Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meddling Mom - a Hallmark Movie Channel Original Movie


Meddling Mom

Network: Hallmark MOVIE Channel

Original Air Date: February 23, 2013


Sonia Braga ... Carmen
Mercedes Renard ... Ally
Ana Ayora ... Yolanda
Saundra Santiago ... Valeria
Rose Abdoo ... Marisol
George Contreras ... Rico
Rafael Amaya ... Pablo
Tony Plana ... Luis
Rob Mayes ... Ben
John Nielsen ... Kent Burns
Steve Hasley ... Waiter


Take Carmen Vega downtown and book her! Carmen is guilty as charged of slipping into daughter Yolanda's and son-in-law Rico's home to leave behind "How to" and "When to" books on baby-making, of manipulating youngest daughter Ally into a doomed relationship with best friend Marisol's son Pablo ("the lawyer"), and of getting Ally's real boyfriend pulled off an important account. She is generally guilty of getting into every other family member's social life, except her own. Now Carmen Vega, notorious mother of good intentions, but with equally hideous results, is about to get a crash course in butting out!

Just as her family believes Carmen's making progress, she finds out that she is going to be a grandmother - finally! Yolanda and Ally can only shake their heads when they hear Carmen has already purchased furniture for the nursery and picked out names. Will Carmen ever learn her lesson?

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  1. This looks to be like a really cute movie. My husband and children - 10 and 18, have loved watching the Hallmark Movies on the weekend on the Hallmark Channel, but we miss them throughout the week. We have DirecTV and wish we had the Hallmark Movie Channel, so we could watch more movies throughout the week and this movie, Meddling Mom. It costs more to have DirecTV HD, so we are staying with what we have. It seems unfair, though, that other cable providers offer Hallmark Movie Channel without it having to be in HD.

  2. Jodie, I so agree! Our family would love to have the Hallmark Movie Channel, too, but we also have DirecTV in Standard Definition and keep hoping they will get HMC, too. Guess we will have to keep waiting and hoping they do, or change providers.

  3. Considering the very interesting plot and the stunning photos of the great, gifted and gorgeous Sonia Braga, "Meddling Mom" is going to be a hit! Sonia is always a joy to watch, and I am sure I am in for a lot of fun!

  4. Best movie I seen in a while. Absolutely loved it!

  5. What didn't the grandmother(abuela) speak in the movie,and why isn't she credited among the cast?

  6. Loved this delightful movie. Who was the actress who played the grandmother so well without uttering a word?

  7. I'd have to agree... I LOVED the grandmother. =)


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