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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

GAC Family Announces Original Series 'When Hope Calls' Season Two Set to Premiere December 18 with Lori Loughlin!

GAC Family Announces Original Series 
'When Hope Calls' Season Two 
Set to Premiere December 18

Lori Loughlin Reprises Beloved Character in Return to Television

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GAC Family today announced season two of the hit series "When Hope Calls" will premiere exclusively on the network this holiday season. Lori Loughlin ("When Calls the Heart," "Fuller House") is set to guest star in the original series reprising the role of her beloved TV character, Abigail Stanton. The two-part premiere titled "When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas" debuts Saturday, December 18. The announcement was made today by Bill Abbott, President & CEO of GAC Media.

GAC Family (formerly Great American Country) launched on September 27 under the tagline "Stories Well Told" and features family-friendly, holiday-themed movies and series that celebrate American culture, lifestyle and heritage.

When Hope Calls" is set in Brookfield, a town on the western prairie with a deep sense of acceptance, love, and family, and is a TV spinoff of award-winning author Janette Oke's novel series, "When Calls the Heart". In the World Premiere of "When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 1," a Christmas festival worthy of Harper's Bazaar happens in Brookfield as the community is one of three contenders in the magazine's search for America's #1 Country Christmas Town. The entire town is preoccupied with creating the essence of Christmas for the photojournalist's lens, though, behind the scenes, residents are not living the spirit of the season. In the midst of the fuss, a stagecoach appears, and out steps Abigail Stanton and her son, Cody who have brought a troubled boy to Lillian's orphanage. Episode 201 of "When Hope Calls" premieres Saturday, December 18 at 8 pm ET/PT.

In the World Premiere of "When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 2," photojournalist Paul Franklin is wrapping his research on the community of Brookfield as a contender for America's #1 Country Christmas Town. By now, Paul blends in as the town prepares for Christmas Eve. Lillian, the orphans, and Gabriel are running out of options to restore the troubled boy's hope for better times. Just when all seems lost, a secret Santa appears to fulfill all holiday wishes, and Abigail has a profound conversation with a dear friend from the past. Meanwhile, Paul's lens is recording every miraculous moment. Episode 202 of "When Hope Calls" premieres Saturday, December 18 at 9 pm ET/PT.

Executive Producers of "When Hope Calls" are Brad Krevoy, Brian Bird, Michael Landon, Jr., Alfonso H. Moreno, Kaitlyn Greenough, and David Anselmo. Producer is Kym Crepin. Supervising Producers are W. Michael Beard and Michael Shepard. Director is Bradley Walsh. The spinoff series is created by Alfonso H. Moreno.

The "When Hope Calls" Season One cable debut in February 2020 averaged a 2.0 household rating and 2 million Total Viewers. [Source: Nielsen, February 23, 2020]

Additional casting information will be announced at a later date.


GAC Media, LLC is home to Great American Channels: "GAC Family" Stories Well Told and "GAC Living" Life Well Lived. As the flagship service, GAC Family celebrates American culture, lifestyle and heritage with original holiday-themed, family-friendly movies and series. GAC Living is the unscripted companion to GAC Family that celebrates Great American family-friendly traditions every day and every season. GAC Media, LLC was established in June 2021 and was organized by Dallas-based Hicks Equity Partners LLC and Bill Abbott. Its ownership primarily consists of US-based family offices.



My Quick Take:

I am personally over the moon to see the return of When Hope Calls and Lori Loughlin, especially at Christmas! What a perfect time! It is going to be such a joy to see the return of these beloved characters from Brookfield, plus Lori as Abigail Stanton, again, and Carter Ryan's return as Abigail's son, Cody! And who else might visit the town from Hope Valley - Mountie Nathan, perhaps? Or... Allie? Rosemary? Lee? Doctor Carson? So many possibilities!

I certainly love all the surprises coming from GAC Family and I hope you do, too! 

If you need to catch up on the first season of When Hope Calls, it is available on DVD or Prime Video. See *HERE*! I highly recommend this show for family viewing, as it is beautiful and heartwarming.

Blessings on your day! Net


  1. Oh, my goodness! Pinch me. I think I'm dreaming! I can not believe that When Hope Calls has moved to GAC Family. Really, really wonderful news here and quite frankly, a great marketing technique if you ask me.

  2. This is exciting news also. I have "When Hope Calls" recorded but I never watched it because I was waiting to see if a season Two would come out. Wasn't going to get invested in something for one season. Time to watch Season One!

    Glad to see Lori Loughlin given a second chance. Looks like she may have found her new Hallmark Home.

  3. This is such exciting news. GAC is really doing a great job. Happy to see Lori back, as she did commit a crime, but has paid for her crime and deserves forgiveness. People make mistakes, we all do, it is nice to see her given a 2nd chance.

    Bill Abbott is doing a really great job over there and I can't wait to see what becomes of this channel. I know it will be good things.

    I wonder if there is any chance of them getting the Larry Levinson movies, the Christmas movies that we dont really see on HM or HMM anymore. I would be over the moon. Farewell Mr Kringle, Matchmaker Santa, Santa Switch, Christmas Pageant, The Thanksgiving House, Help for the Holidays, Our First Christmas, the Three Gifts, Meet the Santas, these were all staples on Hallmark Drama before they made no more Drama Christmas.


  4. This is awesome! Finally someone who has the guts to not pander to the left. She should never have been cancel cultured in the first place. None of us are perfect.

  5. I'm very excited about this except wondering if Jocelyn Hudon will still be on the show. The only cast confirmed are Morgan Kohan and RJ Hatanaka. Jennifer R

    1. I'm hearing good things regarding Jocelyn Hudon and other regular cast members. In the last episode, however, we saw her leaving Brookfield, so I am curious to see if she will return right away. :)

    2. Jocelyn has confirmed on her Instagram page that she will not be in the Christmas episode or any of Season 2 for that matter :( Same with the actor that played sweet little Fred :(

    3. Okay... so it looks like Jocelyn responded to her followers on Instagram and she doesn't have plans to film When Hope Calls anytime soon since she's filming something else. That is very interesting. Wonder what they will do with her role or if they will eventually replace her with another actress.

  6. I am very happy to see Lori return! I wish that the Hallmark channel would bring her back to Hope Valley. We also enjoyed her Garage Sale Mysteries.

  7. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear this and she's playing her beloved character Abigail Stanton.(and Cody too, yea!) She's been on my thoughts and prayers for so long now.

    I hope to see her in Hope Valley as well and in her kitchen making yummy scones, pies,and so much more goodies that make us hungry watching. 😊 Would love to see her have some romance with Henry, who seems to have her on his mind.

    -I want to see her in Garage Sale Mysteries too! And bring back Dani, Frank, Jason, her kids, and Dr. Tramell.

    I'll be praying Hallmark gives her a second chance, after all none of us are perfect and all have fallen short of the glory of God.

    Thanks so much Net! You are definitely my favorite blogger!❤

  8. That was a great move on GAC part. Looking forward to even more shows.


  9. What an announcement.

    I wonder if they would allow crossovers since they're on different networks, even though it's the same production house?


  10. Fantastic to hear that Lori Loughlin will be back and that GAC Family is doing a second season of "When Hope Calls." I loved the first season, so this a blessing to look forward to.

  11. We love Lori L. and can't wait to see her again. Hope she makes it back to Hope Valley though. This show was a little 'much' if you know what I mean. Felt like they were overacting sometimes. Enjoy your day!

  12. Remember when Henry left Hope Valley at the ending of S8... Wouldn't it be great if he went to Brookfield to because he heard Abigail was there. I hope so. Rooting for those two! 😍😂

  13. Maybe the profound conversation with a dear friend from the past will be Jack!!!

  14. So glad Lori L. is coming back to Hope Valley!

  15. I'm actually quite disappointed that they didn't renew it fast enough so that we can see Jocelyn Hudon return now I wonder how they will address her absence?


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