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Candace Cameron Bure stars in TV Movie "Finding Normal"


Finding Normal

Candace Cameron Bure (best known as D.J. Tanner on the family sitcom "Full House", and other TV Movies: "Moonlight and Mistletoe", "Truth be Told", "The Heart of Christmas", "Puppy Love", etc...) stars in this new Pureflix Entertainment Movie, "Finding Normal".

Network: GMC

Original Air Date: May 18, 2013

DVD will Available: Fall, 2013


Candace Cameron Bure ... Dr. Lisa Leland
Trevor St. John ... Lucas Craig
Lou Beatty Jr. ... Shelby
Andrew Bongiorno ... Dr. Steve
Mark Irvingsen ... Lester O’Toole


From GMC :

Candace Cameron Bure stars as Dr. Lisa Leland, a brilliant surgeon who could stand to improve her bedside manner. She is leaving Los Angeles to move to the Hamptons, where her hunky boyfriend, a concierge doctor, treats the rich and famous. Her fear of flying sets her on a cross-country road trip. Anxious to begin her new life, she is blindsided by an unexpected encounter in Normal, North Carolina (population 332). The path of Dr. Lisa Leland, which once seemed destined, takes a turn and causes her to question everything she had come to expect in life.

*Finding Normal is produced by PureFlix Entertainment.

Movie Review:

Dr. Lisa Leland (portrayed by Candace Cameron Bure) wasn't really seeking a different life, but when she finds herself on the wrong side of the law in a small town called Normal, everything for her changes! She must remain in Normal, as determined by the Judge to do community service work, as a doctor, as punishment for her speeding and unpaid tickets.

As she gets to know the people there, Lisa finds a lifestyle that is completely unexpected. Saving a life becomes real and personal in this small town, as Lisa finds herself becoming friends with the people and concerned about their needs. Yet, she is still determined, with encouragement from her city boyfriend, to get out of Normal as soon as possible... even though she seems to be falling for a local guy, Lucas Craig (portrayed by Trevor St. John).

There are ups and downs, in this small town. Good times and bad times. A man shares with Dr. Lisa that he is very sick and a little girl is stung by a bee and cannot breathe. Thankfully, Dr. Lisa is there at this crucial moment.

The Movie is, all in all, enjoyable and delightful. Candace Cameron Bure and Trevor St. John were both so sweet and charming as Lisa and Lucas...

She's an average city girl and He's an average country boy. When they get together, sparks fly, just like fireflies on a hot summer night!

Will Lisa stay? Or, will she go back to the city?

In the end, Lisa will follow her heart and finally find exactly where she belongs!

Seek and you shall find..." Matthew 7:7

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*Images via:
-screencaps from GMC’s behind the scenes video
-the official "Finding Normal" Facebook Page:



  1. Love Candace - Love GMC - Love TV - Love this Site!

    Thank for the great Movie suggestions every Day - every week - and every month!!!

    U R THE BEST!!!


  2. I agree, I enjoy most of the movies Candace does and GMC is usually a terrific network for movies. Plus, this site is great, too, and I don't often stop to say thank you, although I often use it, so Thank you!

  3. Love GMC...thank u!

  4. I hope GMC (UP) replays the movie this summer and eventually releases it on DVD.

  5. hey must of watched Doc Hollywood (1991) with Michael J Fox for their concept.

  6. More like just stole the thing, or maybe got rights to the basic story. Unfortunately this version is unfunny, camp slow and dumb. I will watch "Doc" Hollywood if I want to watch Doc Hollywood.

  7. Some confusion in geography (In Superior Court in Asheville, but questioned about being admitted to the bar in Louisiana ?), but a great message, and suitable for family viewing.

    Alos loved the band that performed at the Founders' Day BBQ. The vovalist sounded a little like a white version of Otis Redding.

    I hope to see more movies lie this in the entertainment pipeline.

  8. I would love to know the name of the band and the song that played when Lisa and Lucas danced together. Does anyone know? I've searched online and others have posed the question as well, but no one seems to know. I noted that the singer was not credited in the cast.

  9. was anna nicole smith's daughter, dannielynn, the little girl in the movie?


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