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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

☀️ Reminder: Great American Family Movies Return All Week Long! ☀️

In case you missed it, beginning Tuesday, May 30th, Great American Family will be airing two movies each weeknight starting at 6pm/5c. According to the network, they will be featuring a variety of romcoms and seasonal movies throughout the week!

Here's the schedule this week for Great American Family:
(Eastern Standard Time)

Tuesday, May 30, 2023:

Winter Wedding ... 6pm
Happily Ever Emma ... 8pm

Wednesday, May 31, 2023:

Retreat to Paradise ... 6pm
Romantic Rewrite ... 8pm

Thursday, June 1, 2023:

From Chicago with Love ... 6pm
A Royal Seaside Romance ... 8pm

Friday, June 2, 2023:

A Prince in Paradise ... 6pm
A Christmas Star ... 8pm

Hope you'll enjoy some of these movies this week! My top two picks from these choices would have to be A Royal Seaside Romance and A Christmas Star.

Also, I wanted to let you all know I received some exciting Great American Family Insiders information over Memorial Day weekend, and while not all of the programming details can be revealed, quite yet, until the promotional department releases it, I did want to mention, briefly, that the new movie premieres, other than the Christmas in July film, A Belgian Chocolate Christmas, are likely to come in late July or early August. Once they begin, the network plans to have movie premieres every Saturday night throughout the rest of the year. Great American Media is also still ironing out their deal with the streaming service, Pureflix, but rest assured, more programming is coming and possibly some different genres, too... so stay tuned! That's all I can say for now, but it definitely sounds like some exciting things are coming!!!

By the way, Candace Cameron Bure has been recently sharing some pics on social media - as they are working on her Candy Rock Entertainment Christmas movie! Last years production was "Christmas on Candy Cane Lane," starring Andrea Barber and Dan Payne. Candace is working with Director Martin Wood once again, who also directed her recent Christmas movie, "My Christmas Hero," and many of the "Aurora Teagarden" films.

Happy Movie Watching, Everyone!
Blessings, Net


  1. I’m waiting new movies

    Meet Me in New York
    Brooke Nevin & Corey Savier

    My One True Love
    Andriana Manfredi, Ross Jirgl, Shae Robins

    Love on Tour
    Sara Fletcher, Nick Ferry

    Treasures of the Heart
    Lary Müller, Oran Stainbrook, Tatum Chiniquy

    Signs of Your Heart
    Kelli McNeil-Yellen Kyle Leatherberry

    A Royal Recipe for Love
    Laura Miyata David Lafontaine

    Sister Dating Swap
    Megan Hutchings Lauren Collins Steve Belford Romaine Waite

    Two Chefs and a Wedding Cake
    Francesca Bianchi Matt Hamilton

    Scented With Love
    Marshall Williams


    1. Treasures Of The Heart is a Candlelight movie so I think it could possibly eventually air on GAF.

      Meet Me In New York, Scented With Love and Two Chefs And A Wedding Cake have apparently been released in Canada.

      My One True Love has been released on the Internet in the US.

      Love On Tour I can't find anything about.

      The other three are Reel One Entertainment movies.

      There's something amiss at ROE at the minute and it's entirely possible we might never get to see many of their movies now - Florence

    2. What is amiss Florence? Have you heard something??

      I live in Canada and I have not noticed any airing of Two Chefs and a Wedding Cake. That is one I do want to see!!!

    3. I don't know what's going on and am unable to find out.

      Many of ROE's movies air first in Canada and my sister-in-law can usually get me copies of them.

      Going back to last year there's now something like 60 movies in their catalogue which haven't been shown on Canadian or US TV.

      Only an occasional ROE movie is being aired now.

      At first I thought UPtv was deserting ROE but it could very well be that they are unable to get these movies from the company.

      There's really nowhere on the ROE site where the public can contacty them, it's for the industry.

      I tried writing to the sales department to find out what was going on but didn't really expect a reply nor did I get one.

      If you live in Canada you must surely notice that there's very few airing now?

      Don't know what's going on.

      Two Chefs And A Wedding Cake is showing on IMDb as being released in Canada in 2023.

      You should be able to get Meet Me In New York and Scented With Love, and I have seen My One True Love but I can't remember where.

      It's very puzzling - Florence

    4. Unfortunately, Meet Me In New York, Scented With Love & Two Chefs And A Wedding Cake were never air on any TV networks ever in USA

      My One True Love & Love on Repeat are both air on YouTube - both movies were never air on TV

    5. Unfortunately, Lost in Love is a new title for Love on Tour
      Starring Sarah Fletcher & Nick Ferry

      Quest for Love is family friendly - it’s air on streaming services & it’s never aired on TV Networks

    6. Good morning Florence

      Yes I have noticed a lack of ROE movies. I have contacted W Network, Superchannel and City Tv with a fairly long list of ROE movies I would really like to see. Only one recently aired on W Network. Styled With Love. A while back I sent requests to City Tv and they played a number of the ones I wanted to see then all of a sudden they stopped!! Nothing new for I think it has been about 3-4 months. Maybe even longer.

      They all seem to keep playing the same old Hallmark movies over and over and over again W Network does play the new Halmark movies when they come out but there is no need for airing them 5-6 times or more when there are other movies out there like ROE movies, Nicely Entertainment movies and Candlelight Media movies!!!

      I would really really like to see Quest For Love but a streaming service got a hold of it and it has not come to regular tv which is extremely annoying!! I don't stream. And I would like to see Two Chefs and a Wedding. Guess I will try to figure out where it aired in Canada unless it was another streaming service that got a hold of it😕

    7. I don't think Lost In Love has been released yet - Florence

    8. Thanksvery much for confirming that they haven't been airing ROE movies, Anon - I was half-wondering if I was possibly wrong.

      There is definitely something strange going on and I suppose all we can hope is that the position wiil be clarified soon.

      I do know that a nunber of ROE Christmas movies were aired in Europe in 2022 but were held back for the US market until this year. - Florence

  2. Had a bad feeling the new movies wouldn't begin in June after initially believing they would but to be fair it was my interpretation of what GAF had said - they didn't actually state "NEW" - Florence

    1. Florence, The information I was previously sent directly stated NEW movies would premiere in June. That was the original plan.

      This new information I received over the weekend, however, confirms that was unfortunately not possible due to a number of reasons.

      I know they are doing their best to listen to their viewers and provide them with the quality programming they wish to see. There's a lot of hard work going on behind-the-scenes. We'll just have to be patient a little longer. July and August will be here before we know it! :)

      Blessings, Net

  3. I saw that yesterday was hoping for a clue to guess who is in. Holier for mor clues from Jen on who her costar is.

    1. Jen Lilley has shared that the correct answer has been guessed, but she cannot confirm and reveal him, yet!

      See all of the clues here:

  4. The key word is "NEW".

    What exactly does this mean?

    New to GAF or completely new?

    UPtv has recently been showing "Premieres" which have been aired elsewhere before - Florence

    1. What's really the difference? Most people have never even seen the movies that have been airing lately on UP TV.

      I don't do any streaming service, or Tubi, or Pluto TV, so anything new UP TV airs is definitely new to me, same with GAF. -Maria

    2. I still think it's misleading.

      If I want to watch something again I will dig it out from my stock - Florence

  5. Thanks for the info Net, I'm looking forward to rewatching some of my favorite movies next month when they air. In fact, I plan on rewatching 1 this week! :)

    I heard about some of the Insider info from a friend (I'm only signed up for the weekly newsletter, no idea how to get the Insider info), definitely looking forward to hearing what the merger with Pureflix will really mean! -Maria

    1. Maria, I'm looking forward to more news on that, as well! I think we'll learn even more in a month or so. It's such an exciting time!!! :)

  6. I received the insider email from Bill Abbott too! Excited for what GAF has coming and they they not going to show movies just to show movies. Quality is very important to both Bill and Candace.

    1. Me too Jennifer R! I was so happy to read Jill would be making more movies for GAF, and the mysteries are coming to GAF as well. All great news!

    2. Jennifer R & kitkat, 100% agree!!! Such wonderful news!!!

      I feel kind of bad for the publicity dept. at Great American Media, though, because all of this info was sure to get out.

      Initially, I thought we were supposed to keep it all a secret, but then I saw the article from Movieguide, which pretty much revealed everything. So, I guess the word's out everywhere now... which makes me happy since I was nearly bursting with excitement wanting to share with everyone! :)

      Can't wait to see what ALL Great American Family has in store for us!!! :)

  7. The Royal Seaside Romance sounds good to me. Nice to know it's family friendly.

    1. Abigail, Yes, it's a sweet one! Brittany Bristow is delightful as ever! :)

  8. Beauty & the Billionaire is family friendly about Addison gets roped into traveling overseas with her brother named Pete & his picky billionaire boss named Justin. It's a world she doesn't understand but she tries her hardest to help, if only to save her brother's job. Pete gives Justin a spare key in Addison’s apartment with full of flowers unless Katrina deals with Katrina when Addy arrives there in her apartment & she sees Justin with an origami flower

    Beauty & the Billionaire aired on streaming services & never air on any TV Networks


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