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Two TV Series Coming to the Hallmark Channel, Christmas Movie News, & Much More!

Hallmark Channel News....

There is a lot of interesting News coming out lately regarding the Hallmark Channel.... so I had to create a post and share all the latest! 


Let's start with my favorite.... Christmas Movies!

It may now be - just the first day of Spring... however, there are already many Christmas Movie Projects in the works at the Hallmark Channel.

And, we have some of the Movie Titles & Plot details to share!!! Click on titles for more information.

Plus, also coming... is a sequel to "Jingle All the Way", the Christmas Cartoon starring Jingle the Husky Pup, titled:


The Hallmark Channel has purchased the syndication rights to the ABC Sitcom Family Comedy, "The Middle", starring Patricia Heaton.

The Middle follows the life of the Heck family, who live in Middle America - Indiana. They are not your average family - yet, they are always there for each other.

The Sitcom will begin airing on the Network in March of 2014.


The daytime line-up is also getting a new look. The Martha Stewart, as we reported, is leaving in September and in it's place - will be a new talk show titled, "Marie", hosted by singer and actress, Marie Osmond. Also, there will another day-time show titled "Home and Family", that will have two hosts (unknown at this time), and will cover subjects, such as: "decorating, DIY projects, balancing a budget, raising a family," etc... Both shows are to premiere later this year (2012).


And now, the Most Exciting News....

The Hallmark Channel will be creating TWO new drama series - that will be based off of books by two well-known writers - Janette Oke and Debbie Macomber.

The Novels-

Janette Oke's "When Calls the Heart",


Debbie Macomber's "Cedar Cove"

...will be created into Pilot Movies to launch forward these two new scripted series. They will air within the 2012-2013 season.

When Calls the Heart ...

Wynn Delaney (Stephen Amell) and Elizabeth Thatcher (Maggie Grace)
in When Calls the Heart
(Images above from:  aBridge International)

When Calls the Heart
Book by
Janette Oke

According to the Hallmark Channel, Period drama, "When Calls the Heart" is "a romantic adventure which tells the story of Elizabeth Thatcher, a beautiful, wealthy young woman from the East Coast, who has a passion for teaching, but a fear of leaving the safety of her comfortable world. Inspired by her adventurous aunt, Elizabeth gains the strength to accept a teaching position in a new, frontier town. Despite the hardships, she begins to build a new life, but will Elizabeth allow a handsome lawman into her heart and life, changing her world forever?" The executive producers are Brad Krevoy and Michael Landon, Jr.

Cedar Cove...

The main theme about Cedar Cove, according to the Hallmark Channel, is "community and connection. The small town of Cedar Cove presents fertile ground for relatable stories, big and small."

Cedar Cove

The Hallmark Channel has already adapted both of these writers works into original movies, based on their books. Janette Oke's books were originally made into the Love Comes Softly Movie Series, by Michael Landon, Jr - following the characters - Clark and Marty Davis. There have been 11 Movies in the series - Love Comes Softly, Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Long Journey, Love's Abiding Joy,  Love's Unending Legacy, Love's Unfolding Dream, Love Takes Wing, Love Finds a Home, Love Begins, Love's Everlasting Courage, and Love's Christmas Journey.

Debbie Macomber's books have inspired three Hallmark Christmas Movies - Mrs. Miracle, Call Me Mrs. Miracle, and Trading Christmas.

My thoughts...

I personally think the two "new primetime shows" are the most exciting news of all - next to all the new Christmas Movies Coming - which we always love, but have come to expect from the Hallmark Channel, our dependable family movie network. I've been asking and wondering for years, as I enjoy re-runs of beloved old family series, such as: The Waltons, Little House, Wind at my Back, etc... why no one has created a new family drama. Hopefully, the answer has finally come!

What do you all think?
Have a Wonderful Day, Everyone!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH! I have been waiting to hear news on When Calls the Heart. Knowing it was shot so long ago, I figured perhaps it would never air or be released to DVD - I am so excited!! With Maggie starring, hopefully, the acting won't be too sappy.

    More Christmas movies = awesome. =D

  2. I LOVE the idea of both of these prime time series! I can't wait!
    I'm not too sure about the Marie show, though. Tough.
    Thank you for all the info, you're blog is great!!

  3. So excited about everything, especially the new drama series'! Thank you for all of your hard work in keeping these awesome posts and site going- sincerely!!!

  4. Fantastic news. Thanks so much for always keeping us in the know...especially about Christmas programs :)

    Hallmark has really stepped up its game especially with those new series shows.

    p.s.you have an amazing website and you are a true blessing to those of us who long for family content. Thanks again from one of your many loyal subscribers!

    Sheila & Co.

  5. Cedar Cove - yea! I love it when a series I'm reading gets made into a tv show or movie. Wonder where they are filming?? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Show more!!! I love Christmas movies and TV shows. Can't wait for the Christmas TV schedule 2012.

    I found it. The Christmas Movies in July. QVC July 22-31, 2012.

  7. Wow! I'm sure Debbie is really excited that her books are becoming a TV series!


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