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Monday, May 20, 2024

🎬 UPtv's June 2024 Movie Premieres - - SEE HERE:

UPtv is showing four rom-com movies in their schedule for June, 2024.

Please be sure to read the reviews for the first three movies below.

May The Best Wedding Win

Premiere Date: June 2, 2024

Storyline: When Tiffany’s fiancΓ©e calls off their wedding, she is heartbroken – that her dream wedding is off! After her frenemy snaps up the bookings for her own wedding, Tiffany hires an actor to be her groom.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’ Reel One's May the Best Wedding Win is not clean (gay man and his 'lover') and is honestly really stupid and annoying. (on Peacock). -Maria

πŸ’ Sadly have to agree - this movie is one big waste of time. One of the weakest ROE movies I have ever watched - Florence

πŸ’ Read more reviews for "May The Best Wedding Win" at Amazon - here.


The Wedding Rule

Premiere Date: June 9, 2024

Storyline: Former childhood friends are bequeathed a restaurant on one condition: they must be married to claim the inheritance. Both being single, the race is on to find the “one”.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’ "The Wedding Rule" from Reel One (Peacock streaming) – not family-friendly. Around 20 minutes in, a barista behaves like a silly middle school girl to convey his homosexual attraction to the uninterested male lead, even writing a heart and his phone number on the coffee cup. We see him fawning in a couple more scenes. Then, some language is tossed in: playing pin the tail on the donkey at a speed dating event, the two leads joke about being bad*** and jack***; later she exclaims "d*** it" when he correctly guesses a secret ingredient. There's also a scene with the male lead in nothing but a towel.

Beyond the disappointing content, the movie just didn't draw me in, hitting neither a particularly sweet nor fun note. I was game for an unrealistic plot, but the whole marry-a-stranger-in-3-weeks never even got believable traction in the script. Feels like this one should have sped straight to marry-each-other-to-save-the-restaurant-then-grow-to-realize-it's-actually-for-real as the bulk of the movie. Overall, it left me bummed about the squandered talent. Oh well! ~Alicia

πŸ’ Alicia, I actually quite liked this but then I particularly like Dennis Andres although certainly it's one of those where you have to suspend belief but there wasn't enough "unfriendly" content to spoil it for me.

The scene where Max had a bare chest was nothing you wouldn't see on a beach anywhere and the towel completely covered his lower half.

Not that it would have changed your opinion of the story line but you were unfortunate to watch it on Peacock.

I saw it through UP Faith & Family and they had done a bit of editing - taken out bad language and there was no scene where the barista wrote his phone number on the coffee cup for Max - Florence

πŸ’ Read more reviews for "The Wedding Rule" at Amazon - here.


A Match for the Prince

Premiere Date: June 16, 2024

Storyline: An acclaimed medieval romance novelist is hired to be a matchmaker for a real-life prince in a desperate attempt to find true love before the fixed royal wedding date.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’ Reel One's A Match for the Prince is clean. (streaming on Peacock). -Maria

πŸ’ Read more reviews for "A Match for the Prince" at Amazon - here.


Discovering Love

Premiere Date: June 23, 2024

Storyline: An archeology professor must team up with a dig-first-ask-questions-later treasure hunter to find the long lost crown of Helen of Troy.


Please comment below if you'd like to share your thoughts on the UPtv June premieres.

Hopefully, the return of movies in June will mean we will see more movies on UPtv throughout the Summer.

Enjoy your next movie night!
Net 🎬


  1. Glad to be of service for reviewing the 1st 3 movies! (just wish the 1st 2 weren't dirty).

    That 4th movie sounds really good. -Maria

  2. Apologies about the misspell, I only reviewed movies 1 and 3. Just got a bit excited about seeing my reviews posted. -Maria

  3. I was expecting the first three movies to show up the main UP channel.

    It will obviously be the cleaned up version of The Wedding Rule.

    I will be very interested to hear what anyone else makes of May The Best Wedding Win.

    A Match For The Prince is okay for a one time watch.

    I found the male lead unbelievable and credibility is stretched particularly for the ending but Paniz Zade is fine and there was a certain chemistry between them.

    The interesting one here is Discovering Love - I can't find out anything about this. Nothing on IMDb, just the same short synopsis as above on UP's website, ditto for Rotten Tomatoes.

    If it originally had a different name IMDb would usually have picked this up - Florence

  4. Hi Net,

    Well this is a disappointing month of movies! I am definitely going to skip the first two. I will watch the last two. Thank you Maria for sharing your reviews. I don't understand what is happening with UPTV. I thought they were supposed to be a proponent of clean, uplifting, family friendly movies?

    1. They'll probably edit out the inappropriate stuff. And IMO, even if the 1st movie didn't have that scene where the best friend introduces his 'husband', it would still be an annoying movie. -Maria

  5. It's disappointing to see UpTV having non family-friendly movies, when they also have their UpTV Faith ones. I think I will pass on those this time and enjoy some older ones.

  6. Discovering Love stars Liliana Tandon and Tim Rogan.

    It is from Automatic Entertainment which seems to be a relatively new company based in Los Angeles and is described as Romance.

    It will be the first movie of theirs which I will have seen.

    Hopefully it will be a good watch - it is great to see a brand new movie being aired - well done UPtv.


  7. Key art for UPtv's new June movie, "Discovering Love," has been added to the post above! ^^


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