rooftop Christmas Tree! Includes Behind-the-Scenes details, movie images, and more!!!


12.) Coming Home 

(added March 2, 2016) ---- According to the web-site: www.thecominghomemovie.com,  a NEW Christmas movie is in the works, titled Coming Home.
image courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/cominghomemoviefans/

This is the movie synopsis found on the http://www.thecominghomemovie.com/ web-site: "John is a hard working man that has decided to focus more on his career than his family. During a devastating event that leads him back to his old home town he will come face to face with his own father's life, his mother's love, and his wife's faith. While his children are growing up without him, he has to make a decision that will change his family forever."

This is their mission statement, "This film is not only a culture of life Christmas movie, but it is a movement to help raise funds for mothers and children in need. As the movie grows, so will our reach to help families. Every ticket, DVD, download, or product helps to raise funds for struggling families and to make sure we can reach as many as possible, for Christ."
visit the http://www.thecominghomemovie.com/ web-site or Facebook page for more details.
Coming to Theaters - December, 2016.


13.) A Snow Capped Christmas - NEW TITLE: Falling for Christmas (see update, poster, and trailer below!!!)

(added March 2, 2016) ---- Qube Films is currently filming A Snow Capped Christmas. According to infotel.ca - "as many as half a dozen movies of the week are being filmed in Okanagan." The "Hallmark Channel is producing between four and six movies with budgets of roughly $1 million each, including one that is being produced by Kelowna resident Iain Hittel."

Here's some on-the-set pics I found via social media!!!
image via: https://twitter.com/Christie_Will

 image via: https://twitter.com/niallmatter

image via:

image via: Instagram

This is the cast we know, so far, for A Snow Capped Christmas: Niall Matter, Lochlyn Munro, Leah Renee, and Gracyn Shinyei

UPDATE NEWS: Additional Cast Member!

Back in April, we learned actress Lisa Whelchel had filmed a Christmas Movie...

(added April 27, 2016) ---- Recently, actress Lisa Whechel (Hearts of Spring) shared some interesting news during an interview with starrymag!

Hallmark Crown Media - 'Hearts of Spring'

Lisa was asked, "What are the recent projects that you are working on?" She responded at the time on April 9th, "I have the Hallmark movie Hearts of Spring. I filmed that earlier this year and I did another Christmas movie, but I don’t know when that is going to air."

Hmmm??? Interesting, huh? Don't know which network it will air on. So, for now, we will have to keep a look out for this one! Source: http://starrymag.com/?p=9689 Ruth Mayer Hill's interview with Lisa Whelchel.

Lisa posted this image to Twitter in February with the caption "Filming another movie up in Canada this month. How gorgeous is this location today?!"

(Credit for image discovery: Sherry in California -- Thank you for sharing this fun news!)

Now for the UPDATE! (September 12, 2016):

According to the Christie Will Films Web-site, the movie 'A Snow Capped Christmas', will also star actress Lisa Whelchel. There is a picture featured on their web-site with the main cast. Featured in the cast: Leah Renee, Niall Matter, Gracyn Shinyei, Lisa Whelchel, Lochlyn Munro, and Michael Teigen.

image via: http://www.christiewillfilms.com/a-snow-capped-christmas

So, now we finally know which Christmas movie Lisa Whelchel is starring in, however as I write this, it is still uncertain where this movie will be seen.

(Credit for above discovery: Shirley S. - Thank you for sharing this awesome news!) )

UPDATE (October 1, 2016): "A Snow Capped Christmas" HAS A NEW TITLE: "Falling for Christmas"

Movie Poster Released:

Movie Trailer:

*Thank you to the Anonymous commenter (below!) who shared this trailer!

*Where this will be shown - is still unknown!?!?


14.) A Vermont Christmas Vacation (formerly known as: "The Christmas Apprentice")

(added March 9, 2016) ---- According to the web-site: wgrz.com, an NBC affiliate in New York... there is a new filming there in the area titled "The Christmas Apprentice". Here is a description of the movie, via Jeff Preval's interview with the film's director: "It's a Christmas movie," said director Fred Olen Ray, "it's a movie about a girl who is sent to a small town to liquidate and shutdown a failing company, but when she gets there she realizes that it's a lot more than crunching numbers, it's real people at stake."

Screen Capture via: wgrz.com

The film will star Abigail Hawk ("Blue Bloods") and Zack Ward ("A Christmas Story", "Anne of Green Gables", and the Hallmark Channel movie "Accidentally in Love"). This same director, Fred Olen Ray, had a Christmas movie premiere on TV last year, on the ION network, "A Prince for Christmas". No word, yet, on where this new movie, "The Christmas Apprentice" will be seen, but according to this report- we should look out for it in theaters or on TV, this upcoming Christmas Season!

UPDATE: (August 22, 2016)
In my interview with writer, director, and producer Peter Sullivan, he revealed a new Christmas movie - “Vermont Christmas Vacation.” He shared that it is coming to ION this coming holiday season starring Chevy Chase, Abigail Hawk from “Blue Bloods” and David O’Donnell from “Christmas Under Wraps.”

UPDATE: (September 20, 2016)

This film will officially be called "A Vermont Christmas Vacation".

"A Vermont Christmas Vacation" - Sunday, Nov. 27, at 9/8c PM
Cast: Abigail Hawk, Chevy Chase, David O'Donnell, Howard Hesseman, Morgan Fairchild, Zack Ward
Synopsis: Riley Thomas is sent by her profit-obsessed boss to shut down one of the company's holdings, a small outerwear company in Vermont, for missing profit targets. Riley finds that the company is the lifeblood of a town and, instead of closing down the iconic firm, she unexpectedly falls in love and learns valuable lessons beyond the bottom line.
Produced by: Hybrid Films


15.) Believe

(added March 9, 2016) ---- According to the web-site, http://www.bdtonline.com, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, they are currently filming the Christmas movie "Believe", starring Ryan O’Quinn, Kevin Sizemore, Shawnee Smith, and David DeLuise.

Contributed image courtesy: http://www.bdtonline.com

"Stars of the theatrical movie ‘Believe,’ which is now filming in Grundy, pose for a photo on the set of the film Friday. From left are Princeton native Kevin Sizemore, Grundy native Ryan O’Quinn, Shawnee Smith and David DeLuise."

 Plot details according to the article, "O’Quinn is the star, playing a business owner trying to save the local Christmas pageant after his business is unexpectedly shut down, and he is the reason why the film crew is in Grundy." "Believe" will be released in November, 2016 in 1,200 to 1,500 theaters nationwide.

16.) Christmas All Over Again (working title)

(added March 17, 2016) ---- According to the Milford Patch web-site, there is a Christmas themed move filming in their town - Milford, Connecticut. Former Disney Channel Actress, Christy Romano Rooney, (the smart Sister known as Christy Carlson Romano on the sitcom Even Stevens and the voice of the cartoon character Kim Possible) is directing a Christmas movie in Milford, her hometown, titled "Christmas All Over Again" (wt). Please note: the title could change before it's officially released.

Image via: Milford Patch web-site

Image via: Milford Patch web-site

According to milfordmirror.com, "the cast includes Christy Carlson Romano, Armani Jackson and Amber Montana, plus Sean Ryan Fox, Gabriel Rush, Todrick Hall, Massimo Dobrovic, Tom DeNucci, Joanna Koss, George Saunders, Chelsea Vale, Christopher Gray and Collin Smith." The Milford Patch web-site shared plot details for "Christmas All Over Again" (wt), via imdb, “A mischievous, swag-obsessed boy must overcome his inner Scrooge, or remain caught in a cycle where everyday is a Christmas without presents.” 

Where this movie can be seen, is yet to be revealed... but imdb.com is reporting it will be released this year! Stay tuned!

Update: May 4, 2016: 2 New images released - while filming (via milfordmirror.com):
(via milfordmirror.com: Christy Carlson Romano during the shooting of Christmas All Over Again, in the home of local business owner Rich Conine. That’s Conine’s sofa. — Sweeney Photography

(via milfordmirror.com: The wedding scene from the movie, featuring a gowned Christy Carlson Romano. — Sweeney Photography

This movie is available on DVD...

Christmas All Over Again DVD


17.) Let it Snow

(added April 4, 2016) ---- This is a Christmas movie being made based on the short story collection Let It Snow by John Green (The Fault in Our Stars). We can expect this movie in theaters - December, 2016. 

(UPDATE added April 15, 2016: This project has been delayed - it will now premiere in 2017! Thank you SleepyKittyPaws for sharing this news!) 

Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances Paperback

NOTE: Movie rating currently unknown. Amazon lists the Book as follows... Age Range: 12 and up Grade Level: 7 and up

Book Synopsis/Storyline via wegotthiscovered.com: "Sparkling white snowdrifts, beautiful presents wrapped in ribbons, and multicolored lights glittering in the night through the falling snow. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic haven, the kind you see only in movies. Well, kinda. After all, a cold and wet hike from a stranded train through the middle of nowhere would not normally end with a delicious kiss from a charming stranger. And no one would think that a trip to the Waffle House through four feet of snow would lead to love with an old friend. Or that the way back to true love begins with a painfully early morning shift at Starbucks. Thanks to three of today’s bestselling teen authors—John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle—the magic of the holidays shines on these hilarious and charming interconnected tales of love, romance, and breathtaking kisses."

*A special "thank you" to SleepyKittyPaws for sharing this additiional Christmas movie news with all of us, in the comment section below!


18.) Fight Before Christmas

(added April 4, 2016) ---- This new movie in the works is a Christmas Comedy. via Variety.com: "Broad Green Pictures is developing the comedy “The Fight Before Christmas” based on a  pitch from “Daddy’s Home” writer Brian Burns." "The story centers on Mrs. Claus leaving Santa after 700 years of marriage and feeling unappreciated for her continued Christmas contributions. She departs just two weeks before the holiday — putting the fate of the holiday in jeopardy — so Santa flies from the North Pole to New York to win her heart back and save Christmas." No word, yet, on when this will premiere.

19.) A Christmas Carol

(added April 4, 2016) ---- This all new adaption of the legendary, fictitious tale of Ebenezer Scrooge - has been reported via the Hollywood Reporter... "Director Bennett Miller and screenwriter Tom Stoppard are joining forces to bring a new version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to the big screen. The project, which will be a period piece set in the 19th century like Dickens’ original, is being developed for Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures."

This version is said to be a more traditional, true to the Victorian period, storytelling of the well known classic. No word, yet, on who will be casted in this project, but it will be interesting to see who will play the role of Ebenezer Scrooge!  


20.)CHRISTMAS COOKIES (formerly known as: The Last Christmas)

(added April 6, 2016) ---- Actress Marci T House shared this on-the-set picture via Instagram, with the caption: "sleepwalker413: Nothing like shooting a Christmas movie in April. It's cold ❄️⛄️ #TheLastChristmas #Hallmark #LiveYourLife #LivingTheDream"


So, it looks like we can expect this movie (according to the hashtags used in the comment above!) to potentially be another new Hallmark Christmas movie!

Update: (added April 18, 2016) - What's Filming is reporting - "The Last Christmas" cast includes Jill Wagner, Chelsea Reist , and P. Lynn Johnson.

Update #2: (added April 20, 2016) - I had a hunch that actor Wes Brown (June in January) might be in this movie "The Last Christmas" after seeing a picture of him in Vancouver with other cast members, and this Instagram photo below shared by Sherry in California absolutely confirms it!

image via: Instagram
Storyline for Christmas Cookies via Hallmark Press Release: After Aunt Sally's Christmas Cookie Company is sold to a large conglomerate, executive Hannah (Jill Wagner) must seal the deal and shut down the factory , which is the small town of Cookie Jar's lifeblood. The residents know their beloved little hamlet will soon dry up and everyone will move away. What was supposed to be a simple assignment for Hannah becomes complicated when she meets Jake (Wes Brown), the factory owner determined to find a way to keep the factory in town and holds her at bay. Despite not being a fan of the holiday, the Christmas spirit in this small town is infectious and she gets swept up in the joy of the season while also falling for Jake. Will love make Hannah risk her job to save Cookie Jar?

Christmas Cookies Premieres Sunday, November 13th on the Hallmark Channel.



21. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated) 

(added April 15, 2016) ---- A new fully animated feature-length version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas from Illumination Entertainment, is in the works. It was just announced actor Benedict Cumberbatch (from the Sherlock TV Series) will be the voice of The Grinch. (source: movieweb) Chris Meledandri, of Illumination Entertainment, shared what we can expect in this new re-telling of this classic story... "What we've set out to do with this telling of the Grinch is make it both modern and traditional at the same time. When I say that I mean from a traditional standpoint, we've really tried to go back to what we perceive as the essence of what Ted Geisel was communicating. What I love about his work is that at the center of it, of all of his stories, are very, very simple and universal ideas. The last telling of the Grinch focused a little bit more on sort of the commercialization of Christmas and how the commercialization of Christmas can lead us down the wrong path. For me, in reading what Geisel wrote, I view it more from a character perspective. I think that the essence of this film is the notion of this cynicism comedically expressed in the Grinch and this absolute innocence represented in Cindy Lou, on a collision course with one another through the course of this movie. It's the simple question of whether or not innocence can transform cynicism. The beauty of that simplicity for me is what's at the heart of the movie..."

The Premiere date "was scheduled to hit theaters November 10, 2017. It’s been moved to November 9, 2018."
via: http://www.thewrap.com/universal-pushes-dr-seuss-how-the-grinch-stole-christmas-a-year/

(Thank you Anonymous commenter for sharing this link below.)



22.) Let there be Light

(added April 15, 2016) ---- According to cnsnews.com: "Kevin Sorbo is currently working on several projects, including "The Carpool Lane," which co-stars Dean Cain, and "Let There Be Light," a faith-based Christmas movie which will come out Christmas 2017."


23.) A Wish for Christmas

(added April 21, 2016) ---- According to an article in People Magazine, Lacey Chabert will star in the Hallmark Christmas movie, "A Wish for Christmas"!

image credit: People Magazine, courtesy Lacey Chabert

CASTING UPDATE: (added April 25, 2016) Paul Greene will star with Lacey Chabert in "A Wish for Christmas"! Paul shared the news via Instagram and Facebook.
image via: Instagram

image via: Instagram

Storyline: Sara Shaw (Chabert) is the type of woman who prefers to sit on the sidelines at work, but when her big idea for a Christmas initiative is stolen, she makes a wish to Santa that she'll finally have the courage to stand up for herself. Santa grants her wish but only gives her 48 hours. She is able to reveal to Peter Williams (Greene), the handsome owner of her company, that her boss stole her idea. When Peter selects her to present the pitch to a difficult client they end up having to drive to the White Ridge Ski Resort, which happens to be Peter's hometown. Once there, Sarah sets out to show Peter the magic of Christmas. With all this time together, they wonder if there's more to this relationship than business. But as the clock ticks down on Sara's wish, she'll have to find a way to channel the Christmas magic and speak her mind on her own... or risk losing everything.

*Special thank you to Sherry in California for sharing all of this news + the on-the-set pics, too!

A WISH FOR CHRISTMAS Premieres Saturday, October 29th on the Hallmark Channel!

24.) Almost Christmas

(added April 22, 2016) ----
Plot details via http://www.almostchristmasmovie.com/: "A new comedy from writer/director David E. Talbert (Baggage Claim) and producer Will Packer (Ride Along, Think Like a Man series, This Christmas), Almost Christmas tells the festive story of a beloved patriarch who asks his family for one gift this holiday season: to get along. If they can honor that wish and spend five days under the same roof without killing one another, it will be a Christmas miracle."

The all-star cast of Almost Christmas is led by Kimberly Elise, Omar Epps, Danny Glover, Romany Malco, Mo’Nique, Nicole Ari Parker, J.B. Smoove, Gabrielle Union, Jessie Usher and DC Young Fly.

image credit: Almost Christmas, via IMDB

Please Note: A Rating has not been revealed, yet, for this film.

In Theaters November 11, 2016.

*Thank you SleepyKittyPaws for sharing this news!


25.) Candace Cameron Bure - Hallmark Christmas Movie: "Journey Back to Christmas"

(added April 23, 2016) ----
Candace fans will be excited to know, the actress recently revealed via Twitter- she has a Hallmark Christmas Movie planned again this year with Hallmark! Hallmark fans will remember her previous Christmas movies: "Moonlight and Mistletoe", "Let it Snow", "Christmas Under Wraps", and "A Christmas Detour".

Here's a screen-grab of the Q&A:
screen grab via: Twitter

Could this Christmas Movie be an "Aurora" mystery or something new? Stay tuned for details! *Thank you to Shirley S. for finding and sharing this bit of news!

UPDATE (September 26, 2016):
Candace Cameron Bure recently shared the caption "Back to Christmas 1945", in an Instagram/Facebook post. (see it here!) Well, we didn't know it then, but she was actually revealing to us, at that moment, the title (or rather working title) of her currently filming Hallmark Christmas Movie!

The proof, is in this Instagram post:

image: courtesy Actress Meghan Heffern's Instagram

with the Caption:
"Merry Christmas from all of us and Happy Birthday to my magical pretend child ๐ŸŒˆ #BackToChristmas ๐ŸŽ„ #hallmark @hallmarkchannel"

(*Credit for Discovery of this Christmas Movie news, goes to Ioana A.!)

Candace's additional cast members are: Oliver Hudson, Meghan Heffern, and Gwynyth Walsh!


26.) Operation Christmas

(added April 25, 2016) ----
This new Hallmark Christmas Movie will star Chelan Simmons ("Love by Chance", "Wedding Planner Mystery"). She recently shared details via Twitter!

screen-grab via Twitter

*Thank you to Sherry in California & Joyce in Carolina for sharing this awesome movie info!

*UPDATE: 5/13/16 - We learned that 'Operation Christmas' is also the Christmas Movie that stars Tricia Helfer. Additional Cast Members and Images below! (Thank you Sherry for helping me to confirm this news!)

image via: Twitter

image via: Instagram

(added April 27, 2016) ----
Tricia Helfer, who starred in Hallmark's "Mistletoe Over Manhattan" and "Finding Christmas" recently shared via social media that she is starring in a new Christmas movie. Her co-stars are Marc Blucas, Megan Charp and Benjamin Wosk.

Here's some on-the-set pics! Looks like there is some skiing in this movie!

image via: Twitter

image via: Instagram

image via: Instagram

Premieres: Sunday, November 20th
Stars: Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Galactica), Marc Blucas (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and Lisa Durupt (“Murder She Baked”)
As her new romance blossoms, a single mother is dismayed when her boyfriend, a military sergeant, is deployed right before Christmas. Determined to not let it ruin the holidays for her and her children they decide to give back to the struggling military families on his base and, as their efforts go viral, they are rewarded in ways they never imagined.


27.) A Doggone Christmas
(added April 25, 2016) ----

This movie was recently filmed and stars Amy Holt, Lauren Parkinson, Rib Hillis, Jaret Sacrey, Dominique Swain, Kelli Maroney, Walker Hudson Mintz, Jonathan Tysor, Jolie Ledford, Jayden Hedden, Dilan Patton, and Just Jessie the Dog as Murphy in A Doggone Christmas!

Here are some on-the-set pics:
image via: Instagram

image via: Instagram

image via: Instagram

image via: Instagram

image via: Facebook

Official Movie Poster:

I have recently been in contact with Fearless Media Inc, the production company behind this film, and they have informed me - their film 'A Doggone Christmas' will be released on DVD - November 1st, 2016!


28.) A Perfect Christmas - Hallmark

(added April 26, 2016) ----

Susie Abromeit (Snow Bride) and Becky Dalton, via Instagram

Rachel Wilson (Baby's First Christmas), Susie Abromeit (Snow Bride) and Becky Dalton, via Instagram

Susie Abromeit (Snow Bride) and Dillon Casey, via Instagram

Thank you to Sherry in California for finding these awesome on the set pics!

Click Here for more details on 'A Perfect Christmas' premiering July 16, 2016 during Christmas Keepsake week on the Hallmark Channel.


29.) Girlfriends of Christmas Past (formerly known as Merry Exes)

(added April 27, 2016) ----

"Girlfriends of Christmas Past" (formerly known as "Merry Exes") is a Holiday Romantic Comedy from Marvista Entertainment production. Starring in "Merry Exes" are: Tammin Sursok, Brent Bailey, Lindsey McKeon, Abigail Klein, John Brotherton, Meagan Holder, Chris Salvatore & Bryce Durfee.

UPDATE (added July 17, 2016): Writer/director Jake Helgren informed me the title of this movie has been changed from "Merry Exes" to "Girlfriends of Christmas Past", and further details of where this will be seen this Christmas have yet to be released - so stay tuned!

image via: Facebook. Writer/director Jake Helgren on set with stars Tammin Sursok, Lindsey McKeon and Abigail Klein. Photo credit: Desiree Stone

image via: Facebook

image via: Facebook

image via: Facebook

Storyline via Facebook page for "Girlfriends of Christmas Past": "When three hilarious, strong-willed women join forces to seek the ultimate revenge on their cheating ex at his upcoming holiday retreat, lovestruck event planner Livvy meets Carter, the charming colleague organizing it all, leaving Livvy to question if she can leave off their revenge scheme long enough to finally forgive her ex and let a real holiday romance blossom." Stay tuned for more details for when & where to see this movie! Thank you to Gina for sharing the link to this movie!

UPDATE (September 23, 2016)-

"Girlfriends of Christmas Past" will be airing on UP-TV this Christmas! Premiere date: TBA!
(this news was shared with me by writer/producer/director Jake Helgren)


30.) Heaven Sent

(added April 27, 2016) ----
Directed by Michael Landon Jr., “Heaven Sent” is about a couple whose troubled marriage gets a boost from an 8-year-old runaway from Heaven. (details via imdb) The film stars Marley Shelton, Christian Kane, Ernie Hudson, and Mallory James Mahoney.

Actors Ernie Hudson playing Donatello, and Mallory James Mahoney, playing Taylor, work on a scene of the film initially called "Christmastime," now known as "Heaven Sent," on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder Nov. 14, 2014. (Paul Aiken / Daily Camera)

This film was previously delayed from being released, but is expected now to be released before Christmas 2016 – stay tuned for details! Thank you to Gina for sharing the link to this movie!

UPDATE: This will air on Lifetime this year! Details HERE!


31.) Finding Father Christmas - Hallmark Christmas Movie Starring Erin Krakow
(added April 28, 2016) ----

Previously mentioned on my site, here! Erin Krakow shared on Home & Family that she would be back on the Hallmark Channel before the next new season of "When Calls the Heart" next year, in a Hallmark Channel "Countdown to Christmas" movie!

Erin Krakow in her previous Hallmark Christmas Movie, "A Cookie Cutter Christmas" - image: Hallmark Crown Media

Update #1: (June 14, 2016) Erin Krakow is starring in Hallmark's 'Finding Father Christmas'. Co-star still currently unknown. Erin has given clues and shared this cute pic via Instagram: SEE NEWS ON HER CO-STAR BELOW IMAGE....

Image via: Instagram

Update #2: June 16, 2016 - Erin Krakow reveals via Twitter her co-star is Niall Matter (Stop the Wedding).

Thank you to Sherry, Joyce, and ALL the Hearties - who have informed me of this news!

Update #3: On June 22, 2016, Erin Krakow shared this cute on-the-set pic, via Instagram:

*'Finding Father Christmas' is based on the book, of the same name, by beloved author Robin Jones Gunn. Thank you Jennifer Rumberger for reminding me (in the comments below!) to share this news!

This paperback version also includes her story: 'Engaging Father Christmas':

Finding Father Christmas

Premieres: Sunday, November 13th
Stars: Wendy Malick (“Hot in Cleveland”), Erin Krakow (“When Calls the Heart”), Niall Matter (“Eureka”)
Storyline via Hallmark Press Release: Christmas for Miranda is a painful reminder of the family she never had. Her mother died when she was young, never revealing the identity of her father. But, three days before Christmas, she unexpectedly receives a clue as to the whereabouts that takes her to a beautiful New England town where she meets Ian, a young man who helps with her search. As the clues lead to her father's identity and Miranda discovers the possibility of love in Ian, and she learns that her father lived in the small town and now she knows his family (her brother and her biological father's wife). She faces a terrible decision... Should she share the truth and risk losing the family she has just found, or leave and keep the secret forever? This Christmas promises to be life-changing for Miranda with a new chance at life and love."

32.) A December Bride - Hallmark Christmas Movie Starring Daniel Lissing

(added April 28, 2016) ----
Previously mentioned on my site, here! Daniel Lissing, along with his co-star Erin Krakow, from "When Calls the Heart", both announced when they were on the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family announcing the next season of "When Calls the Heart", also announced he would be in a Hallmark Christmas Movie. Daniel recently shared they would be filming soon! Stay tuned for details!

UPDATE: (added May 25, 2016) We first learned about the movie 'December Bride' on May 7, 2016 and now as they are filming this new movie from May 16, 2016 to June 3, 2016, we have learned the director and cast. The Director is David Winning, from 'Tulips in Spring' and the cast includes: Daniel Lissing, as anyone who watches the Hallmark Channel knows, portrays Mounte Jack Thornton on the popular on-going television drama series 'When Calls the Heart'. Jessica Lowndes starred in the Hallmark Christmas movie 'Merry Matrimony' and April Telek has starred in two (of my personal favorites!) Hallmark Holiday/Christmas movies: 'Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade' and 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas'!

(Thank you Sherry in California for the filming update & your movie reminders!)

Storyline via Hallmark Press Release: Layla O'Reilly (Lowndes) is bound and determined to attend her cousin's Christmastime wedding with a man on her arm - especially since her cousin is marrying her ex-fiancรฉ. Seth Murphy (Lissing) is the only guy available, who Layla dislikes since he introduced the bride and groom. But since Seth is able to help Layla with her interior design business she and Seth stage being a newly engaged couple. As Layla helps Seth makeover a house for a Christmas decorating contest, Layla discovers Seth is not who he seems to be and that he has had a secret crush on her for years. Is it possible the man of her dreams has been in her midst all this time? She just might get her wish of becoming a December bride. Based on the book by bestselling author Denise Hunter.

A December Bride by Denise Hunter


33.) 'MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY' (The 4th Chandler Family Christmas Movie on UP)

(added May 7, 2016) The network UP has a survey they send out to viewers. In the latest questionnaire they asked viewers what title the next Chandler Family Christmas movie should have and they gave a plot synopsis for this new film.

Image via: UP

Movie Description via UP- (beware includes potential movie spoilers)!

"The Chandler family is back! This holiday season, the family finds themselves in new and interesting places. Marci and Elizabeth have quit their well-paying jobs and formed an event planning business that is off to a rocky start. Elizabeth is missing having money for her personal luxuries and Marci wants her daughter Chandler's first Christmas/first birthday to be a huge celebration but cannot afford it. They are hugely relieved when a big event job comes their way only to find out that the person hiring them is Marci's nemesis, Adam Reid!

Stephanie, missing her boyfriend who is on a mission job, is feeling bored, lonely and unneeded. She starts to help Blair who is struggling in his solo law practice and finds that she is a huge organizational help to him. But even more than that, she is just what Blair needs right now as he is missing his deceased mother, especially as his daughter is about to have her first Christmas.

Myra and Donald are heartbroken that their daughter and her family are not able to come home for the holidays. They decide to make a major life change and adopt Denny who lives at a children's home and is already a part of their lives.

As Marci realizes how much Blair misses his parents, how Stephanie has given her husband love and support and how thrilled Denny is to be with a family at Christmas, she abandons her over-the-top Christmas for Chandler. She decides to donate all the gifts to the children's home and give her daughter the best holiday gift - love and family."

I contacted UP to see if it would be okay to share this Christmas Movie information with all of you publicly and was given approval. As always, I am excited to share any family Christmas movie news!

We will have to keep a look out for the official title name, as I know they are trying to narrow one down. One of the titles given was "Baby's First Christmas", which I liked, but reminded them - the Hallmark Channel already did a movie with this title a few years ago.

Update May 10, 2016: UP has officially announced via press release- THE CHANDLER FAMILY REUNITES AS PRODUCTION BEGINS IN ATLANTA ON 'MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY'! This is the fourth movie in UP’s Highly Successful 'Marry Me for Christmas' Chandler Family Franchise.

Details excerpted via UP Press Release: "Production is underway in Atlanta on the UP Original Movie Merry Christmas, Baby, a romantic comedy starring Malinda Williams (A Baby for Christmas, “Soul Food”), Victoria Rowell (Marry Me for Christmas, “The Young and the Restless”) and Karon Riley (Marry US for Christmas, 35 and Ticking). The film reunites the ensemble cast which includes GregAlan Williams (“Necessary Roughness,” “The West Wing”), Chrystale Wilson (Marry US for Christmas, “For Richer or Poorer”) and DeEtta West (Lyfe’s Journey, A Baby for Christmas).

“We’re delighted to bring Victoria Rowell, Malinda Williams and the rest of the talented cast back to UP this holiday season,” said Barbara Fisher, svp, original programming, UP. “In Merry Christmas, Baby, viewers will continue their journey with the Chandler family as they see the joy of not only gearing up for the holidays, but also planning an unforgettable first birthday party.”

UP’s Marry Me for Christmas franchise includes 'Marry Me for Christmas', 'Marry US for Christmas' and 'A Baby for Christmas', all of which set premiere ratings milestones for the network."


34.) 'Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love'

(added May 12, 2016) NBC is wisely capitalizing on the huge success of last years 'Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors' ratings success with a Christmas themed sequel, titled: 'Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love'... coming this Christmas!

image via: NBC

Returning for this new original made-for-TV movie are the original cast... Ricky Schroder, who portrayed Dolly's father Robert Lee Parton, Jennifer Nettles, who portrayed Dolly's mother Avie Lee Parton, Gerald McRaney as Grandpa Jake Owens, and Alyvia Alyn Lind, who was dynamic in the original film, as young Dolly Parton!

NBC released this storyline description:

"The film delivers Christmas joy and peril as an unexpected blizzard threatens the Parton family, while at the same time Dolly’s father (and his kids) make sacrifices to raise enough money to finally buy his loving wife the wedding ring he could never afford to give her. Meanwhile, an important person in little Dolly’s life begins to see that her amazing voice and musical gift might just be made for something bigger than rural Tennessee."

Update - June 29, 2016: According to Variety.com, Disney Star Kelli Berglund ("Lab Rats", “Lab Rats Elite Force”, "How to Build a Better Boy") has been casted as the eldest daughter, Willadeene Parton, in NBC's 'Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors'.

Kelli Berglund's image via twist magazine

UPDATE: August 25, 2016 'Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love' will air November 30, 2016 on NBC.

*Dolly Parton will have a role in this movie.


35.) 'Terrific Truck Saves Christmas'

(added May 14, 2016) This will be in development - May 25th through June 10th, via actratoronto.com.

According to globalnews.ca, 'Terrific Trucks' is a program for preschoolers, "a live-action series, which uses real vehicles (with animated eyes). It is set to air on the network Sprout in 2016."

This has been listed as a TV Movie / Special.

It will premiere Thanksgiving week on SPROUT.


36.) Ashley Williams - Hallmark Christmas Movie?

(added May 18, 2016) Recently, while chatting with some devoted Hallmarks fans via Twitter, actress Ashley Williams (October Kiss) revealed by tweeting Christmas Tree emoji's that she will be starring in a Hallmark Christmas Movie!

Here's a screen-grab of the Twitter exchange:

*This was a fun Twitter chat with Jessica Slattery, Abby Flink, and Ashley Williams! Thanks also goes to our great movie detective Sherry, for sharing this news with me- to share with all of you!

More news will surely be forthcoming, so stay tuned for further details!

UPDATE (Sept, 2016): Ashley's movie, she was tweeting about, is not a Christmas movie about Christmas Trees (as we had previously, wrongly interpreted from the emoji's in her tweet). Instead, it's a Hallmark "Fall Harvest" themed movie about saving a tree, from being cut down.

It appears Ashley will not be in a Christmas movie this year, after all. Maybe next year!


37.) "Christmas with the Andersons" (formerly known as "Christmas in the Red")

(added June 4, 2016) This movie looks like a fun Christmas movie, starring...

George Stults (from "I'm Not Ready for Christmas"), Christy Romano (who also filmed another Christmas Movie recently, which is featured above: "Christmas All Over Again"), Julie Brown, Kathleen Gati, and Susan J. Attiyah
image via: instagram

image via : Instagram

*Credit goes to Sherry (Thank You!!!) for discovering this new movie & all these great pics, too!

image via: Instagram

This movie will premiere on ION this Christmas season. (update September 20, 2016)

via ION Press Release:

"Christmas with the Andersons" - Premieres Saturday, Dec. 10, at 9/8c PM on ION.

Cast: George Stults, Christy Carlson Romano, Ion Overman, Dale Godboldo, Julie Brown, Caia Coley, Barry Livingston.
Synopsis: Drowning in tinsel and lights every Christmas, Michael and Caroline Anderson throw the year's biggest party at their house. But this year, with Michael jobless and Caroline's store struggling, that tradition may end. The Andersons decide to host a very different kind of party and, in the process, rediscover what's most important about the holiday.
Produced by: MarVista Entertainment

Also available on VOD:

Christmas with the Andersons



(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Storyline: After enduring a horrible break-up with the man she thought she was destined to marry, Fiona Williams takes a trip to her parents' inn for Christmas. Holiday festivities and family bonding seem to be the only thing on the menu, but then Fiona's ex checks in to the inn with a new woman on his arm. Stuck between a rock and mistletoe, Fiona saves face by making the inn's opinionated and care-free cook her new "boyfriend" in hopes of making her ex jealous.

*This movie will not be airing this Christmas (2016). Maybe next year!



(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Storyline: Several days before Christmas, a reclusive author Andrew rents an isolated cabin in order to finish his long overdue novel. Just as Andrew is settling in, a young nurse named Holly, her daughter and wisecracking mother become stranded nearby. Andrew takes in the three unwanted guests and due to a heavy snowstorm, they end up staying through Christmas. The energetic young nurse breaks down Andrew's anti-social defenses. They soon find themselves involved in a number of festive activities, including chopping down a Christmas tree, a snowball fight, playing charades and gatherings around the dinner table. But the sudden arrival of Holly's ex-husband complicates matters and threatens her blossoming romance with Andrew.

*This movie will not be airing this Christmas (2016). Maybe next year!

*According to imdb, this will premiere in 2017.



(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Stars: Jaime Pressley ("My Name is Earl")

Storyline: When Maggie Marks (Pressley) faces a tough career decision, she flees to Europe for some soul searching and sightseeing with a friend over the holidays. There she encounters a handsome European playboy prince and lands herself in a world she has never known where she finds a new direction in life, while teaching him to be a better prince along the way.

*This movie will not be airing this Christmas (2016). Maybe next year!


41.) 'Christmas List' (previously known as: 'Christmas Bucket List' starring Alicia Witt!)

UPDATE below...

(added April 23, 2016) ----
During an interview with Yahoo TV (on their Facebook Page) actress Alicia Witt, when asked if she would be doing another Hallmark Christmas Movie, she answered - "I'm going to go ahead and say probably..."

screen grab via: https://www.facebook.com/YahooTV video

Hmmm? That's not a No or Yes. So, "I'm going to go ahead and say"... we *potentially* could see Alicia Witt in another Hallmark Christmas Movie this year! For now we will have to stay tuned to see! Obviously, nothing has been officially announced. Alicia previously starred in the Hallmark Christmas movies: "A Very Merry Mix-Up", "Christmas at Cartwrights", and "I'm Not Ready for Christmas". (*Thank you to Sherry in California for finding and sharing this bit of Christmas movie news!)

UPDATE (July 27, 2016): It was announced at Hallmark's TCA event: Alicia Witt will star in the Hallmark Christmas movie "Christmas Bucket List"!

(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Storyline: Isobel Gray plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a snow-covered cottage in the Northwest, and a carefully composed bucket list of classic holiday traditions. But when the boyfriend goes AWOL, the list proves challenging and a tempting new romance turns her life upside down. Will Isobel have a White Christmas ending under the mistletoe?

*Alicia Witt's co-star will be Gabriel Hogan (Heartland). They also starred together in Hallmark's "Christmas at Cartwright's".
*'Christmas List' Premieres November 24, 2016 - Thanksgiving Day, on the Hallmark Channel!


42.) "Every Christmas has a Story" (formerly 'CHRISTMAS MAKEOVER')

(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Stars: Lori Loughlin ("When Calls the Heart," "Fuller House"), Colin Ferguson ("Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove," "Eureka"), Willie Ames ("Eight is Enough", "Harvest Moon"), and Lori's real-life daughter Isabella "Bella" Giannulli

Storyline: When a TV personality (Loughlin) has an on-air snafu and admits she hates Christmas, she is invited to the Most Christmas-y town in the US to try and repair her image. Forced to work with her ex-boyfriend Jack (Ferguson), the show's producer, the magic of Christmas and this special town will change the way she views Christmas and her life.

Actor Willie Ames shared this fun set pic, via Twitter:

via Hallmark:
Premieres Saturday, November 12th
Starring: Lori Loughlin (Fuller House), Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Willie Aames (Charles in Charge)
A TV personality (Loughlin) has an on-air snafu and admits she hates Christmas. Following the debacle, she is invited to the Most Christmas-y town in America to try and repair her image. Forced to work with her ex-boyfriend Jack (Ferguson), the show’s producer, the magic of Christmas and this special town will change the way she views Christmas and her life.



(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Stars: Brooke Shields ("Flower Shop Mystery")

Storyline: Joy Edwards (Shields), host of a wildly successful cooking show "Joy to the World," must scramble to assemble a fake family when the network insists on doing a live Christmas episode from her house. Before long, she realizes her fake family is the Christmas gift she always wanted.

*This movie will not be airing this Christmas (2016). Maybe next year!


44.) 'My Christmas Dream' (formerly 'SUDDENLY SANTA')

AKA: Picture Perfect Christmas

(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Stars: Danica McKellar ("Wonder Years") and David Haydn-Jones (A Cookie Cutter Christmas), and Christian Convery

Storyline: Christina Masters (McKellar), the manager of a flagship department store, is overjoyed when she finds out her company is hiring a new manager for the Paris store and is looking to promote from within. This is a dream job and the ever-ambitious Christina sets out to impress with holiday decorations galore. Things change, though, when her heart is won over by a little boy who asks the storefront Santa for help in finding his dad a new job. As it turns out, Christina has just fired this man for being late one too many times but she now realizes he is a single parent just trying his best to take care of his son. Christina is bound and determined to make things right and, to her surprise, finds herself falling in love. When Christina wows with this year's Christmas decorations and wins the dream job, she has a tough choice to make as she learns the true meaning of happiness.

image via: instagram

UPDATE added June 25, 2016:
Co-starring in the movie is Deidre Hall.

UPDATE: (September 6, 2016) Potential New Title: My Christmas Dream, according to IMDB.

(Thanks to Sherry for finding this info & the picture above!)

via Hallmark:
Starring: Danica McKellar (Wonder Years), David Haydn-Jones (A Cookie Cutter Christmas), Deidre Hall (Days of Our Lives)
Christina Masters (McKellar), the manager of McDougal’s flagship department store, is determined to land the manager position for their new Paris location. She sets out to impress Victoria (Hall), the store’s owner, by creating the best holiday display in McDougal’s history. Fresh out of inspiration despite assuring Victoria otherwise, Christina turns to a recently-fired store employee (Haydn-Jones) who also happens to be a talented artist and single dad to his young son. As they work side-by-side, the business relationship becomes personal and she finds herself falling in love. Will the allure of her dream be too strong or will she choose to follow her heart?


45.) I'll Be Home For Christmas (formerly 'PAIR OF JACKS')

(added June 8, 2016)

via Hallmark Press Release:

Stars: James Brolin ("Hotel," "Catch Me If You Can", "Christmas with Tucker", "When Calls the Heart"), Mena Suvari, Jacob Blair, John Reardon ("Love on the Sidelines"), and young Giselle Eisenberg

Storyline: Jackie Foster is smart, organized and professional. She has the perfect life...until her dad, Jack (Brolin), a retired cop who is crusty on the outside but a softy on the inside, returns home. He reluctantly agrees to stay for Christmas, and despite the baggage he brings - a dog, beat-up motorhome and some old wounds - they ultimately reconnect as a family and share a warm, love-filled holiday. Not only that, but Jack introduces her to a detective that helps Jackie avoid a potentially disastrous match with the wrong man.

UPDATE: June 24, 2016: According to an article on BroadwayWorld.com, this movie will air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

Mena Suvari and Jacob Blair on set of 'Pair of Jacks'

*Thank you Sherry for finding the additional info on this movie!

via Hallmark:
Premieres: Sunday, November 27th
Starring: James Brolin (Life In Pieces), Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Giselle Eisenberg (Life in Pieces)
Jackie Foster (Suvari), a dynamic Assistant District Attorney and single mom, is looking forward to wrapping up her latest case and spending Christmas with Gracie (Eisenberg), her adorable and precocious, eight-year old daughter. But when Jackie’s estranged dad, Jack (Brolin), a gruff retired police officer, unexpectedly shows up at her door, they will be forced to confront old wounds. Tensions rise when Jack brings Nose, a mischievous former police dog, into Jackie’s orderly home. Though Jack had planned on quickly passing through, Gracie convinces him to stay until Christmas. Despite the baggage he brings, Jack and Jackie begin to work through their issues and she finds the possibility of an unlikely romance with a detective friend of Jack’s. As they experience the magic of Christmas together, they attempt to let go of their past and celebrate this loving holiday the way Jackie always dreamed.


46.) 'When Calls the Heart' Christmas Movie!

(added June 23, 2016)

Actor Jack Wagner shared the news on the Hallmark Channel web-site - Hallmark has officially announced they will have...
a 'When Calls the Heart' CHRISTMAS MOVIE this upcoming Christmas Season!!!

See the Video -here!

*A Special "Thank You" to my Sweet Sis for first sharing this news with me!

Update August 3, 2016, via Hallmark Press Release:

'WHEN CALLS THE HEART' premieres Sunday, December 25 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Stars: Erin Krakow ("Army Wives"), Daniel Lissing ("Last Resort"), Jack Wagner ("The Bold and the Beautiful") and Lori Loughlin ("Fuller House," "90210")

Storyline: Although the residents of Hope Valley have been busily preparing for the most festive Christmas the town has ever had, bad weather gets in the way of their plans. Not to be discouraged, the townspeople come together to create a special holiday celebration - complete with a Nativity presentation by the schoolchildren - that will infuse everyone with the true spirit of the season.

More details via Hallmark:
Premieres Sunday, December 25th
Starring: Erin Krakow (Army Wives), Daniel Lissing (Last Resort), Jack Wagner (Melrose Place) and Lori Loughlin (Fuller House)
An intriguing peddler comes to Hope Valley selling the townspeople his wears and teaching them valuable lessons about joy and giving. And when the townspeople realize that the recently displaced settlers in the area will not have a proper Christmas, they come together to create a special holiday celebration – including a Nativity presentation from the schoolchildren — that will infuse everyone with the true spirit of Christmas.


47.) Married by Christmas / The Engagement Clause

UPDATE (July 8, 2016): THIS MOVIE IS ALSO CALLED: The Engagement Clause

(thank you Gina - for discovering this additional title)

(added June 23, 2016)

Movie Details via Marvista:

"When it comes to her work, Carrie Tate takes herself very seriously. She has dedicated her entire life to growing Emerson Foods, the high-end food distribution company founded by her father, and doesn’t have much time for a social life. Carrie’s sister Katie, on the other hand, is a gourmet food-to-table restaurateur and marrying her boyfriend on Christmas Eve. However, due to an outdated stipulation in their grandmother’s will, it’s discovered that ownership of the company will pass to whichever sister marries first. Now, Carrie must get married by Christmas or kiss her family business goodbye! After a series of misguided and wacky plans, she finds love in Dylan, the lawyer who should be her enemy. But with Christmas approaching and the business at stake, will Carrie elope in time or will all of her hard-earned holiday work be for nothing?"

Starring: Jes Macallan, April Bowlby, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, James Eckhouse

*Discovery of this movie goes to Paul McPane of the Facebook group: Fans of Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. (Thank you Sherry for sharing this info with me!)

UPDATE - July 1, 2016: Worldscreen is reporting this Marvista Film is officially going to be an UP Christmas Movie!


48.) Firehouse Christmas

(added June 25, 2016)

whatsfilming.ca has this movie listed as an upcoming movie to start filming from July 10 to July 23, 2016!

*Thank you to Joyce in Carolina for sharing this news!

UPDATE (July 20, 2016): From Marcus Rosner's Conversation with fans (Hearties) via Twitter, Nicole W. learned that this new Christmas movie will be premiering on Lifetime! (see update below!)

Cast includes Anna Hutchison, Marcus Rosner, Ben Watson Jr, Anita Brown, and Jaeda Lily Miller

image via: Instagram

image via: Instagram

*Thank you to Sherry in California for sharing this cast news & the above pics!

image via: Instagram

*Thank you to Joyce in Carolina for sharing this on-set image!

via ION Press Release:

"A Firehouse Christmas" - Saturday, Dec. 3, at 9/8c PM
Cast: Anna Hutchison, Marcus Rosner, Anita Brown, Bruce Dawson
Synopsis: With Christmas approaching, life appears to be good for Tom, an ex-Olympic hockey star, and his girlfriend, Jenny, a firefighter -- at least until Mary, a former Olympic figure skater, Tom's soon-to-be ex-wife and the author of a book of tips on relationships, is convinced that appearing to be still happy with Tom will help sell her book. Tom's strong desire to spend the holidays with his and Mary's daughter provides a test of true love and, ultimately, reveals who the true heroes are.
Produced by: Odyssey Media Inc., and distributed by Reel One Entertainment Inc.


49.) A Heavenly Christmas (Previously known as: Christmas Angel in Training - Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas Movie

(added July 8, 2016) The Hallmark Hall of Fame Facebook page recently teased details about this years upcoming HHOF movie!!!

QUOTE: "This Thanksgiving Weekend, we have an ALL new Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movie world premiere! Details coming later this summer. We wanted *you* to be the first to know!"

*Credit- Thank you Lucille for sharing this Christmas Movie info!

UPDATE (July 27, 2016): Hallmark announced their Hall of Fame movie at their TCA Summer Event:

"Christmas Angel in Training" tells the story of the untimely death of a workaholic who never put much value into personal relationships or the joys of Christmas who finds herself recruited to be a Christmas Angel even though she hasn’t participated in seasonal traditions on earth in a very long time. She is assigned a hard luck case, though she has little success in helping her charge find joy, happiness, and peace – until she begins to discover these things within herself.

A Heavenly Christmas
Premieres Saturday, November 26th
Starring: Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack, Shirley MacLaine

UPDATE (October 3, 2016): the Movie Title has changed to A Heavenly Christmas


50.) Salted Christmas

(added July 8, 2016)

Genre: Christian Comedy
Directed By: Don McChesney
Release Date: November 2017

*Images via Manifest Pictures - "Salted Christmas" Facebook Page.


51.) The Mistletoe Promise

(added July 9, 2016) Director David Winning shared via Twitter:
"Signed to direct #nytimes #Bestseller "The #MistletoePromise" @richardpaulevan @RichardPEvans #setlife #Director"

This movie will be based on the Bestseller Book by the same name 'The Mistletoe Promise', by Richard Paul Evans, who is also author of 'The Christmas Box'.

UPDATE (July 20, 2016): Cast includes Jaime King, Luke McFarlane, Erin Boyes

image via: Instagram

image via: Instagram

According to imdb.com: 'Cedar Cove' actress Sarah Smyth is also starring in this Christmas Movie - 'Mistletoe Promise'!

Sarah Smyth shared this tweet via Twitter:

"Shooting a @hallmarkchannel Christmas movie in a school look what I found in the teacher's lounge...@debbiemacomber"

*Credit- Thank you Sherry for discovering & sharing this Christmas Movie info! And, credit goes to Iona Anger from the Hallmark Facebook group, who shared the discovery of Sarah being in 'Mistletoe Promise' on IMDB.

Premieres Saturday, November 5th
Starring: Jaime King (Hart of Dixie), Luke Macfarlane (Brothers and Sisters)
A chance meeting between two strangers who share a disdain for Christmas results in The Mistletoe Promise, a pact to help them navigate their holiday complications – together. But as they spend more time with each other and experience the magic of Christmas the phony couple discovers there may be more to their contract than business. Based on the bestselling novel by Richard Paul Evans.


52.) Sleigh Bell Sweethearts

Author Teri Wilson ('Unleashing Mr. Darcy) shared this Christmas Movie News via Facebook:

"BIG EXCITING NEWS! My book Sleigh Bell Sweethearts for Harlequin Love Inspired is currently in development with the Hallmark Channel! It looks like we'll have a Christmas movie coming out this year!!! *tosses snowflake confetti* "

Based on Teri's Book...

Sleigh Bell Sweethearts

*Credit for discovery goes to Abby from the Hallmark Facebook Fan Group! (and, thank you Sherry for passing this info my way!)

*This movie will not be airing this Christmas (2016). Maybe next year!


53.) Holiday Joy Starring Bailee Madison

UPDATE (July 21, 2016): As I mentioned above... While we are all still on NORTHPOLE 3 WATCH for this Christmas Season, or next year... I am excited to share with you all that BAILEE MADISON will be starring in an all new original Made-for-TV Christmas Movie this 2016 Christmas Season on Freeform (the newly named ABC Family).

FYI: Holiday Joy was previously titled: Different Folks!

Here's a synopisis of the 'Different Folks' storyline via Deadline.com: "The comedy, penned by Holly Goldberg Sloan (Made In America, Angels In The Outfield), centers on a shy high school student (Madison) who has been struggling to hold her family together after her mother’s death a few years earlier, becoming a surrogate mother to her father and brothers. During the holidays, she wishes she could have a “perfect life” like the one she sees her neighbors the Wellmans have. When a freak accident of mystical proportions suddenly grants Abby her wish, she instantly becomes part of the Wellman family. She soon finds out that her new life isn’t exactly how she was expecting it to be."

image via: celeb mafia - Bailee Madison – ‘Northpole – Open For Christmas’ Screening in Los Angeles

*Credit for discovery goes to Tiffany W. from the Hallmark Facebook Fan Group! (and, thank you Sherry for passing this info my way!)

*Holiday Joy will air on Freeform this Christmas Season. Details HERE!


54.) Christmas Villa

The Hallmark Channel Movie 'Summer Villa' may sequel into 'Christmas Villa'!!!

The very first sign of this potentially taking place was discovered by - Sherry in California, who mentioned it to me back in May!, when she noticed Christmas Villa mentioned in an Instagram post, while the cast was filming #SummerVilla!

image via: Instagram
Quote: "Next time I'll be there for Christmas Villa!"

Then, after the premiere of 'Summer Villa', Lisa C. from the Hallmark Facebook Fan Group, shared she discovered a tweet from entertainment reporter Rachael Ellenbogen, who shared some exciting news on 'Christmas Villa'!

The Tweet reads:
"#OTH's Hilarie Burton said today that @hallmarkchannel is planning a Christmas sequel to tonight's #SummerVilla & I already can't wait." -Rachael Ellenbogen

(By the way, for those who may not know, OTH stands for 'One Tree Hill', which was a popular drama television series from 2003 to 2012. Hilarie Burton was one of the cast members who recently reunited for a fan convention.)

So... that is the news we know, so far, on Christmas Villa! Gauging on how much everyone loved 'Summer Villa'... I'm sure a sequel would be most welcome into everyone's homes - this Christmas!!!


55.) Frozen Holiday Special

According to universityherald.com: Before "Frozen 2" is expected to hit the theatres in 2018, although there is no official confirmation and speficic day yet from Disney. The famed movie's fans can instead look forward to the upcoming "Frozen" holiday special, which will be airing on ABC in Christmas 2017."

Stay tuned! Do you wanna build a Snowman, again????


56.) Disney's Nutcracker movie: "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms"

According to teenvogue.com, "The Nutcracker may have been performed on stage countless times, but now Disney is bringing it to the big screen once more. Earlier this month, legendary dancer Misty Copeland made the exciting announcement on Instagram that she'd be a part of the production, as the lead ballerina."

Mackenzie Foy will portray the lead role of Clara.

THIS MOVIE WILL BE RELEASED IN 2018 and will be called: "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms"


57.) My Christmas Love (originally known as Christmas Expectations.)

via Hallmark Press Release: 'CHRISTMAS EXPECTATIONS' premieres Saturday, December 10. (premiere date - update below!)

A hopeless romantic who never seems to give a guy a fair chance starts receiving each gift from the song "The 12 Days of Christmas" compliments of an anonymous benefactor. She tries to solve the mystery with the help of her inner circle, including her sister who's about to have a Christmas wedding, to see if there's a suitor on the other end that will finally live up to her expectations.

Cast includes: Meredith Hagner, Megan Park, Bobby Campo, Aaron O'Connell and Gregory Harrison.

Actresses Megan Park and Meredith Hagner recently shared on Instagram:

Here's some on-the-set pics:

Meredith Hagner on set of Christmas Movie, via Instagram
Caption: meganparkithere When @merediththeweasel asks you to come play her sister in a movie you always say YESYESYESYES ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Meredith Hagner and Megan Park on set of Christmas Movie, via Instagram
Caption: merediththeweasel: Fake sister love and sleep deprived nap sesh with this dream @meganparkithere ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
(Thanks for sharing these, Sherry!)

Update September 20, 2016:

From this article at Standard Examiner, it looks like this movie has/had an alternate title: "12 Days".

According to Hallmark's last press release, "Christmas Expectations" will now premiere December 17th!

Premieres Saturday, December 17th
Starring: Meredith Hagner (Veep), Bobby Campo (Scream: The TV Series), Gregory Harrison (Rizzoli & Isles)
Christmas Expectations is about a hopeless romantic who can’t ever seem to give a guy a real chance, that is until she starts receiving each of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ as gifts anonymously at her door (yes, from the song… a partridge, leaping lords, milking maids… 5 golden rings!!). It’s a fun mystery that she tries to solve with her core group (including her sister who’s about to have a Christmas wedding) to see if there’s a suitor on the other end to finally live up to her expectations.

UPDATE (October 3, 2016): The Movie title has changed to My Christmas Love.


58.) Broadcasting Christmas (Previously known as: A Christmas Broadcast)

via Hallmark Press Release:


Storyline: Two rival reporters get caught up in a competition to see who can report the most newsworthy holiday story. The real breaking news they discover is the truth about the meaning of Christmas - it really is better to give than to receive. But unfolding before their very eyes may be the best holiday story of all -two fierce competitors were able to put aside their differences and fall in love.

UPDATE: (October 8, 2016) This may be the currently filming Christmas Movie 'Love in the Newsroom' starring Dean Cain and Melissa Joan Hart.

UPDATE: (October 11, 2016) Dean Cain revealed during in an interview on Fox News, October 6th, the name and air date to his upcoming Hallmark movie. The movie is tiled: Broadcasting Christmas and it will air on the Hallmark Channel Thanksgiving week - Sunday night, November 27th!

I was able to locate the video clip of Dean's interview on-line. If you would like to watch the entire video - click here!

Stay tuned for details!

'Broadcasting Christmas' Poster revealed:

image via: Twitter

And set pics, via writer Topher Payne's Facebook:

*Thank you Sherry for giving me the scoop on this movie + set pics!!!


A Worthwhile Life

via Hallmark Press Release:


Storyline: Isabelle's quest to locate the handsome owner of a lost necklace prompts her to launch a search via social media. As she meets the mystery man's friends and learns more about him she discovers what an extraordinary person he is and begins to fall in love.

Update: October 3, 2017 This will now be a Hallmark movie in 2017! Storyline has also been changed.


59.) A Nutcracker Christmas (originally known as: Nutcracker)

via Hallmark Press Release:


Storyline: Lilly James' lifelong devotion lands her the lead role of Clara in the New York City Ballet's production of The Nutcracker. Grief-stricken and distracted after learning about her mother's death, Lily suffers an injury and is removed from the show by Mark, her boyfriend and dance partner. Heartbroken and betrayed, Lily vows never to dance again. Years later, her daughter lands the role of Clara in the prestigious Philadelphia Nutcracker Ballet and finds that the Ballet Director is Mark, who betrayed Lilly years ago. Faced with the truth about her past and Lilly has a chance to dance and to find love again.

THE NUTCRACKER (working title)
Premieres Saturday December 10th
Starring: Amy Acker (Person of Interest), Sascha Radetsky (Flesh and Bone)

UPDATE (October 3, 2016): The Movie title has changed to A Nutcracker Christmas.


60.) Sleigh Bells Ring (Previously: Runaway Sleigh)

via Hallmark Press Release:


Storyline: Recently divorced, Pauline struggles to get into the holiday spirit while heading up her hometown Christmas parade. With the help of a Christmas sleigh and a handsome woodworker, Pauline is destined to turn her luck around, rekindle her holiday spirit and even find time for love.

Cast: Erin Cahill and David Alpay (thanks for sharing Sherry!)


61.) The Sound of Christmas

via Hallmark Press Release:

Premieres: Sunday, December 11th
Lizzie is a young piano teacher working at a music school while trying to save enough money for a Steinway piano. The school is gearing up for their major Christmas fundraiser and she has committed much of her time to plan the event. One afternoon, she meets Brad who takes an interest in her playing and asks if she will teach his uninterested teenage daughter. She begins to break through to the young girl, and sparks begin to fly with Brad, but she is shocked to find out that his interest is not solely in her playing, but in the property that houses the music school. She sets out to save the school and the event, but can she work things out with Brad?

UPDATE: (October 17, 2016) - Lindy Booth and Robin Dunne will be starring in The Sound Of Christmas, announced by EW.

*Thank you Shirley for this casting update!


62.) A Rose For Christmas (Previously known as: Rose Parade New Year)

(This Movie probably isn't a Christmas Movie, but it sounds like it will celebrate New Years!)

via Hallmark Press Release:

'ROSE PARADE NEW YEAR' - Sunday, January 1, 2017 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: A career setback prompts a woman to move back home to Pasadena at Christmas. She finds renewed purpose volunteering to help build a Rose Parade Float, only to discover she has to work side-by-side her ex-fiancรฉ who is heading the float's construction.

(added June 8, 2016) Actress Rachel Boston (Stop the Wedding, Ice Sculpture Christmas) shared via Twitter - she might be in an upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie!

source: Twitter

UPDATE: (September 9, 2016) Rachel Boston reveals via Instagram she will be starring in Hallmark's 'Rose Parade New Year'.

UPDATE: (September 14, 2016) This movie will also star Marc Bendavid (Summer in the City). (Thank you for the info, Sherry)

via Hallmark:
ROSE PARADE NEW YEAR (working title)
Premieres Sunday, January 1st
Starring: Rachel Boston (In Plain Sight)
Andy (Boston) is a passionate and talented artist whose Pasadena family has been building Rose Parade floats for generations. But when her Dad gets sick and can’t lead this year’s efforts as usual, Andy has no choice but to take the helm and supervise the construction and decoration of their client’s float over Christmas with only a few weeks to go. And to make matters worse, she’s saddled with the extra challenge of dealing with Cliff, a demanding businessman whose company commissioned the float. Forced to work together, these two can’t help but clash – she’s a creative type who knows this flower-strewn process inside out, while he’s all business with no time for art. But working side-by-side over Christmas, they each learn the other is not who they seem. And together, with a ragtag team of volunteers, they might just have what it takes to create a magnificent Rose Parade float… IF they can pull it together by New Year’s.


63.) Hearts of Christmas (Previously known as: Each Precious Heartbeat)

From details shared on social media, this appears to be a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas Movie starring Crystal Lowe (Signed, Sealed, Delivered), Emilie Ullerup (Chesapeake Shores), and Kimberly Sustad (The Nine Lives of Christmas). *A Special Thank You to Sherry in California and Lori M. for these details!

via Hallmark:
Premieres: Sunday, December 4th
Starring: Emillie Ullerup (Sanctuary, Chesapeake Shores), Crystal Lowe (Signed, Sealed, Delivered), Kimberly Sustad (The Nine Lives of Christmas)
When Alice, a beloved neonatal intensive care unit supervisor, is forced to take early retirement, her young colleague Jenny decides to turn the upcoming staff Christmas party into a surprise celebration for her. The plan is complicated by Matt, the hospital’s new CFO, who’s been tasked to cut costs. Initially at loggerheads, Jenny and Matt get to know and understand each other —a sweet Christmas gift neither saw coming.


64.) Christmas on Repeat

Poster and Details via IMDB.com. Storyline: Sometimes love needs a do-over.

This is a Family Comedy!

Cast: Rachel Hendrix, Karissa Lee Staples, Alexandra Harris, Ted Welch, Aaron Munoz, Shawn Hawkins, Rich Redmond, Mary Sarah, Graham Outbridge, & Joe Mullen

See more here!.

Where this movie will be seen is currently unknown.

*Credit: Thank you Gina for sharing this info!


65.) Potential Christmas Movie Titles recently listed at

"Season's Greetings," (see update below!) "Running Out of Angels," "The Angel Makers," "Snowman: A Horse Tale," "A Christmas Romance," "The Sleeping Shepherd," and "A Doggone Xmas 2!."

If any of these are confirmed to be family Christmas movies, they will be updated and receive a separate listing.

*Thank you Sherry in California for sharing these!


66.) Season's Greetings:

According to castanet.net: 'Season's Greetings' is an all new original Christmas movie being filmed by eOne productions. The movie will star Laura Bell Bundy (Becoming Santa) and will premiere this Christmas Season on UP!


67.) Collateral Beauty:

This movie will be in theaters this Christmas, on December 16, 2016. It looks like a very deep (albeit sometimes depressing and dark) story starring Will Smith, along with an all star cast: Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Michael Peรฑa and Naomie Harris.

According to mymerrychristmas.com: "The film follows Howard (Will Smith), a man who loses his love and drive for life following the death of his daughter. Additionally, it seems to focus on three things that are universal to all humans: Love, time, and death. As Howard divulges... “We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death."

Please Note: Rating is Currently Unknown.


68.) A Cinderella Christmas:

via ION Press Release:

Cast: Emma Rigby, Peter Porte, Sarah Stouffer, Leland B. Martin, Lesley-Anne Down, Mindy Cohn, Lucy DeVito
Synopsis: At a holiday masquerade ball, fledgling event planner Angie Wells and wealthy playboy Nicholas Karmichael, who needs to marry to retain his inheritance, meet and fall for each other anonymously. While Nicholas tries to locate the girl of his dreams, Angie must choose between pursuing her lifelong dream of running a business or following her heart.
Produced by: MarVista Entertainment

"A Cinderella Christmas" will premiere Sunday, Dec. 4, at 9/8c PM. on ION.

Also available on VOD:

A Cinderella Christmas


69.) A Husband for Christmas:

via ION Press Release:

Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Ricco Ross, Dominique Swain, Michael Bergin, Helene Udy, Eric Roberts, Jackรฉe Harry
Synopsis: Brooke and Roger, two graphic designers in a soon-to-be-merged company, help one another by agreeing to a loveless marriage of convenience, suggested by their new boss. In the process, Brooke gets to upstage the sister who just announced her engagement to Brooke's ex-boyfriend during the holidays. But, with their "marriage" in question, will Brooke and Roger find a spark they didn't know existed?
Produced by: Hybrid Films

"A Husband for Christmas" will premiere Sunday, Dec. 11, at 9/8c PM.


70.) Christmas in Homestead (Previously known as: SHOOTING CHRISTMAS):

via Hallmark Press Release:

Premieres Wednesday, November 23rd
Starring: Taylor Cole (The Originals), Michael Rady (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Michael Nardelli (Revenge)

One of the most famous actresses in world heads to the Christmas-obsessed town of Homestead, Iowa, to shoot a holiday-themed. She is thrown for a loop when a romance brews between her and local inn keeper and single dad, Matt. As she gets a taste of small-town life and people who give of themselves without asking anything in return, she discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

UPDATE: According to the Hallmark Channel, this movie has a new title: 'Christmas in Homestead.'

*Thank you Sherry in California for sharing this new title!


71.) Looks Like Christmas (Previously known as: A CHRISTMAS CAROL):

via Hallmark Press Release:

Premieres Sunday, December 4th on the Hallmark Channel
Carol is an over-involved mother but nothing compares to the holiday season when she goes over-the-top spearheading her kid’s school’s Christmas Spectacular each year, which earned her the nickname Christmas Carol by the parents and faculty. All that changes the day Terry moves to town with his teenage daughter. Also single, he is very fond of the holiday himself, having volunteered to mount the Christmas play each year at his daughter’s former school. Carol tries to politely tell the single dad his help won’t be needed but he has no intention of stepping aside. The tug-of-war turns into something of a rumble and it becomes clear neither of these parents is willing to work with the other. With the competition lines clearly drawn in the sand, the dueling duo sets out to outdo each other to create the most memorable Christmas spectacular ever. The pressure is ON to make this the best Christmas ever as it’s anybody’s guess if “Christmas Carol” will live up to her moniker or if newly titled “Terry Christmas” will become the new holiday hero. The two will ultimately learn the error of their ways and put aside their differences while learning they have a lot more in common as an unexpected romance begins to bloom.

Cast: Dylan Neal
(thanks for this info Shirley!)


72.) Love You Like Christmas (Previously: MEANT TO BE)

via Hallmark Press Release:
Premieres Sunday, December 11th on the Hallmark Channel
Starring: Brennan Elliott (Strong Medicine), Bonnie Somerville (Holiday Engagement)
Maddie, a high-powered marketing executive, is on her way to a client’s wedding but her plans are derailed by car trouble. When a fork in the road leads her to Christmas Valley, a town in love with Christmas, an unexpected encounter and a group of strangers that start to feel like family will have her questioning what she’s really been missing in life.


73.) A Dream Of Christmas (Previously: It's a Wonderful Wife)

This movie is set to film in Canada, on October 3, 2016. (according to http://myentertainmentworld.com) Stay tuned for more news on this potential Christmas movie!

*Thank you Sherry in California for sharing this new title!

UPDATE: October 7, 2016 The movie 'It's a Wonderful Wife' is currently filming festive Christmassy holiday scenes with actresses Lisa Durupt and Nikki Deloach, who will play sisters in this new movie - for Hallmark!

Here's the scoop + a pic, via Instagram...
with the caption:
thelisadurupt: "This is how we do at holiday functions... with lobster."

Both actresses starred in Hallmark Christmas movies last year! Lisa Durupt starred in 'Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery' and Nikki Deloach starred in 'Christmas Land'.

*Thank you to Shirley S. for discovering & sharing this Christmas movie info!

Update: It's confirmed! The leading man in the movie 'It's a Wonderful Wife' is actor Andrew Walker of 'Dashing Through the Snow'.

*This news was first discovered by Ioana Anger. Special Thank you to Sherry in California for passing on lots of information on this movie to me throughout the production process!

Image via: Nikki Deloach instagram
*Thank you, Shirley, for sending this pic my way!

*UPDATE - New Title: A Dream For Christmas

*Thank you for sharing this info, Kristina!



via Hallmark Press Release:
Premieres: Sunday, December 18th on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
A harsh TV personality, Jennifer, needs a break from her own life, so she hops into a car and drives to a small town mountain retreat. On her way there a blizzard veers off the road and she crashes. When she comes to she has complete amnesia and a friendly passerby takes her in. As time passes she still doesn’t remember who she is and the friendly passerby, a widower himself with 3 kids, assimilates her into his family. But as she slowly starts remembering who she is, she prefers the new life she’s built in the small town.

Cast: Cameron Mathison, Mira Sorvino

(Thank you for e-mailing this cast info, Shirley S.! - proof via Cameron's Instagram post! Credit also goes to Ioana Anger - for discovering Mira is in this movie on the Hallmark Facebook Fan Page!)


75.) The Christmas Cottage:

According to IMDB, this will be a made-for-TV movie in 2017!

(Thank you to the Anonymous commenter below who shared this movie title!)


76.) The Best Christmas Pageant Ever:

So far, all I have on this one is the title, but I think it is safe to say it is a Christmas production! (information via production weekly)

Hopefully, it is based upon the original story, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, which was turned into a precious one-hour special (available on DVD!) in 1983! I personally own it on DVD and consider it to be a treasure each Christmas!

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever DVD (1983)

'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' is a real and beautiful story that tells the true meaning of Christmas! I truly hope this new production - is a re-telling of this same sweet story.

Stay tuned for more details...


77.) The Man Who Invented Christmas:

Coming 2017!

A movie about Charles Dickens called, The Man Who Invented Christmas:

*Thank you for sharing this Christmas news, Sleepy Kitty Paws!


78.) Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer:

Coming 2017!

New animated film with John Cleese and Samantha Bee doing voices, Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer:

*Thank you for sharing this Christmas news, Sleepy Kitty Paws!


79.) For The Love Of Christmas:

Storyline via imdb: For The Love of Christmas follows Bryson, a devoted husband with a strong desire to have children, and Sunday, a once loving wife, who at some point has lost touch with peace, love and the gift of giving. But when a homeless family appears on their doorstep, bearing nothing but the true meaning of love, Sunday's heart is reacquainted with the vows that once held their marriage together. (- Written by Pernitha Tinsley)

See the trailer on youtube, here:

Thank you Anonymous for sharing this trailer in the comments below.

I discovered the Release Date in Theaters will be: December 25, 2016
According to the Production Company Facebook Page - it will also be available, at some point, on DVD.

Unknown Rating. Stay tuned!


So, that's all the scoop I have now for Christmas 2016! Will we be likely to see Candace Cameron Bure (Yes!), Rachel Boston (Yes!), Paul Campbell, Lacey Chabert (Yes!), Sarah Lancaster, Lori Loughlin (Yes!), Kellie Martin, Cameron Mathison, Danica McKellar (Yes!), Paul Greene (Yes!), Alicia Witt (Yes!), & others return for a new Christmas movie this year? I would say the odds are good we will see many of them, again!!!
If you happen to hear any Christmas Movie News, please leave a comment below or you can contact me by e-mail at itsawonderfulchristmas@yahoo.com - Thank You!
May the true gift of Christmas remain in your heart all year!!!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of great scoops! Thanks for the hard work and Kevin has produced several movies through indiegogo. That's cool he's doing a Christmas one.


  2. Oh, Net, thank you, thank you for all the great Christmas news for 2016!!! I can only imagine what this coming year will bring and wonder how they will ever top last year. Thanks, Hallmark, for the Winter fest movies!!

  3. Yeah!!! Thanks so much for the info. I can't wait!!!

  4. Wow! So much wonderful information! I'm glad to hear that they filmed a movie during December. It's often difficult to watch some of the movies that were clearly shot in the middle of Summer. All of the trees have their summer leaves but there is fake snow on the ground! But can't complain. That's the cost of having so many Christmas movies. They have to be filmed when it's cheaper, during the warm months!

  5. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 04, 2016

    Jeff Schroeder (in the Joey Lawrence movie) is well known by fans of the reality show "Big Brother"! He not only lived in the Big Brother House for a couple of different seasons, he also met his fiancรฉe (Jordan) on "Big Brother." Both Jeff and Jordan were contestants on "The Amazing Race" as well!

    Jeff has continued to be involved with CBS and "Big Brother" over the years, as he is the one who interviews all of the house guests when the season ends in September, and he interviews each evicted house guest every week for an online show.

  6. Sounds like there are some fun films to anticipate in 2016. Yay! That's always a plus. Thanks so much, Net for keeping us "in the know." We appreciate it. Looking forward to continuing to visit your amazing blog this year - wishing you a joyful New Year! :)

  7. What about Dean Cain? He's not been in enough festive films!

    Thanks for the scoop. Another Christmas offering from Signed Sealed Delivered is just the ticket! It would however be a difficult job to top the previous effort.

  8. Thank you for the early announcements. It is amazing to me that this year's Christmas movies are already in production!!!

  9. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 04, 2016

    Net -- I have mention in other posts that Autumn Reeser was filming a movie for Hallmark in Canada, and it seemed to involve a ranch and a barn! Lol. The title of the movie is not known, but it is definitely Hallmark.

    I just happened to check Autumn's Facebook page again and noticed a photo of her (the post was from December 22) holding a kitten. She says, "...a kitten is a great way to end a movie and a year!" She is standing in front of Christmas stockings and garland and she is wearing wintry clothing. There are other photos on her page, showing lots of snow and wintry scenes.

    So, this leads me to believe that it IS a Christmas movie that Autumn just finished shooting. Perhaps it will "sneak preview" in July? If not, we know we will see it in Nov-Dec.

    I suppose that if Hallmark is planning to crank out at least another 17 new movies (probably more) for one channel, and another 4 new movies or more for the other channel, they have to get started with filming. They cannot possibly shoot everything in the summer, although some of the movies will be shot in the summer and even as late as November (as we saw with "Christmas Land")!

    1. Thank you so much Sherry! I updated the post above and added in your find on Autumn Reeser! I just love the pic with the kitten! Too cute! From the looks of it, looks like another sweet Hallmark Christmas movie!

  10. I saw in a Fortune Magazine interview with Hallmark Media EVP Michelle Vicary that the plan is to have 29 Christmas movies by 2018. She commented that there was no intention to cut back on this years total movies but instead to gradually grow them.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 05, 2016

      I saw that as well, back in November. Actually, first the Los Angeles Times had an article about holiday movies on various channels and they used the number "28" as the goal for Hallmark. But in the Fortune article it was said that 29 movies is the goal by 2018.

      I expect that we will see at least a couple of extra new movies this year (beyond 17 new ones), and then a couple more in 2017. The thing is that they will be distributed across the 2 channels. The main channel will get most of the movies, and HMM will probably get more than 4 new movies this year. Also, we will likely get a new movie for Christmas in July -- which is a smarter idea than just running something like "Home Alone."

      Because of the tricky weekend dates this coming holiday season, if Hallmark aims to debut new movies every weekend from late September through the end of the year, they would have to run something on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and on New Year's Eve or Day, which will be interesting -- unless they go for the Fridays of Christmas and New Year's weekend.

      Hallmark handled this past Countdown to Christmas in an interesting way. They did not post on Facebook every week with ratings info or the number of viewers for each movie, as they did a bit of in 2014. This time around they kept silent about the ratings and the number of viewers, but everyone who knows where to find the ratings and viewer info sought it out on sites like TV by the Numbers and The Futon Critic.

      So, from my observations any time I looked up the ratings and viewer info, it did not appear that the ratings were down from 2014 -- maybe some specific weekends might have had fewer viewers than those same weekends in 2014, but the ratings were not significantly lower if they were lower at all. And overall, the whole 2 months probably had higher ratings than in 2014.

      Eventually I do think that viewers will reach a saturation point, and that's what Hallmark has to watch out for. It's already overwhelming trying to keep up with all of the new movies on all of the channels -- even just 2 channels are hard to keep up with. I think that there is a point at which people will probably grow tired of the Christmas movie phenomenon, and the novelty will wear off a bit. That's when the ratings will probably start to drop. It probably won't happen for at least another couple of years, but I do think that there can be an overload. Some people already think that there are too many new movies, and they think that the quality of the movies is suffering because Hallmark is going for quantity instead of quality (in their opinion). Other people think there are not enough new movies. And still other people are just tired of the movies in general because they think they have the same plots, same actors, etc.

    2. 29 movies! Wow! Wonder why not 30? I love hearing the possibility of more Hallmark Christmas movies!!

      I do hope people won't feel overloaded in time with the new movies. Since it is only a couple months out of the year and such a special time - I know many (myself included!) truly miss it now and can't wait 'til the season comes round again! I agree with you, Sherry - it would be good to see some of the plots vary in coming movies. But, as far as ratings go... I would say many still love Hallmark at Christmas!!! I sure hope it continues for many years to come!!!

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 05, 2016

      Yes-- 29 new movies by 2018, according to the Fortune article (or 28, according to the Los Angeles Times article)!

      "Wow" is right, Net!

      Well, when we look at it this way, it really doesn't sound all that daunting to get to 29 movies within 2 years' time -- this past year (2015), if we total up all of the new Christmas movies Hallmark made, including the one that sneak previewed in July, there were 22. If we want to be generous with our calculations, we can even include "When Calls the Heart: New Year's Wish" in there as a holiday movie, even though it was not part of the Countdown to Christmas, and bring the total up to 23 movies. As we know, those 23 movies were spread across both Hallmark Channels, with the heaviest concentration on the main Hallmark Channel, and one of them debuted in July.

      So... making the leap from 23 holiday movies to 29 by 2018 does not sound all that hard to finagle. All Hallmark really has to do is just make the same number of movies they made in 2015, PLUS a couple of extra this year. Then they make a couple of extra ones in 2017. Finally, by 2018 they will be up to 29 movies. It's a pretty easy goal to reach.

      But you're right -- why not 30? Lol. That's what I was thinking too, because "29" is such an odd number. It seems like 30 should not be too difficult to manage if they can get to 29.

      I don't mind the plots of the movies -- I generally enjoy them, whereas I don't enjoy the movies on other channels as much. I also like having a nice mix of familiar Hallmark faces and new actors. BUT I know that many other people complain about the movies having the same plots and actors, so those might be the people who start to tire of the onslaught of Christmas movies within a couple of years.

      Also, I think that Hallmark got very lucky by having a big name attached to one of the movies this past year. Mariah Carey has a lot of fans, and those fans not only tuned in to her movie, but, seemingly, apparently, stuck around for "Christmas Land" the next night, as that was the highest-rated Hallmark movie of the season, if I am not mistaken. But how often is Hallmark going to be able to get a big name, with millions of fans, to be in a movie?

    4. Most of the leads in Hallmark movies seem to be late 20s/early to mid 30s. It would be nice to see them switch things up and feature both younger(early to mid 20s and even children) and older(40 and up) leads. More diversity is definitely a must.

    5. Not everyone will watch every Christmas film. I am one of the few people that will. I record all of them. I start watching one Christmas movie a day Starting in August!

  11. I sure wish Hallmark would do more sequels.


    1. That might be fun to have more ongoing series like Northpole!

  12. It certainly takes some adjusting to get used to not seeing Christmas movies on Hallmark/HMM channel after the holidays end! It's like a mourning period. Lol. It's great to hear about 2016 Christmas movies so early in the year, though.

    I read through the posts other people posted, and some things stood out for me. In regards to the possible overload of Christmas movies...I had thought about that, too. Like, is it possible to have TOO many Hallmark Christmas movies, to the point where people tire of them? I don't know. I love that there are so many new ones being churned out each year. However, at what expense? Because the more new ones that are made, the less we're seeing of the old ones (my personal faves like "Call Me. Mrs. Miracle, The Most Wonderful Time of The Year, etc.). I mean, it's already bad enough that the old ones are getting relegated to being shown a few times during the season, and,often times, during the late night/early morning hours!

    As far as more out-of-the-box plots, I agree. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy many of the staple storylines, but it's always nice to see a fresh story. That's one of the reasons I love "A Very Merry Mix Up" "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year," and "Royal Christmas"....because those were unique storylines for Hallmark Christmas movies and they ended up being so good! Hopefully we get at least one or two unique plots this year!

    More sequels....yes, please! I could definitely do without another Northpole movie, though. I'd like to see a follow-up to something like "Royal Christmas" or "Crown for Christmas."

    I also wish Hallmark would bring back some of the actors/actresses that haven't done Christmas movies in years, like Warren Christie, Eric Johnson, Elisa Donovan, as their lead characters. I miss them! I know they like to bring in new talent, and that's all well and good. But don't forget about the "seasoned" Hallmark talent. And I'm not just talking about always getting the usual suspects like Candace Cameron, Lacey Chabert, Alicia Witt, etc.

    This wasn't mentioned, but I REALLY think Hallmark needs to work on their diversity. Like, REALLY! The world is made up of different races, cultures, etc. and Hallmark does SUCH a poor job at representing this! The Hallmark viewing audience reaches more than just white females, so it'd be nice to see movies with black, Hispanic, Asian, interracial, etc. lead characters. That's something that I give Lifetime and UP channels brownie points for--they include people of all colors in their movies. It's 2016, for crying out loud!

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 06, 2016

      Great post, Anonymous!

      There is a definite lack of diversity -- and that is an area where UP, Lifetime and even ABC Family (now Freeform) have done a better job. This is not a dramatic improvement, but I will say that Hallmark has featured Katrina Law in 2 movies (she is Taiwanese-American) and Meghan Markle (biracial) in 2 movies (one of which will premiere on January 30th). It's not much, but at least it is a step in the right direction!

      I would have to imagine that Hallmark has offered Warren Christie many roles (he has done at least 3 movies for Hallmark, but they have all been spread out over several years). It's probably Warren's choice to not do more of them or Warren's schedule that keeps him from doing them. Some actors may simply not want to get stuck in that Hallmark movie mold. Some actors don't take Hallmark movies seriously as far as "acting" goes, so they seek out meatier roles. If they have choices of other work to do, they may avoid Hallmark movies -- or only do them every few years.

      I do like a mix of the familiar Hallmark family faces I know (Candace, Alicia, Lacey, Cameron, Brennan, Sarah, Kellie, Erin, Paul, etc.) and lesser-known faces. I like that Hallmark gives the newer actors a chance and puts them in movies too. However, that said, I don't always enjoy the movies with the lesser-known faces and newer actors, whereas I almost always enjoy the movies with the faces I know. So, really, I would probably be fine with movies being made with the same familiar faces every year, BUT I think it's good to throw the fresh faces into the mix to appease the people who complain that they are tired of seeing the same faces.

      It's interesting that you named "A Royal Christmas" as one of the movies with a unique storyline, as that is one of the movies I have seen people reference when they are talking about redundant, repetitive themes and stories! Lol. Personally, I love the movie -- but it's so interesting to observe how much differently the anti-Christmas movie folks view things in comparison to how we view them! They also think there are not enough new movies. Other people think there are way too many new movies!!! Lol.

      And you're right -- the more new movies that are made each year, the more that the older favorites will be pushed to middle-of-the-night status, or only shown 2 times in 2 months -- OR moved over to the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel, which many people don't have. In fact, when I read people's endless complaints about the repeats of movies over 2 months, I realize that most people really have no clue exactly how many movies are being shown in Nov-Dec -- and that is because Hallmark only shows certain movies a handful of times while others get 13 repeats, OR they only run certain movies in the wee hours of the morning, or only on certain days. So the way it ends up appearing to people is that there are only 15 movies being shown and repeated, when, actually, between the 2 Hallmark Channels there were well over 100 movies shown in Nov-Dec (probably closer to 120). It's just that most people never even realized that "Finding Christmas" or "Eve's Christmas" were on the schedule because they were on at such odd times of the day. Newcomers to the Countdown to Christmas have no idea which movies they should be searching for, so they may turn on the TV every day at 7 p.m. only to discover that the same movie seems to be on at that time on 3 out of 7 days in a week! To them it seems as though very few movies are being shown.

    2. Hey, Sherry! Thanks!

      In this day and age, it just makes absolutely no sense for there to not be more diversity on television. And Hallmark, of ALL networks, should be making it a point to be all-inclusive. I'm not talking about including 1 or 2 minorities as minor, throw-away characters in these movies, but actually having minority characters being LEADS! I love Hallmark for all the movies they churn out, but they should truly be ashamed of themselves for spewing love and family at the heart of their brand, but CHOOSING not to show that love and family isn't limited to the Caucasian race. It's disappointing. I didn't know about Katrina's or Meghan's ethnicity. While that's great (and thanks for bringing that to my attention), it really is a small step that, quite honestly, goes unnoticed because just looking at them, they look white.

      I certainly hope that Hallmark has reached out to Warren over the years and he just hasn't been able to make it work due to scheduling. Is he currently a regular on any TV shows? But then, it only takes a few weeks to make these movies, so I just can't imagine it'd be THAT hard to make it work. I loved him in TMWTOTY and want to see him in another Christmas movie, like yesterday! Lol. And the same goes for Eric Johnson. Loved him in CMMM, and I liked him in Fir Crazy, too. I know he's on "The Knick" and that's a successful show, but still! Hallmark needs to offer him another movie and he needs to take a few weeks time out to make it, darnit! Both he and Warren are too cute to not be regulars in Hallmark movies! Lol. As for Elisa, I don't think she has a solid gig. I truly believe Hallmark just hasn't offered her anything for all these years. And with them constantly getting new, younger faces as leads, she's like completely brushed to the side! I tell ya, being an aging woman in Hollywood's gotta suck! And she's not even old! But when you are up against a fresh-faced 20-something/early 30s female, 40-somethings don't stand a chance, sadly. I honestly don't mind the addition of new faces to the Hallmark family, I just wish some people that haven't done Hallmark movies in years would reappear.

      I mentioned "A Royal Christmas" as a unique Hallmark story because while the royal-themed movies are DEFINITELY a staple, the actual storyline of "A Royal Christmas" was different. Leo, a prince, was taking Emily, a normal girl, home to meet his mom, during which Emily had to deal with his mom's disapproval and trying to understand Leo's "Royal" life. To me, it just seemed to be a different storyline from the usual Christmas holiday royal storylines.

      I've said it before and I'll say it again--it truly is a mystery how Hallmark schedules their movies. I mean, it seems that the older movies often get the worst time slots and are shown less. I've come to sadly accept that. But as for the more recent movies, how do they decide what gets shown at what time, AND how many times it gets shown during the season??? I would LOVE to understand the decision-making process regarding this! I think it's very interesting!

    3. Amen Anon! Lack of diversity is why I end up more and more enjoying the movies on other channels over Hallmark. My favorite Christmas movies of 2015 were My One Christmas Wish(UP) and How Sarah Got her Wings(ION). Two diverse movies with different appeal. My One Christmas Wish was a well written movie based on a true story that tugged at the heart strings and made the audience consider the people who are alone at Christmas with no one. And How Sarah Got Her Wings was a comedic tale with a diverse cast that appealed more to the young adult group. I like Hallmark but sometimes the movies are too sugary sweet and sanitized to the point where they feel so far removed from real life it turns he characters into caricatures.

      Its a shame Larry Levinson is creating more diverse movies to build his own channel because Hallmark could use movies like Casa Vita which features a Mexican female lead. I agree that Katrina and Meaghan still look white so its not a big step in the diversity department for Hallmark to cast them. Especially when their loves interests end up being white.

      I also think Hallmark needs to stop expanding the amount of Christmas movies they make every year because most of the ones last year were forgettable and not well done. I would rather they create less movies but take their time to make them quality productions and show more of the older movies.

    4. I agree with you re: A Royal Christmas being different from their usual "royal" formula. I do love those movies (A Princess for Christmas is always a must watch), and I did really enjoy Crown for Christmas this year, but at the same time, I found it so similar to Princess that it was almost comical!

    5. Anon, it's so strange you said that about Meghan because everywhere outside of Hallmark she looks like mixed a woman of color but in the Hallmark movies they tend to wash her out. Same thing with Jessica Szhor (Lucky in Love) & Jessica Parker Kennedy (Nearlyweds). It's sad if Hallmark is doing this deliberately because of the message it sends. But I do love seeing more women of color as the heroines of the story instead of just the best friends. I'm still hoping Christie Laing moves from best friend to leading lady in one of their movies soon!

    6. Christie Laing has been on a couple of hit shows. Hallmark has cast people who were practically unknown as leads before so no reason they can't give her a leading role.

  13. I can truly wish and hope I know years have past but I really would love to see a Christmas Card sequel with Cody and Faith together! Or Christmas under Wraps or Let it Snow Sequels and what about the Chritmas Ornament sequel! Thanks for keeping us posted

    1. All great ideas for sequels! Especially since The Christmas Ornament was pretty recent and they left open the idea of doing a wedding... Her bakery business and Tim's new Christmas Tree Farm! Many possibilities there!

      However, I, too, love The Christmas Card. Sadly, the mother from that movie is no longer living, but maybe they could focus on Cody and Faith more, and of course her father, Ed Asner, would have to be in it and the fun uncle!

  14. I would love The Most Wonderful Time of The Year 2 with Henry Winkler also in it!

  15. Hallmark needs a Christmas Channel year round! My t.v. would be pretty locked on b it. I NEVER GET TIRED OF THE MOVIES. My D.V.R. is maxed out from this season already. And a second movie of The Most Wonderful Time of The Year would be awesome with Henry Winkler! Love that movie!

    1. That would be wonderful, JoAnn! My TV would be there all the time, too! I love Christmas movies any time of the year! Thank goodness for our recorders and DVDs!!!

      Love your idea for a sequel to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! The movie was definitely left opened to it! Wonder if it would be possible to bring everyone back? I love that movie, too!!!

  16. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, January 07, 2016

    I am the biggest champion and defender of the Christmas movies (especially on the Hallmark Channel Facebook pages, where I have been accused of secretly working for Hallmark because of my unending support! Lol). Their Countdown to Christmas 2-month event has become an integral part of my holiday season -- it has saved a few holiday seasons that have gone awry, or where plans did not go as expected. I absolutely hate the day when the Countdown ends, and I have to delete Christmas movies from the DVR to clear space for other non-Christmas shows that I watch.

    And yet... I think that a year-round Christmas movie channel (or general holiday channel) would be a big mistake. It would be the kiss of death to the long-term popularity of the Countdown to Christmas event, for several key reasons, and to the Countdown to Valentine's Day, Fall Harvest, etc.

    Right now, the Countdown to Christmas event is the most popular time of the year on Hallmark, but if they were to create a whole channel with that kind of content -- especially given that they would have to repeat many things all year long -- it would have a counterintuitive effect on the big ratings of the annual Christmas event. Eventually, a lot of people would simply just get sick of the movies (many already DO get sick of them with only 2 months of movies). Those people would simply tune out and stop watching the holiday channel, and would not be as excited for any new movies coming along at the end of the year. And Hallmark would have to pay a lot of money to acquire the rights to air a lot of non-Hallmark programming to fill the channel too.

    So I think that everyone who loves Christmas movies year-round is better off enjoying their DVDs and DVR recordings and watching at their leisure, and just waiting for the annual 2-month event on the Hallmark Channel(s). I would hate to see anything come along to ruin the Countdown to Christmas, since it's such an exciting 2 months of the year, but I think that a separate year-round channel for holiday programming would be a bad idea in the long run!

    1. Michelle in TucsonFriday, January 08, 2016

      I agree with Sherry. I wouldn't want a year round channel dedicated to Christmas movies. I love looking forward to Christmas in July and as the summer ends, I really look forward to the end of October when Hallmark starts their Christmas season. I still have A LOT of Christmas movies on the DVR that I haven't seen yet. With as many as Hallmark airs, I just can't keep up with all of them. But after watching Christmas movies for a couple of months straight, I'm ready for a break. Right around April, I'll suddenly be in the mood for a Christmas movie and it's wonderful to have new ones that I've never seen before just waiting for me on the DVR. It's an amazing feeling when watching the movies to be instantly transported back into the Christmas spirit after taking a few months off from watching Christmas movies. And that special feeling is why I wouldn't want to be inundated year round with a channel that constantly airs them.

  17. What about playing 2 christmas movies the 25th of each month?

  18. How about 2 Christmas movies every 25th of the month?

    1. That would be wonderful for every Christmas movie fan, but I doubt others would enjoy it as much. I personally would love it!!!

  19. I agree with your blogs that it would be nice to see some sequels and some of the actors and actresses from a few seasons ago. Also, they could put some of the older movies on during the afternoon and early evening for people to see over the two month span. It would probably help too if they would put the movies people have requested over the last couple of years on dvd. Many of us love these movies and would like to see them throughout the year. I hope the networks would see all the requested movies and put them on dvd for their viewers.

    1. Yes, it would be wonderful to have more Hallmark movies on DVD!!! I wholeheartedly agree!!!

  20. I would love a sequel to The Christmas Card

  21. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 11, 2016

    I actually wonder now about what Autumn Reeser was recently filming in Canada. Although she posted the photo with the kitten in front of obvious Christmas decorations, that photo was posted in December -- when there might have been actual Christmas decorations up somewhere. Other photos she posted from Canada (with snow and without snow) involved horses, a ranch/stable, etc. Her story in her new Countdown to Valentine's Day movie involves going to a dude ranch.

    Is it possible that Autumn could have been shooting her Valentine's Day movie in Canada and then just took a photo in front of Christmas decorations with the kitten, or did she actually just shoot a Christmas movie? Maybe I can find a clue....

    Okay, I just discovered this. Vanessa Matsui, who stars in the Valentine's Day movie with Autumn Reeser, tweeted at least one photo from Canada in December... which is when Autumn was there. Here is that photo -- https://twitter.com/VanessaMatsui/status/677242782998593536.

    So, my guess is that what Autumn was just shooting in Canada in December was the upcoming "Valentine Ever After," and that Autumn was not making a Christmas movie.

    That photo with the kitten in front of the Christmas decorations is deceiving, though, because it looks like it was a Christmas-themed movie set. I am guessing that Autumn either just posed in front of real Christmas decorations that were not part of a movie, OR maybe "Valentine Ever After" involves a scene at the end that takes place at Christmas. It's probably not an actual Christmas movie in the traditional sense.

    Also, it appears that one of Mariah Carey's 3 new movies with Hallmark will be another Christmas movie for this year's Countdown, according to one of the press releases that just went up (which was mostly about other things, but that little bit of info was hidden in it).

    1. I think you are right, Sherry. I was starting to wonder the same thing when I heard the storyline was centered around a dude ranch and a cowboy. I'm going to look a little further, and then revise the post above. Thank you for the co-star info.

  22. Would love to see some of the older actors and actresses in lead roles just as a balance to the constant 20 somethings. I really enjoyed Royal Christmas with Jane Seymour for example and would love to see a sequel not just to see how the younger leads made out but also the prince's mom and her own suitor

    1. I think that would be great! I loved seeing Donna Mills in 12 Gifts of Christmas. It's too bad that various older stars are often just the parents of the lead role character. I, too, would love to see more of them!

    2. I see more 30 and 40 somethings on Hallmark than 20 somethings. I actually wish they were more 20 somethings as well as more people of color

  23. Some potential early Christmas movie news, a project in the works from Disney ... http://www.tracking-board.com/exclusive-disney-moving-forward-with-dashing-through-the-snow-from-scott-rosenberg-pitch/

    1. Oh, thank you for sharing that Disney Christmas Movie news! How fun! Wonder if it will be something when can expect to see in theaters or on the Disney Channel? Thank you for finding it and posting it here for all of us Christmas movie fans to see!!! :)

  24. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, January 22, 2016

    I read an interview with Cynthia Busby (a wonderful writer named Ruth, from Starry Constellation Magazine, interviewed her), and she indicated that she didn't know if "A Puppy for Christmas" would end up on Hallmark. She said that she knows it will air in Canada, but she isn't sure about Hallmark (although it is a strong possibility).

    It sounds like there are some movies that Hallmark knows for sure are theirs when they are being filmed -- and then there are others that are just randomly filmed and then sold to/picked up by certain networks. I think that ION and UP picked up movies this past holiday season that were not actually made FOR those channels.

    Likewise, I had a feeling that the Alicia Witt Christmas movie, "I'm Not Ready for Christmas," was filmed before it was known which channel it would go to, but Hallmark ultimately picked it up and changed the title.

    I can't see why Hallmark wouldn't pick up "A Puppy for Christmas" at this point, as Cynthia has done other work for the channel and she is starring in their final Winterfest movie, but I found it very interesting that some of the movies we see in the Countdown to Christmas (or Christmas in July) may not start out as being "Hallmark movies," and only become Hallmark movies when and if Hallmark picks them up.

    That could also be part of the reason why some movies make it to DVD and others don't. If Hallmark doesn't completely own the distribution rights and if the movie is not made FOR Hallmark, then they wouldn't have the final say in the DVD releases. By gaining control and filming more of the movies under their Hallmark banner, they have more control over what will end up on DVD.

    1. UP only made one original movie last year. The rest were already on VOD before they even aired on UP.

  25. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, March 11, 2016

    Net -- You have added to this blog since I last checked it! Lol. I had previously seen everything up through item #7. Everything from #8 and beyond is new to me, and it looks like you even filled in some extra details for item #6 since I last looked!

    I had no clue about "A Snow Capped Christmas" or "The Apprentice," or any of that!

    Leah Renee was in a previous movie that aired on both Hallmark ("Love by the Book") and PixL (under a different name), and apparently she just recently filmed a movie called "Best Thanksgiving Ever" (though I have no clue where that one will end up).

    So... the mystery lingers on about Autumn Reeser and the kitten in front of the Christmas decor, and whether or not she may have filmed another movie (with a kitten) right before or after she filmed "Valentine Ever After."

    Also, remember that Cynthia Busby told Ruth (the writer at Starry Constellation) that she wasn't sure if "A Puppy for Christmas" would end up on Hallmark. That makes me think that it could end up on PixL first, and then debut on Hallmark under a different title. Whatever the case, since Cynthia is popular on Hallmark (especially after "Unleashing Mr. Darcy"), I don't think that Hallmark will miss a chance to grab the movie for this coming holiday season, even though it may not have been made specifically for/by Hallmark at first.

    And then we can't forget that there is the untitled Mariah Carey Christmas movie -- which is one of the 3 movies that she will be directing for Hallmark in the near future.

    Hallmark is having another upfront/media event soon -- on March 30th, in New York. So I am thinking we may get a few small tidbits of some of what is coming up on the channels in the next few months, and then there should be another upfront of some sort in the summer (to preview what is coming in the fall and holiday season).

    Wasn't it in March-ish of 2015 (or close to it) that the news of "Thanksgiving Week" came out via press release? So maybe this upcoming upfront will tease us with a juicy bit of Countdown to Christmas news.

    While I enjoyed Winterfest and the Countdown to Valentine's Day, and will enjoy Spring Fling and June Weddings, what I am realllllly looking forward to is Christmas in July/Keepsake Ornament Preview, Fall Harvest (if there is one this year??) and, of course, above all else, the Countdown to Christmas! I usually need a break from Christmas movies for a couple of months after the Countdown ends, and then in March or April I start chomping at the bit for news on the brand new Christmas movies. So, from now until October, my Christmas movie anticipation will be building and my detective hat will be on!

    1. Cool! Thanks for the update on March 30th! Will keep an eye out!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, March 31, 2016

      You're welcome, Misty! The upfront was yesterday, and some info has started to trickle out (about random things on the Hallmark Channel). It's not quite the bounty of info that came out of the last upfront/media event in December (so far), but there are some good bits of info that I'm sure Net will be sharing very soon.

      There should be another Hallmark upfront or media event like it in July or August sometime.

  26. Any word on any of the 2015 christmas movies coming out on dvd, or any from past years? RG

  27. Thank you so much keeping us informed. I love Christmas movies anytime of the year and look forward to your posts. Thank you and God bless.

  28. There's a new theatrical Christmas romance movie coming this year called it "Let it Snow" based on a short story collection by John Green (The Fault in Our Stars author). Definitely one I'm looking forward to. http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/john-greens-snow-movie-set-2016/

  29. Any word on Hallmark's Christmas in July yet?

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, April 02, 2016

      Hallmark confirmed (in a reply to someone on Facebook) that there will be some sort of Christmas in July event, but they never release details about Christmas in July this early in the year or this far ahead of July. We don't even know all of the details of the June Weddings event yet, and that comes up first. And at the rate they change their info after it's been released, it's probably a good thing that Hallmark has not yet released any July info because it would be certain to change before July! Lol.

      It's actually hard to guess at this point if Hallmark is going to "go bigger" with their July event, or scale it down -- like they did with the Countdown to Valentine's Day. The Countdown to Valentine's Day was trimmed down (as far as overall number of programming hours) this year compared to what it was in 2015, and they only aired one movie on each weekday, with 6 movies on most weekend days.

      In the past, Christmas in July lasted for 10 days, starting on or just before 4th of July weekend and covering 2 weekends. There were about 4 movies shown each weekday, with a more extensive schedule on weekends. The event culminated with the July Keepsake Ornament Premiere. Last year, of course, a brand new movie premiered as part of the event as well.

      This year, since the July Keepsake Ornament Premiere will begin on Saturday, July 9th, I would have to imagine/guess that Christmas in July will begin on Friday, July 1st and probably end on Sunday, July 10th.

      If Hallmark decides to extend CIJ and make it bigger this year, I suppose they could always stretch it out to July 15th or 16th. They could even do "all day/all night" for a portion of it.

      If they decide to shrink CIJ and scale it back like they did with the Valentine event, then they might only show one movie per weekday.

      I do think that Hallmark will probably premiere another new movie during the July event, though -- whether the overall event is expanded or downsized.

    2. As far as "Christmas in July" goes on the Hallmark Channel, which is officially titled "Christmas Keepsake Week"... I noticed someone on the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Facebook Page asked about it. Hallmark's response was something to the effect of - they don't have certain dates, yet, but it is in the works!

      Last year, we actually saw our very first commercial for "Countdown to Christmas" on April 1st! So, I'm always looking out for it!!! :)

    3. They usually have it coincided with the Keepsake Ornament Premiere. I got notification that that will be July 9th-July 17. I am so excited, I already got my Hallmark Dreambook and cant wait for July!!!

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, April 14, 2016

      Christmas in July -- the movie event -- starts before the Keepsake Ornament Premiere (I mentioned something along these lines in my above comment).

      The Keepsake weekend is usually the second weekend of the Christmas in July marathon.

      July 17th will be the night that "Chesapeake Shores" premieres, so Christmas in July should be over well before that weekend (unless "Chesapeake Shores" starts with a Christmas episode, in which case they can tie it into Christmas in July), and it should start right before the 4th of July, like July 1st or 2nd.

  30. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, April 10, 2016

    Net -- I just sent you an email with some information about a new movie (a few minutes ago). I have not mentioned it anywhere else -- I went right to you with it!

    1. I got it! Hope you received my e-mail back! Love chatting about Hallmark movies!!! :)

  31. Net, I just wanted to let you know that the movie “Let It Snow” has been pushed back to November 22, 2017.

    1. Yeah, darn it. http://www.thefandom.net/movies/let-snow-movie-delayed-2017/

    2. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on this movie premiere! I added in the details you provided above! :)

  32. I love seeing all these Christmas updates! Thanks so much for putting this together, and thanks to everyone who contributes all the information! It's so exciting to come back to this page and see what new information there is. :)

  33. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, April 20, 2016

    Net -- It really is so wonderful that you have painstakingly collected all of the tidbits of Christmas movie info in one place here! I know it takes a lot of your time to run this site anyway -- in terms of the research/info gathering and then writing up the blogs, creating polls and beyond.

    As you know, there is so much info scattered all over cyberspace about a variety of movies, and the Christmas movie info can get lost in the shuffle. There is a lot of interest in Christmas movies, especially now, in terms of the made-for-TV variety, and it's great to check back here every so often to see what is happening in that world.

    I know that we all truly appreciate the time, care and dedication you put into this site and into bringing us all the latest movie/TV news. :) :)

    Also, for those folks out there who check this blog for info and may wonder why certain things are not announced yet, or why there isn't more info coming in about any kind of movie...

    As Net can attest to, there are all sorts of tidbits and morsels of info about numerous movies that are floating around. BUT... it can be tricky to report on anything because details can later prove to be incorrect, or plans can change, or the info might not be complete. I know that Net doesn't like to post anything until it is either officially announced by Hallmark, Lifetime, ION, UP, etc., OR until it at least seems like it is definitely happening, and the info is a bit more clear and complete.

    Even when we find one bit of info -- like, for example, a title of a movie -- we may not have all of it. There could be a title but no actors' names attached. Or we could find a title AND actors' names, but it is not clear who the movie is for (Hallmark, ION, Lifetime, or whatever). Or, there might have an actor and a title, and a network, but no photographic proof of filming (photos are good for blogs). There are a lot of moving parts in effect, and trying to track down enough info to actually write up a blog about it can lead to a dead end at times!

    Stay tuned to this website because there will be lots of scoops and surprises coming up, I'm sure -- about Christmas movies and lots of other movies too!

    1. Oh, Thank You, Sherry! I just re-read this comment from You, and I just had to reply, even though it is many months later, and say how much I appreciate your comment! Creating and maintaining the site is very important to me, and I'm so glad you all enjoy this space I have created on the "net"! I also am grateful for all of your support, as well, throughout the year, discovering movies, plots & cast details! It's wonderful to have great movie friends along for this adventure!

      Again, Thank You So Much!!!
      Blessings to You!!! Net

  34. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, April 20, 2016

    I just emailed you a bit of breaking Christmas movie news, Net -- about 1 hr, 15 minutes ago.

    1. Got it! For everybody else who may be curious, it was the Lacey Christmas movie news above! Thank you Sherry for e-mailing me this wonderful casting news! I'm sure many will be happy to see Lacey in a new Christmas movie! :)

  35. Almost Christmas is a theatrical movie set to premiere November 11 of this year, and it already has an official trailer: http://www.almostchristmasmovie.com.

    It's not yet rated, but based on the trailer, I'd say it's AT LEAST a PG-13. Just FYI.

    1. Yes, I have heard about that movie, too. It was first titled "A Meyers Christmas", but was renamed to the title you shared, "Almost Christmas". Like you said, I'm sure it will have at least a PG-13 rating. That's why I held off on sharing, but I will go ahead and post it to the list with a caution on rating. I appreciate you sharing this news, and the FYI on rating.

  36. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, April 27, 2016

    "Merry Exes" sounds to me like it will end up on ION (that's my first guess), or possibly on Freeform (formerly ABC Family). It doesn't seem like a Hallmark movie, and I don't *think" it will go to UP.

    Oh, and Lifetime is a possibility too.

    1. ABC Family usually did original TV movies and they didnt do any last year since this is Marvista its more likely going to be on ION or Lifetime

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, May 04, 2016

      ABC Family hadn't made any new Christmas movies since 2013. The very last one was "Holidaze." But since they have now rebranded themselves as Freeform, we don't know what they are going to do for the holiday season. A rebrand is as good a time as any to make a new movie.

      A lot of people thought/think that the Freeform name is ridiculous, and they did not hesitate to let the channel know that opinion in social media. It wouldn't be a bad idea for Freeform to jump back into the original Christmas movie game and make one or two new ones this year. So, we shall see what happens.

      Otherwise, as I mentioned above, the "Merry Exes" plot sounds like ION to me, even if there were no MarVista involvement. But it could go to Lifetime.

    3. Freeform was branded as a teen/young adult channel so I wouldn't expect any family TV movies anytime soon

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, May 05, 2016

      Not sure why this is a disagreement. No one knows what is going to happen. Unless you work at Freeform and are directly involved in the rebranding of the network and its subsequent programming, then let's wait and see if Freeform makes new movies for the holidays.

      I never said anything about new "family" TV movies on Freeform, by the way)! I don't think that a lot of folks even considered "Holidaze" to be a family movie 3 years ago, as there was a scene of people in bed together.

      The "Merry Exes" plot does not sound like a family movie to me, which is why I thought it could also end up on Lifetime or Freeform (but more than likely, ION). It sounds much more cynical and a bit edgier than what we would see on Hallmark or on UP.

    5. Well this is a family friendly movie promoting site. The non family friendly tv movies usually aren't posted about here.

    6. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, May 15, 2016

      While I appreciate your insightful and astute comment, I've been following this site for years. I'm well aware of what it's about and what's on it.

      My point was not about this website. My point was about ABC Family/Freeform and what they may or may not put out for the holidays.

      The original point is, we don't know what will be on Freeform in terms of original holiday content because this will be the first holiday season since the channel has been rebranded. That is a fact. They are still going to do the 25 Days of Christmas in some capacity -- Freeform ahs said that in the past -- so let's wait and see what happens. No one knows except for the people who are programming the channel.

    7. I think its safe to say if they do have any films they will likely target teens and young adults not families. The last one ABC Family had wasn't exactly family friendly.

    8. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, May 18, 2016

      Personally, I don't care whether Freeform makes a new movie or not, nor do I care what kind of movie they make. It has no personal bearing on me. I'm just saying.. we'll see what happens. I rarely tune in (no matter what the name of the network might be), and when I do it is to try to catch some of their previous holiday movies that I like. But there is usually not enough time (nor DVR space) to catch them, though.

      Since more channels are making Christmas movies these days, it is getting too time-consuming and too difficult to keep up with all of them. I have to pick and choose which ones to watch or record or re-watch, and the fact that ABC Family/Freeform hasn't made a new Christmas movie since 2013 means that I don't have to think about recording and watching yet another one.

  37. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, May 01, 2016

    Net -- My e-mail was acting kooky so I didn't send you a message that way, but I wanted to tell you that Rachel Wilson (of "Baby's First Christmas" and "The Good Witch's Wonder") is in "A Perfect Christmas" (#30 on the list above). She is probably the lead, I am guessing.

  38. I just read an article on IMDB that said that the release date for the animated "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie has been changed to November 9th, 2018. Here's a link to the article:

  39. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, July 08, 2016

    I don't think there is a number 53 (yet). I truly think that the Hall of Fame movie is something already on the list above -- probably "Pair of Jacks" based on the cast, but maybe something else -- and that it is going to the Movies & Mysteries Channel, not to the main channel as part of Thanksgiving Week. I think it will simply be a Hall of Fame movie that premieres on HMM, on Thanksgiving weekend.

    The indication on the HMMM Facebook page is that Hall of Fame is tied in with HMM, and that September is of some significance -- like that could be when they announce the Hall of Fame Christmas movie details, or make an announcement of another kind. Or they could be premiering a new Hall of Fame movie on HMM in September. Whatever the case, the post on the HMM Facebook page showed BOTH the HoF logo and the HMM logo in the same picture... so I think that it is significant and noteworthy, and indicative of the growing relationship between Hall of Fame and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, independent of the main Hallmark Channel.

  40. Looking at the list of upcoming Christmas movies, I think that the recently announced Hallmark Hall of Fame movie will be based on Richard Paul Evans’ “The Mistletoe Promise”. Here’s why I think this:

    1. In the past, Hallmark Hall of Fame movies have been based on either well-known/bestselling books (“The Secret Garden", “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Shell Seekers”) or books written by well-known authors (Frances Hodgson Burnett, Anne Tyler, John Grisham).

    2. Richard Paul Evans’ “The Christmas Box” was the basis of the 1995 Hallmark movie starring two Hallmark Hall of Fame alumni (Maureen O’Hara and Richard Thomas).

    3. Based on an overview I read for “The Mistletoe Promise”, the story starts in November. This is the same month that the new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie is scheduled to premiere, specifically Thanksgiving weekend.

    4. Both stories of “The Mistletoe Promise” and “Loving Leah” (Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2009) are similar in that the main characters participate in a “make-believe” relationship.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, July 11, 2016

      I think that there is a good possibility that "The Mistletoe Promise" could be the Hall of Fame movie, but not for the same reasons you do. (There was a make-believe relationship in the movie "Snow Bride" too, so that's not a clear indicator of something being a Hall of Fame movie for me.) I have different reasons that I won't waste time going into, but I think that it is a good candidate for a Hall of Fame movie.

      This title just popped up as a new movie being made, so it was not known as a 2016 movie prior to David Winning announcing his role in directing it. Before it was announced, we only had the movies we already knew about to guess on as the possible Hall of Fame movie, and since Hallmark utilizes a bigger budget for HoF movies, the James Brolin/Mena Suvari movie made sense.

      Since David Winning made his announcement shortly after the Hall of Fame announcement was made the other day, the timing would indicate that they could be connected.

      Nonetheless, whatever the clues, theories or reasons, it could quite possibly be the Hall of Fame movie. But the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel will make a Hall of Fame-related announcement in September, so we will see what they tell us.

    2. Thanks for responding to my comment! Would love to hear your reasons for "The Mistletoe Promise" possibly being the new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.

  41. Joyce in CarolinaThursday, July 21, 2016

    Net, I am excited to see the post about Teri Wilson's "Sleigh Bell Sweethearts" becoming a Hallmark movie. I love her books!She has a whole series of "Alaskan Themed" books!I had somehow never noticed she wrote "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" Can't wait to see this one!!

  42. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, July 22, 2016

    Two things:

    1. Just in case anyone is wondering, "The Mistletoe Promise" IS supposed to be a Hallmark movie. Erin Boyes has been tagging Hallmark in a lot of her posts. Also, Jaime King (the lead actress in the film) was recently on "Home & Family," and I had a feeling that might be Hallmark's way of kind of getting the viewers familiar with her before she appears in a movie (which is not uncommon for them to do), so it makes sense that she is in this one.

    There is no word yet on whether or not this is the Hall of Fame movie, or whether it will air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries or the regular Hallmark Channel.

    2. Net -- That picture you selected of Bailee (to include with the listing for Freeform's "Different Folks") jumped out at me. Not only does she look beautiful, but I know exactly where she is, and what is behind her. That little cottage behind her is Santa's meet & greet area at The Grove (outdoor shopping center next to the historic Farmers Market, here in L.A.).

    Some random Christmas movie fun facts: Interestingly, another little portion of that same Santa cottage/photo spot can be seen in the Lacey Chabert/Brennan Elliott/Mariah Carey movie, "A Christmas Melody." In the opening sequence of ACM, we see a few different things before Lacey appears, and one of them is a teddy bear kind of rotating from side to side. That jolly teddy bear is on one side of that same Santa cottage -- not the side that Bailee is standing in front of, though.

    You can see other glimpses of The Grove at the beginning of the Mayim Bialik/Ryan McPartlin movie, "The Flight Before Christmas."

    AND you can see the Farmers Market Christmas tree (FM kind of segues into The Grove) -- with little green shopping cart ornaments -- at the beginning of the movie "A Christmas Kiss II," which aired on ION, I believe (in 2014).

    Most of these movies are filmed in Canada, or at least out of California, but I recognize the random parts that are shot in L.A.!

  43. Hi! I didn't know if you knew this or not, but Finding Father Christmas with Erin Krakow is based on the book with the same name by Christian author, Robin Jones Gunn. It is the first in a series of books. Two of my favorites together!

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for reminding me of that. I do recall hearing that news when I first learned of the movie. I added in the information above and an image of Robin's book! It's very festive and Christmassy!

      Thanks again, for sharing that! It is truly wonderful to see so many works from Christian authors come to the Hallmark Channel! :)

      Blessings to you! Net

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, July 23, 2016

      Net -- FFC was originally going to be a Lifetime movie -- or it was believed to be destined for Lifetime sometime last year -- but that, of course, did not happen and it went to Hallmark.

  44. I'm really looking forward to all these - particularly December Brides and A Prince for Christmas. Yes, another Royal romance. Love them.

    But wasn't there a TV movie last year called A Prince for Christmas. I enjoyed it. Abit confusing

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, July 24, 2016

      Yes, Debbie. I've been saying that Hallmark will end up changing the title -- not only for that movie but to a few others coming up as well. They change titles quite often anyway, but they won't use a title that was just recently used by another network ("recently" is the key word here -- I am not referring to movies that came out many years ago).

      ION is the network that aired the "Prince for Christmas" movie just last year. It doesn't benefit Hallmark or ION to have movies with the same title, as the viewers will get confused and end up going to the wrong channel. Hallmark viewers will end up on ION, and ION viewers will end up on Hallmark. These networks don't want to willingly contribute to confusion and to sending viewers to another channel. Hallmark will change the title.

  45. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, July 29, 2016

    Net -- I think there should be 60 Christmas movies instead of 61. There was a separate Alicia Witt listing before we know who would be in "Christmas Bucket List," and then "Christmas Bucket List" was entered separately when the Futon Critic piece came out in early June. The Alicia Witt listing (#27) has been updated to include the "Christmas Bucket List" title, but the separate "Christmas Bucket List" entry is still there, at #44, with the plot outline (which sounds like a really cute story, by the way).

    I would imagine that now that we are just 3 months away from the start of both the Countdown to Christmas AND the Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas on HMM -- AND we're probably about 1-1/2 months away from an announcement of some sort on "Home & Family" -- a lot of the mysteries will be solved and the questions will begin to be answered.

    For example, within the next month or two we should be finding out who is starring in "Curveball Christmas," "A Family for Christmas," "Christmas Angel in Training" and "Sleigh Bell Sweethearts." We should also be finding out which of those movies will star Candace Cameron-Bure and Rachel Boston.

    And, of course, we should be finding out who the male leads will be opposite Jaime Pressly, Brooke Shields, Alicia Witt, Candace Cameron Bure and Rachel Boston.

    We should begin to find out if some of the "question mark movies" -- the ones that may or may not be Hallmark's -- are, indeed, Hallmark's (like the Lisa Whelchel movie).

    And let's hope that, finally, at long last, once and for all, we will solve the mystery of Autumn Reeser holding the kitten!

  46. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, August 02, 2016

    Net -- I sent you an email a while ago (this afternoon)! I hope you got it. There are BIG additions and news about Christmas movies (and some curious omissions too, but that's a separate issue)!

  47. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, August 04, 2016

    I'm glad you included "Rose Parade New Year" on the list. While it is not technically a Christmas movie, per se, New Year's Eve and Day are the final moments of the holiday season -- so it would be considered a holiday movie in that regard. There might even be some lingering Christmas decorations in the movie, as many people keep their decorations up through or past New Year's Day!

    At first I thought that January 1st might be the first day of new Winterfest movies, but it seems like Hallmark is including this New Year movie as part of the Countdown....

    Which has me wondering. Will the Winterfest movies start on January 7th? There should be a new movie every weekend in January, and then the Countdown to Valentine's Day starting in late January.

  48. Hi there, Christmas movie fans! I just want to say, as the primary writer of last seasons "A CHRISTMAS REUNION" and the forthcoming "VERMONT CHRISTMAS VACATION/CHRISTMAS APPRENTICE," I really appreciate all the enthusiasm, love, and joy that you all put into reporting and celebrating our work on these holiday films...but during the winter months...and all year long! From this writer to all of you...thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Michael! Our secret is out. We are quite enthusiastic here at "It's a Wonderful Movie" over Family, and especially Christmas TV movies!

      Your movie seems to be igniting a lot of interest, as well, due to it having the star of one of Christmases most prominent actors, Chevy Chase. That is quite an amazing get for a made for TV Christmas movie! Congratulations to You!!!

      By the way, in case you all are trying to decide which title to go with, my vote goes to "Vermont Christmas Vacation"!

      Looking forward to seeing it this Christmas Season!!! Thank you for commenting!!! :)

    2. Thanks so much! The decision on the title is ultimately not down to me, but I think both suit the story...and am proud of the movie regardless of what it's called. :) Thank you for the kind words! I've already seen the film, and I think you all are really going to like it!

      I've got your site bookmarked, and look forward to keeping up with all your latest. Sending my very best.

      P.S. My original message is proof positive of the dangers of writing a message from my phone without proofreading. Ouch! ha ha Be well, and merry merry!

  49. Hallmark movie/mysteries is my favorite channel. that said I do not like giving up my standards for constant Christmas Movies. I actually change to other channels during so many Christmas movies. a few during December, in my opinion only, should be happy, happy enough.

  50. I was wondering when we might be seeing more 2016 Christmas movies DVD releases. I keep checking your link for Christmas Movies DVD's but it still shows 2015 DVD releases. I was hoping you or someone else had heard of any other Christmas movies that are to be released on DVD. Thanks so much for this wonderful website.


  51. Has there been any news as to when the movie “Each Precious Heartbeat” will be released? If it does get a 2016 release date, I predict that the movie will premiere on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, especially since both Crystal Lowe and Emilie Ullerup are stars of the “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” series.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 02, 2016

      It's a 2016 movie. None of the 2017 movies have begun filming yet. It is expected that EPH will go to HMM unless Hallmark pulls a last-minute schedule shake-up. Aside from the EPH cast being more settled in on HMM than on the main channel, there is currently no room for it on the schedule for the main channel if all goes as planned. The line-up for the main channel is already filled up with the 19 movies slated to premiere over the course of the 2 months of the Countdown to Christmas.

      Also, the subject matter of EPH is more fitting for HMM than for the main channel. EPH is about a nursing ward, and babies, etc. The first impression is that appears to be more of a drama than a rom-com or whimsical fantasy.

      Actor Kristoffer Polaha (from "Dater's Handbook") is also in EPH. Actress Sharon Lawrence is in the movie as well.

    2. Since when is on rom com stuff not suitable for the main channel? Hallmark used to feature plenty of more serious drama

  52. Hi! I just found out that December Bride with Daniel Lissing is based on the book by Christian author, Denise Hunter. Her second Hallmark movie of 2016! In an interview she did with a local station in Indiana, I believe she said the movie debuts November 20. But, I'm sure that can change.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, September 08, 2016

      Jennifer -- The premiere date for that movie (and several others) is in the Sneak Preview section of the Countdown to Christmas page, on the Hallmark Channel website. It was also listed in a July press release about the Countdown to Christmas.

      But yes, indeed, Hallmark can and will change dates at the drop of a hat -- even after announcing the dates on their site, or on TV, or in press releases, or wherever. They do it all the time. If they need to make a scheduling change, they will do it no matter what.

      Back when "December Bride" was filming, Denise visited the set and took a couple of very nice photos with director David Winning and, I think, some other cast members as well. David was also the one who directed her story, "The Convenient Groom." I believe they each posted a photo (on social media) of the two of them together from the "December Bride" shoot.

      David Winning will have at least 2 Christmas movies in this year's Countdown to Christmas, as he not only directed "December Bride" but also "Mistletoe Promise." And that may not be it for him -- there are a lot of movies yet to be filmed, so he may end up on another shoot before the holiday season gets here!

    2. I'm sort of hijacking your comment, because I was just looking at that book too the other day, and I was thinking that I wanted to do a big list of all the movies mentioned in this site, past and present (and future), based on books, with links and all that. Net often links to books when she knows it's based on books, but I have found some others over the years that didn't have a reference here, and also thought it might be a nice resource to have it all in one place, if anyone (or Net) are interested.

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, September 08, 2016

      "Christmas Bucket List" -- the new movie coming up in November, starring Alicia Witt -- is also based on a book!

    4. Thank you for your comments. I always try to give credit to the writers these movies are based upon, and I have interviewed quite a few of them, as well, including Lori Copeland and Karen Kingsbury, etc...

      I love Denise Hunter's books - so I was thrilled when I first learned this upcoming Christmas Movie - 'December Bride', would be based on her story.

      I just want you to know, Denise Hunter's name is listed above under the 'December Bride' listing, which is currently number 34. It is mentioned in the Hallmark Press Release, which gives a brief description of the movie.

  53. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, September 08, 2016

    Net -- Interestingly (though not surprisingly), almost as soon as you posted the information that "Season's Greetings" is a movie for UPtv, I found conflicting info to indicate that it is a Hallmark movie! Lol.

    I think that SG is actually an UP movie -- I tend to believe the article/info that you found over the person on Instagram who tagged SG as a Hallmark movie. Honestly, I think that the Instagram person stumbled upon the set and asked someone about it, only to be told it was a Hallmark movie by someone who probably didn't really know.

    Well, we know how that goes -- you and I have discussed it many times. While a movie is being filmed, anyone on the cast, crew -- or random passersby -- can say that it is a Hallmark movie, or that it is a Lifetime movie, or a movie for whichever channel. They may tag it as Hallmark. The production companies, actors and directors may think it's Hallmark. And then, when all is said and done, the movie ends up on another channel. As I have been told, we can't really know for sure which channel is getting a movie -- no matter what anyone says during the filming -- until the actual network in question announces it or claims it (publicly) for their own. There are too many moving parts at work before something makes it to an actual network, and a lot can change even after something is filmed.

    Also, I think that people associate the Hallmark brand with Christmas movies. Hallmark is no synonymous with Christmas that even if a movie is being made for Lifetime, or UP, or Freeform, or wherever, people will see Christmas decorations on the set and call it a Hallmark movie. It's kind of like how every piece of tissue is automatically called "Kleenex," and how any kind of cola is automatically thought of as "Coke" to a lot of folks.

    1. Absolutely! A friend of mine got into Hallmark Christmas movies last year, and I actually ended up making a list of recommendations on non Hallmark films for her to watch because she just wasn't aware of them.

      And yes, since Hallmark gets a lot of its content through external production companies it's always possible for them to intend to pick up a movie that is in production and then decide to pass on it. But the movies always end up *somewhere*. Some of the Marvista movies, for example, end up on Amazon if they don't get them into a network (and the movies can still get on a network even after they put them up on Amazon). With technology today there are so many platforms to make those films easily available.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, September 08, 2016

      Yes, definitely. There are so many platforms and channels these days. There are lots of places the movies can go. Many of the channels are stepping up their respective games and making more movies.

      A lot of times, as the movies are being filmed, the actors will tag one or two or three different networks, so I always assume that the production companies are telling them that they hope to get the movies in question to Network A, B or C, and the actors aren't sure who is going to get it.

      Last year, the movie that Alicia Witt was in was said to be a Lifetime movie at the time it was filming. Hallmark was never mentioned, but it was obvious that it was a Christmas movie. All of a sudden, when the Countdown to Christmas announcement was made on "Home & Family," there was Alicia's movie in the line-up.

      This year, of course, Alicia's movie is definitely for Hallmark and it's all out in the open, with an official announcement by Alicia and Bill Abbott and everything. There is no secrecy.

      If any of the "core" Hallmark family members say they are working on a new Hallmark movie, I believe that their info is accurate and reliable. So, for example, if Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar, Candace Cameron Bure, Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, etc., say they are making a Hallmark movie, I believe that they know for sure that they are. If Debbie Gibson makes a movie that happens to have a bunch of "When Calls the Heart" actors in it, it's certain that it will be a Hallmark movie.

      It's the other people -- the newcomers to Hallmark, or the production companies, or people on the crew, or the people who barely ever do anything for Hallmark -- who are more likely to give out the incorrect info, even if they don't know that it is incorrect.

      Several months ago there was a movie in production -- it's not mentioned on this site anywhere, but I told Net about it as I was tracking it -- and on Day 1 or 2 of filming, a crew member told a random passerby that it was a Hallmark movie. The passerby reported it on Twitter, and told people to look for this movie on Hallmark later this year.

      So I proceeded to track it for the next few weeks, and, from the photos, I saw NO indication that it would be a Hallmark movie at all. I could not figure out how anyone came to that conclusion. The entire cast seemed to be unknown to Hallmark. Not even a familiar supporting actor. Finally, on their last day of filming, up popped a Christmas tree. It dawned on me that someone probably hoped to get Hallmark to take the movie because it has a tiny bit of Christmas in it, and they told people it was a Hallmark movie. But I am pretty sure Hallmark never took it. At this rate, IF this movie ends up on any channel at all it would probably be ION or UP. Maybe INSP. I am more inclined to think that it will go straight to DVD or to Amazon.

  54. A trailer for "Collateral Beauty" was recently released. This movie looks like it has the potential to be good! Though the trailer did not reveal the movie's official rating, my guess is that it will probably be rated PG-13.

    1. I also watched the trailer and would have to agree - it most likely will be PG-13 based on that. Very intense.

  55. I looked up the titles listed under number 68 on IMDB. The only movies I could find any amount of information about were "Running Out of Angels", "The Angel Makers", and "The Sleeping Shepherd". Based on each movie's description, I don't believe these movies have anything to do with Christmas. I also don't think these movies are intended for a family oriented audience.

    On a positive note, I did find two Anne of Green Gables titles on Production Weekly's website: "Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew" and "Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars". Hopefully, we can get more Anne of Green Gables movies sooner rather than later!

    1. Thanks so much for that info! I will strike those movie titles out above, based on your findings. Appreciate you looking into those.

      As for Anne of Green Gables, I had heard there is to be a new Anne series filming for Netflix.

      I found an article about it here:

      It states that "The series, “Anne,” may prove to be an edgier incarnation than any of the many previous editions..."

      Also, according to the article, there will be eight episodes in this series.

      We will have to see where they decide to take our beloved Anne Shirley. I sure hope they don't ruin this precious story we all love.

    2. 'Edgier'? Ugh, makes me cringe. I LOVED the Anne of Green Gables series first shown on PBS then the Disney Channel.


    3. I forgot to ask, is 'A Curveball Christmas' not going to be made for Hallmark after all?


  56. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, September 14, 2016

    Net -- As you update this list with all of the latest findings, don't forget to add Aaron O'Connell to the cast of "Christmas Expectations," along with Meredith Hagner, Megan Park, Bobby Campo and Gregory Harrison.

    Also, just discovered today by my helpful sleuthing allies, Marc Bendavid (from "Summer in the City") is the lead in "Rose Parade New Year"!

    1. Marc Bendavid also appeared in Angel of Christmas as the great-grandfather in the flash back portion story line. He was the carver of the angel.

  57. I don't know if this was mentioned, but it looks like A Christmas Wish is going straight to DVD on Nov 1st? It didn't sound like a typical Lifetime movie, with it's religious theme.

    Oh, and the little boy in A Christmas Wish is ADORABLE!


    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      I just read the IMDB synopsis of the movie -- which I hadn't seen before -- and you're absolutely right, Misty. The plot doesn't sound Lifetime-ish at all.

      I think that what happened when "Wish for Christmas" was being filmed was that the production company, cast and crew hoped the movie would go to Lifetime and so they called it a Lifetime movie. (That's the same thing that happens when movies are said to be Hallmark as they are filming, and then they end up going to someone else.)

      The movie is going straight to DVD, but I also wonder if UPtv might pick it up. The faith-based theme would fit in with UP, although I just read a comment from UP on their Facebook page the other day, in which they essentially said they are no longer religiously affiliated and are moving in a different direction. So I wonder if they would take this movie now that they are moving in a different direction.

      In any case, the main thing that always concerned me about this specific movie was that it had the same title as Hallmark's new Lacey Chabert/Paul Greene movie, and I just knew that Lifetime and Hallmark would not be premiering new movies of the same name in the same holiday season. Someone would have to change a title if both movies were going to premiere on those channels in 2016. Otherwise, it would only lead to confusion for viewers.

      But if the movie is going to DVD and not stopping at Lifetime, then neither Lifetime nor Hallmark has to change the title!

    2. UP stopped being strictly religiously affiliated awhile ago. Back when they changed their name from Gospel Music Channel to Uplifting Entertainment was when they made the change. It was the reason for the name change. They had said they still will incorporate their moral values and faith but they've been more family network than religious network for some years now.

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      I am only stating what UP said on Facebook within the last week, to a viewer who apparently is a regular viewer and had noticed a recent change in programming.

      I know they switched from GMC to UP quite a while back (I watched them when they were GMC here and there, mainly during the holidays). But the comment from the viewer on the UP Facebook page indicated that she was distressed about a more recent change. That's when UP answered that they decided to go in a different direction (and several other things)... and the viewer/commenter was not happy about it.

      Someone should tell that regular viewer on UP's Facebook page that they actually changed a few years ago, because UP didn't mention it to her.

      In any case, I would think that the Joey Lawrence "Wish for Christmas" movie would be fitting for UP if they are going to air things like "Angels in the Snow," but I don't know if they would have picked it up this year or if it will stay on DVD only.

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      Actually, correction to my previous comment -- the comment from UP was posted on Facebook by the viewer who wondered about some of the movies that are no longer shown on the channel. I thought I had read this same statement directly from UP on the page at some point recently too, but if I did I can't find it.

      However, they replied to the viewer/commenter via email, I suppose, and she then shared their response on the UP Facebook page. I am copying and pasting their reply, which she shared on Facebook -- just for anyone who is interesting in seeing what they said:

      "We decided to go in a new direction. We are no longer a religiously affiliated channel, but we do support all walks of faith, including Christianity. We strive to provide positive programming that reflects a diverse range of real life struggles and triumphs. Our shows include reality, drama, situational comedy and so much more. We hope that you are able to find something that you enjoy watching on our schedule of programs. Have a lovely evening."

    5. Angels in the Snow wasnt a religious film. It was very family based and featured some faith but the lessons were more about sticking together with family than trusting in the Lord

    6. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, September 24, 2016

      I saw the movie. I didn't say it was a religious film -- but it had some elements of faith, and the concept of angels in and of itself is faith-based.

      I said that if UP could air Angels in the Snow, then I think the Joey Lawrence movie could potentially be shown there too (if not this year then in another year).

  58. Any news on what happened to A Curveball Christmas?

    Hallmark had it listed on their Chritmas Preview away back in July and it was supposedly in production but it seems to have diasppeared.

    None of the now announced Hallmark Countdown To Christmas Movies have a plot which correspnds to that advised.

    1. Sherry in CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      I think the reason why Net hasn't updated the above list of movies to include the extra new Hallmark titles named in the recent Entertainment Weekly article is because she is waiting for a press release or announcement from Hallmark/Crown itself as to which movies will be on the list. In other words, we're waiting on the final, complete list from Hallmark as to exactly which new movies will be included on the main channel in Nov-Dec.

      There are still a couple of open slots in the schedule (if they stick to the "19 new movies" number), so the question is... which 2 movies will fit into those spots? (I am already figuring Candace Cameron Bure's movie and the Hall of Fame movie into the line-up, even though EW did not name those two.)

      "Curveball Christmas" could be one of them.

      But, if not... I tend to wonder if CC got held up in development. That's what happened to another Hallmark title announced in late spring -- "A Family for Christmas" is now on hold or stuck in development, with an expected 2017 premiere. It was originally supposed to be part of this year's holiday season.

      Curveball Christmas was also named even earlier than July -- I think we first learned of it in very early June, if not before, but it reappeared on the list of movies named post-TCA event at the end of July, so it seemed like it was a lock for this year's Countdown.

      There are other titles announced in early June and late July that have gone missing too, but some of them might reappear in a separate press release.

    2. Thank you, Sherry! I actually added all the titles from the EW article a few days ago. I figured I would update any additional news when Hallmark releases it! I'm sure more news will be forthcoming as 'Fall Harvest' gets under way.

      Should be fun to see which movies will fill in the 19 movies Hallmark has promised to deliver this year!

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      I just looked for "Meant to Be" and another title on this list a few days ago and didn't see them. How odd. And today, the number of movies changed from 71 to 75. Did you add the titles and just not publish the additions until today?

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      Is "A Christmas to Remember" on the list? That's one of the ones going to HMM, supposedly. I don't know if I missed it, since I apparently missed "Meant to Be" when I last checked.

    5. Just added "Christmas to Remember" and I updated the number, too!

      It looks like I will have to subtract a few when they release which Christmas movies will officially make up the 19!

    6. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      I thought about that, Net. I feel for you, because I know it's extra work -- and a pain -- to have to keep going in and changing the info. When I didn't see those extra titles on the list (until today), I figured you were just holding off on adding them until Hallmark put out the final, complete, set-in-stone list of movies so you could be sure of what was what before they yanked something else from the list again! Lol.

      There is always a chance that some of the movies -- much like "A Family for Christmas" -- are being held over until 2017. Some of the lost/missing titles could have gotten stuck in development, as the scripts are reworked and put through different stages of readiness, or as casts are being firmed up. So they might not be ready for 2016 -- "Sleigh Bell Sweethearts" probably falls into that category too -- but they might be ready for 2017!

  59. "Ashley Williams hints/reveals Hallmark Christmas Movie."

    Her emojis weren't Christmas trees. They were regular trees and a heart. Love on a Limb is about the main character chaining herself to a tree and of course, romance.


    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

      Net has posted about Ashley's movie on this site. Search for the title and you will find it. (It was originally titled "Seeds of Love" before it changed to "Love on a Limb.")

      At the time Net posted that info about Ashley's tweet, there was no Fall movie that anyone knew about. Ashley's movie was in development, and the plot and title were a secret. It hadn't been filmed, and she was working with Hallmark on revising the script and fine-tuning the details. In fact, she didn't start filming anything for quite a while after that tweet.

      So, when Ashley tweeted that specific response, since no one knew of a Fall movie coming up, clearly it looked like she was tweeting Christmas trees -- like to say it was a Christmas love story in response to the person's question in Twitter. (And her actual answer did not indicate "Fall.") I think that is something that anyone would have inferred from the tweet.

      Shortly before Ashley started filming the Fall movie, she responded to someone else on twitter that "this one" (meaning the movie she was about to film) was a Fall love story.

      Ashley never said that she wasn't doing a Christmas movie too -- and it wouldn't be unlike Hallmark to put her in two back-to-back movies (as they did with Rachael Leigh Cook) -- so I'm pretty sure that's why that particular tidbit is still on the above list. She simply said that "this one" (the one she was about to film) was for Fall, and we later realized which one she was doing.

      Now, today, the tree emojis make sense for "Love on a Limb," but at the time of her initial post they were interpreted to be Christmas trees because no one knew of the "Seeds of Love"/"Love on a Limb" story line, nor did we even know it was in the works.

    2. Anonymous, you are so right about those emoji trees! They are just regular trees - not Christmas! Great catch!

      I guess we all just guessed when Ashley was asked if she was filming a Fall Harvest or Christmas movie and then she posted the line of trees... I guess we assumed wrongly that it meant Christmas. Course, as Sherry said above, it does make sense now, knowing her upcoming Movie - Love on a Limb!

      There is the possibility, however, that Ashley could still also do a Christmas movie, too, for Hallmark... so I'm going to leave that posted, until we know for sure.

      Let's keep hoping! I know many of us loved her performance in Lifetime's "Christmas in the City!"

  60. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 23, 2016

    So that makes 6 known UPtv movies at this point (A Puppy for Christmas; Merry Christmas, Baby; Married by Christmas/The Engagement Clause; Rooftop Christmas Tree; Season's Greetings; and now Girlfriends of Christmas Past) -- right? (This is assuming that UP does not remove one of the titles from the schedule.)

    Looking at your blog from last year, Net, I was reminded that UP premiered 7 movies in 2015. I wonder if they will add in one more, or maybe 2 more this year?

    In any case, once again the DVR will be in hyper-drive for a couple of months!

  61. Can't remember on which post we were discussing last week which Christmas movie Candace Cameron Bure would be featured in this year so I'll post this here ... She posted on Twitter yesterday that she's starting filming of her new Hallmark Christmas movie today (September 24), so we should be solving this mystery very soon. https://twitter.com/candacecbure/status/779516094922883072

  62. Saw the trailer for Girlfriend's of Christmas past. I'll watch come December

  63. Thanks for response re A Curveball Christmas - I had contacted Hallmark but didn't receive a response.

    Apologies if I'm being dense but looking at the Hallmark website I thought the full Countdown To Christmas schedule had been published but you're saying that there are still another 2 movies to be announced?

    1. Excellent question! Back in the Summer, in July, when Hallmark held their TCA event, they announced many Christmas movies in the planning stages.

      Well, since then, Hallmark announced there will officially be 19 new Christmas Movies this year, and a new press release was sent out mid-September with 15 Christmas Movie titles.

      Some of the titles previously announced in July have disappeared, and their status, at this time, is currently unknown. Some may return again this or next year and others may never resurface again.

      So... not long after they released those 15 movies, Hallmark announced the new Hallmark Hall of Fame film - "Christmas Angel in Training," which will also premiere on the Hallmark Channel. That makes 16 films we know now - officially!

      Plus, we also currently know Candace Cameron Bure is filming a new Christmas movie, which is most likely number 17.

      So, yes, that does leave us with two unknowns. We can guess, of course, but nothing official has been released, yet, from Hallmark.

      I hope that helps in explaining where we are right now. It is, indeed, a puzzle! Hopefully, we will hear something soon!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, September 26, 2016

      Anonymous -- You're not being dense at all!

      Yes, that's exactly what I meant in my response above. Technically, three more titles have to be added in to what's showing on Hallmark's website.

      Hallmark has been advertising 19 new movies, but they are only showing 16 new ones on the site at the current moment (not counting what's going to air on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel).

      One specific title that we know of is going into production, and it is NOT listed on Hallmark's site, nor was it mentioned in the recent Entertainment Weekly article -- BUT it was mentioned in a Hallmark press release back in late July.

      So I am figuring that specific missing title into the line-up, to make #17. So, beyond the 17, there have to be 2 more titles added to the line-up.

      Hopefully, that makes sense!

  64. Christmas Cottage will air on Hallmark in 2017

  65. Anon here Christmas Cottage will be a Hallmark movie(they're the production company listed) and here's the synopsis

    Any couple who spends the night in the Christmas cottage shall have love everlasting - Lacey Quinn did not believe in happily ever after or the legend of the Christmas cottage. As maid of honor for her best friend Ava, her duties included decorating the cottage for the newlyweds. It was a simple enough task, but she hadn't counted on sexy Ean Callahan, the bride-to-be's brother, to be assisting her. Spending the evening ensconced in the overly romantic setting while a blizzard howls outside has Lacey wondering if fairy tales really do come true.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 30, 2016

      Even though Hallmark is listed, it's not guaranteed to be a Hallmark movie.

      There are lots of productions that are said to be Hallmark movies while they are filming, or before they are filming, and later on down the line some of them are not Hallmark movies.

      So far this year that has happened with a few titles.

      A writer for Hallmark movies recently told me that unless and until the network itself actually announces the title and claims it as its own movie, it is not guaranteed that the movie will go to that network -- no matter where it is printed online and no matter which production company says it is going to Hallmark, etc.

      That works for other non-Hallmark movies too. Even though something is said to be a Lifetime movie, it could end up on Hallmark, or ION, or elsewhere.

      Because Hallmark makes more Christmas movies than any other network, the chances are greater that Christmas movies will be theirs... but still not definite until Hallmark actually announces the titles themselves, through their own press releases and media.

    2. Hallmark is listed as the production company who optioned the script. Now if they'll actually create the movie we don't know but that confirms they've optioned the script

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, October 01, 2016

      Even after a script is optioned, a movie can still ultimately end up elsewhere. Just to provide a theatrical release example, Howard Stern initially optioned the rights to make a movie based on a book about the late Sam Kinison's life, and that movie never happened. I think someone else may have eventually picked up/bought the rights, but Howard had them at first.

      This Christmas movie might very well end up with Hallmark -- again, the chances are always higher that a Christmas movie in the works will end up with Hallmark because Hallmark makes more Christmas movies than anyone else does -- but it's too early to know what will happen with it. Until Hallmark actually announces the movie and claims it as their own, we can only assume that it will *probably* end up with Hallmark at some point.

      Most of us are still wondering what happened to movies that were on track to premiere this year, even after they were announced by Hallmark/Crown Media Curveball Christmas, A Christmas Broadcast, Joy to the World, A Prince for Christmas, etc.)! Lol. Those moves just vanished into thin air!

  66. It's a Wonderful Wife is also the name of a Sinclair Brother's novel. I wouldnt just assume its a Christmas movie

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 30, 2016

      There is reason (more than one reason, actually) to think that this one might possibly be a Christmas movie, some of which I have shared with Net behind the scenes.

      We'll see what comes of it and what it turns out to be.

  67. A Snow Capped Christmas title has been changed to Falling for Christmas and the official trailer is up

    1. Thank you for sharing this Christmas news, Anonymous! I really enjoyed viewing the trailer - looks like a good one!

      I noticed the production company - Johnson Production Group has produced many Hallmark movies (including: "Ice Sculpture Christmas," "Family for Christmas," "A Cookie Cutter Christmas," etc...) and they have produced many Lifetime Movies, too (including: "A Gift Wrapped Christmas," "Dear Santa," "Christmas in the City," etc...). Plus, they also produced "Paper Angels," which premiered on UP - so I'm hoping one of these channels will play this one - "Falling for Christmas"!

      I will add the movie poster above and link to the trailer! Thanks so much, again, for sharing!!!

  68. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, October 03, 2016

    Net -- I just discovered that Adrian Grenier and Amy Smart are the stars of "A Worthwhile Life." There is an article in Entertainment Weekly about it, which I saw.

    Ioana found that Bonnie Somerville is the leading lady in "Meant to Be."

    1. Yes, isn't this awesome casting news! I just received a press release from Hallmark this afternoon, as well, on "The Worthwhile Life". In it, it says the film will arrive in 2017! I will do a complete post on it! Amy Smart is such a fun actress to watch - much like Bonnie Somerville!

      I'm loving the news on Bonnie in "Meant to Be" opposite of Brennan Elliott! Absolutely loved her in "Holiday Engagement"! They are both such fun people - I think they will be great together! Terrific casting!!! :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, October 03, 2016

      I saw the "early 2017" wording in the EW piece, and wondered if it means Winterfest or Countdown to Valentine's Day. I am thinking it will be a Winterfest movie.

      I also noticed that the characters' names have changed from what they were in the original plot synopsis. And... it appears that a necklace is no longer at the center of the story, but instead it's a cell phone.

      So I am thinking that Hallmark had originally planned for "A Worthwhile Life" to be a Christmas movie (which is why it was listed with the planned Christmas movies back in July), BUT maybe there was a last minute cast shake-up or delay, OR maybe Hallmark learned that they could get Adrian (who is very popular and well-known by fans of the TV series "Entourage") and Amy in the movie and decided to change direction on the story, while waiting for them to be available.

      I was surprised at the Bonnie Somerville casting in "Meant to Be," but not disappointed by it.

  69. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, October 04, 2016

    Net --

    Just now (5:30 p.m., PST), I discovered a movie called "Love in the Newsroom," which is said to be a Hallmark Christmas movie airing this holiday season, starring Dean Cain and Melissa Joan Hart!

    My feeling is that this one is "A Christmas Broadcast" in disguise!

    1. Awesome news, Sherry! I bet you are right - that sounds perfect ('Love in the Newsroom') for them both!

      Funny how they took Christmas out of the title, isn't it? That made me start to wonder if this one would end up being a Christmas movie, after all? Much like 'A Worthwhile Life.' But, then I caught this article at Bridgeport that says this movie is a Holiday film! So, that's that! However, the title could certainly still change and become something more Christmassy, again!

      It's nice to (hopefully!) see Dean Cain back on Hallmark for a Christmas movie! Plus - Melissa Joan Hart is fantastic, too! Wouldn't this be her first Hallmark movie? That's almost hard to believe since she has done so many for ABC Family and Lifetime.

      Great find, Sherry! I hope we are able to learn more soon! :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, October 05, 2016

      Yes, this is Melissa's first Hallmark movie (unless she had a tiny bit part in a movie years ago that we are somehow not remembering).

      One of the supporting actors in the movie posted an exterior shot from the set, and there are Christmas decorations in it. He also tagged "ChristmasMovie." So that was the only reason I knew it was a Christmas movie when I first discovered it. If I had just been going by the title alone, I would have assumed it was a Winterfest or Countdown to Valentine's Day movie!

      And then I caught another article (not the one you linked above, but something different), confirming that it was a Christmas movie. It's already been in production for more than a week, apparently.

      If this movie IS "A Christmas Broadcast" in disguise (and it may or may not be), maybe at one point Hallmark thought they might bump it from the Countdown and move it to Winterfest or the Countdown to Valentine's Day (like they're moving "A Worthwhile Life" out of the Countdown), requiring a change in the working title. And then they decided to pull it back into the Countdown, but they have not yet changed the working title back to something Christmasy.

      Oh, also -- Ioana discovered that Michael Rady is in "Shooting Christmas" with Taylor Cole.

    3. This would be awesome, if this is Melissa's first Hallmark movie!

      I sure wish Megan Fellows would be in one!


  70. Interesting.

    With the re-scheduling of the 3 Hallmark Christmas Newies it looks as if there are now 3 free slots for so far unannounced originals?

    Fri Nov 25
    Sun Nov 27
    Sun Dec 10

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the recently discovered It's A Wonderful Wife.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, October 08, 2016

      "Love in the Newsroom" (which is a Hallmark Christmas movie) was discovered more recently than "It's a Wonderful Wife." And we're not sure if LITN is a totally new movie, or if it is "A Christmas Broadcast" in disguise.

      Net has not added it to the above list of movies, but LITN is definitely a Christmas movie.

      There were already 3 spots available in the Countdown prior to those 2 movies (LITN and IAWW) being discovered, based on the previously scheduled dates.

      Nothing has changed in terms of the number of open spots available within the last couple of weeks or so.

      What changed (besides several titles!) are the actual premiere dates for a few of the movies.

      There were already 2 open spots in Thanksgiving Week, and December 3rd was an open date (I am saying "open" based on what Hallmark has listed on its website). I haven't checked to see what is scheduled for 12/3 now, but it was open at one point.

      All 19 movies are accounted for, but Hallmark only has 16 listed on their website. The 3 movies that they have to "announce" or add in are:

      --Back to Christmas (or whatever Candace Cameron Bure's movie is going to eventually be called)

      --It's a Wonderful Wife

      --Love in the Newsroom (which will get a new title, of course, and it *might* be A Christmas Broadcast)

      Two of those movies will fit into Thanksgiving Week -- Candace's movie is one of them, and I am guessing that IAWW is the other one.

      LITN should fit into the open December spot. That's my guess as to how the open spots will be programmed, but Hallmark may decide to move IAWW to December and put LITN at the end of Thanksgiving Week.

      If there were any other movies filming or about to film that seemed to be fitting for Hallmark, then I might think that "Love in the Newsroom" would end up on UP or on Lifetime. But there were clues (even before I found LITN) that Dean Cain was making a Hallmark Christmas movie a while back, and all signs are pointing to this one going to Hallmark. Not to mention the fact that the working title sounds like it could be "A Christmas Broadcast" in disguise (as far as the plot).

      If, for some wild reason, "Love in the Newsroom" ends up on Lifetime, then there will be an open spot in Hallmark's line-up and it will be a mystery to see what fills it!

  71. Speaking of Lifetime, why haven't they mentioned any Christmas movies yet? Thanks!


    1. I'm hoping we'll hear something soon, Misty! Another great question!

      Surely Lifetime will give us somewhere between 5-10 Christmas movies, if they follow their typical pattern. Amazing how they've kept them all fairly secretive this year - so far!

      Blessings!!! Net

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, October 12, 2016

      In some years, Lifetime puts out more movies than in other years. Hallmark makes more than 3 times as many Christmas movies (between the 2 channels) as what Lifetime puts out, even in a good year for Lifetime.

      I think a "good year" for Lifetime might be 8 new movies. A slow year would be 5 or 6 new movies. So I am expecting 6-8 new ones. That's my guess.

      The odd thing is, some of the movies that were said to be Lifetime, or were suspected to be going to Lifetime, are actually going to ION or UP or elsewhere. So that has narrowed down the possible list of movies that actually seem Lifetime-esque.

      I think "The Fight Before Christmas" or whatever it is called should end up on Lifetime. Otherwise... it is a mystery!

    3. I'm hoping 'Falling for Christmas,' previously known as 'A Snow Capped Christmas' with Niall Matter, Leah Renee, and Lisa Whelchel will show up there. As you know, it was previously thought to be a Hallmark movie, but Hallmark has never claimed it. Plus, they did film early this year around the same time as Joey Lawrence's movie 'A Wish for Christmas,' which has been reported (rumored) to be a Lifetime movie, as well. Guess we shall see - hopefully soon!!!

      Until then, it is for certain - quite a mystery!!! :)

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, October 12, 2016

      Net -- Yes, I think Falling for Christmas could go to Lifetime... either that, or it will be the 7th movie in UP's line-up.

      Joey Lawrence's movie won't end up on Lifetime IF it has the plotline that it described on IMBD. It's too faith-oriented for Lifetime. Not only that, but there is the issue of Hallmark premiering a movie with that exact same title in the same year. One of the 2 networks would have to change the title, which I've been saying for months.

      I thought that the Joey Lawrence movie was going straight to DVD in early November? If it ends up on a network of any sort this year, it won't be Lifetime -- and it will probably get a name change (since I think it might be too late for Hallmark to change the title of their movie, as it's the first new one in the Countdown).

    5. Joey Lawrence's movie is straight to dvd. No indication of network pickup. Its too late to change the title

    6. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, November 02, 2016

      The title wouldn't have to change if it is going straight to DVD. It would only change IF it were actually premiering on another channel in the same year Hallmark premiered its own movie of the same name.

    7. It's too late to change the title this year when they're already promoting it on DVD. It's not going to TV this year

    8. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, November 03, 2016

      Yes, I understood all of that.

      A DVD title would not be changed at this point. I am aware of that.

      My comments to Net about title changes were not about a title changing on a DVD release. The movie was originally intended for Lifetime or another network, and I was only referring to network premieres in the same year Hallmark premiered a movie of the same exact name.

      I am aware that the Joey Lawrence movie is seemingly/apparently not premiering on any channel this year (though but that was not the original plan).

  72. I just saw on IMDB that the "Nutcracker" movie from Disney will now be released in 2018. The title has also been changed to "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms".

  73. So that's all Hallmark's slots filled now and no sign of A Curveball Christmas - ah well maybe it will resurface next year.

    The movies which have captured my interest are:

    A Wish For Christmas
    My Christmas Love
    Meant To Be
    Christmas List

    I'm so excited about the pairing of Lacy Chabert and Paul Greene in A Wish For Christmas.

    Much as I am an admirer of Cameron Candace Bure the one which I have reservations about is Journey Back To Christmas. The themes which journey backwards and forwards in time never seem to gel with me but I'll watch it with an open mind

  74. The behind the scenes pictures for Nutcracker Christmas one are so awesome! The dancing alone will make me swoon!


  75. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 28, 2016

    Net -- About an hour ago I discovered a Hallmark "royal" movie currently in production in Romania (where Hallmark tends to film its royal movies).

    The movie is titled (for now) "A Winter Prince," and Brad Krevoy is the producer. I found the mention of it on actress Suanne Braun's Instagram page.

    What I am wondering is if Hallmark did the same thing they did with "A Worthwhile Life" -- which was to remove the Christmas element of the movie and rework the story a bit so it can fit into a different season.

    Either this Winter Prince movie is a revamped version of Jaime Pressly's "A Prince for Christmas" -- although I have no clue if Jaime is in it -- or it is a totally separate royal movie with a different story and different lead actress.

    I am guessing that it is going to be a Winterfest movie (premiering in January). Either that, or they are filming a movie for next year's holiday season way, way in advance.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 28, 2016

      Right after I posted here last night, I noticed that actress Merritt Patterson (who happened to be one of the stars of "Bad Date Chronicles" that filmed earlier this year -- remember we were keeping an eye on that one?) is in Romania now, and just started filming something at the same time this movie went into production.

      So I wonder if Merritt is the star of "A Winter Prince," or a supporting player.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 28, 2016

      Suanne seems to be hinting at "A Winter Prince" being a Christmas movie. I wonder if it actually is, and it's being filmed more than a year ahead of when it's going to premiere on the channel (or maybe it could air in July). The title seems like it could work for Winterfest or Christmas.

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, November 01, 2016

      Net -- As I indicated above, Merritt Patterson is in the movie and I think she is the leading lady. Suanne plays her mom.

      I believe that actor Jack Donnelly (who is on the show "Atlantis") is likely going to be the leading man - the Prince mentioned in the title. He popped up in a photo with one of the supporting actresses in the film. It's either Jack or actor Cian Barry as the Prince, but I think Jack is more likely.

      So far this still appears to just be a "winter" movie and not actually a Christmas movie. Christmas decorations could still pop up, but I think that my initial guess about this being a Winterfest/January movie is probably going to be accurate.

      Whether or not this is a revised, reworked version of what was originally supposed to be the Jaime Pressly/prince Christmas movie is something we may not know until we see a plot synopsis of "A Winter Prince," but since the Jaime Pressly movie vanished from the holiday season line-up I have to think there is some connection there.

    4. Awesome discovery! That is such fun news potentially for Hallmark's Winterfest, Sherry! Everyone always seems to love all of these Royal movies!

      You are so right, this certainly wouldn't be the first time a script was re-worked to become a non-holiday movie.

      Please do keep us posted, if you happen to catch any more details! Thank you so much for sharing!!! :)

  76. I noticed two movie went straight to DVD. Christmas With the Andersons (which looks hilarious) and a Cinderella Christmas!


    1. Yes! So agree, Misty! They both look cute! I was so glad to share they are both available for viewing on-line, especially for those who maybe don't have the ION channel.

      Hope you are enjoying all the Christmas Movies!!! Blessings!!! Net

  77. Haven't seen anything yet that Katrina Law or Eric Johnson is going to be in. Hoping for Christmas movies starring them. RG

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, November 04, 2016

      Katrina Law is not in any new Christmas movies this year, sadly. She seems to have been busy all year -- traveling and working on different projects. Right now she is working on a series. She didn't do any new Christmas movies in 2014 either, so maybe she will do one every other year.

    2. Yeah, it's always surprising to see who is picked each year, and who isn't. Some are natural shoe-ins, while others pop in more periodically, and that may be as Sherry said - since they have different projects.

      Still missing Autumn Reeser this year, plus Antonio Cupo!!!

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, November 05, 2016

      I don't think that it's only an issue of who is picked. That's part of it, of course. I think that some actors don't mind doing an occasional Hallmark movie, but they don't want to be known exclusively as "Hallmark actors," if that makes sense.

      We know that Hallmark is known for being very loyal to their actors and using them in a lot of projects. Presumably, as long as the actors are reliable, appealing and easy to deal with on the set, and/or appear in movies that are very well-received by viewers, Hallmark will offer those actors more roles in movies for all of their different seasonal events. Paul Greene has said that once you appear in a movie and Hallmark likes it, they keep offering more movies (or possibly work on one of the series).

      But... despite the fact that Hallmark shoots are said to be fun, as well as being short in duration, I think it really comes down to the actors' availability and their choices of other projects they'd rather do.

      I'm 100% positive that Hallmark offered Katrina Law more roles in non-Christmas movies AND Christmas movies after "Snow Bride" was met with a lot of good feedback in 2013, but I really think it's Katrina herself who has opted to turn down the offers due to doing other things.

      Same thing with Alicia Witt -- who actually has one non-Christmas Hallmark movie under her belt, but it's something like 6 years old at this point, and it partially belongs to PixL. I'm certain that after the success of "A Very Merry Mix-Up," Hallmark offered her roles in Valentine movies and random other movies throughout the year. But I think she likes to do one Hallmark movie each year and then work on other types of things (roles that are completely different) the rest of the time. So I think she has probably turned Hallmark down when they have offered her other types of work.

      As for Autumn Reeser... While I really don't expect to see her in Hallmark Christmas movies from year to year -- her Thanksgiving/Christmas movie premiered 4 years ago and she hasn't done one since them -- it is curious that she only appeared in one Hallmark film of any kind in 2016, and it was way back in February (filmed in December). She has done 5 movies for Hallmark, between 2012 and early 2016, and it seemed like Hallmark really liked her. She was at all of the TCA events (Summer and Winter) over the past couple of years... until this past Summer TCA event, when she was conspicuously absent.

      I know that Autumn has been busy this year, working on a number of projects, traveling and, of course, being a mom to her 2 kids, so she very well may have not had the time to do another Hallmark film this year. Maybe she will end up becoming a "once a year" Hallmark actor, much like Alicia.

  78. It's impossible to believe that there wouldn't be at least a couple of new Christmas movies from Lifetime but it's getting relyy late now and there hasn't ben appep from them.

  79. A couple tidbits for 2017 ...

    A movie about Charles Dickens called, The Man Who Invented Christmas: http://deadline.com/2016/11/the-man-who-invented-christmas-movie-dan-stevens-christopher-plummer-jonathan-pryce-bleecker-street-1201850202/

    and a new animated film with John Cleese and Samantha Bee doing voices, Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer: http://deadline.com/2016/11/john-cleese-joins-voice-cast-of-animated-movie-elliot-the-littlest-reindeer-1201849117/

    1. Thank you so much, SKP, for sharing these upcoming Christmas projects for 2017! I am catching up today and was just able to add those above!

      Both Christmas projects sound good - the first one interesting and the second, cute!

      That was so thoughtful of you to share this news with all of us!

      Merry Christmas SKP!!!
      Thanks, bunches!!! Net

  80. Add this one

    1. Thank you for sharing the Official Trailer for the movie "FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTMAS." Not sure, yet, when & where this will be shown???

    2. Not sure on the dates yet but can you add it to the list?

    3. I added it! Plus, I discovered the premiere date, poster, and storyline - which I included above! Thank you for sharing!

  81. I found new info for #16 on your list
    Christmas All Over Again. IMDB website is showing release date is for Dec.13th

  82. Here is the link for release date and trailer
    #16 Christmas All Over Again

    1. That was thoughtful of you to share that link, Anonymous. I currently have the DVD of this movie 'Christmas All Over Again' - featured in the left column, on my site.

      I will be sure to also add it above! And, yes, the release date for the DVD is December 13th!

      Here's a link to the DVD:

      You can also see a trailer of it on Youtube, here:

      Thank you!!! :)

  83. Oops I pay more attention to the list then the DVD's column. I will look from now on so won't miss out on a movie not on the list. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. You make it so easy for us to find the best movies to watch at Christmas and through out the year!

    1. I appreciate all the helpful tips, links, and reminders I receive from you all, too!!!

      A very Merry Christmas to you!!! Net

  84. I wish hallmark would put out more of their christmas movies out on dvd!. Help for the holidays is one i want, summer gaus fan, or matchmaker christmas. Been hoping to get abc family movie "the mistle-tones" on dvd

    1. Would love to see more Christmas Movies on DVD, too, Scott! I'm always on the look out for more! Thank you for sharing your wish list!

  85. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, December 06, 2016

    Net -- I'm sure you have probably seen or heard about this, but I figured I'd better mention it anyway, just in case, as it appears to be something for the 2017 list of potential Christmas movies and should be added in somewhere.

    Right now the working title is "A Royal Christmas," and it started filming in Vancouver a few days ago. Now, as you know and we all know, that is the identical name of an existing Hallmark movie, word for word. So, clearly that is the working title of the movie and it will inevitably change later on down the line.

    In no way, shape or form do I think that this new "A Royal Christmas" is a Hallmark movie. For one thing, 99% of the time Hallmark does NOT film their Christmas movies a full year in advance. But also, I don't think they'd use a working title that mirrored one of their existing movies.

    I am guessing this movie will either go straight to DVD, or will end up on UP, ION or maybe Lifetime (if Lifetime gets back in the Christmas movie game next year). The Cindy Busby puppy movie and the Joey Lawrence movie were filmed late last year, weren't they? So, someone is filming Christmas movies around Christmas -- just not Hallmark, as a rule! Lol.

    The only actors' names I have found in connection to this new A Royal Christmas movie so far are Nicole Munoz and Paloma Kwiatkowski. But I believe it was directed by the same man who directed the UP movie, "Season's Greetings."


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