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Truth Be Told - on Fox Family Movie Night


Truth Be Told

Network: Fox

*This is Walmart and Procter & Gamble's fifth "Family Movie Night" co-production.
The other films were:
Secrets of the Mountain,
The Jensen Project,
A Walk in my Shoes, and
Change of Plans.
Click on Titles of Movies for my movie reviews of each.

Original Air Date: April 16, 2011


Candace Cameron-Bure ... Annie Morgan
David James Elliott ... Mark Crane
Ronnie Cox ... Alexander Bishop
Belita Moreno ... Sophia bishop
Antonia DeNardo ... Lucy Bishop
Chris Brochu ... Kenny Crane
Deanna Douglas ... Eliza Bishop
Emma Gould ... Zoe Crane
Michael Sheets ... Jake Bishop
Kurt Warner ... (Cameo)
Danny Gokey ...


The plot focuses on marriage counselor, Annie Morgan, played by Cameron Bure, who believes honesty and love are the keys to successful long-term relationships.

Ironically, Annie has never been married and doesn't always follow her own advice.

When an opportunity arises to discuss hosting a talk show with media mogul Alexander Bishop, played by Ronnie Cox, Annie jumps at the chance.

Through a misunderstanding, she receives an invitation for she and her spouse to join Bishop at his New Mexico ranch. Fearful that being single will wreck her big chance, Annie conspires with Mark Crane, played by Elliott, an old college friend who is a retired professional football player and recent widower, to pose as a married couple with their teenage kids for the weekend.

A weekend filled with a series of comical misunderstandings leaves Annie emotionally involved with Mark and his two teenagers and battling with her own conscience.

Movie Review:

This is a fairly lighthearted family movie. It's kind of predictable along the way, but I don't always mind that... especially when I'm longing for certain things to happen and they do. It's a sweet romantic comedy that takes place for the most part of the story on a horse ranch where there are trails, horseback riding, 4 wheeling, etc...

Annie Morgan and Mark Crane were friends in College. She was his Math Tutor, while he was the Football player. Their paths led them in various directions until they meet again. It's all simple and yet complicated, when they decide they must spend the weekend pretending to be married to one another.

Along the way, they are both uncomfortable with the lie they are living and continually want to reveal the truth, however, along the way, they are also falling for one another - and this realization is very difficult for Mark's daughter, who misses her Mother, terribly.

Eventually, the Truth is Told... and Annie and Mark go their seperate directions. Will love eventually bring them back together? Or, will the Truth set them free...?

I think you'll enjoy this Happy Ending!

See or Skip:

See, Sweet Family Movie!

Images from:
Fox Flash
Family Movie Night on Facebook - Official Cast Photos

--Truth be Told - Available on DVD

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