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Monday, May 10, 2021

My thoughts on the "When Calls the Heart" Season 8 finale…

When Calls the Heart Season 8 finale…


Part of me is still somewhat in shock over the outcome of Season 8 – with Elizabeth ultimately choosing Lucas; however, I still had the sneaking suspicion, prior to the finale, I would be disappointed by When Calls the Heart once again, as I was at the end of season 5 – after Jack’s passing.

You see, I’ve been Team Nathan since day one - he is the Mountie, after all, who deeply cares for Elizabeth and very importantly, also little Jack. I’ve hardly seen Lucas take any interest there. The books the When Calls the Heart series is “loosely” based upon by Janette Oke – is a romantic, epic love story between the teacher and the Mountie. It’s about Elizabeth deciding against the lavish lifestyle she left behind and choosing instead, a more rugged life of hard work and service alongside her husband. To think Janette Oke’s books are filled with religious inspiration and character’s dedicated to doing God’s work – makes it a mockery for Elizabeth to choose a saloon owner, of all professions, especially in that time period.

Many of you who have been Hallmark movie fans for years, like myself, will also recall the way the Love Comes Softly series of movies was handled – which also did not follow the Janette Oke books. Remembering this was a red flag for me, that they may not stay loyal to Janette Oke’s original stories here, as well, even with this main, important theme.


Elizabeth’s character overall (unless she was teaching), in my opinion, was most unlikeable this entire season. Several times it was mentioned she didn’t feel quite like herself, or even a dress she chose – wasn’t even Elizabeth. I thought that was indicative of the influence Lucas had over her, which made her act or behave in a way that was not natural to her. She couldn’t just be herself. And don’t get me started on the riff between Elizabeth and Rosemary. That was the second worst story of the season, in my humble opinion, and why did they make up? It seems Elizabeth woke up one day and felt torn between these two men and desperately needed Rosemary’s advice. All of the sudden she selfishly needed her best friend back – thus facilitating the apology and friendship mending. While I was happy they were friends again, it seemed as if it was for self-serving reasons on Elizabeth’s part.

Elizabeth and Lucas and Nathan:

Watching the love story of Elizabeth and Lucas play out at the end of this finale episode, for me, was rather dull. After seeing a lot of responses on social media, I’m seeing I am not alone here. There are many, numerous fans disappointed in the decision of Elizabeth not choosing Nathan and the potential of a beautiful blended family. Throughout the entire season she never really even gave Nathan a chance. It’s as if she let the fear of choosing another Mountie overcome the possibility of giving her heart the opportunity to truly fall in love.

With the way Elizabeth’s character acted so cruelly towards Nathan all season, constantly turning him away and yet, stringing him along with playful glances and gestures, I was partly relieved she didn’t choose him, after all. Elizabeth truly did not deserve his love. She deserves Lucas. The writers/producers didn’t want Nathan, as a Mountie, to be a replacement for Jack, and yet the date Lucas and Elizabeth shared in the library at the end of the finale episode, looked very much like a repeat of a date between Jack and Elizabeth with the million candles (exaggerating on number here) all around the room. This pairing just didn’t seem to fit the overall theme of When Calls the Heart. In my opinion, it seemed to degrade the rest of the series, it felt forced. If she really loved him, would it take 3 years to decide between him and another man? And why did she tell Nathan she loved him, but wasn't in love with him? Again, that seemed terribly cruel. I guess Elizabeth is more Hamilton than Hope Valley, after all.

Frankly, I hope whoever Nathan chooses, will truly love him, for him, and their love story will over-shadow this triangle mess which left season 8 with a lot of unhappy fans.

Other relationships and observations in Hope Valley:

Why in the world was Clara baking a cake and not completely falling apart when Jesse was missing? Last time he was missing on the mountain, she and Rosemary hooked up the wagon and went up there to look for him, but this time she was baking a cake for him? – Almost as if it was no big deal?

Bill and Molly were casually going for a cup of coffee. Nothing beyond that, yet. And when Fiona and Hickam are discussing business plans, Florence and Molly are looking at them from afar… Florence wonders if they could be a potential couple, but Molly nonchalantly says she can’t she it.

Dr. Carson Shepherd leaves on the stage coach? And yes, I ended that sentence with a question mark. Did he really go? Right after Clara and Lee find his engagement ring, Carson appears to set off to the big city; however, we never actually see him in the stage coach waving goodbye. Will he return next season? We’ll see. Henry also departs Hope Valley - with a glance towards Abigail’s sign and a farewell to Hickam, who is taking over his oil business, along with Lucas and Fiona. I’m hoping Henry will return one day with Abigail. Also, did Lucas sell the saloon? I’m wondering, since he & Elizabeth are now together, if they may want to distance his character away from that persona and focus more on his partnership in the oil business.

Rosemary and Lee:

Rosemary finds her calling! Finally. She creates a new newspaper for the town called the Valley Voice. Although, I do recall Rosemary doing something similar to this in the past on When Calls the Heart, when she wrote a gossip column – several seasons back, which stirred up all kinds of trouble. The Valley Voice may end up doing that, eventually, as well. However, it was fun to see Lee and Rosemary working in the same office – and Lee encouraging Rosemary to follow her dreams. They are still the best couple in Hope Valley.

After a conversation with Pastor Joseph, Lee also discovers his calling to run for mayor, although he’ll have some competition, along with Judge Bill Avery, Mike Hickam and Fiona Miller, who is quite the mystery – with a former fiancรฉ and friends in San Francisco, who seem to have a great deal of money.

In summation:

Even though this is just a TV show, for the last 12 weeks and 8 seasons, we’ve invested our hearts into these characters, the ups and downs, and everything in between. Except for the major love triangle and the finale episode disappointment, there have been some wonderful moments I’ve enjoyed this season with other characters. I personally loved the addition of the Canfield family, most of all, and the way they’ve powerfully displayed their love of God, by words and deeds, throughout Season 8. I especially loved when Joseph said, “God is good,” as he and Minnie were dancing at the wedding reception and the sincere way Minnie told Carson she would be praying for him. I look forward to even more inspiring moments like this. Since it is a wholesome family-friendly show, I do plan to watch Season 9 (yes, the series was renewed), but I hope they will focus more on other supporting characters in Hope Valley, besides Elizabeth, like they did with Ned and Florence (who I adored!) this season. And, I hope Nathan will ultimately have his own epic love story!

I would love to hear your thoughts, too. Please share in comments below.

Blessings, Net


  1. I haven’t been a fan of Hallmark lately but I think this has put the final nail in the coffin. I was totally shocked by the last episode and have no desire to watch Elizabeth and Lucas next season. I think I’m still grieving the loss of the potential Elizabeth/Nathan love story. I think it’s time to spend more time focusing on God and real life. I think the only show that will have me turn Hallmark on again is the promised next movie of Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Martha Williamson has not disappointed me yet. Becky F.

    1. I agree E character changed , I believe some was to move toward from being a widow but her personality is different as well, she strung along 2 men which she played with Jack with Charles in early seasons, but I also feel they didn’t want the Mountie story to be the future of the show , nor sure why but it’s their choice. I felt she did string Nathan along , knowing his true feelings. Also I don’t think he signed those papers at the end because of what Nathan said and the scene in the library was like with her and Jack even the music played, I felt she has moved more to acting and dressing did Lucas as if HV is Hamilton and it’s not but it is changing and that’s ok, I’m just not sure the fans will approve long term. I was not happy with the way she treated Rosemary and not apologizing sooner and when not needing her advice at the last minutes. It’s a tribute to WCTH for so many to be so passionate about a program, I feel Lucas has alternative motives coming, wil she go along next season, her Hamilton upbringing may cloud her judgement,??? We’ll see next year, I love the show and changing stories keep it interesting BUT the writers need to keep it true to why people fell in love with it from the beginning. I have trust in them and Erin must have a lot of say so these days, she also needs to stay true to herself. Good luck writers, see you see next season, give the Canfields a bigger voice , love Viv Leacock !! God Bless

  2. Couldn't agree more Net. I think this stings even more since it's a show that centers around faith. I've read lots of Janette Oke books through the years, it's terrible the way the shows they make never really follow the books. I do remember the Love Comes Softly movies fiasco, but this is much worse. Don't know if I'll return for season 9 after this, but it feels like one of the last shows on TV families can watch together in peace.

  3. I'm still in shock. I was sure she was going to pick Nathan. The whole season she was with Lucas, she never even gave Nathan a chance. Also thought Elizabeth wasn't herself all season long, as if she was constantly trying to impress Lucas or his arrogant mother. Even my husband was disgusted when the show ended.

  4. Im so sorry the finale didn't go the way you wanted. If it helps, I believe they are making way for Nathan to be a larger part of the show. Tied to Elizabeth, the writers would have to work in these two separately, and then together. That's triple the screen time for Elizabeth and Nathan and as much as we love them, it could squeeze out time for other characters. On the other hand, it's likely the show will offer a slower pace regarding Elizabeth and Lucas focusing mostly on their time together. This could mean we dont see them as much as we think we would. Nathan, an incredibly popular role would get MORE screentime. This was mentioned in an interview with Erin Krakow. It makes me sad that people would leave the show, because its very very likely that Nathan fans are going to get ALOT more of Nathan next season, winning and grinning without the competition of Elizabeth's stories or a love triangle. If anything, WCTH will be eager to make up for the hurt by packing Nathan with exciting stories that really allow him to shine on his own. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he were to become another lead!

    1. But I’m team Nathan and Elizabeth. I wasn’t just Team Nathan because I like Nathan. Nathan by himself or with someone else isn’t the story I wanted. It’s not going to fix the hurt for me.

    2. I agree. I wanted the teacher/Mountie love story. I believe the powers that be are spinning it to say Nathan will get more screen time this way and a new love just to bring back those of us who wanted the love story with N&E. I feel they lied to us all through the series, and this latest spin/lie won’t work for me. I am done with the show.

  5. I agree with you. I am so disappointed in the turn of events last night. This episode was all over the place, with all of the characters. It it no longer my favorite show, but I’m not going to say I won’t watch next season. I love Lee and Rosemary! And so many of the supporting cast. I just hope that Nathan’s story moves more front and center than E and L. Their relationship seems so forced. N deserves so much more as he was treated so poorly this season.

  6. Yeah. I’m out. I won’t be watching season 9. They pulled the rug out from under us when DL left and now this and I’m not happy with the way BB tweets to the fans. He says he cares, but he really doesn’t.

  7. I haven't been watching week-to-week for a long time but I have met the two new dudes (in an episode here and there) and keep up on Twitter. I prefer Nathan of what I've seen, and really don't care about the show either way at this point. That said, I'm glad it's out there for those of us who love family friendly TV, but it's SO far from the books (which I have lots of nostalgic feelings for) and just doesn't feel like the type of show I can fully invest in. Not to say I won't binge watch it someday, but I also don't mind not watching.

    I read early on that you'd think it was going one way only to end up another and so I assumed it'd be Lucas. Even from the little I know, I'd agree that this romance doesn't feel authentic. *shrugs* Guess season nine will reveal if fans are ultimately curious to move forward or not. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

  8. I started out in Season 6 as Team Nathan but I switched to Team Lucas (eek!) They have such good chemistry. After being Team Lucas through seasons 7 and 8, I was ultimately SHOCKED that she picked him. What a surprise! I am happy, but it all seemed to be pointing at a Nathan decision in the end. I am really looking forward to seeing where this story goes. I find it truly fascinating that there are so many viewers on both sides of the fence. For me, I felt the writers were hesitant and held back with the Nathan storyline which left it hard to get off the ground. I would love to see Kevin McGarry and Erin Krakow someday do a Christmas movie or something. They do have chemistry. But for Elizabeth's character, it makes sense to me that she would change and evolve and not necessarily go right back with another Mountie...she has always been someone that has sought out someone with strong morals and a heart for virtue and she definitely found that in Lucas. It's different, fresh, and I'm intrigued!

    That being said -- I'm so thankful for the writers and contributors to WCTH but I found Season 8 a bit all over the place. It was different than the other seasons. The same storylines were rehashed over and over, and storylines that should have been wrapped up in an episode or two, lasted all season (Rosemary's purpose, Carson and Faith, etc). I hope Season 9 brings us more intertwined stories, lighthearted fun, some fresh Mountie/reporter cases, and a REDEMPTIVE Abigail return. Can't wait!

    1. I agree Amanda and other Team Lucas fans who have commented. I am a Heartie from the beginning. I, too, was on Team Lucas. Throughout the past two seasons I’ve often wondered if Elizabeth would try to unconsciously keep Jack’s memory alive through Nathan – not a good or fair reason to marry such a wonderful, caring man, and a good ‘father' to Allie. Elizabeth does need a fresh start. Nathan already offered an olive branch at the saloon by telling Lucas that he would “have his back” in reference to the Pinkertons.

      No matter who won Elizabeth's hand, I am still going to watch the show - I’m in it for the long haul. It’s going to be interesting going forward, and hopefully not as "all over the place" as Season 8. There was a new showrunner this season, if I recall correctly.

      My heart hurts for the Hearties who were disappointed. I had tissues ready for my disappointment if Nathan was chosen over Lucas. I thought that was the way it was going to go. I was hopeful that Lucas would be chosen, but I "readied myself" for disappointment. Talk about a shock!

      I am looking forward to the scenes with Little Jack and Lucas. Those are sure to be sweet and humorous.

    2. What if Little Jack doesn’t like Lucas at all?

  9. I can see why she was going back and forth all season as I was too, however I will say I was leaning more towards Lucas and am very happy with her choice( Chris McNally is one of my fav hallmark men) I 100% thought hallmark was going with Nathan and was very surprised by her picking Lucas (but again happy)That being said im sure ill get the omg on here because seeing all the comments on here and twitter people are not happy with the choice. However I do think Hallmark made a good choice and can see why they made Lucas her choice, hes different, I think they have more to explore with him for now then say the "same" story with Nathan. I will end with I have seen many many shows with love triangles and they always end up having a story with BOTH love interests at some point through the seasons and maybe thats hallmarks goal, give her Lucas now, but end with the love story of Nathan. I guess we watch more seasons to come and find out and I truly hope people dont give up on WCTH because of her choice, it can always change season to season so keep watching! :)

  10. Team Lucas here...I did read that the writers didn't ultimately decide who Elizabeth was going to end up with until they were already IN Season 8 ...which might explain for the confusing directions the show took. It makes so much sense to me why the Team Nathan people would be disappointed...the show lacked direction this season, but it did seem to be pointing to a big Nathan reveal at the end! I thought for sure Elizabeth was going to pick him! I am happy for Elizabeth though to have a fresh start with Lucas. Also hoping Nathan and Lucas become friends...that would be a great new dynamic to watch.

    1. No, Nathan & Lucas can’t be friends because of Lucas has dark secrets on his own

      What’s Lucas is up to something?

      When Elizabeth hugged Nathan, Lucas left because it was too much to bear ... Then we saw him leave because he was convinced that there was something between Nathan and Elizabeth.... At the first problem with LJ what will he do?
      Will he move to Europe?

      No, He'll ship LJ off to boarding school in Switzerland. (As seen in movie; Teddie will send to boarding school by Crystal, she didn’t want to but she wanna stay with her Dad & others) so, what’s about LJ will send to boarding school by Lucas. If LJ doesn’t want to go to boarding school. If LJ wanna stay with Nathan & Allie as his legal guardians. He manages to call Nathan; Daddy & his supportive surrogate Sister; Allie

      They would have more time to spend on dinners, in fact

      Elizabeth is more like Nathan’s Sister; Colleen because if they’re get married a crook like Lucas & Nathan’s former Brother in Law; Dylan Myers.

      Don’t trust Lucas or Dylan!!!

  11. I waited for 2 seasons for Elizabeth to choose Nathan. He is both a loving and caring man with his new daughter and with both Elizabeth and baby Jack. I cannot believe she would ever pick a saloon owner and someone who has not had any relationship with her son. Not happy at all with this decision. Not interested in watching the two of them together at all.

  12. I waited for two seasons for Elizabeth to choose Nathan and begin their journey together in love and join together their families. I was shocked that she chose Lucas. I cannot believe she would ever pick a saloon owner who has not even spent time with her son Jack. Nathan is such a loving and caring man. Very disappointing choice. Not interested in watching the Elizabeth/Lucas relationship at all.

    1. Me too I’m not interesting Elizabeth & Lucas’ relationship ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคข

      I hope next season 9 for Nathan & Elizabeth’s relationship

    2. When did Nathan spend time with little Jack?

    3. There was a gathering at Abigail's cafe one time and Elizabeth was carrying little Jack. Her arms were tired and Nathan offered to hold him. As he did so, he made adorable, funny faces and of course, little Jack smiled happily. It was a very sweet scene.

  13. I’m Team Nathan still no matter what. I think the writers didn’t think there would be much interest in Lucas after this season compared to Nathan who is easily a fan favorite. He will be the star next year. TN fans will support him no matter what but I think a lot of these fans will never fully like E again.

  14. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, May 10, 2021

    I am team Lucas! Shocker! I saw an interview that ET did with the 3 of them. They talked about how the decision was made to pick Lucas. Yall should look it up...it's very informative. Great interview! Kevin made the comment that there should not be team Nathan or team Lucas but team WCTH.

  15. No matter how it "ended" there was always going to be a large number of people disappointed.

    From another viewpoint - the major part of Elizabeth's heart will always belong to Jack so in reality Lucas is only second best.

    Mathan deserves to be first with someone, so if he remains on the cast maybe a new girl will arrive in town and he'll get what he deserves?

    He may be thinking he's had a lucky escape - Elizabeth's treatment of him throughout Season 8 was decidedly questionable.

  16. I understand E needing to take the time to make the right decision. Which by the way, should include choosing a man who will care for her son. L is not that man. E has become unrecognizable as the woman we’ve grown to love and respect. Sigh

  17. I don't know, i guess i see her not choosing Nathan as the real love story, because she is scared and she doesn't want to replace Jack. I read something with someone in charge at WCTH and both nathan and lucas are back next season. I still wonder if this is not over, in that Elizabeth will be with Lucas, but maybe see little things along the way. Maybe he and little jack dont bond, maybe elizabeth sees herself in the life she was in hamilton with the man she would be with in hamilton and maybe she struggles with that next season. I guess i see more story there with Lucas, now this is of course unless she marries Lucas, but i dont think that is happening yet.

    There just isnt a love like she had with Jack. I know many people died early in those times and they moved on, but Jack and Elizabeth were special. I know she has chosen, but to me there is good writing opportunities in next season in her seeing a life playing out with Lucas, but still seeing she is missing something.

    They definitely dont follow books very well with Hallmark, i mean if anyone read all Chesapeake shores it is not at all close in many parts. Aurora is way off, I am sure they try making it their own.

  18. I agree with a lot of what you said, Net. I was Team Nathan from the beginning and at this point don't feel like Elizabeth deserves him. I really didn't like her character this season, she has become whiney, selfish and unkind. She and Lucas do deserve each other. I hate the way she lead Nathan on for so long. That said I thought it interesting the way Nathan and Faith had their little moment on the porch. But I almost think we need a new character to come to Hope Valley for Nathan. And are Carson and Henry gone for good? Henry leaving was just awkward, I think. No goodbyes to so many people. As for Carson, I have expected him to still be there when the stagecoach left too. But, as it has been for a long time, though, Rosemary and Lee are my favorite couple. And I love Fiona. So curious to see her character unfold more. Maybe Elizabeth and Lucas will more in the background next season.

    1. I really hope they do not make Nathan and Faith a couple. She's the only one more rude than Elizabeth this season!

    2. No, Not Nathan & Faith

      Stick with Nathan & Elizabeth
      Stick with Carson & Faith

      Carson will be back in WCTH season 9

  19. Net - I agree with everything you said!

    For me it was less about Nathan or Lucas, though I am more team Nathan, it was more about Elizabeth and who she was all season (or should I say, was NOT). Either from her more materialistic past or Hope Valley present, she has always been a strong woman with high moral standards. Her choices have always been made with those as her guide. While she has matured and grown from the way life experience has changed her, I would expect a higher moral standard not lower, which is unfortunately the direction it seems she's gone. I feel this entire season she was moving in a direction away from those morals and her faith. The selfish way she treated other people is not the Elizabeth we have grown to know. It was disappointing and felt out of place for the character and the show. I won't say I won't watch next season, but it will be for the other characters and not with the enthusiasm of past seasons.

  20. I, too, was very, very disappointed that Elizabeth chose Lucas. I think Nathan is much more loving and caring than Lucas (who is too interested in his money and business). I have felt that when Lucas arrived in Hope Valley that he was a shady character and perhaps running from the law. Maybe this will come to light during Season 9. I'm hoping for a twist in that Elizabeth will see another side of Lucas, and she and Nathan will eventually get together in Season 9. I'm a firm believer that where there's life, there's hope. Let's not give up!!

  21. Whatever happened with all the suspicions about Lucas when he first came on the scene?? Nothing was ever resolved there. I know choosing Nathan would've been the same, another mountie, but I've never warmed up to Lucas. Elizabeth reminded me too much of an annoying Bella Swan this season...

    1. It was resolved actually -- if I remember correctly, Lucas was trying to help a friend, of whom was being hounded unfairly for money. She was trying to keep her location a secret and Lucas was trying to help her out. That is when the Croonies arrived in Hope Valley, targeting him in order to get their money.

    2. Indeed, it was resolved. That was the *only* time he had ever cheated at a card game. It was to help a widowed boardinghouse owner who took out a loan from the Sinclair Syndicate to save her business. She couldn't pay the exorbitant, usery fees. In another episode, the widow was the one to whom he spoke in French and made Fiona suspicious.

      The amount was $10,000 that was hidden under frozen fish, I'm pretty sure.

    3. Lucas is the one who spoke French to his French friends on the phone at his office

      He’s not what he seems

      Careful Elizabeth, it’s about Lucas, he’s not what she thinks he’s not the right guy for her. What’s he’a Up to something.

      Elizabeth, she needs to talk with Nathan to give him a second chance to talk about Lucas’ dark secrets in the past

  22. When they had Lucas first come into town they made him shady and secretive with all that money hidden in the floor and now we are suppose to believe that he is the love interest of Elizabeth. It's a good thing I dvr this show because I fast forward Elizabeth and Lucas scenes because they have zero chemistry together and their scenes feel forced. I haven't decided yet if I'll watch next season but if I do I'll be fast forwarding their scenes together. This season they made Elizabeth unbearable and hard to watch. I sure hope they give Nathan a better love interest and make him more of the show because he deserves it.

  23. Team Lucas here 100% Was very pleased Elizabeth picking Lucas. The addition of Canfield family was great to see. I'm very pleased with the final, Lot's of stories are brewing for next season. NOW, On to my favorite series "The Good Witch'

  24. Net, I'm hoping that Carson didn't get too far from home and shows up in Hope Valley next season.

    Like you, I hope the writers have Lucas sell the saloon distancing him from that persona to concentrate on the oil business. In episode 12 Lucas looks up at the Queen of Hearts sign and it makes me wonder if he was saying goodbye and actually selling it. I can only hope that the writers had the forethought to do that.

    I'm so happy about the Canfields. They are truly a God-fearing family. Joseph Canfield is one of my favorites. I know it's only a tv show inspired by Ms. Oke's book, and it looks like faith has returned to Hope Valley.

  25. I feel exactly as you describe on all accounts. The only part of the season I enjoyed was Joseph and his family. But what bothered me even more than even the choice of Lucas over Nathan was the absence of Elizabeth ever asking for forgiveness of Rosemary. I felt Rosemary had only tried to care for her and Elizabeth accused her wrongly, then treated her terribly, and then barely apologized. She asked if she was forgiven, but never really acknowledged her own "sin". That scene and the entire situation could have been handled so much better. Elizabeth has never been my favorite, but that really gave me even less appreciation for Elizabeth's character. I have always loved Rosemary though, and she was very grace-giving in return.

  26. Season 8 is the biggest disappointment of all. I was tired of Elizabeth and her drama and the terrible way she strung Nathan along! And the abhorrent way she treated Rosemary. I did enjoy the other story lines though, Fiona and Hickam and Ned and Florence, and the Canfield family brings a thread of faith back into the story line. I'm excited about how their story will develop. I know Hallmarks's WCTH doesn't claim any thread of Christianity in this series, it's so disappointing to lose another series to this culture. Come on Signed Sealed and Delivered, we're waiting on you!!!!!

  27. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, May 11, 2021

    Ok. I have to jump back in here. They filmed a scene where Lucas gave LJ a teddy bear and the scene was cut. Chris mentioned this in the interview I wrote about earlier saying he was hoping scenes wouldn't get cut like this next season. Kevin by his and Erin's own words say he will be back. The money Lucas has was explained in the following season and E apologized to Rosemary this past Sunday. Please look for the interview I mentioned. I read on Google news. All 3 are talking about this season...was a great interview.

  28. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, May 11, 2021

    Link to the interview I have posted about.

    1. Thank you Joyce for the link to the interview. I am disappointed that the Little Jack-Lucas scene was cut. I believe that it would have shown Hearties that Lucas was trying to get to know LJ. Instead, the editor(s) chose to keep the numerous kisses in both kissing scenes which I believe were over-used. And I'm am Team Lucas!

    2. Joyce in CarolinaWednesday, May 12, 2021

      Namegirl..you're welcome. I don't understand why they would cut that scene when so many fans were saying Lucas didn't spend any time with LJ. I do feel that Hallmark jerked us all around quite a bit, understand some things better after listening to that interview.

  29. I 100% agree. I’d like to add that the scenes between Elizabeth and Lucas seem hyper-romanticized and seductive but lack relational substance. When she talks to Nathan, they both seem authentic and connected. There was so much more chemistry there. I think the writers would have done themselves and the fans a favor by creating more distance between Nathan and E and more authentic connection to L before that passionate season ending moment. In my opinion, Faith, like Elizabeth, was very whiny and unpleasant this season and things between her and Carson are far from resolved. Nathan deserves way better than another indecisive woman who is stuck between 2 men. I’m really hoping the writers don’t try to force that story line.

  30. Dear Net, I am adding my two cents worth as a total outsider. I have never watched WCTH except for this very last episode. That being said, maybe I can speak objectively. My Hallmark viewing centers around Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I welcome the genuine friendship and love between the main characters, the four POstables, but also with those they meet during their postal mysteries. The ads and previews of this season's WCTH seemed to create just the opposite emotions for its viewers: positioning one group of fans against the opposing faction in highlighting this long, drawnout love triangle. I truly understand how it is possible to become involved in the lives of fictional characters of a television show. It seemed unusually heartless to string along the two camps of fans in this love triangle, knowing fullwell that many viewers would be so very disappointed in the outcome. I hope I am not speaking out of turn to suggest that fans of WCTH might take a look at Signed, Sealed, Delivered to find delightful stories highlighting values of friendship and love and hope.

  31. Agree with you Net. Elizabeth was unlikeable for much of season 8. Why do viewers think that is since she was with Lucas for much of it? Can't people see the connection there? To me, she isn't the star of the show, but she thinks she is.

  32. I agree with everything you said about the season except for one thing. I don't think Rosemary and Elizabeth truly ever mended their friendship. A true mending would have consisted of a sit down conversation where Elizabeth gives a heartfelt apology. It felt more like an off the cuff remark than apology and that Rosemary decided to let her off the hook, which I don't think she should have because Elizabeth was just a brat with no accountability.

  33. We quit watching after Jack was killed....

  34. I'm reading all the comments and my hubby and I are having a discussion! I wasn't pleased with this season but it's still better than anything else we've seen. We watched All Creatures Great and Small and that's good too but we don't watch any other commercial TV. I still thought a 'new man' should have showed up to sweep Elizabeth off her feet. Because I know it doesn't take that much struggle to know when someone is right for you. Drama...drama...drama! Seems like we all love some of it though! heehee! Thanks for this fun discussion! (I hope Abigail AND Henry come back next season!!!!) Enjoy your afternoon!

    1. Yes! Abigail and Henry is just what WCTH needs!

  35. I think that Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries should have Military themed Christmas movies on Thursday May 27 and Friday May 28 since we are going to Memorial Day on May 31.

  36. Definitely a disappointing ending. Not the best season. Where did Elizabeth get that ultra jazzy dress at the end. Does not fit the period!

  37. It was never going to be Nathan. Having Elizabeth choose another Mountie would have continued to be a reminder of Jack. The further Hallmark can get from Jack/Dan, the happier they will be. All the talk about Dan being part of the Hallmark family, all the uses of Jack's character to promote WCTH's triangle, all the promises of EGBOK over the years....so much manipulation. Am I still disappointed that Jack died? Yes. Am I "over it"? His death, yes. His leaving WCTH? Yes. I'm glad he did. Best career move he could make. I find myself watching Hallmark less and less these days. It is sad to see how many people have said that WCTH is better than any other program on at that time. Not really a ringing endorsement.

  38. I just really miss Jack. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he just showed up. Maybe being presumed dead and had amnesia... Would love to see him reunite with his wife and meet his son... If only๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  39. Please sign Petition for Team Nathan

    Support for Team Nathan


    1. Thanks! I will definitely look in to that!๐Ÿ˜

    2. Team Lucas member here. Don't forget that the episode 12 ending was just the beginning of the Elizabeth and Lucas courtship. I'm wondering what the writers are going to come up with next season.

      Also, when Elizabeth delivered the gut-punch to Nathan, she did say that she loved him, but she wasn't in love with him.

  40. I wasn't surprised with the choice of Lucas with the way Nathan has been portrayed lately. And the rift with Rosemary--hated it. Agreed that Elizabeth has seemed a bit selfish this season.


  41. I agree with everything you said about the season except for one thing. I don't think Rosemary and Elizabeth truly ever mended their friendship. A true mending would have consisted of a sit down conversation where Elizabeth gives a heartfelt apology. It felt more like an off the cuff remark than apology and that Rosemary decided to let her off the hook, which I don't think she should have because Elizabeth was just a brat with no accountability.

  42. I was always team Lucas! Why in the world would I want the same old Mountie story… already done! I’m glad there’s a new story and more interesting man not just another Mountie, again boring already done! Lucas brings more life to it all its not just the same old same! I am very much looking forward to the next season with all of them I absolutely loved this season!

    1. Because that's what the true beloved Janette Oke series is about. Elizabeth Thatcher and her mountie husband. And it is wonderful and full of adventures.

    2. I’ve read all the books the show is clearly not following so why follow now….

      I think Nathan an Fiona would be amazing!!

    3. No way,l Nathan & Fiona are too awkward

      People saying they’re too awkward

    4. I think that could be where they want to go...Nathan and Fiona.
      If you recall when Nathan and Allie arrive for Ned and Florence's wedding, Allie asks Fiona for help with her hair. Fiona immediately recognizes the "dropper loop" knot in Allie's hair. When Fiona says she learned about fishing from her brothers, with realization in her eyes Allie gives a meaningful "hmmmm". I figured Allie might see her as a potential match for her Uncle.

  43. What would make me a fan again and make sense is to bring back Abigail back and make her Nathan's love interest.

    1. That might seem odd, considering their age differences.

  44. Hallmark used and divided all of us fans with season 8. We were told Elizabeth's love story would be back and forth this season. That was a lie. It was all Lucas. Nathan was bashed all season long. In the end he was completely crushed. If you look at the Facebook groups, the Team Nathan group is far larger than the Team Lucas. It wasn't about creating the beatiful love story Elizabeth deserved, it was about the triangle and ratnigs. Elizabeth never conquered her fears. Nathan is not Jack, just because they have the same job. That was stupid. The story was written for Elizabeth to finally realize she loved Nathan. There was no story arc here. The last ep of S8 was a complete disaster. I honestly don't think Elizabeth was past Jack yet. How did Lucas know at the bridge she was ready to be kissed? He came plowing at her so fast. He hadn't seen the ring rmoval yet. And thhe kiss itself, there was nothing romatic about it. I think you said something like Elizabeth was so awful she didn't deserve Nathan. I agree. She doesn't deserve Rosemary's friendship either. But wouldn't it have been unreal if after treating Nathan bad all season, she finally said I love you. NOne of it made sense. She never could tell Nathan a response when he said he loved her. She only said it would hurt too much. Doesn't that mean she loved him too? I feel betrayed by Hallmark, the writers, and producers and I think they are loving all of this.

  45. Net - I'm team Nathan too. I'm still in shock like you along with my daughters who were so crushed they cried as they fell asleeep on Mother's day. I know its just a show and all that but they played on everyones feelings and emotions here. They led us to believe Elizabeth would overcome her fear of loosing Jack and move on. Every episode prior to the finale pointed us toward an ending with Elizabeth and Nathan. I'm upset they played this game with us, not sure we can ever watch WCTH ever again.

  46. There were some other years that I did not watch When Call the Heart. I have now been given a permanent reason not to watch. I have better things to do with my time and I will invest my time in that and not in watching this show next season.

  47. This was the nail in the coffin so to speak. I have been on the wire about this show and while there are characters I cared about Lucas is not one of them. Elizabeth has changed and not for the good. Bye Bye WCTH.

  48. Something you need to know about Lucas

    Elizabeth chose the wrong guy; Lucas & Nathan is the right guy for her

    Bring Elizabeth & Nathan back together, no one else

    1) Lucas is a con-artist who came to HV in Season 6
    2) Something shady about Lucas
    4) Lucas has dark secrets
    5) Lucas is not what he seems
    6( something gonna do with Jack’s death - like cannonball or TNT that caused mudslide, landslides, rock ๐Ÿชจ slides, etc...
    7) Lucas spoke French with someone who are Frenchmen friends on the phone at his office

    Spurlock & Pinkertons hired to look after it
    Who they’ve been hired by who

    Give us The Grant Family
    A family of 4

    Nathan & Elizabeth are main characters in Jeanette Oke’s WCTH books are always about a Teacher & a Mountie after Jack’s death

    Elizabeth & Jack have 2 children (boy & girl)
    Elizabeth has her Son; Jack Jr.
    Nathan has his Niece; Allie

    Nathan, Elizabeth, Allie, LJ = a family of 4, The Grant Family

    Nathan & Elizabeth are meant to be together
    Nathan & Elizabeth are one true love ๐Ÿ’— ❤️ ๐Ÿ’•

  49. The thing is I haven't really liked the character of Elizabeth for a long time. I stopped watching cause it was all her all the time. I was pleasantly surprised when i watched again during the marathon, and the other characters were front and center, and they were written and developed so nicely. I'm just being honest but the show used to be elizabeth and jack, Rosie and Lee as supporting little hi's and make you laughs, then Elizabeth, then a few people having a line or 2. But it has changed for the better. Hopefully next season there will be a lot more on the other characters.

    I still think Elizabeth may see she made a mistake and that will bring the drama and give the time needed to not have Nathan replace Jack.


  50. Sign Petition; Kevin McGarry deserves better WCTH


  51. It should be about Elizabeth and her mountie. It is still my favorite show. I will always be an Heartie, but I was am still am disappointed.

    It feels worse than when Jack was killed. Is it just me or does anyone else feel that way???

  52. Have you seen the reviews at IMDB? Hallmark made a terrible mistake this time.

    Here's some of them below. Each line is just the subject of the individual reviews.

    --- Confusing and inauthentic.

    --- Total Trash

    --- I guess you can buy love

    --- Worst episode

    --- Worst season of WCTH

    --- Disappointed And miss leading

    --- Flipped script!


    --- Garbage

    --- Deeply upset

    --- When Calls the Heart owes an apology to their fans!

    --- Terrible writing, extremely disappointing conclusion

    --- The show is ruined

    --- A Colossal Disappointment

    --- Manipulated by the writers and Hallmark for ratings

    --- Hope-less Valley is no longer my happy place!

    --- Hot mess. So disappointed.

    --- Will never understand the S8 finale- incredibly disappointing!

    It goes on and on like this. I'm not sure if WCTH can ever recover.

    1. WOW...glad to know that so many people feel this way haha! Hopefully they will make things right in season 9!:)

  53. I didn’t care for the ending either but I’m also not taking the Lucas thing so personal, it’s just a show people… let’s not forget it’s a show, not real life. I think she should’ve stayed alone, the fact that she couldn’t choose, clearly neither one is for you. Maybe Nathan and Faith?

    1. Carson will be back in WCTH: Season 9

  54. Remember in season 3, when Jack says "Hamilton to Hope Vally to the Homestead."..... Should we add Saloon to that??

  55. Bye Bye Hope Valley. I like Lee and Rosemary. I SOOOO lost interest in Elizabeth. What a pain in the neck she is and then to pick Lucas. Forget it. Trying to push Nathan and Faith together was not a good idea either.
    As was stated --I know there better ways to occupy my time than watching this show.

  56. This is why Elizabeth & Lucas will never make sense to me. E & L never shared their true hearts to each other. Elizabeth & Nathan did.

    This season was one of the worst things I've ever watch on television with the finale taking the prize as the worst.

    Jack died all over again. Only this time, no one was leaving WCTH, so the creative team had a choice. So disappointed that you would turn this show from Mountie/teacher to gambling saloon owner/teacher. What HM planet is this?

    So disappointed in the ending of season 8 it's supposed to be the school teacher and the mountie not the school teacher and the saloon owner

    I’m happy for a S9. It will give the writers a chance to appease the #Nathan
    fans who are so disappointed with the finale. After his broken mends please bring a new woman to the show who will Red heart him as he should be. Not #Faith or #Fiona #Hearties

    No appeasement necessary. Nathan belongs with Elizabeth so since the show flipped the script last minute, the 70% of us who supported that pairing have a choice in what to watch going forward and it likely won’t be this.

    I don’t care if they bring the Queen of England, I’m done with this show, the writers made a huge mistake pairing Elizabeth with a whiny, spoiled baby like Lucas, I know he will break her heart and I won’t feel the least bit sorry for her.

    Tone Deaf' really sums it up as they HAD to know what they were doing to the fan base after their ceaseless, polls that only served to divide the #Hearties further.

    Stay in your lane. No one wants you to be edgy & unpredictable. We watch for happy endings we can see coming.

    We LOVE our fans!" ...as you devastate 70% of #Hearties with that train wreck of a finale. (After polling us constantly, so you knew who we wanted!)

    You WON'T see me back for S9!!! I won't watch a single episode of E & L.

    This is what should have happened at the end of S8. That was the story you led us to believe would happen. Instead in the last episode TPTB chose a soap opera version to continue with. You really don't care for your fans.

    You hurt A LOT of your fans that were already hurting from the pandemic. Tone Deaf season SMH.. Good luck next year

    @brbird For Shame Broken heart #TeamNathan #Hearties

    There have been a gazillion posts trying to persuade Nathan fans to do so, but so far it hasn't worked for me.

    What a pity, you totally screwed up the ending. There is no alchemy, no chemistry between Lucas and Elizabeth. You sacrificed a great love story, a great character like Nathan for reasons we don't understand, completely upsetting the spirit of WCTH.

    Thus for WCTH - Everyone making rude and bullying comments should be so ashamed of yourselves. This is a tv show that didn’t go in the direction you wanted. Real people worked really hard on this show during a pandemic. And you have the audacity to bully them.

  57. It makes no sense! E & L have no deep conversations. It's superficial and surface level. They could've evolved their relationship this season, but they didn't. No development, just physical touch - which hardly sustains a relationship. Just terrible writing!

    Chanel (@bookishchanel) Tweeted: It makes no sense! E & L have no deep conversations. It's superficial and surface level. They could've evolved their relationship this season, but they didn't. No development, just physical touch - which hardly sustains a relationship. Just terrible writing! #TeamNathan

  58. If Elizabeth wanted Nathan, she would have picked him. Remember, even NATHAN agreed with Elizabeth's choice. So..smile..the man you admire agrees Nathan is the best.

    She belonged with Nathan. 3 seasons of interactions said so.

  59. When Calls the Heart spent the last couple of episodes selling fans on the idea that Nathan could be the one, despite Elizabeth’s tentative new courtship with Lucas. Yet, some hearties weren’t happy about it.

    We gave readers the opportunity to respond to a poll, Nathan was chosen.

    However, if you are Team Nathan, you should be really excited for Season 9. He’s a free man on the market! He still has a love story to play out.

    When Nathan revealed he came to Hope Valley earlier this season to watch over Elizabeth when Jack died?

    Nathan comes to Hope Valley to look after Elizabeth & LJ to protect them if there’s anything could happen to them who will

  60. Listen to the WCTH after show podcast . They explain a lot on how Elizabeth was feeling . She was lost and was trying to be close to her husband . Nathan brought closer for her with Jack.

    Nathan finds out that Lucas is a crook. Sends him to jail. Elizabeth comes crawling to Nathan, and she kicks her to the curb. Elizabeth runs back east. New school teacher, with brains, comes to Hope Valley. There is hope again.

  61. Please Sign Petition for Rewrite Season 8 of When Calls the Heart


  62. Hello #Hearties - this was one of the most adorable podcast to recap WCTH S8 Finale! I know some of our hearts are a little broken (#TeamNathan 100% I was/am) but this podcast gives you all the feels of love and a new hope. Take a listen! We are family

    When Calls The Heart Aftershow Season 8 Episode 12 With Brian Bird


  63. I watched the ET interview after the finale and I found it odd, when Erin is asked what is she most excited to play in season 9, she says first " I'm interested in seeing the relationship between Elizabeth and Nathan play out" What?

  64. Still heartbroken, N&E.. chemistry is fire & undeniable, WTCH broke our belief that true love is worth fighting for. Its the writers & @kevin_mcGarry that got us to fall in love with Nathan !!

    This is why Elizabeth & Lucas will never make sense to me. E & L never shared their true hearts to each other. Elizabeth & Nathan did.

    Excellent open letter to tptb.
    The more I read about the bts decisions and think & read about what could have been done, the more upset I am.

    That’s too bad, I’m sorry. At least you’re in good company. There are many more of us disappointed fans than there are pleased ones, according to every poll I’ve seen. The ratings on IMDB are terrible for the finale, too.

    I remember Alfonso saying that Nathan/Kevin would have been End game how sad

    Yep, Alfonso cleverly wrote a storyline that got the vast majority of Hearties to embrace our new Mountie & cheer for him to be with Elizabeth... then JT came in and WRECKED IT!!!

    How is Lucas a replica of Nathan?

    I’ve now heard it all. Thankfully Lucas is his own man and nothing like Nathan. For TN to think the writers are going to turn him into Nathan gives be a good laugh.

    Thats not fair I want that writer back.John Tinker ruined our show.

    Exactly! They really can’t wine and dine Elizabeth any more. They’ve burned candles in every space on the set... they will try setting Lucas up to be the lead man.

    You know, because Elizabeth can’t be with a “Second rate mountie!”

    They built the N / E story up for three seasons with wonderful scenes even up to episode 11 so fans feel blindsided as it took a different turn as it made the story make no sense

    That’s what most upsets me. E’s excuse about J ruins all of E&N’s moments from s6-8. I can’t even enjoy rewatching the scenes that I used to love because, apparently, none of it was genuine on E’s part. I HATE that tptb took that joy from me with careless one line.

    Nathan & Elizabeth are supposed to be endgame according to Jaeda, Daniel Lissing, & WCTH writer Alfonso; they’re supposed to be the one an epic Elizabeth & Nathan’s love story but why Lucas & Elizabeth.

    This is didn’t make sense to me. Looks like Lucas as Nathan. Chris was almost played the role as Nathan but someone’s character; Nathan was given to Kevin

    Chris as Lucas - a saloon owner & con-artist
    Kevin as Nathan - a new Mountie

  65. Jack was like N. In S1 J said of Billy: "Flattery will get you anywhere" he "threw down..hay where..goats could get at it"

    meaning BH trying to get what wanted through flattery of E. Not going 2b frustrated w/creators: maybe L=villain after all& end not flipped but delayed?

    And the Mountie and the Teacher romance is the whole and wonderful part of the books and that's a disappointment too

    1. That's what I was thinking! It always takes her awhile to realize that she is being caught up in flattery. Hopefully next season she'll realize she's wrong

  66. Maybe when Abigail comes back she'll help Elizabeth change

    1. I hope Daniel Lissing comes back as guardian Angel in Season 9 to bring his widowed Wife; Elizabeth & Mountie Nathan together in Season 9! & flashbacks according him while talking to Paul Greene on Paul Greene Podcast

      He’s Team Nathan

      I hope Abigail will be back to WCTH or even flashbacks in Season 9

  67. Lucas is too much of a charmer, which is not much better that flattery. What the Bible calls a sign of hatred.

  68. This is why Elizabeth & Lucas will never make sense to me. E & L never shared their true hearts to each other. Elizabeth & Nathan did

    E & N had a strong emotional connection because they related to each other's life experiences. Not only that, but they were willing to be vulnerable about them to one another. They listened to each other, supported each other, and were brave enough to share their true hearts.

  69. Elizabeth tries Lucas dart trick and it bounces into Nathan’s drink.

    Lucas = Hans

    Team Nathan/Kristoff = "You mean you fell for a guy you have a surface-level attraction to?"

    Elizabeth/Anna = "He's my lifetime!"

    And Elizabeth only said she loved Nathan. E&L just said they were 'falling deeply'. (Yuck.)

    Nathan fans aren't ready to think of him with anyone but Elizabeth. It would have been an epic love story. I'm not sure anything can put the hope back in Hope Valley.

    I'm not ready to think about someone else for Nathan... and I might never be. (I don't ever want to watch again at this point.)

    i guess im just trying to help i wish Nathan was with Elizabeth who knows maybe the new love interest will make Lizzy jealous enough to realize who she really wants?? lemonade out of lemons??

    I watched the ET interview after the finale and I found it odd, when Erin is asked what is she most excited to play in season 9, she says first " I'm interested in seeing the relationship between Elizabeth and Nathan play out" What?

    NEVER felt any chemistry between Elizabeth & Lucas... Elizabeth & Nathan, on the other hand, had palpable chemistry! Still can’t “ believe “ it.... it feels and seems like acting.

    Just like the Nathan Nutters thought 4 pumpkins outside Elizabeth’s house meant she would pick Nathan (apparently 4 pumpkins meant E + LJ + N + A

    ) you think you would learn you are looking at things that will take you NOWHERE

    Paul asked who do you think Elizabeth should be with? Kayla says the Mountie. Kevin talks about all Lucas'stuff being too good to be true ...Paul says his son doesn't like Lucas and his mom is team Nathan.

    And what I've failed to see is any sort of romance between Nathan and Elizabeth ever! NOTHING!!! No dates, no gifts, and the one date they considered, he wanted to bring the children along. What is #TeamNathan basing their sentiment on? And I'm not "just saying", it is truth.

    I’m here to announce that we have big things in store for HV in season 9 as Nathan becomes the show’s lead!”

    Elizabeth acted cruelly, heartless, cowardly and unkind towards Nathan the whole season and then slaps him in the face with a sad excuse for not returning his feelings.

    Nathan was supposed to be Elizabeth’s next great love, not Lucas.

    Elizabeth is an awful person in Season 8. It appeared she was going to choose Nathan and remain true to the book. I am disappointed Janette Oke gave her blessing to change the storyline. The show no longer shares my values. I love our Mountie and Allie.

    Me too!! It's why I tuned in to every episode! I loved Elizabeth & Nathan until her character was unkind in S8. Nathan hadn’t done anything but love her. Hurting the poor Mountie all the time was cruel, HM’s first cruel season written by John Tinker. He ruined WCTH.

    It sure would make for "more interesting stories" in Season 9 and uncovering "layers" of Lucas.

    The epic Nathan and Elizabeth love story just can't be trashed so abruptly

    Thank you for posting this! I'd heard it before, but forgot where. We weren't imagining the moments between Nathan & Elizabeth... she was NOT just thinking about Jack.

  70. I watched the ET interview after the finale and I found it odd, when Erin is asked what is she most excited to play in season 9, she says first " I'm interested in seeing the relationship between Elizabeth and Nathan play out" What?

  71. Honest ?If E would’ve chose N, does that mean it would’ve been a repeat storyline, because he’s a Mountie? IMO, no. N is not J.He’s a different person w/ a different story. Just because he had the same profession doesn’t mean the story is the same.

    So I guess it makes me wonder, after hearing some involved w/ the show say they wanted to go with a “different” storyline, did N ever have a chance? Alfonso sure thought he did when he did a Hallmarkies interview in 3/2020.

    Saying that he wanted viewers to see for themselves that N was the right choice for E and to not feel like he was forced on them.

    I joined the online Hearties community this year so I didn’t know about this. So, E&N truly were the original endgame. We didn’t misinterpret that and it was changed in S8 for whatever stupid reason.

  72. When WCTH returns next season, my television will be OFF.
    The characters have become unlikable and spoiled. This whole season was a waste of time.

    1. Give it a chance. You might change your mind. Remember a big part of Hope Valley is about second chances and I think it is our turn to show it to them(the writers that is :)

  73. Although, as much as I REALLY wanted Nathan, I can't ignore the last scene. They did have a lot of emotional chemistry and as I begin to re-watch the series, I do see their love grow. Need to give it a chance and trust the writers. This is and always will be my favorite show. Looking forward to more in Season 9! Hopefully there will be a traditional Christmas movie this year. ๐Ÿค—

  74. Loved Nathan's line...I believe love is always worth fighting for. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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