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Friday, July 5, 2024

⛄ Christmas in July Cools Summer Off ☀️ Plus, Great American Family Actress Reveals New Look For New Movie Role 🎬 SEE HERE:

Whether you're on vacation or at home, I hope you are all enjoying this extended holiday weekend following the 4th of July!

Christmas in July continues throughout the weekend on Great American Family, the Hallmark Channel, and the Cowboy Way Channel!

Here is your weekend Christmas TV Schedule:

Saturday, July 6, 2024:

Destined 2: Christmas Once More ... Great American Family ... 12am
Christmas Crush ... Great American Family ... 2am
A Christmas Wish in Hudson ... Great American Family ... 4am
Christmas Angel ... Great American Family ... 6am
It's Christmas, Eve ... Hallmark Channel ... 6am
A Royal Christmas on Ice ... Great American Family ... 8am
Hats Off to Christmas! ... Great American Family ... 10am
Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up ... Hallmark Channel ... 10am
Crown Prince of Christmas ... Great American Family ... 12pm
My Christmas Family Tree ... Hallmark Channel ... 12pm
My Favorite Christmas Tree ... Great American Family ... 2pm
Magic in Mistletoe ... Hallmark Channel ... 2pm
A Dash of Christmas ... Great American Family ... 4pm
Write Before Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 4pm
A Christmas Miracle for Daisy ... Great American Family ... 6pm
One Royal Holiday ... Hallmark Channel ... 6pm
A Royal Date for Christmas ... Great American Family ... 8pm
Three Wise Men and a Baby: Extended Cut ... Hallmark Channel ... 8pm *Bonus Scenes
Peppermint & Postcards ... Great American Family ... 10pm
Everything Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 10:15pm

Sunday, July 7, 2024:

Journey to Christmas ... Great American Family ... 12am
Destined at Christmas ... Great American Family ... 2am
A Christmas... Present ... Great American Family ... 4am
A Royal Christmas Crush ... Hallmark Channel ... 4:09am
The Jingle Bell Jubilee ... Great American Family ... 6am
Christmas in Tahoe ... Hallmark Channel ... 6am
'Twas the Text Before Christmas ... Great American Family ... 8am
Snow Bride ... Hallmark Channel ... 8am
Santa, Maybe ... Great American Family ... 10am
A Kiss Before Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 10am
Designing Christmas with You ... Great American Family ... 12pm
Letters to Santa ... Hallmark Channel ... 12pm
Christmas on Candy Cane Lane ... Great American Family ... 2pm
Take Me Back for Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 2pm
Joy for Christmas ... Great American Family ... 4pm
Mystery on Mistletoe Lane ... Hallmark Channel ... 4pm
Christmas on Windmill Way ... Great American Family ... 6pm
A Merry Scottish Christmas ... Hallmark Channel ... 6pm
Christmas in the Smokies ... Cowboy Way Channel ... 6pm
A Paris Christmas Waltz ... Great American Family ... 8pm
To All a Good Night ... Hallmark Channel ... 8pm
Christmas in the Pines ... Cowboy Way Channel ... 8pm
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe ... Great American Family ... 10pm
Miracle in Bethlehem, PA ... Hallmark Channel ... 10pm


Saturday, July 6, 2024:

Three Wise Men and a Baby:
Extended Cut

Storyline: Three brothers (Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, and Andrew Walker) get the surprise of their lives when they are forced to work together to care for a baby over the holidays.

Three Wise Men and a Baby:
Extended Cut
Premieres Saturday, July 6, 2024
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel



Jen Lilley shared an exciting new Instagram post with her followers on the Fourth of July with great movie news!

Jen has been cast in a new movie as a supporting cast member. She shared that she would have sisters in the film with brunette-colored hair, so Jen offered to dye her hair for this role to match them.

Previously, Jen Lilley had dark hair in the Hallmark movies: Harvest Love, Mingle All the Way, Winter Love Story, etc...

However, Jen has been blonde in recent years in several films, including USS Christmas, Royally Wrapped for Christmas, B&B Merry, A Paris Christmas Waltz, and so on!

Here's Jen Lilley's big hair reveal...

(click image below to play video)

*Note: Jen did not say who she was filming this movie for; however, Great American Family also shared Jen Lilley's news in their IG stories, so I'm feeling somewhat optimistic that she is working with them once again.

However, Actor Jesse Hutch revealed that he is producing this unknown movie with Third Coast Film and True Brand Entertainment, who is known for their films on UPtv, The Engagement Plot and Just Jake.

As we await more news, I'm also wondering who will portray Jen's brunette sisters in this ensemble cast. Laura Osnes is one of the names that came to my mind, but I want to hear your guesses, too! Please share in comments below!

Also, be sure to catch Jen Lilley in an encore showing of A Paris Christmas Waltz Sunday night on Great American Family.


POstables, are you getting excited?

We are now officially ONE WEEK AWAY from the new premiere of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: A Tale of Three Letters" on Hallmark Mystery - Friday, July 12th!!!

We've been waiting for such a long time for this next delivery. The last Signed, Sealed, Delivered movie, Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Have Made aired on October 17, 2021.

If you need to catch up on any of the movies, then check out my chronological listings of the SSD series *here*. The DVD links will also give you streaming options.


To All... A Good Weekend!

The movie "To All a Good Night" will premiere for the first time on the Hallmark Channel Sunday night.

For those of you who are traveling or setting off your own fireworks this weekend, please be safe.

And for those of you binge-watching the Christmas in July movies...
Happy movie-watching!

See the Christmas TV Schedule for more movies airing during Christmas in July!

Blessings to you all,


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 and where the Spirit of the Lord is, 
 there is freedom.
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  1. All these movie repeats are boring.

    For those of you who haven't seen To All A Good Night previously shown on HMM imo it's well worth a watch - Florence

    1. Repeats aren't boring to those who want to rewatch them, or for the 1st time. -Maria

  2. Heather Vogel Frederick -
    A Little Women Christmas

    A cherished holiday scene from a beloved classic comes to life in this festive, cozy picture book homage to Little Women.

    It’s almost Christmas, and Jo March is determined that this year, unlike the last, there will be presents. It is in this spirit that she and her dear friend Laurie build a snow maiden for poor, sick Beth. The next day, Beth is thrilled with her present, and each of the girls, in turn, receives a little something from the others. But the best gift of all arrives when Papa, who has been away at war and ill, makes a surprise return home for Christmas dinner.

    With a timeless message of goodwill and giving and stunning painted artwork, A Little Women Christmasmakes a perfect gift for fans of Louisa May Alcott’s literary treasure as well as for anyone who appreciates the true meaning of Christmas.

  3. I heard the news last night as well!! :))

    This will be a fun weekend of rewatching old favorites. -Maria

  4. Christmas in July Takeover
    July 1-7, 2024

    Streaming all day on SamsungTVPlus

    On The Dove Channel Instagram

    Look like Marcus Rosner with an actress

  5. Wow! GAF is giving us lots of exciting announcements and teasers! I was shocked when I read the promo for a 2nd Candace Cameron Bure Christmas movie....and that it is with Cameron Mathison! I think they will be wonderful together! I am also super excited to hear more about Little Women Christmas. Jen said something about it being an ensemble cast with lots of big names. Laura Osnes commented "sister, sister" to her post so I am hoping Laura is also in it. My other two guesses are Danica and Shae. I wonder if we will have some big name male stars too? It doesn't sound like Jen Lilley has been given a starring role in a Christmas movie yet on GAF. We need to let GAF know that we want a Jen Lilley Christmas movie! She is a class act and one of my favorites! I would love for her to become the spokesperson for Great American Pure Flix and to be given more movie roles on GAF. Jen's posts are always so positive and full of faith. She is the perfect fit for Great American Family and I want her to keep making movies for GAF!
    Happy Christmas in July!

    1. Gena, Thank you for your lovely, enthusiastic comment! I love your amazing support of Great American Family.

      I'm also hoping that Jen's movie project is "Little Women Christmas;" however, Laura Osnes and Bethany Joy Lenz have also been working on a series called "The Fisher Sisters," so it's possible Jen could also be connected with this. I'm really curious at this point and can't wait to hear more!!! :)

      I also keep hoping we will see Jen Lilley create more movies with GAF! You described her so perfectly.

      Blessings to you & Happy Christmas in July! Net

  6. When Jen Lilly was on Days of Our Lives her hair was darker than it has been in some of her movies.

  7. The Dove Channel

    Christmas in July

    4pm on Fridays
    8pm on Weekends

  8. Wow! Jen Lilley looks great as a brunette. Very cute.

  9. Is there another Christmas movie called Christmasland this year 2024

    Christmasland was already filmed a long ago

    Starring Nikki DeLoach & Luke McFarlane

    Christmasland 2

  10. I love Jen as a brunette! I agree with others, hoping she will lead a Christmas movie this season. Since she mentioned she will have sisters, is her movie “Little Women”? I know I read that book in junior high or high school but I don’t remember anything about it. And I am so so excited about the new Signed, Sealed & Delivered” movie! I cannot wait, but I feel a little sad as well because I know I will be left with wanting more movies from the postables πŸ₯² who knows….maybe they have plans to make more after this one?

    1. Paula, "Little Women Christmas" has been my guess, as well, but we'll see! I'm a little uncertain since Jesse Hutch mentioned the movie is with True Brand Entertainment, and they've had a contract with UPtv in the past, but I'm still hoping whatever Jen's project is - it will end up on Great American Family.

      As for "Signed, Sealed & Delivered," after this movie airs, we know they already filmed another movie titled: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Moon and Back" and Hallmark has announced that this movie will air next year in 2025! After that, who knows???

      "To the Moon and Back" storyline: As The POstables all face exciting life changes, their latest investigation takes them on a road trip to not only find the recipient of a lost letter, but to track down a rock star who holds the keys.

      Have a great weekend! Net

    2. Thank you Net for the info on our beloved postables! So exciting 😊

  11. So, so, so very excited about the new Signed, Sealed, Delivered movie next week!!! It truly feels like the delivery of a lost letter we've been awaiting for such a long while.

    1. e.t.m. Thank you for sharing your SSD excitement!!! We're getting closer!!! :)

  12. What movies are you looking forward seeing this weekend?

  13. I think that Christmas in July is a great thing to see especially how hot places are like in the west where the temperature outside is 127 to 130

  14. Still watching Three Wise Men and a Baby right now, but was surprised to see the grocery store scene. The 2 Brothers are walking through with the baby and a girl walks by and congratulates them on their sweet family...didn't think I saw anyone mention that in the reviews. Maybe it's only in the extended cut?

    1. Anon, Thank you for sharing this info from the extended cut. I don't recall that scene in the original either.

  15. The 3 Wise Men & a Baby: The Extended Cut is only 1 hour 15 minutes

    I notice there’s corgi

    Luke visits Sophie who wants to see baby Thomas who brought him a baby ornament - none of them to have deleted scenes before 1 year later

  16. For those interested in 90's Con FL, Thats4Ent is announcing a huge new celeb guest tomorrow night on E! News's nightly broadcast. It's someone who has never been to a convention before. -Maria

  17. Hallmark has an upcoming panel at the TCA Summer press tour (starts on Wednesday). Will be interesting to hear what they have to say. -Maria

    1. Yes! The TCA's are always exciting - filled with lots of surprises! :)

      I imagine there will be details on Summer Nights, Mysteries, the new series, "The Chicken Sisters," and of course, Christmas movie announcements!

    2. Likely it will be all the stuff we already know like it was for Jan TCA. They didn't say 1 thing I didn't know was already filming and they promoted the heck out of the way back show. So I am sure this will be nothing new. I remember many years ago there would be real surprises. I am sure they will have 65 new christmas movies, the most for any channel ever and thats what they seem to go for. And we will have another movie like Secret Gift of Christmas that was a copy of A Gift Wrapped Christmas.

  18. I’ll be deleting the extended cut of Three Wise Men and a Baby and sticking to my dvd of the original presentation. I just read this on tvinsider website where they list all the slight differences in the extended version: --- “One of the movie’s iconic scenes is the one in which Stephan and Taylor brave a superstore to buy Thomas diapers. However, the extended edition adds in a completely new scene in which the pair is mistakenly identified as a gay couple by a fellow shopper who Taylor was attempting to hit on.” ---
    In my opinion, that scene has Paul Campbell’s name written all over it; and thankfully someone cut it out in the original movie. The other 4-5 briefly extended scenes sound like they’re not objectionable, but they also don’t sound like they add anything important to the movie. ~~Jane

    1. Would you believe that the moment I heard of an extended cut last year, I thought 'oh great, who wants to be there's a missing gay scene?'!

      I really don't like being right about things like this. -Maria

    2. Jane, I have a feeling you've hit the nail on the head with PC being responsible for this. It's surprising these days, though, that they cut it from the original. Wonder if they will add more stuff like this in the sequel.

  19. What’s the ratings for “The Three Wise Men & a Baby: Extended Cut?”

  20. Current news from Hallmark's TCA panel:

    Hallmark Movies Now will be rebranded to Hallmark+, an actual streaming service, this September. If the 80 bucks a year price tag doesn't scare you away, they have their first male POV movie trilogy called The Groomsmen coming, along with Holidazed and reality shows hosted by Jonathon Bennett, Ashley Williams and Lacey Chabert!



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