Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hallmark Channel's June Wedding Movie 'Stop the Wedding' starring Rachel Boston, Niall Matter, & Alan Thicke


Movie: Stop the Wedding

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 11, 2016

*Based upon the book Stop the Wedding! by Stephanie Bond


Rachel Boston ... Anna Colton
Niall Matter ... Clay
Alan Thicke ... Sean Castleberry
Lini Evans ... Belle Colton
Teryl Rothery ... Suzie
David Lewis ... Jake
Brenda Crichlow ... Renee
Carolyn Adair ... Jewelry store clerk
Sage Brocklebank ... Security Guard
Casey Dubois ... Chapel Kid
Jane Hancock ... Employee
Kelly McCabe ... Valet
Sean Millington ... Croupier
David Stuart ... Minister
Elizabeth Thai ... Reporter


via Hallmark: When a young, single attorney finds out that her charming mother is getting married to a TV star known as much for his failed marriages as his acting career, she tries to stop the wedding.

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  1. As someone who read the book I must say the leads look nothing like how I pictured them. And Hallmark kinda gave away the ending in the promo pics

    1. I wondered if the promo pics might be somewhat of spoiler.... that does seem to happen every so often. I noticed the very same thing with 'A Country Wedding', where they released images of their wedding at the end, too. Even still, I love that movie and Rachel Boston is such a joy in 'Ice Sculpture Christmas', that I'm hoping her character will be just as delightful in this!

    2. Annabelle in the book way super annoying so we'll see how she is in the movie. This novel definitely wasn't one of my favorites. I like Rachel enough though not sure who her leading man is but he doesn't have the looks I expected for the character

  2. Rachel looks stunning in this movie - can't wait to see it!

  3. I'm happy to see Rachel Boston become Hallmarks new darling. She is such a sweetheart! What's with her leading men though? They are always actors I have never heard of, or never seen on Hallmark before.

    1. Niall Matter used to be on Eureka. It was a show on Sci-fi and was pretty freaking amazing.

  4. Rachel is another one of Hallmark's "Darling's" that I love and Alan Thicke cracks me up with his dry humor....can't wait for this one!!

  5. I love every movie that Rachael Boston has graced on the Hallmark Channel.

    I am so glad I found this blog, its pretty awesome. I watch the Hallmark Channel every time there is a movie theme and every night before bed, and in the morning before work.

  6. I watched "Stop the Wedding" last night and I loved it. It will be saved on my DVR for a while. With every Hallmark movie she does, I become more of a Rachel Boston fan. I had asked a question on her FB page after she posted a behind the scenes picture during the Stop The Wedding, the question was if it was a Hallmark picture, and once the news came out about the movie, she answered my question. She seems very personable with her fans. Wonderful chemistry between all the lead actors (Rachel, Alan, Lin, Niall, Teryl and David), it meshed well between allow of them. My favorite scene is the "the date with a plan" bushes scene and they're were many laugh out loud moments, I was entertained. This was one of Hallmark's best movies.

  7. Oh wow probably one of the best HM movie I enjoyed in a long had great characters and the chemistry between Rachel and Niall was off the charts.... their Clay and Anna falling in love over 6 days was totally believable....loved it.the supporting characters were pretty good as well... Well done HM and can we have Niall back on HM ��

  8. I found who sang the song that was featured in the movie, it's called Arms by Christina Perri.

    1. OMG!!! I was looking to know the singer everywhere!!!! So, I thought someone will mentioned here and you did!!!!Im so happy you posted!!!!:)

    2. THANK YOU! I loved the song and have been searching for it!!!

    3. Ditto!! Thank you! Such a great, uplifting song. Amazing voice.

  9. At 18:19 she picked up NO NAME burgers from the fridge...Nice to see Canadian in US.....

  10. On the movie poster, it says that Niall's last name is Matter, not Matte.

  11. Yes, I saw this movie and i must say awesome picture ever. Rachel was looking beuatiful.

  12. I love loved this movie!! Awesome!! I love Hallmark it is my favorite channel.


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