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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Movieguide Awards 2015 honors the Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment!

The 23rd Annual Movieguide Awards
honors Family Films and TV from 2014 -
Saturday February 21, 2015 
at 7 P.M. Eastern 4 P.M. Pacific  
on REELZ-Channel.

The 23rd Annual Movieguide Awards are Hosted by Comedian Bill Engvall
Actress Candace Cameron Bure of "Full House" and Hallmark Channel Movies,
"Let it Snow", "Puppy Love", "Christmas Under Wraps", etc...
and the upcoming Mystery Series, "Aurora Teagarden",
along with her daughter Natasha Bure, are presenters at the Movieguide Awards

Awards details via Movieguide.com:

Epiphany Prize for Inspiring Movie Nominees:
  • The Giver
  • God's Not Dead
  • Heaven Is For Real
  • Little Hope Was Arson
  • Son of God
  • Unbroken

Epiphany Prize for Inspiring TV - Nominees:
  • Duck Dynasty : Home for the Holidays
  • The Gabby Douglas Story
  • The Last Ship: Phase Six
  • Louis Zamparini: Captured by Grace 
  • Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio
  • When Calls the Heart: Lost and Found
(The Epiphany Prize for Inspiring Movies & TV, supported through a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, is awarded to popular, entertaining movies and television programs that are wholesome, spiritually uplifting, inspirational, redemptive and moral. The two $100,000 Epiphany Prizes for Inspiring Movies & TV are awarded annually to the key men and women, including top studio executives, who are responsible for the best wholesome, uplifting and inspiring movies and television programs.)

Legendary singer Pat Boone, of film and television 

"Duck Dynasty" star Kori Robertson
and Hallmark Channel's Home and Family host Mark Steines

Grace Award TV Nominations:

  • Regina King - The Gabby Douglas Story
  • Imani Hakim - The Gabby Douglas Story
  • Sydney Mikayla - The Gabby Douglas Story
  • Kelly McGillis - Love Finds You in Sugarcreek
  • Eric Dane - The Last Ship: Phase Six
  • Phil Robertson - Duck Dynasty: Home for the Holidays

Grace Award Movie Nominations:

  • Jeff Bridges - The Giver
  • Brenton Thwaites - The Giver
  • Shane Harper - God's Not Dead
  • Cory Oliver - God's Not Dead
  • Kevin Sorbo - God's Not Dead
  • David A.R. White - God's Not Dead
  • Greg Kinnear - Heaven Is For Real
  • Connor Corum - Heaven Is For Real
  • Diogo Morgado - Son Of God

(The Grace Award for Movies and Television is awarded annually to an actor or actress in a motion picture or television program who exemplifies God’s grace and mercy toward us as human beings through their outstanding performances.)

Actress Madison Pettis of "The Game Plan" and "Do You Believe"
and Karan Brar of Disney Channel's "Jessie"

"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson and Actor, Writer Corbin Bernsen
of "Christian Mingle", "Rust", and "3 Day Christmas"

Faith & Freedom Awards for Movies - Nominees:

  • Belle
  • Captain America : Winter Soldier
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  • The Giver
  • Penguins of Madagascar
  • Selma

Faith & Freedom Awards for Television - Nominees:

  • Coffee Shop
  • The Gabby Douglas Story
  • The Last Ship: Phase Six
  • Love Finds You in Sugarcreek
  • When Calls the Heart: Lost and Found

(The Faith & Freedom Awards for Promoting Positive American Values are awarded for entertainment value, for craftsmanship, and for creating programming that is uplifting, moral, insightful, compassionate, and that shows America and its people in a positive light. The Faith and Freedom Awards are given to the one movie and/or one TV program that do the most to improve cultural understanding between Americans and people of other countries by showing a positive or more balanced view of America and Americans, including presenting the best of American values such as liberty, religious freedom, freedom of speech, the right to vote, property rights, proper compassion for others, protection of the innocent, the right to due process, the right to life and to pursue happiness, the rule of the law, democracy, capitalism, personal responsibility, the right to bear firearms, and a believe in limited and responsible government, equal justice under the law, and government by the consent of the governed.)

"God's Not Dead" stars Cory Oliver and Shane Harper

Actress Andrea Logan White of "Mom's Night Out" and "Do You Believe?"
and her husband, Actor David A.R. White of "God's Not Dead"
MOVIEGUIDE’s founder and publisher, Dr. Ted Baehr,
*There may be even more Nominees and Shows honored in the Movieguide Awards Program... so be sure to tune into the awards show Saturday, February 21st on Reelz-Channel at 7 P.M. Eastern 4 P.M. Pacific!

My take on the Nominees:

I was happy to see... nominations for "When Calls the Heart," from the Hallmark Channel, "Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio" and "Coffee Shop" from UP-tv.

However, I was surprised not to see... nominations for the actors of "When Calls the Heart", nor the TV Movie "The Redemption of Henry Myers", and "Paper Angels".

More than anything else, I was shocked not to see... the inspirational series "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", from the creator of "Touched by an Angel" Martha Williamson, not nominated in any of the categories. I personally think this was a terrible over-sight, of a most deserving series filled with everyday spiritual issues, divine providence, and a deep, abiding faith in their calling.

Now, What do you think of the Nominees? Which ones did you like? Which Movie or TV series, would you have nominated? Please share in the comments below...

*All Images and Award details via Movieguide.com


  1. Surprised by the omission of SSD.
    On a side note....aren't the gowns and dresses the ladies are wearing GORGEOUS??? Andrea Logan White is stunning!!!

    1. So glad you agree with me that Signed Sealed Delivered was definitely overlooked here - especially when it's an awards program for like-minded tv shows & movies.

      I also agree- Andrea's dress is stunning!!! I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks on TV , as she's presenting.

  2. I agree with you. When Calls the Heart and Signed, Sealed, & Delivered are both excellent shows, with wonderful actors/actresses. There were huge over-sights here!

    1. Thank you, Susan! There were so many wonderful opportunities for nominating various actors on WCTH and SSD, including the main cast, and children on WCTH, and really great guest stars on SSD! It is so unfortunate they were not included, as their performances were far better than the Oscars! Agree, "huge oversights"!

  3. I see an episode of "The Last Ship" TV series listed as a nominee. We tried to watch that show (on TNT,) but had to quit as once every episode there was an instance of extreme bad language that is only allowed on cable networks. We were very disappointed.

    1. Thank you for sharing about The Last Ship. I am not familiar with this series and I truly don't understand why they would honor a program which contained content not suitable for family viewing. I find that to be quite disappointing, as well.

  4. When Calls the Heart was nominated for one of the categories.

    1. Yes, the show "When Calls the Heart" received a nomination for the Faith and Freedom Award for TV, however I felt there are actors/actresses in the series - who should have been recognized, too!

      I also felt the same for "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"... Which was completely overlooked.

  5. I do not understand what exactly these awards are for, but I am in total agreement about SSD. It is the best TV show that I have ever seen and is filled with lots of truths. It seems like the awards are for inspirational shows which SSD definitely is. There are some shows listed that I personally do not agree with, while as you said there are those that were sadly overlooked. (SSD & WCTH especially)

    1. I don't get it, either. Although WCTH did receive one nomination, as a show, I truly believe the actors should have received recognition, too... and Signed, Sealed, Delivered, was entirely overlooked... and I personally would have nominated it for every category possible! Both programs, were filled with faith and inspiration, which is what the Movieguide awards are supposed to be all about!

  6. Would you believe it, Net, this is the first time I'm even hearing of this award show but I'll definitely be watching this weekend. As far as "Signed, Sealed, Delivered is concerned, BIG MISTAKE!! It was my favorite series and always left me wanting more. Big, big, mistake!!

    1. Well, I'm so glad I could introduce you to it. The program is squeezed into one hour - so it is edited, but hopefully we will get to see everyone pictured above!

      Yes, you are so right...SSD being overlooked was a "BIG MISTAKE"! Thank you for sharing my disappointment and shouting it from the rooftops with me! :)


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