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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

❤️️🎸 UPtv's NEW MAY 2023 TV Movie Premieres with Brittany Bristow, Rob Mayes, and More 🎸❤️️ SEE HERE:

UPtv will be premiering NEW Movies coming UP in May! I can now officially announce these three premieres for the network below...


When Love Blooms

Original UPtv Air Date: May 14, 2023

Note: This movie previously premiered on the BYU-TV network in 2022 and can be currently streamed via Tubi and other sources. This will be the first time this film from Incendo Productions will air on the UPtv channel.

Starring: Sarah Power and Thomas Cadrot

Storyline: Romance blossoms between a risk management analyst and a florist as they prepare for a flower competition.

Movie Review:

🌼🌸 If you really enjoy flowers, then you may enjoy "When Love Blooms." As a risk management analyst, Ann Keller (played by Sarah Power, "Nantucket Noel") is rather persnickety; she has trouble making up her mind, even in inconsequential situations, such as: picking something to eat for lunch or ice cream flavors. Ann returns to her hometown after her father injures his arm and takes his place in a flower-arranging competition titled the “Botanic Cup.” She really has no idea about flower arranging, but her partner, Aaron Blum (Thomas Cadrot, "My Best Friend's Bouquet"), an ex-football player, is the town’s florist, so he teaches her. This movie is family-friendly; however, I have one small caution on dialogue. Aaron eventually reveals his former partner in the flower competition was his ex, and he makes a brief comment that implies that he previously lived with his ex-girlfriend. He says, "Love doesn’t lock you out of the house at 2am in only your bathrobe." That’s the only questionable content I recall. The chemistry between the leads, in my opinion, is a little stiff, at times, and Aaron’s side project at the florist shop is a bit odd. Even though I do love flowers, this was just an okay one-time watch for me. ~Net

🌼🌸 When Love Blooms was so funny and adorable! -Maria


Just Jake

Original Air Date: May 21, 2023

Note: This movie will first be available to stream on Friday, May 5th at 7PM ET on UP Faith & Family!

Starring: Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes

Storyline: An emerging country star returns to his hometown to overcome his serious writers block, and reunites with his high school sweetheart. Together they rediscover love and learn that the best music is the music you make together.

Movie Review:

❤️️🎸 I recently had the pleasure of screening the charming, new romantic comedy, "Just Jake," which will premiere on UPtv this month on Sunday, May 21st. I’ll give you a basic synopsis of the movie below, starring Brittany Bristow (Christmas Next Door, A Royal Seaside Romance) and Rob Mayes (Sweet on You, 5,000 Blankets); plus, I'll share my take on "Just Jake" - with (I'll do my best) no spoilers!

Story details...

Jake (Rob Mayes) left town years ago to pursue his singing career, while Amber (Brittany Bristow), his first love, remained in their hometown and built her life around her family and community while running her own coffee shop and teaching guitar.

When Jake has some trouble with his recording label and has no one to turn to in the big city, his best friend since childhood and manager, Tommy, brings him back to their hometown. The question is… can one truly come home again?

Amber's family and most of the people in their small town are warm and welcoming to Jake. You can easily see they are a close-knit family and community that loves God and reaching out to others in need. Amber attempts to welcome Jake back, as well, while trying to guard her heart, that may still be broken.

Even though some of the townspeople are fans who are fixated on Jake’s fame and popularity, you can still feel the love of old friends and their hometown pride in their small-town boy who has become famous in the country music industry.

My take...

Brittany Bristow portrays the likable girl-next-door sort of character so well, while Rob Mayes is well-suited for the role of the withdrawn country music star who is gradually acclimating himself back into small-town life and being surrounded by friends who truly care about him.

From singing to guitar playing, all of the music in the movie, Just Jake, is fantastic, including country, gospel, and a show tune! And while most of the singing is focused on Jake, who has a soothing, soulful country voice, my favorite musical moment in the movie is a scene where Amber (Brittany Bristow) sings alone. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say… it is a beautiful, heartfelt song of faith that marks a pivotal turning point in the hearts of both Amber and Jake, who are learning to trust again.

There’s also a fun talent show near the film’s end that is filled with delightful surprises. You may also recognize some familiar faces in the church/audience scenes, including Producer Brian Bird (“When Calls the Heart” and “When Hope Calls”), who is one of the producers of this film.

“Just Jake” was filmed at a coffee shop called Coff33, Valor Christian High School, Novo Barbers, Plum Creek Church, and other locations in Colorado. This movie is a wonderful addition, in my opinion, to the True Brand Entertainment family of films, which includes “The Engagement Plot” and “The Happy Camper.”

By the movie's end, I only wish we could’ve heard Jake (Rob Mayes) perform even more songs. He and Brittany Bristow are wonderful in their roles; they have such a natural, genuine chemistry together on screen. It was also easy to see their authentic love of music in real-life shine through.

As the credits roll, your spirit will surely be uplifted, as mine was, and the movie may leave you humming a tune or two.

“Just Jake” is an inspirational, family-friendly film all ages can enjoy! ~Net

❤️️🎸 My husband and I both enjoyed watching this movie. The story was nice and the music was lovely. Thanks so much Net for posting your review. ~Anonymous

❤️️🎸 Just Jake. I watched about 40 minutes of this movie and I think it’s pretty good. I like this quote from the movie. “ "If I want a greener pasture... I should just water the one I'm in!" ~Anonymous

❤️️🎸 Just Jake - I really appreciated your review Net beforehand. This movie is.good family film and the music surprises keep coming (in a good way) when you least expect them. Brittany’s family is great and supportive, and it was nice to see scripture or statements of faith on the wall behind the family dinner scenes. ~Allie B

❤️️🎸 Just Jake was incredible! Highly recommend. -Maria

❤️️🎸 Just Jake - Loved this movie! Brittany blew me away with her singing, great chemistry by all! ~Susan Ann

❤️️🎸 I really liked Just Jake-sweet story, good acting, and I appreciated seeing the Scriptures on the kitchen walls. ~Lizzy R.

❤️️🎸 I absolutely adored "Just Jake". I loved everything about. The message, the fact they talked about faith and God without hesitation, the beautiful simplicity of the church, the relationships and the music. Oh, and the scenery! I have family, in Colorado Springs, and it a lovely part of the country. :-) I am definitely buying the dvd when it comes out. It made my hubby cry. ~Joan


Lucky Hearts

Original Air Date: May 28, 2023

Starring: Margie Mays and Alex Trumble

Storyline: A makeup manufacturer gets her chance at the big time when she teams with an investment exec to make her products more marketable. Will she be able to keep the magic that made her makeup such a success?

Movie Reviews:

🌼 Lucky Hearts was clean, and very sweet! Highly recommend –Maria

🌼 Lucky Hearts is sweet and simple, a lighthearted, family-friendly film. In my opinion, it's probably more of a chick-flick. ~Net


These are the movies confirmed for UPtv in May, thus far. Please be sure to check back if there are schedule changes.

I am personally looking forward to seeing the movie, Just Jake, produced by Brian Bird ("When Calls the Heart" and "When Hope Calls" producer), who previously brought the films, The Engagement Plot and The Happy Camper to the UPtv network. Back in February, UPtv made an exclusive deal with True Brand Entertainment, founded by Brian Bird, along with Brandon Clark, Tai Truesdell, and Darin Chavez, to create a series of uplifting and values-friendly romantic comedies with the UPtv network. Just Jake is their first film premiering on the network since that agreement was made, and it is being promoted as a family-friendly, uplifting romantic comedy. I'm so looking forward to this new, heartwarming story, plus the leads in the movie, Rob Mayes ("Sweet on You") and Brittany Bristow ("A Royal Seaside Romance"), both sing in this new film!

Please note: I haven't pre-screened all of the new movies listed above. If you'd like to post a review, please share it in the comments below.

Happy movie-watching, everyone! 
Net πŸŽ₯

Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes movies on DVD:


  1. Just Jake looks like it'll be my favorite (loved those 2 leads together in their previous movie) -Maria

    1. Maria, what movie was that?

      I must have missed something - can't think of it all.

      Thanks - Florence

    2. I think it was Sweet on You. -Maria

  2. Now that it's confirmed this is great news and May looks like a good viewing month.

    Must admit Lucky Hearts really surprises me but I'm not complaining - I'm wondering if a large batch of Reel One's recent movies have been sold to European networks?

    I was intrigued at first by Just Jake but having seen the trailer I'm just not as enthusiastic now but it's values-friendly which is a definite bonus and I'll look forward to it with interest.

    I agree with you on When Love Blooms - for me it was one of Incendo's weakest movies.

    While they're by no means jnfallible Geeky Hobbies can generally be relied on - Florence

  3. I think Lucky Hearts looks cute. Anything with a cute poster like that can't be bad.

  4. Doesn't look like Brittany is doing any singing in Just Jake - I'd wondered - Florence

    1. Florence, Actually, both Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes sing in "Just Jake." She has such a lovely voice.

    2. Thanks for the info, Net - there was nothing to suggest this in the trailer - should be interesting - Florence

  5. Bitterly disappointing June line-up from UP.

    The Wedding Wish although from Reel One has been aired elsewhere previously plus the two Incendo movies as Net says have been shown on BYUtv and of course Net will not be promoting Written In The Stars.

    There's nothing scheduled for the last Sunday so possibly they might add another movie although recently they haven't tended to do that - Florence

  6. I really liked Just Jake-sweet story, good acting, and I appreciated seeing the Scriptures on the kitchen walls. <3

    1. Lizzy R, Glad you also enjoyed "Just Jake"!

      I, too, liked the added touch of the scriptures on the walls, made it feel like such a loving home.

      I shared your review above ^

  7. When Love Blooms was so funny and adorable! -Maria

    1. Maria, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

      I shared your review above ^

  8. 2 movie reviews since I watched both of them at once:

    Just Jake was incredible! Highly recommend.

    Lucky Hearts was clean, and very sweet! Highly recommend


    1. Maria, Good to hear you enjoyed both of these movies! :)

      I also posted these reviews above ^

  9. Lucky Hearts is sweet and simple, a lighthearted, family-friendly film. In my opinion, it's probably more of a chick-flick. ~Net


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