Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beethoven's Big Break


Beethoven's Big Break:
Movie features an all-star cast, including Jonathan Silverman (Weekend At Bernies), Rhea Perlman (Cheers), Moises Arias (Hannah Montana), Stephen Tobolowsky (Heroes), Oscar Nunez (The Office), Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), Joey Fatone (N'Sync) and Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother).


Jonathan Silverman ... Eddie
Moises Arias ... Billy
Beethoven ... as Himself
Jennifer Finnigan ... Lisa
Rhea Perlman ... Patricia
Stephen Tobolowsky ... Sal
Eddie Griffin ... Stanley
Oscar Nuñez ... Tick
Joey Fatone ... Bones
Maria Ford ... Angry Neighbor
Stefanie Scott ... Katie
Kathleen LaGue ... Alice Newton (voice)
Adam Vernier ... Marco
Briana Vega ... Theatre Worker
Cesar Millan ... The Dog Whisperer



from DVD cover-

Although animal handler Eddie (Silverman) works with lots of creatures, he has a strict NO PETS ALLOWED policy and won't let his son Billy keep adorable stray dog Beethoven and his family of puppies. But when dog-nappers steal the canine star of the movie Eddie's working on, the studio big shots must quickly find a replacement and unexpectedly cast the lumbering canine as their next big star. Through his rambunctious antics and larger-than-life personality, Beethoven not only crashes into Hollywood but into Eddie's heart as well.



Movie Review:

I have seen the other Beethoven Movies and this one... I believe, is by far, the Best! I liked all of the main characters... Jonathan Silverman, Jennifer Finnigan (Jonathon's wife in real-life), and Moises Arias. I remember Jonathan Silverman all the way back to the Gimme a Break days when he played the smart nerd who dated the middle daughter on the show. Moises Arias is perfect to play his son as he is quirky and fun - much like Jonathon's characters always are!

Like the other Beethoven Movies, this one is also family friendly and should be okay for children of all ages. Beethoven is missing for a time - but rest assured he is found! There is also a conversation between father and son about missing the mother who passed away years ago.

Most of the movie is fast-paced and fun. I enjoyed watching Eddie grow in many of his relationships... with his son, Billy, his co-worker and new friend, Lisa, and Beethoven, the dog!

See or Skip:
See... with your family!

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