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Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Christmas



Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove :
"The Christmas Episodes"

Network: Hallmark Channel

UPDATE: Please know, This is not a Movie, but 2 separate one hour Christmas episodes!

Original Air Date:
Part One - October 5, 2013
Part Two - October 12, 2013

*This follows along with the Cedar Cove TV Series!
*Part Two will also be the Season Finale of Cedar Cove's First Season. The series has been renewed for a second season... Details to come!


Andie MacDowell ... Judge Olivia Lockhart
Dylan Neal ... Jack Griffith
Teryl Rothery ... Grace Sherman
Sarah Smyth ... Justine
Barbara Niven ... Peggy Beldon
Bruce Boxleitner ... Bob Beldon
Brennan Elliot ... Warren
Paula Shaw ... Charlotte
Andrew Airlie ... Stan
Corey Sevier ... Seth
Elyse Levesque ... Maryellen
Timothy Webber ... Moon
Garry Chalk ... Sheriff Troy Davis
Sebastian Spence ... Cliff Harting
Hayley Sales ... Shelly

Cedar Cove Christmas Episodes!
on set cast Group images via : Twitter


via Hallmark:

"Cedar Cove" Christmas Episode - Part One:

As the holidays approach, Olivia is dead set on going to Philly to win Jack back, only to find out he is back in town unannounced to tie up loose ends. Seth returns to Cedar Cove with good news of a new business venture, but it’s complicated by Warren’s involvement. Meanwhile, a beautiful, pregnant stranger comes to town, and her true identity is a surprise to all, especially Jack.

"Cedar Cove" Christmas Episode - Part Two:

Christmastime is here, and Cedar Cove is a flurry of activity. Justine is shocked to learn Warren is under investigation by the FBI. She and Seth fear all is lost when it looks like their new restaurant is the target of arson. Eric finally turns up in town, and Jack is eager to help his son become a responsible father. While Grace does her best to make up for past mistakes with Cliff, Maryellen finally tracks down the ever elusive John Bowman.

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*Photos Above via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
*Christmas Garland added to the first image with Photoshop.


  1. It was so good to see this posted on your site. I am looking forward to watching Cedar Cove this summer and fall. It will also be nice to have it in a Christmas movie. I liked that it was adult, yet still G rated. That is very rare for TV these days. I just hope they can stay that way.

    1. I agree. I was pleasantly surprised to see the pilot movie was "G" rated. It is a refreshing change from most of network and cable TV. I hope they remain that way, too.

  2. Okay, so now Cedar Cove a Movie, a TV series, and a Christmas Movie, too?!?!?! Fantastic! I am so thrilled I decided to read the books years ago. It is nice to see it come to life on the Hallmark Channel. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Oh my goodness... You are most welcome! Enjoy the series!

  4. I am loving this image of Olivia and Jack. It is stunning! Makes me even more excited to keep watching the series!

    1. I agree, they do make a nice on-screen couple and photograph nicely together.

  5. Well, Net, I loved the Cedar Cove pilot and am looking forward to watching the series on Saturday nights. I love the friendly banter between Olivia and Jack. They surly compliment each other....and now a Christmas movie on top of all that?? WOW!!

    1. Yes, it is great, Linda! I, too, LOVE that there is a Christmas Movie on the way, too. Thank You Hallmark!

  6. I hear well, But I could not hear half of what they said on this movie. Talking to low.

    1. Oh dear... do you, perhaps have close-captioning. I do agree - sometimes the music is too loud to hear the dialogue.

  7. Cedar Cove was a pleasant surprise! I am looking forward to more episodes and the movie as well! Great acting, top notch cast!

    Joyce from Florida

    1. Glad you are enjoying it, Joyce! It is a pleasant surprise + a Christmas Movie, too!

  8. I wonder what the connection is between the Cedar Cove series and Delilah. I hear her voice on each show. Anyone know why?

  9. I really appreciate your taste in movies. I love Cedar Cove on TV and hope it comes out on DVD. My vision is not good enough to read Debbie's books. Also purchased her "Mrs. Miracle" DVD. So thankful for you.

  10. Thank you for your help in selecting good family movies. You are a blessing to all who appreciate your cause. I love Cedar Cove and have Debbies "Mrs Miracle" I hope she gets Cedar Cove on DVD as I have vision problems and it is difficult to read. With Peace and Love

  11. There will not be a Cedar Cove Movie. The Network changed their minds according to Dylan Neal on his Twitter.

    I hope we get to see a lot more of Grace and Cliff when Season 2 comes our way. I just love them as much as I love Jack and Olivia.

    1. Yes, I originally thought this would be a movie, but I updated it above, back in September, with this information:

      Please know, This is not a Movie, but 2 separate one hour Christmas episodes!

      Hope that is helpful to you. I just wanted to inform everyone and let them know it would be 2 episodes of Cedar Cove at Christmastime.

  12. When is it coming on? Month date? Thanks.


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