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Thursday, May 11, 2023

🎬 ♪ Movie Review: My Take on "Just Jake" - the UPtv Movie Starring Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes 🎸♪ SEE HERE ►►

I recently had the pleasure of screening the charming, new romantic comedy, "Just Jake," which will premiere on UPtv this month on Sunday, May 21st.

I’ll give you a basic synopsis of the movie below, starring Brittany Bristow (Christmas Next Door, A Royal Seaside Romance) and Rob Mayes (Sweet on You, 5,000 Blankets); plus, I'll share my take on "Just Jake" - with (I'll do my best) no spoilers!

Story details...

Jake (Rob Mayes) left town years ago to pursue his singing career, while Amber (Brittany Bristow), his first love, remained in their hometown and built her life around her family and community while running her own coffee shop and teaching guitar.

When Jake has some trouble with his recording label and has no one to turn to in the big city, his best friend since childhood and manager, Tommy, brings him back to their hometown. The question is… can one truly come home again?

Amber's family and most of the people in their small town are warm and welcoming to Jake. You can easily see they are a close-knit family and community that loves God and reaching out to others in need. Amber attempts to welcome Jake back, as well, while trying to guard her heart, that may still be broken.

Even though some of the townspeople are fans who are fixated on Jake’s fame and popularity, you can still feel the love of old friends and their hometown pride in their small-town boy who has become famous in the country music industry.

My take...

Brittany Bristow portrays the likable girl-next-door sort of character so well, while Rob Mayes is well-suited for the role of the withdrawn country music star who is gradually acclimating himself back into small-town life and being surrounded by friends who truly care about him.

From singing to guitar playing, all of the music in the movie, Just Jake, is fantastic, including country, gospel, and a show tune! And while most of the singing is focused on Jake, who has a soothing, soulful country voice, my favorite musical moment in the movie is a scene where Amber (Brittany Bristow) sings alone. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say… it is a beautiful, heartfelt song of faith that marks a pivotal turning point in the hearts of both Amber and Jake, who are learning to trust again.

There’s also a fun talent show near the film’s end that is filled with delightful surprises. You may also recognize some familiar faces in the church/audience scenes, including Producer Brian Bird (“When Calls the Heart” and “When Hope Calls”), who is one of the producers of this film.

“Just Jake” was filmed at a coffee shop called Coff33, Valor Christian High School, Novo Barbers, Plum Creek Church, and other locations in Colorado. This movie is a wonderful addition, in my opinion, to the True Brand Entertainment family of films, which includes “The Engagement Plot” and “The Happy Camper.”

By the movie's end, I only wish we could’ve heard Jake (Rob Mayes) perform even more songs. He and Brittany Bristow are wonderful in their roles; they have such a natural, genuine chemistry together on screen. It was also easy to see their authentic love of music in real-life shine through.

As the credits roll, your spirit will surely be uplifted, as mine was, and the movie may leave you humming a tune or two.

“Just Jake” is an inspirational, family-friendly film all ages can enjoy!

Where you can watch “Just Jake”:

You can currently stream “Just Jake” on UP Faith & Family.

“Just Jake” will premiere on TV - Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 7pm/6c, on UPtv.

There are also encore airings of “Just Jake” on UPtv - Sunday, May 21st, at 11pm/10c and Sunday, May 28th at 3pm/2c.

Be sure to set your DVR now for “Just Jake” or mark it on your calendar.

Happy movie-watching, everyone!
Blessings, Net

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this! -Maria

  2. OT: The CW announced today that they'll also be bringing CTV's 'The Spencer Sisters' to their lineup this fall as well.

    It's about a mother/daughter detective duo, I've sort of heard about it, and it sounds like a pretty good show! -Maria

  3. Thank you, I will make sure to watch this, soon. I've been wandering about it. I've been binge watching an old crime show, so haven't watched as many movies lately, so will now make it a priority

  4. Wow, this sounds absolutely all-around wonderful! Thanks for your thoughts on the movie, Net, super appreciated… Let’s hope it gets great viewing numbers, we need to support quality family and faith films!

  5. Sounds like a good one--looking forward to seeing it someday!


  6. Hi Net! I was already looking forward to this movie and now I REALLY can't wait to see it! I am a huge fan of both Brittany and Rob. Thanks for the lovely review. Happy Friday.

  7. Alicia, Denise, and Joan,

    Thank you ladies for your responses. So glad I could screen this and let you know how much I enjoyed this movie.

    I also received a sweet message from Rob Mayes on Twitter thanking me for this (and I quote) "amazing review"!! (Now I'm loving it even more!!!)

    Hope you all will enjoy "Just Jake" as much as I did. :)

    Blessings! Net

    1. How cool! That is wonderful to hear Rob took the time to post that sweet message to you. :-)

  8. My husband and I both enjoyed watching this movie. The story was nice and the music was lovely. Thanks so much Net for posting your review.

  9. Loved this movie! Brittany blew me away with her singing, great chemistry by all! ~Susan Ann


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