Thursday, August 4, 2022

Great American Family Saturday Movie Premieres (*UPDATE!) August 13th & Beyond! πŸŽπŸ’See Here:

image: Susie Abromeit - Love in Bloom (screen shot via GAC Media)

Great American Family is transitioning back to airing rom-com's on Saturdays starting this weekend - after a successful month of airing their Christmas movies on GAC Family and GAC Living during Christmas in July!

In case you haven't heard... beginning August 20th 13th 'til the end of the year (except Labor Day weekend), Great American Family will be airing a NEW romantic comedy EVERY Saturday night! Even better news... during Christmastime the network will premiere a NEW Christmas movie EVERY Saturday and Sunday night!

GAC Media has already announced the first two movie premieres in August...

Retreat to Paradise - Saturday, August 13, 2022

Storyline: Ellie tends to injured tennis star Jordan as he heals from a shoulder injury. He's selfish and miserable but with Ellie's help, both start to hope for a brighter future together.

Love in Bloom - Saturday, August ?, 2022

Storyline: Storyline: Amelia (Susie Abromeit) has the perfect life; a successful floristry in Chicago and a boyfriend who is about to propose. When her soon-to-be-married little sister and fiancé become marooned at a mountain retreat days before their wedding in Primrose River Australia, Amelia and the Best Man, Grayson Tanner (Julian Haig), are tasked with stepping in to save the wedding. Amelia finds new meaning in the town’s beautiful gardens, and love where she least expected.

What's Coming after August? 

Last week GAC Family released this new promo video highlighting the new movies coming in August and beyond. You may recognize some of the movies in the video, but in case you don't, scroll down below to see the movie titles featured in the video coming in September and October...

We'll start with an easy one...

One of the movies shown in the video is Prescription for Love, starring Trevor Donovan (Jingle Bell Princess) and Jillian Murray (Christmas in the Pines). Many of us were already anticipating this movie might be one of the films chosen since it was previously announced (in February) by GAC Family as coming to the network.

Prescription for Love storyline: A nurse fights for a chance at love with a new doctor and for a promotion to free herself from the misery her supervisor creates. As her supervisor tries to derail her chance at happiness, she learns to stand up for herself and go after her dreams.

Another movie shown in GAC's video clip is Just Add Love, starring Laura Mitchell (Blueprint to the Heart) and Brad Johnson (A Crafty Christmas Romance).

Just Add Love storyline: April, an uptight health-chef guru is on the verge of notoriety, but her brand of cooking is failing. Despite her assurances healthy is tasty, those who have tried her recipes disagree. Unwilling to give up on her hard work and career, April vows to reinvent herself and travels to Italy to learn how to incorporate the country’s notoriously rich culture of food into her own recipes. There, she meets Rob, a brilliant chef specializing in Italian cuisine, who helps April find a new joy and freedom in life and in cooking.

This next film highlighted in the promo clip is My Boss' Wedding, starring Holly Deveaux and Drew Seeley. The two also starred together in the holiday film, Christmas Movie Magic, which aired last year on Lifetime.

My Boss' Wedding storyline: Nicole Waters is a super organized workaholic, which makes her the perfect personal assistant to Kimberly Price, a high-powered venture capitalist. Nicole runs every aspect of Kim’s life and plans every day down to the minute, so when Kim gets engaged to Bradley, she decides to put Nicole in charge of the wedding planning. But the big problem… Nicole HATES weddings and is stuck with Michael, Bradley’s nephew, who LOVES weddings!

The last movie I'm mentioning is actually the first movie shown in the video when you see the couple riding horses on the beach. The film is This Little Love of Mine starring Saskia Hampele and Liam McIntyre (Apple of My Eye). I'm not familiar with any of Saskia's previous work.

This Little Love of Mine storyline: A workaholic lawyer returns to her island home to convince an old friend to take over his family's company - but rekindled feelings soon get in the way.

I'll be sharing more details as soon as Great American Family gives premiere dates for these films and more coming to the network this Autumn and Christmas! Stay tuned!

Happy movie watching! 
Blessings, Net


  1. Looking forward to seeing all of these! -Maria

  2. The one I am particularly looking forward to is Love In Bloom which I seem to have been waiting forever to see!

    I'm really interested to see what others here think of Retreat To Paradise - Florence

  3. Just Add Love

    It's always difficult to review an upcoming movie as you don't want to give away anything which might spoil someone's enjoyment of it.

    I've been a fan of Laura Mitchell since first noticing her in Blueprint To The Heart with Dennis Andres.

    Glad to report it is family-friendly although there is one scene where they spend the night together in the same bedroom although it is all entirely innocent.

    Basically April is a chef whose healthy style of cooking is falling out of favour and she goes to Italy to see if their famous cuisine can inspire her recipes - there she meets Rob an aspiring chef.

    Now the plot was quite novel and had possibilities, April and Rob, played by Brad Johnson whom I hadn't seen before, were good on screen together and it was heartwarming and gentle but the chemistry definitely needed a lot more sizzle.

    Scott Christopher who played April's Uncle Derek whom she stayed with was very good - I loved the expressions he was trying to hide as he tasted her recipes!

    This could have been really good with a bit more pizazz.

    It's the sort of movie which would be suitable for watching on a rainy afternoon.

    Worth one watch, if it was airing again and I was at a loose end I would have no objections to re-watching it.

    Florence's rating - 6.

    1. Florence, I appreciate you sharing this advanced review with us. I know what you mean about it being hard not to give too much away when reviewing in advance of others seeing the movie. By the way, I thought you did a great job!

      It's good to hear this one is family-friendly, and I appreciate you sharing that caution. When I have a main post for this movie - after Great American Family releases a date - I'll be sure to post your review there.

      I'm glad you mentioned they had good chemistry. Somehow, I could just sense from the few clips I've seen that this might be a good possibility.

      Thank you, once again, for sharing with us! :)

  4. Just announced: 'Retreat to Paradise' will premiere this Saturday at 8 due to popular demand! -Maria

    1. Thank you so much, Maria, for sharing this news. I just posted this update to Great American Family's schedule here:

      I hope this means they will be adding an extra new movie into the schedule before the Christmas movies begin.


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