Friday, October 11, 2013

This Weekend on TV: "Cedar Cove" Finale Christmas Episode, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Premieres, and We're Going to "The Wedding Chapel" and we're going to get Married!

Season 1 Finale Episode
(Part 2 of the Christmas Episodes!)
October 12, 2013 - Saturday Night

"Cedar Cove" Christmas Episode - Part Two:
Christmastime is here, and Cedar Cove is a flurry of activity. Justine is shocked to learn Warren is under investigation by the FBI. She and Seth fear all is lost when it looks like... (read more here!)
(a Mystery type Movie)
Premieres on the Hallmark Channel
October 12, 2013 - Saturday Night
(This will be an upcoming Hallmark weekly drama series!)
Signed, Sealed, Delivered introduces a dedicated, quartet of civil servants in the Dead Letter Office of the U.S. Postal System who transform themselves into an elite team of lost-mail detectives. Their determination to deliver the seemingly undeliverable takes them out of the post office into an unpredictable world where letters and packages from the past save lives, solve crimes, reunite old loves and change futures by arriving late but always miraculously... (click here to read more!)
will premiere as part of the UP Network's
Chick-Flick Movies on Sunday!
October 13, 2013 - Sunday Night
The story of a newly single and uninspired painter as she travels to see her mother, leading her to help restore... (click here to read more!) 
Enjoy these movies and let us all know how you liked it (or didn't like it) in the comments below!
See the Family TV Schedule for additional information on times airing.


  1. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    October 31, 2013 Thursday... ABC... 8 PM

    1. Appreciate the info! Charlie Brown has now been added to the Christmas TV Schedule.

  2. Soooo sorry that Cedar Cove will not be on until 2014. It has been a true delight to watch. Being sight impaired it was been such a blessing to see it on TV. Do you know what edition of Debbie's book that would be akin to what has been televised? Thank youy so very much for all you great information. Peace and Love

    1. Glad you enjoyed the Cedar Cove series. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Christmas Movies on Hallmark- just as much!

      I am not familiar with the Cedar Cove Books , so I couldn't tell you if they follow along well with the TV series or which book to read next. Perhaps, someone who is knowledgeable on this subject could respond here.

      Blessing to You! Net

  3. LOVE Cedar Cove. But just placing some Christmas decorations in the background does NOT make a show a "Christmas episode". Wish they would have actually had something about Christmas in it--besides a token gift here & there & some decorations.

    1. I originally felt the same way after watching it. At times, I felt that it lacked a Christmassy feel.

      However, in retrospect, there were a lot of Christmas Moments: Bob Beldon was decorating his yard with lights and snowman & Santa figures for Christmas, Peggy was baking goodies, and as you mentioned, there were decorations certainly in the background... Christmas Trees in everyone's homes, Wreaths, Red Bows, Stockings, and Grace kissed Cliff under the Mistletoe. Jack gave Olivia the bracelet, as an early Christmas gift and at the end everyone in Cedar Cove came together to decorate an outdoor Christmas Tree.

      Anyway, I have enjoyed the series and I am looking forward, like many of you, to seeing how they carry it on next season - next year!


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