Monday, August 3, 2015

Was your Favorite "Candace Cameron Bure" Hallmark Movie chosen #1?

Moonlight & Mistletoe
  67 (27%)
Puppy Love
  30 (12%)
Let It Snow
  117 (48%)
Christmas Under Wraps
  76 (31%)
Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick
  36 (14%)
Just the Way You Are
  25 (10%)
Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Real Murders
  15 (6%)


Let it Snow was the ultimate winner with 48% of the vote! Candace's other Christmas Movies: Christmas Under Wraps (31%) and Moonlight & Mistletoe (27%) came in a close 2nd & 3rd!

So, did your favorite Win - this Poll, or even come in close?

Candace's Favorite Movie:

I asked Candace on Twitter which movie was her favorite and she said:

"I love all of them but Just The Way You Are is most special 2 me"

My Favorite "Candace" Hallmark Movie:

For me, personally, my favorite was somewhat close in the standings. My #1 pick is Moonlight & Mistletoe, as there is something so sweet and special about that first Candace Christmas movie. And, for 2nd and 3rd... my picks would definitely be the new Aurora Teagarden Mystery Movies. Those are such well-written who-dun-it mysteries, with a fun, complex plot outline. I look forward to many more (hopefully!) in this series, and I know many of us will also be looking forward to Candace's all new 2015 Hallmark Christmas Movie: On Time for Christmas (previously titled: A Christmas to Remember.)

Please share below, if your favorite "Candace Cameron Bure" Movie won this Poll?


  1. I'm happy! Let it Snow is my favorite!

  2. Moonlight and Misrletoe is my favorite, too, but I love all Candace's movies. I never miss M&M when Hallmark replays it at Christmas.

  3. Moonlight & Mistletoe was my favorite CCB movie ... probably because I enjoyed the performances of her co-stars, too.

  4. Yay! My fav was picked. :)


  5. Yes, have to admit, "Let It Snow" was my favorite and "Moonlight & Mistletoe " second runner-up. Something about a corporate type person taken from a sterile scenario and plunged into a loving, traditional family experiencing the joy and happiness of celebrating Christmas and falling in love for the first time gets to my heart!!


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