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Friday, October 8, 2021

This Weekend: See Taylor Cole in South Beach Love + 2 More Movie Premieres!

Get dressed up for a weekend filled with new movie premieres...

Saturday, October 9, 2021:

Love may be cooking up in...

Storyline: From New York Times Bestselling Author Caridad Piñeiro and Hallmark Publishing comes a story about rival quinceañeras, glorious Cuban cooking, friendship, family ties – and romance.

Saturday, October 9, 2021
at 9pm/8c. on UPtv


Sunday, October 10, 2021:

Will love bloom in...

Story-line via UPtv: Deirdre’s life is split between her day job as a barista and her passion for designing rooftop gardens. When Deirdre accidentally spills coffee on regular customer and event planner, Marcus, before a big meeting with his boss, it sets the wrong tone for him to discuss a job promotion. Deirdre offers to help Marcus get back on track by lending her rooftop garden design services for his boss’ next big event—a wedding! His boss agrees to Deirdre’s help but also wants Jacob, Marcus’ competition for the promotion, to co-plan the wedding. As they work around the clock together, Marcus and Deirdre notice something more about each other and love takes root. But a series of misunderstandings threaten to wilt their growing love. It will take a small miracle to bring them back together where love blossoms—Sky Gardens.

Sunday, October 10, 2021
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv

Movie Review - Love at Sky Gardens:

"I screened this movie before the premiere; I thought it was rather average and lacking chemistry. Lead girl, Deirdre, works at a coffee shop as a barista, but also creates designs for rooftop sky gardens. Deirdre has a serious crush on Marcus, a regular customer she calls “cute suit,” but she never really speaks to him. Her co-worker, a guy, encourages her to talk to him and ask him out – including the comment, “If you don’t, I will.” They both laugh and she pokes him on the arm; it’s not obvious if he’s serious or teasing. The next morning - we see Marcus (cute suit guy), who is insecure at his big corporate job at Sky Events, coming out of his shower at home – he’s seen from the waist up, wet, and shirtless – he grabs a towel and puts it around his waist – giving himself a pep talk in the mirror. I thought it was a bit too much. Did we really need to see him so exposed? Later on, when both Deirdre and Marcus are having a bad day – she accidentally spills coffee on his suit. She tries to apologize to him, but he just insults her as a barista. Deirdre sticks up for herself and tells him, she doesn’t just pour coffee, she creates beautiful, eco, sky gardens, too. He kind of laughs it off as not being serious, but when a famous couple comes in to Sky Events looking for something unique, spiritual and earthy for their wedding, Marcus blurts out the sky garden idea, and they, of course, love it. Then, Marcus desperately needs Deirdre’s help to make it happen. She agrees and encourages the job as Marcus is just about to back out. The story was a bit more intriguing as Deirdre and Marcus began the rooftop sky garden project, but overall, it was not a keeper for me." ~Net


Sunday, October 10, 2021:

The O’Brien family learns that Mick made a distress call before his plane went missing and must come together while they wait for news on his whereabouts. Evan starts to bond with one the O’Briens, but his attempts at generosity backfire. After Luke finds himself in a bad position with his parole officer, Bree enlists Connor’s legal help. Feeling the strain of running his own business, Connor searches for a new assistant and gets some unexpected support. Kevin helps Sarah with her new cravings as they try to figure out the right timing to finally share their news with the family. David receives a disturbing warning from his father. Recent events have Megan thinking about the future as the day of the art show she put together arrives.
Sunday, October 10, 2021
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, October 10, 2021:

Can Hazel (Fiona Gubelmann) save her sister's wedding in...

Story: An event planner (Gubelmann) must organize the perfect wedding for her sister in less than a month when she finds out that the Rosewood, a historic inn and beloved wedding venue, is being sold.

Sunday, October 10, 2021
at 9pm/8c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


I hope you all have a nice weekend. My prayers are with those down south who've had to endure terrible flooding recently. I pray conditions improve there and everyone stays safe as they clean up.

It still doesn't feel like Fall here in the Midwest, at all, as our temps are in the 80's and very sunny, which is unseasonably warm for us. I love that it still feels like Summer. Hope your weather is pleasant, too.

As for the new movies this weekend... I'm not sure I have a movie pick, but I am eagerly waiting to see "Chesapeake Shores" and hear that Mick (the father) is okay after his plane went missing.

I did pre-screen the new UPtv movie Love at Sky Gardens. Be sure to read my review for the movie above. There were a few incidents in the movie that I wanted to caution you all about.

As for the other new movies... Please Note: I have not pre-screened these movies. If you would like to post a review on whether these movies are family-friendly, please share in comments.
We only have two weekends to go without Christmas movies now - the new holiday season is coming soooo soon! If you'd like to look ahead, you can check out the Christmas Schedule - here!

Blessings to you all, Net



"The blessing of the Lord be upon you."
~Psalm 129:8 (KJV)


  1. Which movie are you looking forward seeing this weekend?

  2. South Beach Love

    Sara (Taylor Cole) & Tony (William Levy) were once in love, both budding chefs ready to join forces and open their dream restaurant together, but when Tony left for culinary school overseas, the ingredients for their shared dreams were left half-baked.

    Years later, Sara, a successful food truck owner , is catering her niece’s quinceañera, but the birthday celebration becomes complicated when Tony returns to Miami to cater his own niece’s quinceañera…taking place the very same weekend. The situation gets a bit prickly when Sara and Tony are pitted against each other to win the cover of a local magazine. The families who were once close are now at odds over the conflicting celebrations. As Sara and Tony try to outdo each other and put on the perfect party, will their reunion spark a rivalry or lead them to romance?

    What other Hallmark Publishing books have been turned into Hallmark movies?

    The most recent Hallmark Publishing book that was adapted to film was last year’s A Timeless Christmas (book by Alexis Stanton) starring Ryan Paeveyand Erin Cahill.

    Another one was The Secret Ingredient (book by Nancy Naigle) starring Erin Cahill and Brendan Penny.

    On the flip side, there are several Hallmark Channel movies that have been adapted into novels for Hallmark Publishing including The Story of Us, Christmas In Evergreen, Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy, and Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa.

  3. Ususally I like the Taylor Cole movies but this one --Not so much.

  4. Thanks for your review! it helps me save time.



    Did you watch Sneak peek of South Beach Love during Irresistible BLUEBERRY FARM; the 15th years old girls are talking thru their laptops about their Aunt Sarah & Uncle Tony? The teenagers: boys & girls dancing together while Sarah & Tony dance in the garage while practicing for quinceanera

    a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday and her transition from childhood to adulthood, typically Quinceañera involving a mass followed by a party.

    "weddings, baptisms, quinceañeras, birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays are all celebrations that bring families together"

    The Traditions of the Quinceañera

    A quinceañera is an important milestone in a young girl’s life. In many Hispanic cultures, the celebration recognizes her entry into womanhood by officially granting her permission to use makeup, wear heels, and perhaps even date. Coinciding with her 15th birthday, the coming of age event is rich with tradition and involves all the pomp and circumstance of a wedding. If you’re planning a quinceañera for the first time, here are some traditions that you’ll need to include to make your little girl feel like a princess on her first big day.

    Common Traditions

    These are a few traditions common with most quinceañeras.

    The Gown and Accessories. The Quinceañera traditionally wears a ball gown, with her Court dressed in gowns and tuxedos. Traditional accessories used to enhance her elegance range from tiaras, sashes, and medals to cross necklaces and a scepter.

    The Court. Much like a bridal party, the Quinceañera gets to invite close friends and family to participate in her Court of Honor. The Quinceanera's Court of Honor can be comprised of either girls and boys, all girls (Damas), or all boys (Chambelanes).

    The Ceremony. The quinceañera celebration traditionally begins with a religious ceremony. This typically begins as mass at a Catholic Church and is followed by a reception. During the ceremony, a special Kneeling Pillow is placed for the young girl to kneel upon.

    The Reception. Hosted at a home, venue or banquet hall, the reception is a festive gathering of friends and family that includes music, food, dancing, and several ceremonial traditions.

    The father/daughter dance- Much like a wedding reception, the father and the Quinceañera share a dance.

    The waltz- A choreographed waltz is typically performed by the Quinceañera and her Court.

    The changing of shoes- The father (or close male relative) of the Quinceañera ceremoniously changes her flat shoes to high heels. This symbolizes her transformation from a little girl to a young lady.

    The toast to the daughter- Known as the brindis, guests are invited to offer their congratulations and best wishes by toasting the Quinceañera.

    The last doll- A decorative keepsake, the quinceañera doll symbolizes leaving childhood things behind and is often gifted to a younger sibling.\

    The Gifts- Traditional quinceañera gifts include a Bible or prayer book, rosary beads, and flower bouquets.

    Celebrate in Style

    Whether you are planning a small gathering or an extravagant celebration, Bella Collina is the perfect venue to host your quinceañera celebration. We offer multiple areas to accommodate parties of any size. Enjoy a stress-free, intimate evening with friends and family in our Tuscan-styled atrium, dance under the stars on our grand lawn, or party the night away in our stylish formal ballroom

  6. It may not be the traditional fall movie, but I'm enjoying South Beach Love.


  7. Thanks for the heads up on the new up movie. I’ll be skipping this one, maybe next weeks will be better.

  8. After much deabte and a bit of arm-twisting on my part we've decided to re-watch Raise A Glass To Love tonight!

    Can't wait.

  9. South Beach Love

    I’m absolutely love this about is about friendship, family ties—and romance. Sara Kelly & Tony Rodriquez’s Nieces; Lola Kelly & Teresa Sanchez’s 15 birthday - Quinceanera Parties just before Teresa’s in the same weekends; same emerald green dress & weekends. Sara & Tony are planning on cooking together for their Nieces’ quinceañeras! Both Tony & Sara should become business partners at
    Ernesto ? The entire family staring at Tony & Sara through the window at the end was so hilariously adorable! Sara & Tony finally open their "Cubish" restaurant with a combination of Irish & Cuban dishes called; “Cuba & Irish Fusion. A Quinceanera, a celebration of a girls 15th Birthday. Teresa wears a emerald green gown & Lola wears a blush pink at their Quinceanera.Sara got accepted to be featured in the magazine as well! Double Quince for Teresa & Lila for Quinceaneras Parties. Two families come together for Teresa & Lola’s Quinceancera? Teresa’s Mom; Maria & Lola’s Mom; Dolores make up as their friends since High School when the teen girls make video screen of their Moms with help of Lola’s Aunt Sara. Could bring Tony & Sara back together for Teresa & Lola’s Quinceanera. Including Magazine cover; Savory South Florida with Quinceanera Cuisine. Teresa & Lola’s Quinceanera Party with separate tables. They dance with their friends. Lola & Teresa attending Gable Academy. Sara & Tony with his family at the Floridan Club to dance with Spanish Music.

    This brought two families back to get her, now the the End Happiness ever after
    Lola tells her Aunt Sara about Quinceañera Catastrophe when Lola tells her Aunt Sara about her & Tony in front door. Both Teresa & Lola want to end family feud & they could find a way to bring two families & friends together for double Quinceanera unless their Moms could make up. Tony & Sara Kiss at their Nieces’ 15th Birthday with fireworks in background. 6 months later, They open their own restaurant called; Cubish. Their families staring thru the windows with the door.

  10. The Vow We Keep

    Hazel’s Sister; Lindsay & her fiancé have Jewish Wedding. It’s wasn’t same without Hazel & Lindsay’s Mom isn’t there for Lindsay’s Wedding Day

  11. It doesn't seem as though Hallmark is very interested in Fall Harvest this year, they don't even play the movies during the day on weekends. So I watched a lovely selection of Fall Harvest movies over the weekend that i have on my DVR:

    Harvest Love--love Jen Lilley and Ryan P in this movie and love little Andy loving the pear farm and never wanting to go home. Wish there was a part 2 to see the Gilson/Nash or Nash/Gilson future projects.

    Pumpkin Pie Wars--love this movie and 1st time seeing Julie G for me. The McCarthy/Harper feud continues on with Casey and Sam, but they soon realize they can help each other and find a way to get their moms back together.

    October Kiss--I love how the kids really dont want to give Poppy a chance, but she wins them over pretty fast, they have lots of fall vibes, and they even have a football game in the front yard. They make all kinds of pumpkin themed foods and I just adore this movie.

    I got a little ahead of myself and was watching The Thanksgiving House last night. I also have Growing the Big One to watch too. Will probably watch autumn Dreams and Harvest Moon again too.

    I wish Hallmark made fall harvest movies like they used to.


    1. Sabrina, I know just what you mean! I caught Harvest Moon Saturday morning on the Hallmark Channel. I think it was the first movie of the day, and I got swept up in the beautiful fall setting with the pumpkins and gorgeous farm. They certainly don't make them like this any more - I just love this movie and the ones you mentioned, too!


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