Tuesday, August 9, 2022

πŸ“£ TV ALERT! *Great American Family* Announces New Movies Begin This Saturday - August 13th!

Surprise news today from Great American Family! Their new Saturday night movie premieres will begin this weekend with "Retreat to Paradise." Stay tuned for details on the rest of their movie schedule for August.

GAC Family Network posted this image below to their social media with this message: 

"Good news! By popular demand, the Great American Family “Retreat To Paradise” network premiere is moving to THIS Saturday, August 13, 8p ET / 5p PT, our gift to you!"

Please note: the schedule on your TV guide may not be updated, yet, but "Retreat to Paradise" is definitely premiering THIS Saturday!

Happy movie watching! Net


  1. Brian Bird Recently Said He Still Wants Loughlin Back on ‘When Calls the Heart’

    In a recent interview with Navigating Hollywood, Bird said he tried to get Loughlin back on “When Calls the Heart” before returning her to the “When Hope Calls” spinoff.

    Our first choice would have been to bring her [Loughlin] back to Hope Valley and to When Calls the Heart. We had those conversations with the network… In their judgment it just wasn’t the right time… But Lori had done her time… The spinoff show … is a derivative show… it’s a neighboring town, a day’s ride away… We said OK, well we believe it’s time to offer Lori her second chance here, and so we decided to bring her there to Brookfield… She has indicated she would love to continue on that show if we’re able to do it.
    According to Bird, Loughlin would be interested in starring in more episodes of “When Hope Calls” or even “When Calls the Heart.”

    1. I'm hearing that she's requesting permission to travel to Canada for work for a week next month. It'll be interesting to see what it's for. -Maria

    2. Maria, I heard that, too, and at first, I thought maybe she would be starring in a Great American Family Christmas movie, but her request is only for a week, so it can't be a starring role.

      Maybe, if she does a movie for GA Family - they will film it in the U.S. I know many would love to see her return to doing movies again. Myself included.

  2. Wonderful! I was just thinking, they have come a long way considering it isn't quite a year since they came on air.

    1. Clara, I agree! I'm hoping this Fall and Holiday season will be even bigger and better! GAC Family's Christmas season last year was certainly impressive, especially for their first year.

  3. I think it is extremely judgmental for the network to ban her!! She did her time. We have people who have done far worse and gotten no consequence! Keep your eye on the ball.


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