Friday, May 17, 2013

See Candace Cameron Bure in "Finding Normal" & a Hallmark Movie Original Premiere this Weekend!

Take a trip to the Country
with Candace Cameron Bure and Trevor St. John
in "Finding Normal" on "gmc" this weekend!

You will have 6 chances to catch this Movie Premiere on "gmc"!

May 18, 2013 Saturday

Finding Normal ... 7 PM *NEW PREMIERE
Finding Normal ... 9 PM *Encore
Finding Normal ... 11 PM *Encore

May 19, 2013 Sunday

Finding Normal ... 7 PM *Encore
Finding Normal ... 9 PM *Encore
Finding Normal ... 11 PM *Encore

Movie details:
Candace Cameron Bure stars as Dr. Lisa Leland, a brilliant surgeon who could stand to improve her bedside manner. She is leaving Los Angeles to move to the Hamptons, where her hunky boyfriend, a concierge doctor, treats the rich and famous. Her fear of flying sets her on a cross-country road trip. Anxious to begin her new life, she is (click here to read more...)

Premiering Saturday Night
on the Regular Hallmark Channel

This Movie first premiered on the Hallmark Movie Channel back in February! You will have one chance to see this movie this weekend on the Hallmark Channel!

May 18, 2013 Saturday

Meddling Mom ... 9 PM *Hallmark Channel Premiere

Movie details:
Carmen Vega, notorious mother of good intentions, but with equally hideous results, is about to (read here for more...)

*See the Finding Normal or Meddling Mom pages for more details!

Enjoy your Weekend, Everyone!
I hope after your next Movie Night
you can say...
"It's a Wonderful Movie!"


  1. I love trevor st. john and candance Burke. It will be weird to see him in something where he actually smiles lol.

    Brianna Mitchell

  2. Can't wait to watch Finding Normal tonight. I'm happy that I get the GMC channel now. I've always been a fan of Candace Cameron-Bure since Full House. It will be nice to see Trevor St. John in a different type of role, other than playing Victor Jr./Todd on OLTL.


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