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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

🌟 THREE Family-Friendly CHRISTMAS MOVIES You Must-See, if you haven’t already! 🌟

Christmas Movies will be returning to our TV's soon in full force - around the clock. Recently, I re-watched THREE Christmas movies from the past:

Christmas Manger, 
Wish for Christmas, 
and Christmas Jars!

After doing so, I must wholeheartedly recommend ALL THREE to my friends here! You may want to look for these movies on TV throughout the busy Christmas movie season, or get a copy on DVD or watch via streaming. (By the way, I have information on DVD and Streaming Video options for each movie in this post!)

If your like me and enjoy an inspirational movie that tells the true story of Christmas, or pulls at your heart strings, then you’ll want to see ALL THREE of these wonderful Christmas movies!

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See details on each movie below…

Christmas Manger –

Starring: Andrea Logan White, Steve J. Young, Randy Wayne, Taylor Bedford, Graham Schneider, and Tara Reid

Story-line: Fleeing an abusive relationship, Jessica is reunited with her estranged foster father, "Chap," a rough-around-the-edges rancher. With the help of a handsome neighbor, the group learns to trust again and discovers that there is hope and healing at the manger.

My Take: This is such a heartwarming movie – about an abused woman, Jessica, with two children, who moves back to the only secure home she's ever known, with her former foster father, Chap. Right away, there are obvious hurts from the past that may take time to heal. Jessica's daughter, Cassidy, will instantly capture your heart with her childlike innoncence and eager capacity to love and know more about the Christmas Manger story. She adopts Chap as her Grandpa and convinces him to not only build a Manger, but the entire Inn and town in Bethlehem. Can they convince Spencer, Jessica's teenage son, to help with the big project? In the meantime, Cassidy and Spencer's abusive father is looking for them. Will they be safe with Chap on his ranch this Christmas or will they have to run away - again?

This Pureflix movie will surely inspire your Christmas spirit. The story is a wonderful telling of the first Christmas and the beauty of family, by blood or chosen in the heart.

”Christmas Manger” is available at on DVD at Amazon

5 Movie Collection available on DVD at Amazon

Prime Video Streaming – Amazon

Wish for Christmas –

Starring: Joey Lawrence, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Anna Fricks, and Bill Engvall

Story-line: When a high school senior finds out from her parents that she has to miss the town's winter dance to attend Christmas Eve service at church, she successfully wishes their faith away, bringing disastrous consequences to her family and community.

My Take: This powerful story in “Wish for Christmas” shows what Christmas would be like, if there was no celebration of Christ’s birth during the holiday season when a selfish teenager, Anna MacLaren, gets her Christmas wish.

This element of the story, when Anna gets her wish, has an ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ feel to it. In the same way that George Bailey gets to experience Bedford Falls if he had never been born, Anna MacLaren gets the opportunity to experience Christmas without Christ.

There is a wonderful, impactful message in this film about how different our lives would be without the love of Jesus. When the celebrations and Christmas decorations that honor Jesus’ birth are suddenly gone and the light that was once there is now dark, Anna suddenly feels cold and empty without Jesus in her life. Is there a way for Anna to have her wish reversed and bring the true Joy and meaning of Christmas back?

“Wish for Christmas” will inspire you to embrace the first Christmas and remind you how the significance of Christ's birth touches everything we do throughout the Christmas season and every day of our lives.

This Pureflix movie is ideal for family viewing!

”Wish for Christmas” is available alone on DVD - Amazon

5 Movie Collection available on DVD - Amazon

Prime Video Streaming - Amazon 

Christmas Jars –

Starring: Jeni Ross, Markian Tarasiuk, Tara Yelland, Zerha Leverman and Ron Lea

Story-line: Based on the New York Times best-selling novel by Jason F. Wright. Hope is an aspiring reporter who has had her fair share of tragedy in life. Abandoned at birth, she's grieving the recent death of her adopted mother when her apartment is burglarized of all her possessions.

While reporting the burglary to the police, Hope discovers a jar full of money, labeled "Christmas Jar." Shocked and grateful for this act of kindness, Hope discovers that people all over her hometown of Columbus, Ohio have been receiving Christmas Jars for years during times of need. The jars are always anonymous and always contain different amounts. In this heartwarming Christmas classic, Hope goes undercover to discover the secret behind the Christmas jars, putting into motion a series of events that will change her life, and her community, forever.

My Take: When this movie premiered on BYU last Christmas (2019), I really didn’t know what to expect. Some of the past holiday movies I’ve seen on that network, have been lighthearted and wholesome, in a sweet simple way, so I wasn’t anticipating this incredible drama.

The acting in "Christmas Jars" was excellent and the story-line was deep and full of intrigue. The beginning of the movie, I admit, starts off rather sad and slow, so please prepare yourself for that, and there’s a bit of office silliness that’s surely meant to add a little comic relief, but for me, the story truly picks up around the secret of the Christmas Jars, and trust me, you’ll be completely taken in by that mystery! Reporter Hope Jensen is determined to discover who gives out the Christmas Jars each holiday and why– which leads to even more fascinating revelations and potential romance! Will revealing the true identity of the Christmas Jars giver, jeopardize Hope’s longing for love, family and friendship?

This heartwarming movie will not only warm your heart, it will bring tears to your eyes. It ended up being one of my absolute favorites from 2019!

"Christmas Jars" is available on DVD at Amazon
(By the way, I just checked the price and it's a lot more reasonable than it was previously.)

Prime Video Streaming - Amazon

I sincerely hope you'll enjoy these Christmas movies as much as I have. If you've seen any of these movies above, I would love to know your thoughts on them.

Also, if you have a family-friendly Christmas movie (old or new) to suggest - please share in comments below.

Joyous Christmas Blessings! Net


  1. Totally agree with you Net. Three very good movies with the true meaning of Christmas. I already have all 3 DVDs.

  2. Thanks so much Net! I had been waiting for Christmas Jars to come down in price. Just placed my order for all of them on Amazon. So excited!

  3. Ordered a second copy of Christmas Jars for my best friend. She loves this type of movie too. Blessings to you Net! Thanks again!

  4. Thank you...again for your gift of words and love of a good story. I’ve added all these as have only seen one.

  5. Thanks for your recommendations. I am going to look for these movies.

  6. Thank you for providing us with family entertainment with meaning!


  7. I haven't seen any of these movies, but since you're recommending them Net I know they must be good. Your reviews are great. Thanks for all you do, you're my number 1 resource for movies.


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