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This is the *Seventh Year* for the annual "It's a Wonderful Movie" - Family TV Movie Awards! Thank you to everyone... who participated by Voting in this First Poll for your Favorite TV Movie!

All Nominees and Winners (listed below!) are from Movies that aired or premiered on TV only in 2016. The WINNERS (there was a tie for first place!) are highlighted in yellow below!

POLL #1:

Favorite "Family TV Movie" for 2016:
(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

1. Anything for Love
2. L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables
3. Love Finds You in Valentine
4. Love on the Sidelines
5. Pumpkin Pie Wars
6. Stop the Wedding
7. Summer Villa
8. Tulips in Spring
9. Unleashing Mr. Darcy
10. Valentine Ever After
11. Wedding Bells
12. The Wedding March

for "Favorite TV Movie" from 2016, are...
(in alphabetical order)

Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Channel

Congratulations to the Creators and Cast of Love on the Sidelines and Valentine Ever After,
and the Hallmark Channel for bringing these movies to all of our homes!
The Hallmark Channel Movies "Tulips in Spring" and
"Summer Villa" came in 2nd and 3rd!

Top Three Results...
#1: (Tie) Love on the Sidelines and Valentine Ever After
#2: Tulips in Spring
#3: Summer Villa


Available on DVD:


Two movies that seem distinctly different on the outside won your hearts over to win Favorite Movie for 2016! While Love on the Sidelines appears to be a movie just about the game of football, it's not. There is so much more to it! It's the discovery of finding oneself and your purpose. It's finding love when you least expect it. And, it's about family, heritage, marriage, and how our job defines us, our how we decide to define ourselves!

*Starring in Love on the Sidelines are John Reardon, Emily Kinney, and Joe Theismann. See my page on Love on the Sidelines for more movie details!

Valentine Ever After, in the same way, is more than a simple Hallmark "Countdown to Valentine's Day" romance movie. There's comedy when two women find themselves stranded in the country, which is truly peaceful, beautiful countryside. There's drama when one of the women is missing and the Cowboy she is finding herself attracted to comes to her rescue... so Yes!, there is also a sweet romance, but only after deep soul searching!

*Starring in Valentine Ever After are Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson, Vanessa Matsui, Jefferson Brown, and Damon Runyan. See my page on Valentine Ever After for more movie details!

Thank you, again, to Everyone who participated by voting in this First Poll for your Favorite TV Movie!

If you haven't seen both of these movies, or if you are interested, they are both available on DVD at Amazon: Love on the Sidelines and Valentine Ever After.

Be sure to come back to "It's a Wonderful Movie" tomorrow (March 22) for the list of Mystery Movie Nominees!


  1. This is such a pleasant surprise! What's interesting is this is the first time in four years that two Hallmark movies have tied for the title! Definitely looking forward to the rest of the polls!

    1. Glad you liked the results!

      Yes, you are so right! In 2013, both "How to Fall in Love" and "The Seven Year Hitch" tied for #1 movie! It was quite a surprise to see these two movies tie for the number one spot!

  2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, March 21, 2017

    Interesting choices! Neither "Valentine Ever After" nor "Love On the Sidelines" is my preference for #1, but I really liked "Summer Villa."

    I'm kind of surprised that "Tulips In Spring" ranked so high.

    I am even more shocked that "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" didn't even crack the top 3! It's not one of my all-time favorites, but so many people say they love it. I was certain it would sweep the whole poll.

    1. I was surprised to see where everything ranked, too, Sherry! It made me rethink some of my Christmas movie bracket choices on Hallmark's site. Meaning, what I thought for sure everyone would like and go for, may not be the case, after all.

      I thought all of the top choices were good. I especially like "Tulips in Spring" and I was surprised "Stop the Wedding" (one of my favorites from the year!) didn't rank in the top three either!

      "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" came in 4th place, very close behind "Summer Villa."

    2. Sherry/Net, I agree with you both! Not that I didn't enjoy the top picks but "Summer Villa" and "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" were just so romantic and my two favorites for this year.

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, March 23, 2017

      I like the movies that seem like little escapes, and/or have fantastic scenery (no matter which season it is!). I want to see more of those sorts of movies when Hallmark makes another round of Summer Nights installments this year.

      Even though "Summer Villa" was filmed in Canada, they did a good job of making it seem like it really was the French countryside. It felt like a little vacation to me.

    4. Yes so surprise to see Tulips in the Spring and Love on the sidelines beat out Wedding March Summer Villa and Unleashing Mr.Darcy but not surprised about Valentine's Ever After got top spot

  3. What a great result - can't believe it.

    I'd posted a bit earlier in the Poll Thread that my choice would be very close between the two winners although tbh I expected that The Wedding March would win.

    Tulips In Spring would also have been my 3rd choice - it's a lovely heartwarming movie with a strong storyline and Lucas Bryant makes me go weak at the knees! although I commented before that I think it could have been even better had they had a bit more friction between Rose and Tom.

    I can't say though that Summer Villa was one of my favourites.

    1. Oh, so glad you enjoyed the results! I'm so happy to hear how much you also love "Tulips in Spring!" The movies that tied for first place "Love on the Sidelines" and "Valentine Ever After" are great, but I also have a soft spot for "Tulips!"

      All around, all of these top movies have terrific casting... John Reardon, Emily Kinney, Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson, Fiona Gubelmann, Lucas Bryant, Hilarie Burton, and Victor Webster!!!

  4. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, March 21, 2017

    So happy with the results....these are the very movies I was voting for and apparently a lot of others as well! Can't wait to see the list tomorrow for favorite HMM.

    1. Awe, Joyce... I'm so happy to hear you're happy with the results! I hope you'll also be happy over tomorrow's Mystery Movie nominees!!! :)

      Thank you bunches for sharing!!!

  5. LOVE Valentine Ever After! So glad it's a winner!!

  6. Very interesting! Not what I would have predicted. I voted for 6 of the 12 nominees, including the #1 and #3 choices. I'm a bit surprised that "Tulips in Spring" was so high, as it didn't impress me as one of the year's best. I'm going to have to watch it again. My personal picks for top three would be (#1) "Stop the Wedding" (really surprised that didn't make the top three), (#2) "Summer Villa," and (#3) "Love on the Sidelines."

  7. I love and voted both of the movies! sooo so pleased with the result!


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