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Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade - Hallmark Channel Movie

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
Available on DVD


Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: November 4, 2012

DVD - Yes, It's Available!
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Autumn Reeser ... Emily Jones
Antonio Cupo ... Henry Williams
Ali Liebert ... Jaclyn
Ben Cotton ... Brian
April Telek ... Donna
Barbara Kottmeier ... Gretchen
Callum Seagram Airlie ... Greg
Richard Ian Cox ... Limo Driver
David Hovan ... Giano
Alvin Sanders ... Paul


(This is the official plot from Hallmark. To see my review, please scroll down below images...)

The annual Chicago Thanksgiving Day parade has to cut costs, or it's going to be cancelled this year. When the city brings in consultant Henry Baldwin to analyze the books, he goes to toe to toe with parade manager Emily Rogers who thinks Henry only cares about dollars and cents and doesn't understand how much the parade means to the city. As parade day draws closer, Emily finds herself falling for the enemy while doing her best to make sure this year's production is a huge success.

More Details...

Chicago native Emily Jones (Autumn Reeser) loves her city, and has dedicated her career to coordinating its beloved Thanksgiving Day parade every year. This year, Emily is hoping for a memorable holiday and anticipating a long-awaited proposal from her long-distance boyfriend Brian (Ben Cotton). Then, the parade director hires a wealthy development consultant, Henry Williams (Antonio Cupo), to analyze the finances of the parade and increase profits. Immediately writing Henry off as a privileged playboy, Emily worries he will ruin the joyful spirit of the parade, not knowing how much it means to the city like she does. As the two are forced to work together to pull off a successful production, Emily is determined to show Henry she’s in charge. But when Emily suffers a sudden setback, she starts to rely on Henry to help her through it, and suddenly realizes she might be falling for him.

Movie Review:

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

“The Best” of Hallmark Channel Movies!

Voted the “It’s a Wonderful Movie” #1 Christmas Movie of 2012!

Emily Jones, a lover of books, old buildings, and vintage clothing... is set on making the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago “the best parade ever”. First, she must find the perfect Santa, who of course, always ends the parade, delighting children and grown-ups, alike... welcoming in the Christmas Season.

Standing in her way, is Henry Williams, a man of modern times, whose job it is to judge the parade and its efficiency for the city. This, of course, causes the two to bump heads as each one represents their side of how the parade should be.

From the start, Henry and Emily begin to think they have each other all figured out. Emily thinks Henry is a Player, who travels from city to city... and Henry thinks Emily is obsessed with the Parade and delusional to think that Brian, her MIA marine biologist boyfriend of 5 years will ever purpose marriage. Luckily for Emily, Henry is instead a true gentleman, and is there for her on her worst day ever... when Brian doesn’t purpose.

As they continue to work together on the Parade, they continue to run into each other - in and out of the office, learning more and more about each other along the way.

One of my favorite scenes is when Emily and Henry meet at the park to watch the Starlight Dancers practice their dancing for the parade. Before the dancers arrive, Henry turns to Emily and asks her if she owns any clothing from this decade. She unfolds then a touching story of her mother.

Just when Emily and Henry start to believe they are falling for each other... Gretchen, Henry’s ex-girlfriend shows up and Emily thinks she has been right about Henry all along. So... when Brian, Emily’s Ex, appears at her office and purposes to her in front of all of her co-workers, including Henry, Emily feels compelled then to accept.

Will they ever figure it all out? Will there actually be a Santa or Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Past secrets will be revealed and you will enjoy every moment along the way until you find out.

This is truly a delightfully witty and remarkably romantic - Hallmark treasure!

There was so much chemistry – sparks flew!

The background music in the movie gave the perfect upbeat tempo to keep scenes floating seamlessly. Terrific casting with the entire cast, including Emily’s best friend Jackie. Henry, handsome and debonair, portrayed by actor, Antonio Cupo, reminded me of a modern day Cary Grant and Emily, stylish and quirky, portrayed by actress, Autumn Reeser, was like a modern day Audrey Hepburn.

In this movie we learn... Everything old is new again and things of the past should not be discarded, but cherished!

The Movie is so Fabulous ... Vintage, Modern, Romantic, Charming, Intriguing, and Captivating... You’ll be swept away!!!

See or Skip:

An Absolutely Must See Movie!

*Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade is Available to purchase on DVD!



  1. This movie sounds really good. I love watching the parade each year.

  2. This movie sounds really good. I love watching the parade each year.

  3. I will watch this. It sounds fun!

  4. Want to know more about Chicago's Thanksgiving Day Parade (every bit as good at Macy's) ...

  5. I'll watch anything with Antonio Cupo in it!

  6. Loved the movie! Antonio is mega hot!

  7. Just watched the movie and loved it. It's probably the best movie on tv tonight. Antonio is absolutely GORGEOUS ! I'll
    Watch again just to see his beautiful face.

  8. So glad you all enjoyed the Movie, too! I though it was a great Romantic Comedy!

    It's fun to have a new Thanksgiving Movie to watch and enjoy each year- those are pretty rare! And, this one is family-friendly and delightful!

  9. Love "the look" of this one! :D

  10. Loved the movie! I really loved the style of the movie, especially the style of Emily's wardrobe, I wish I could pull that off LOL. Autumn and Antonio had wonderful chemistry. I hope this movie comes out on DVD in the near future.

  11. Loved this movie, can't wait to buy and add to my collection. I've watch it so many times. Great movie, hurry and put it in the stores for purchase!

  12. This was great! Antonio and Autumn had great chemistry. All autumn's clothes are gorgeous! Nice writing too... The storyline didn't feel too cheesy for me and the characters are strong and lovable.

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this Movie!!!

    and I LOVE your review too! U R THE BEST!

  14. Do you think Hallmark will do a Christmas in July movie weekend? If they do, Please play this movie. It was just as wonderful as you described it! I remember loving it when I saw it the first time. Just wish I had recorded it. Do you think they will ever put it on dvd? I sure hope so. Glad it one as favorite because it was my favorite, too!


  15. I am so loving your picture above with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. They are completely a modern version. Your comparison is dead on. I'm so glad you pointed that out. I enjoy classic movies very much and now I will have to check out this movie because it sounds so good. I don't have Hallmark but I sure will keep a look out for this DVD.

  16. Thank YOU for this review. I am so missing the Christmas Season right now and all of the Hallmark Christmas movies and everything, so this was a great pick me up - a reminder of my favorite movie from last year and hope for the new Christmas movies ahead. This is my favorite blog. Thank you!

  17. I agree, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade was one of the best movies last year. Your review was so good, I am looking forward to seeing it again this year.


  18. I loved your review, too! The pictures from the movie are great, but my favorite is your split shot pic with Cary and Antonio and Autumn and Audrey! It's perfect!

  19. Wow! That's all I can say. Your review blew me away. I liked this movie alot, but after reading your review I think I loved it, too.

  20. When will Hallmark realize it is time to have this great movie on DVD so we can enjoy it all year long.

  21. Cannot find a Crush on You on DVD - where can I buy it??? So many movies are not available for purchase - why is that???? There's royalties there

  22. My favorite Hallmark movie of 2012, Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade! Good news, I just discovered the DVD is now available for pre-order at Amazon, release date is October 29, 2013.

  23. Yes, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade is now officially available to purchase on DVD!

    Click Here for more details!

    Or this Link:

    I hope many of you will enjoy this movie on DVD!

    It was Voted the “It’s a Wonderful Movie” #1 Christmas Movie of 2012!


  25. This movie is so awesome; the story-line, music, clothing, actors and city backdrop always put a smile on my face! I hadn't' heard of Autumn Reeser before, she's adorable!

    Does anyone know where this was filmed? I heard it wasn't Chicago. I've been looking for filming locations in general (such as 'Jim's 5-Star Pizza' and the market she shops at), but alas, nothing is coming up for this film.
    :) :)

    1. the movie was filmed in Canada. Jim's Pizza location is located in Maple Ridge, BC (via IMDB)

  26. What was the music in this film??

  27. I am looking for the exact wording of what Henry said to Emily about her best day ever. He had asked her what was her best day ever. He said something day ever that something happens and you know it will be great but your not naive enough to think it will be easy..

  28. I'm glad I found out about this movie even if I'm several years late, I loved it and recorded it so I can watch it whenever I want to. Amazing chemistry between Antonio and Autumn. I haven't tired of watching it, my favorite scene between them is the karaoke one.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, December 28, 2016

      It's funny that you posted this comment about this movie today, as I was just watching it this morning!

      As I watched the movie I was thinking about what a solid little holiday romantic comedy it is. The acting (for what is required of the characters) is good. The writing is above par. The banter between Autumn and Antonio is fun. The development of the relationship throughout the movie felt natural and not forced, although the 'happily ever after' ending was a bit rushed (as is typical of many Hallmark movies).

      And there were a few scenes that made me laugh out loud, such as when Autumn is struggling with whether or not to get the giant tub of ice cream. (Scenes involving lead actresses getting giant tubs of ice cream never disappoint, it seems, because this one and the similar scene in "Nine Lives of Christmas" are each winners!)

      Autumn and Antonio do work very well together. They were even good together in 2015's "I Do, I Do, I Do," although their relationship in that movie turned out quite a bit differently than the one in LATTDP did. They're a good team, and they're both good at snappy repartee.


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