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The latest Reviews are in... Rip in Time, Romance to the Rescue, When Calls the Heart and more!

Thought I would share today some of the great reviews that have come in this week for last weekend's new movies and more!

Thank you to everyone who contributed a review... Anonymous, Maria, melnewlife, Abigail, Jim, Gabe's mom, Denise, Karen, Namegirl and Clara.


Romance to the Rescue:

❤ "Romance to the Rescue in the first 10 minutes has a guy talking to the main character about the other guys he dates." -Anonymous

 (sighs). "When I saw the movie's description, and it's trailer, I immediately thought 'Clone of A Tail of love'. Sad to see that I was pretty much right, right down to the 'gay reveal very early in the movie' part." :( -Maria

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Rip in Time:

 "I just watched Rip in Time, and it is mostly family friendly. I only say "mostly" because in one scene Sarah tells Rip about Henry's father and refers to him as a "baby daddy." She explains that they were never married and that it is "very common nowadays." So parents may want to be aware of that. Rip does express disgust, however, that any man would leave a woman who is with child. Overall, I loved this movie though! From the commercials, I was afraid it might be cheesy or silly, but it wasn't. Niall Matter was so dashing as a gentleman from a bygone era, and he had great chemistry with DeVitto. It was also funny in all the right places.A new favorite for me!" ~melnewlife

 "Rip in Time.... I did kinda enjoy this film and it was family friendly. No same sex issues, I mean. I've always had a fancy to time-travel themed books/movies. I loved the kind gentleman he was and his acting was great. I didn't like the kiss in the rain. Seemed too sensual. I wouldn't want my younger siblings to see that. I also did not appreciate the scene when she tells Rip she was never married before she had a baby and never intended to. I know that's the way our sinfull world is now, but it's hard to see them embrace that willingly. For these serious reasons I will not watch again." ~Abigail

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Harmony in Paradise:

❤ "Harmony in Paradise is family friendly. (I watched an early screening) It’s a story about a writer who steps out of her comfort zone. (it kind of gave me a Love on the Slopes feel) Amelia Dey usually writes her travel stories at home, but this time her boss sends her to Puerto Rico to write about the release of the manatees, who were rescued after the hurricane. She not only puts her notebook down and finds adventure, but she may also discover love. The scenery, by the way, is gorgeous! There are some cheesy moments, and I’m not sure I felt a major connection between the leads, but all the characters were mostly likable. It was nice how everyone was so kind and welcoming to Amelia. This was an okay one time watch for me." ~Net

❤ "Harmony in Paradise was very nice!" -Maria

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Heartland Season 15:

❤ "Just a heads up, there is a same sex relationship in this season. I had suspicions last season, and it is definitely mentioned this season. It’s not a major storyline, but so sad it was introduced." ~ Anonymous

❤ "I pre-screened the second episode and it is mostly family-friendly. There is one very brief comment with Lou's assistant about a man adopting children with another man; I believe the name mentioned was Carl. The comment was so quick, I nearly missed it. Otherwise, it was a typical heartwarming episode of Heartland. I enjoyed the story of the missing wild stallion and the search for him with Amy, Sam, and Tim." ~Net


When Calls the Heart - Season 9 Finale:

SPOILER ALERT: Some of the reviews below contain spoilers from the season finale.

❤ "As for the season finale of "When Calls the Heart," I thought it was a lovely, heartwarming way to end this 9th season. My TWO absolute favorite moments were Henry praying with Joseph and Rosemary telling Lee about the baby! For once, Lee was even more expressive than Rosemary! What a wonderful, memorable moment! One couldn't help from feeling pure joy in Lee finding out he is going to be a father. And Henry getting down on his knees to pray with Joseph in his jail cell was such an impactful moment, as well as Florence's whispered apology and sweet kiss on the cheek. My heart broke for Henry when he said he didn't know how to pray. Tears filled my eyes. The subtle way Henry's character has developed through the years has been beautiful to see. His future was definitely left with great uncertainty. In fact, there were many questions left unanswered with Bill, Molly, Nathan, Faith, and Mei. Hoping for a Season 10!" ~Net

❤ "I was having a terrible night. Then I watched this beautiful finale, and it really helped. :) I'm so glad they're engaged!" -Maria

❤ "I was a bit harsh on my observations of Season 9 in another thread. I find that when I let my intellect take too much control I over think and analyze too much. When I just let my heart see the beauty and wonder of things, in this case WCTH, I am whisked away into the magic of God's love and presence shown through his creation and creatures. I loved the WCTH finale. I didn't analyze. My heart just SAW!! It was wonderful." ~Jim

❤ "Wow! What an heartfelt special episode!!! It was wonderful and precious!❤️ I balled my eyes out when Henry said he didn’t know how to pray, and then he gets down on his knees. I couldn’t help praying for the actors during the scene for salvation. If they only knew the important words they were saying. When Rosemary told Lee he was going to be a father, I cried, laughed, and practically bouncing on my bed. What a sweet scene. Probably the sweetest I’ve ever seen. Better than I could have imagined. Good job John Tinker!!! And when she felt the flutters....awwww! And the proposal scene was so precious. I cried when baby Jack hands the ring to Elizabeth and when Lucas asks to be Jack’s father. What a wonderful end to the season. Hoping for a Season 10! And when Lucas said he was the richest man, I cried some more. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚" ~Abigail

❤ "Net- Your comment about Joseph praying with Henry was spot on. During these troubled times for such a powerful scene to occur on a much-watched program is certainly a message to everyone. PRAY! It is a wonderful series that I hope will be continued. Take care." Gabe’s Mom

❤ "I enjoyed the finale. I'm looking forward to the Christmas movie, too." ~denise

❤ "I agree with you about Henry's storyline. I cried when he Joseph brought Henry the Bible and Henry wanted to learn how to pray. It has been great to see the change in Henry over the seasons! Of course it was very funny when Nathan realized he didn't know where Henry so he went to the jail and in comes Henry with a newspaper and puts himself back in the jail cell. Lee's reaction to the pregnancy was also fabulous!" ~Karen

❤ "Abigail I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Chris McNally and the little actor who plays Jack are a joy to see. I also get the feeling that several responses by little Jack are not scripted. Lots of connection between the two buddies. I teared up when Lucas asked if he could be Jack's father. The jail scene with Joseph and Henry made me cry. I truly believe that Henry's charachter felt godly sorrow. Lee running around elated & in his p.j.s was so cool and brought me joy. Apparently Mei Tsu was cleared of wrong-doing, so Nathan and Mei have a chance to biuld a relationship. As Faith said, she wasn't ready to get married. I hope that Bill gets well because he's a much needed character." ~Namegirl

❤ "The season finale of WCTH was awesome. So many of the scenes mentioned before were some of my favorites also. I had debated all season about quitting watching after the Season 8 debacle but the finale redeemed the show in my mind and eyes. Glad I stuck with the show. Hope they have more of that caliber show." ~Clara

❤ "I feel that if WCTH is not renewed it ended in a good way so I’ll be happy one way or the other!" ~Anonymous

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Once again, thank you to all of you mentioned above, who took time out of your day to share with us!

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  1. I agree with the Rip in Time summary. Other than the mention of the "baby daddy" and it being normal it was fine.
    I did not much care for the Romance to the Rescue. It was a copy of a few of the other movies.
    As for WCTH, gave up on them last year and that is fine with me.

  2. Thank you Net for posting these. Your reviews are helpful too.

  3. When will season 10 of When Calls the Heart premiere?

    If the show is picked up, we will likely see the season 10 premiere in early 2023.

    How many episodes will there be in season 10 of When Calls the Heart?

    If there is no Christmas movie, then we will likely get a 12-episode season 10.

  4. When Calls the Heart: Season 10 renewal?

    Don’t let this get you down too much though. It’s worth pointing out that the ninth season only concluded on Sunday, May 22nd 2022.

    Taking this into consideration, it’s likely that the network will look over the final numbers and perhaps make an announcement in late May or June 2022.

    Speaking of numbers, Newsweek reports that the season 9 premiere performed better than the season 8 premiere. Additionally, the show only lost 6% of its viewership across season 9.

    With such an impressive performance – and the season 9 finale suggesting more to come – it’s hard to imagine When Calls the Heart getting the axe.

  5. Will When Calls The Heart Be Renewed For Season 10 Or Cancelled? Producer Makes Cryptic Statement About Hallmark Show

    Will When Calls The Heart get the cancellation axe?

    Speaking out about When Calls The Heart’s prospects, Brian Bird does not seem to know which direction the wind at Hallmark is blowing. However, he did say to JLJ Media that whether or not the cable network wants to keep WCTH on the air for Season 10, he’s very confident the show will go on and will not be ending.

    We don’t see the end of this show. I don’t know when Season 10 or if Season 10 will be announced 100%, but all I’m saying is that we still feel like we’re going to go forward. And we will no matter what, I can say that… We know [that the show has places to go]; we believe that. We haven’t decided that it’s over yet, and we get to decide, so that, in my opinion, I’ll leave it at that.
    So, he seems to sort of be implying that perhaps the show could be canceled, but if it is, it may not matter? After the 12-episode season ended on what Brad Bird called “a celebration,” he also mentioned that he’s enjoyed the show “branching out” and having “a bigger tent” in Season 9. His comments were a little cagey, but he also got more specific that the end may not be nigh even if the show is cancelled, as there are plenty of places that When Calls the Heart could go.

    There have been some changes over at Hallmark recently, with cast members defecting to GAC Family and long-time programs like Home & Family and Chesapeake Shores getting canceled (not to mention the Kitten Bowl). When it comes to longtime family program When Calls The Heart, news on renewal or cancellation for Season 10 hasn’t come down the pipeline yet, but executive producer Brian Bird certainly has some cryptic thoughts on that front.

    We don’t see the end of this show. I don’t know when Season 10 or if Season 10 will be announced 100%, but all I’m saying is that we still feel like we’re going to go forward. And we will no matter what, I can say that… We know [that the show has places to go]; we believe that. We haven’t decided that it’s over yet, and we get to decide, so that, in my opinion, I’ll leave it at that.

    I really don’t believe we’ve even peaked yet with this show with Season 9. We will be around for a long time, I believe. Whether or not, you know, the Hallmark Channel wants to keep us around forever doesn’t matter. There will be somebody else who wants it because it is so unique. And we will keep making the show as long as those Hearties want to show

    One thing When Calls The Heart won’t be doing again if it does get renewed? A love triangle will definitely not be in the cards after the whole Elizabeth-Lucas-Nathan storyline that culminated at the end of Season 8. He straight up noted,“we can’t milk that ever again.” The show did leave plenty unresolved between – and spoilers here!— Bill getting his affairs in order and Henry still dealing with troubles after his redemption arc. Wherever When Calls The Heart Season 10 lands Bird says the show will always end with “unfinished business in Hope Valley” so hopefully it can continue for years and years to come.

    We hope that everybody sees that there’s unfinished business in Hope Valley and we didn’t tie up everything in this episode, right? Because we have no intention of riding off into the sunset ourselves with this show. We will never end the show unless we decide we’re going to end the show right? We will always have cliffhangers and storylines that need to be fixed.
    We’ll keep you updated regarding what Hallmark ultimately decides for When Calls The Heart Season 10 and what that could mean for the veteran series overall.

  6. WHEN CALLS THE HEART Producer: ‘We Will Be Around For A Long Time’

    WHEN CALLS THE HEART has been on the air for almost 10 years now, and producer Brian Bird says he still plans for the show to continue.

    ​​“This show is a healing agent in the culture in my opinion, and I think that’s why so many people watch it,” executive producer Bird said.

    Bird has attended multiple Movieguide® Awards Galas, and his projects have won several Movieguide® Awaerds.

    “I think we’re doing good work and I think we’re doing the right work on the show, but it’s not because of us, it’s that the audience is starved to death for this,” he continued. “And when you give people food, they will just love you, they’ll be so loyal to you. And that’s why the audience keeps coming back every Sunday night. Shows this deep into their lifespan can get old, can get long in the tooth, and we’re not yet.”

    Though Hallmark hasn’t officially renewed the series, Bird has hope it will continue.

    “I really don’t believe we’ve even peaked yet in this show with season 9,” he shared. We will be around for a long time, I believe.”

    “We have no intention of riding off into the sunset ourselves with this show,” Bird continued. “We will never end the show unless we decided to end the show.”

    Movieguide®’s review of WHEN CALLS THE HEART reads:

    WHEN CALLS THE HEART is a charming Hallmark TV show set in 1910 Canada about a woman named Elizabeth Thatcher coming to a small coal-mining town to teach. In Season 2, the town is transitioning from being a coal-mining town to a lumber town. Elizabeth Thatcher is the lead character, who not only teaches the children of the town, but also helps wherever needed in order to increase the community of the town.

    WHEN CALLS THE HEART is an entertaining television show with a strong Christian, moral worldview. The whole family can sit down and watch this show together, be entertained, and know that their faith and values won’t be offended


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