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Monday, April 5, 2010

Secrets of the Mountain - NBC Family Movie Night


Secrets of the Mountain

Family Movie Night Film
Sponsored by Walmart
Network: NBC

Original Air Date: April 16, 2010

(Preview Clip below from You Tube)


Paige Turco ... Dana James
Barry Bostwick ... Henry Beecham
Shawn Christian ... Tom Kent
Allison Graham ... Brandi James
Adelaide Kane ... Jade Ann James
Crawford Wilson ... Jake James
Rachel Pattee ... Young Dana
Kayla Carlson ... Maddie James
Elisabetta Fantone ... Carolyn Thacker
Andreas Apergis ... Nigel Fowler
Frank Schorpion ... Colin James
Paulina B. Abarca ... Judge
Christian de la Cortina ... Antonio Huerta


from NBC:

Family business leads to an adventure of a lifetime for single mom Dana James (Paige Turco, “The Agency”) and her three kids when the family faces a series of mysteries and a dark secret that drives them deep into danger. When Dana receives news that someone is interested in buying the mountain cabin she inherited years ago from her beloved Uncle Henry (Barry Bostwick, “Spin City”), she sees a weekend trip to sign the papers as a chance to reconnect with her children. But the family encounters unknown twists as they uncover pieces of a puzzle -- and they learn that someone is determined to stop them from solving the riddle at any cost. Also starring Shawn Christian (NBC's “Days of our Lives”).

Movie Review:

Even while I was watching this, I half expected Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) to jump out in one of the scenes and save the day! Just Kidding, of course.

This Movie was promoted as a wholesome Family Movie, and while there are sweet Family Moments, I must caution you with with some off the violence in this.

The TV Rating was TV-PG-V... and the Violence began at the beginning with an intense car chase and a vehicle going over the side of a Mountain, then bursting into flames. It is presumed that Uncle Henry has died in this crash.

When Dana and her three children, Jake, Jade, and Maddie visit the Mountain Cabin that her Uncle left her - they are suddenly greeted by Uncle Henry, who is holding a shotgun. He quickly puts it down and we learn his story and the Secrets of the Mountain. The kids convince their Mom and Uncle Henry that they must stay and discover all the secrets before the Mountain is sold to Nigel Fowler, an evil man.

Late one night, Nigel threatens Dana in a Shed near the cabin. There is a struggle between Jake and Nigel on a bridge as they are inside the Mountain. Jade and Jake are rescued from falling into a deep pit. Inside the Mountain, they come across many skeletal remains. Maddie imagines that the Indians stayed to guard their god, a golden image. Her Mother tells her that they are not going to stay as she pulls her along through the the tunnel of the skeletons. When they find the Indians golden idol, the trap door is shutting and that evil man, Nigel Fowler, is fighting to get the gold and he hits Dana over the head and she cannot escape. As the trap door is nearly shut, Maddie thinks quickly and places her beloved hard safari-style hat under the door before it completely closes. Dana is eventally rescued by her handsome lawyer and friend, Tom Kent.

Before they can completely escape the inside of the Mountain, though, there is a cave-in and they are blocked by a wall of rocks. Uncle Henry saves the day now and rescues them from the other side.

It seemed so strange to me, that after all of these Many years of his trying to find a way in the mountain, Uncle Henry, finally had found the way in, but decided not to go. I guess they needed him on the outside for this rescue. I also found it strange how the Mother & Children didn't stick together while they were inside this very scary mountain. The mother would often stop and have a conversation with one of her children along the way, while the others walked on, as if it was just a hike, or something.

What is good?

Uncle Henry, first of all. He is clever and wise... one of those great older relatives that draw children in to their wonderful old tales and stories.

Dana, the Mom... it is evident, that even though, she is a busy working single mother, that she loves her kids.

The children -

Jake and Jade are twins, but they are pretty opposite. Jake is athletic, while Jade is more into artistic things. One scene shows him playing ball and her going her seperate way- singing with her guitar near the water. This was a nice moment - she has a lovely voice. This adventure rebuilds Jake and Jade's relationship back together.

Maddie, the youngest... she is so adorable and youthfully enthusiastic from the start... she makes everything fun!

I caution family viewing due to the violence mentioned above and the graphic showing of skeletal remains, which may be too scary for young viewers. Also, young viewers may not understand all the details of the Indians and their golden image.

The greatest lesson, however, in this film is... for Dana and her three children, all that is important to them is each other. The value and preciousness of life and their family, is more important than any gold.

See or Skip:

See, if you enjoy Indian Jones Style Adventures, but please read the review above. I think the violence might be too intense for younger children.


*Secrets of the Mountain -  Available on DVD


  1. At least from the stills,it looks like it will be an exciting family movie to watch.Something rare for television.Yes,it is reminiscent of Indiana Jones

  2. Seems like a fun and amused family to watch..i sure want to see it::))
    you can have it here also:

    Yes it seems Indiana Jones type movie, but i like it anyway...


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