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Friday, May 10, 2024

*Breaking News!* Hallmark Makes "When Calls the Heart" Season 12 Official 🎬 Details Here:

It's official, Hearties! The Valley Voice has the scoop! I'm sure this is headline news Rosemary Coulter would love to deliver to her readers... "When Calls the Heart" will return for Season 12 on the Hallmark Channel!

Hallmark Media made a statement today through Entertainment Tonight, revealing what we had already anticipated. (see post from yesterday)

ET is reporting... "When Calls the Heart fans will be getting to spend even more time with the residents of Hope Valley! ET can exclusively announce that the celebrated Hallmark Channel romantic drama has been renewed for season 12. The exciting news comes just over a month after season 11 kicked off on April 7."

According to the article, this all-new season will also have 12 episodes, which has been the series' normal episode run since 2021. Production will begin in July.

Hallmark's press release states, "With more stories to tell in Hope Valley, season 12 will continue with themes about family, community, and of course romance as we move further into the 1920s."

I'm hoping Hope Valley will remain a peaceful, joyful place for viewers and families to come together - for one simple hour of wholesome viewing and enjoyment on Sunday evenings.

From my heart to yours...
Net 🎬


  1. Yay, WCTH: Season 12 has been renewed

  2. Pass. Go back to when E and L were getting married and either get rid of Nathan or give him someone to love. -Maria

    1. I have to agree with you, Maria. There is nothing wrong with Nathan, yet both his and Elizabeth's scenes together feel forced, they both come off as giddy schoolkids, then a future husband and wife.

  3. It’s nice to see this renewal news is official. I wonder if they were planning to announce today or if Production Weekly made them put this news out early? Either way, I’m excited we have this good news to celebrate and I’m happy we will have more episodes of WCTH to look forward to on Sunday nights next year.

  4. I love hearing this news. For me, I don't get caught up so much in the who's dating who stuff. I just love that sense of sweet innocent joy the show still gives me especially when I hear the theme song a few minutes into the show. That intro theme touches my heart every time I hear it.

  5. I expected a renewal but I’m continually surprised at how they really don’t seem to care how weird Elizabeth appears. She’s giving Nathan dazed, vapid looks that are supposed to be loving, yet still inserting herself into Lucas’ life, advising him on what he should and shouldn’t do about chocolate bunnies for the kids, all while mocking him for “putting her on a pedestal” with her bestie, when she has always been the sort of woman who behaves as if she fully expects to be put on a pedestal. What is this show? Hope Valley: Junior High? You would never have been able to convince me in the heyday of this show that it would come to this. And don’t even get me started on an Easter episode that had NOTHING in it relating to the true meaning of Easter: the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. “Christian” show, indeed.


    1. Joyce in CarolinaSaturday, May 11, 2024

      Rebecca, thank you! I totally agree with all you said!!

    2. Very well said Rebecca about Christ our Savior and for me personally I would have preferred if they didn't have an Easter episode if that is all it was going to be.

      Now as for Elizabeth and Lucas you can clearly see Lucas loves her and with his comment to Nathen about wanting her to be happy too.

      Nathan in my opinion it looks and feels more like he likes the chase over really loving Elizabeth.

      It truly feels like Nathan and Elizabeth's relationship is puppy love over a true relationship and that is why it is infuriating because if you really want E and N to end up together their relationship has to mature, over being a school crush.

      So even though I think E and L look and make more sense that clearly isn't the direction Hallmark is going with, so E needs to stop spending time with L or L needs to be written off the show. Maybe have him take a bullet for E and then she can be with the other guy.

    3. Rebecca, Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I, too, have expressed how deeply disappointed I was that the "When Calls the Heart" Easter episode lacked any reference or mention of faith.

      At the very least, they could've shown the cast going to church or singing a hymn. It was a huge miss in my opinion, as well, while way too much time was spent on egg coloring. Mike Hickam even said at one point, something to the effect of - What does Easter have to do with eggs and chocolate bunnies? To that I think I shouted back at the TV - Nothing! And I was hoping we might get the real meaning then, but nope, nothing was said about our Savior and Resurrection Sunday.

      In this latest episode, we see Joseph supposedly working on his sermon, but instead it was a letter to his brother, with whom he is currently estranged. I was hoping for more depth to the story there, but instead nothing else was mentioned regarding that. We never see Joseph preach or the people attend church any more, which is rather sad. I miss that part of the story very much.

      Blessings, Net

  6. Woohoo!!! I've been hoping for an early renewal! I love this show and the special characters so much! To me, every year the characters get better and grow deeper and it's so nice to have a clean show to watch and enjoy.

    And I loved what you did Net with the "Scoop." And with Rosemary.


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