Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Before You Say I Do


Before You Say I Do

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: February 14, 2009


David Sutcliffe ... George Murray
Jennifer Westfeldt ... Jane Gardner
Lauren Holly ... Mary Brown
Brad Borbridge ... Harvey Blinton
Jeff Roop ... Doug
John Boylan ... Mr. Johnson
Brandon Firla ... Jack Harrington


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from Hallmark:

When the love of his life is too afraid to commit to
marriage, a desperate man’s wish will send him back ten
years to try again. With no time to spare, he will have to
rework history in order to ensure his future with the
woman he’s destined to be with.

Daylight savings time isn’t a big deal to George Muray (David Sutcliffe) after he sets time back ten years. When it comes to love, George is about to realize it’s all about timing. His girlfriend, Jane Gardner (Jennifer Westfeldt), can’t bring herself to marry again after Doug, her first husband, broke her heart. Desperate, George wishes he had met Jane before she married Doug, and the next thing he knows, he’s exactly there: Ten years earlier and just a few days before Doug and Jane’s wedding.

In a situation when every second counts, George has to rework some history in order to make sure Jane ends up with him and doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Jennifer Westfeldt and Lauren Holly costar in the time-twisting romantic comedy.

Before you Say I Do

Before you Say I Do

Movie Review:
I wasn’t sure about this one when I saw the promo of.. The guy going back in time to “get the the Girl” but I couldn’t help myself from instantly liking it. Maybe it was the characters or their witty conversations! I was laughing so hard… especially at how different life was in 1999 when George Murray went back in time to try to capture the woman who he knew was the love of his life, Jane.

There are a few cautions with this one, however. Jane’s friend, Mary, although misguided and laughable in her future predictions, often says things about being psychic. This didn’t bother me much due to the fact that she was very wrong in her ideas. Also, there are no sexual situations but an unmarried couple does fall asleep next to one another twice. There is a mention, however, that Jane’s first husband had a fling with the wedding planner.

Children will probably not be entertained with this one… and I don’t recommend this one for them. However, if you ever loved Back to the Future, Bridal Fever, or Father of the Bride… then this is the kind of movie you should easily love!

The best part of the movie is when George Murray and Mary are trying to catch Jane’s first husband in the act of cheating… but he overhears them and does not follow through with the fling as planned and George is perplexed as to why things didn’t replay now as they had in the past and Mary simply says – “Maybe he’s from farther in the future than you.” This line is so hilarious – I was laughing out loud so hard! The casting was great – the writing was superb! I loved it! Hopefully, you will, too!

See or Skip: See! It's a perfectly sweet Romantic Comedy!

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