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Monday, April 5, 2021

Update on New 2021 Movies for UPtv and Hallmark + My Take on the latest When Calls the Heart...

Spring on the Hallmark Channel...

Spring is still blooming with new movies! In fact, the Hallmark Channel has 2 more Spring Fling movies coming our way on Saturday nights in April... As Luck Would Have It and Right in Front of Me! Both of these rom-com movies look charming. For the longest time I know many viewers had been hoping for an Irish themed movie that would honor St. Partrick's Day, and it appears their wish has finally come true, even though it's premiere is a little belated to celebrate the actual holiday. Click here for more details on As Luck Would Have It.

New Movies Coming Up on UPtv...

Not to be outdone by Hallmark, UPtv will have 3 new rom-com movies premiering on Sundays in April... A Love to Remember, Starting Up Love, and Designed With Love! I was happy to see Anna Hutchison from the PixL movie The Right Girl will be starring in Starting Up Love. She was extra cute in that movie; I'm hoping I'll love this one just as much! Plus, Charine Tilton, who you may recall as the funny, playful mother in A Welcome Home Christmas, also stars in Starting Up Love, so I'm looking forward to seeing her role as the Aunt in this one! Click here for UPtv's April movie posters and extra details. Beyond April on UPtv - look for Just for the Summer, starring Hayley Sales and Brant Daugherty, coming in May and wedding themed movies in June!

Christmas movies in May...

Look for these Christmas movies coming to the Hallmark Channel in May- Christmas in Dollywood, The Christmas Cottage, Meet Me at Christmas, and The Christmas Waltz! And we'll see these Christmas movies in May on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries- Christmas Next Door, Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy, and Christmas Under the Stars. See the Christmas TV Schedule for specific times and dates.

May Movies and June Summer Nights Movies on the Hallmark Channel...

Recently, the Hallmark Channel also announced new movies coming in April, May and June with Lacey Chabert, Tyler Hynes, Cindy Busby, Tim Ross, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith and more - see here! Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes' new movie together has been named Sweet Carolina.

A *Christmas in July* possible clue?

If Hallmark continues their Christmas in July movie events - Christmas Keepsake on the Hallmark Channel and Gold Crown Christmas on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, they usually air around the launch of the Keepsake Ornaments in the Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. If that stays true this year, then that should be July 10-18, 2021, when Hallmark's Ornament Premiere Event takes place. Stay tuned!

August - Chesapeake Shores TV Series:

Chesapeake Shores is expected to return to the Hallmark Channel in August. The cast will be filming season 5 soon. As most have heard, Jesse Metcalfe who played singer and bar/restaurant owner, Trace Riley, will be leaving early on in the opening episodes. One can imagine his disparture might be explained easily by his plan to travel with his band. This had been an inner struggle with his character for some time. Should he explore his singing career or stay in Chesapeake Shores? It's going to be quite different not to have Jesse Metcalfe on the show; he was such a major character on there. It makes one wonder what will happen with #Trabby - AKA Trace and Abby. It was clear, so I thought, from the start that Abby came back to Chesapeake Shores so she could be with family and get back together with Trace. I figured all of this back and forth was just part of the show, to keep viewers interested and watching. For me personally, their love story dragged in the last season. Would they? Won't they? And then - there was the kiss at the end. What did it mean? I guess it means he's leaving now. There's no indication that Meghan Ory is leaving the show early, too - so I guess that's the end of their relationship. I don't think CS fans (Chessies) are going to be too thrilled with this, but that's just my feeling.

Hallmark in 2022:

If August isn't far enough in advance, Hallmark recently announced a new movie for Winter, 2022 titled Love and Ice Wine, starring Nazneen Contractor (A Winter Getaway) and Brennan Elliot (Crossword Mysteries). According to the press release, "Contractor stars as Cristina, a food and wine critic who hits her head and loses her memory while accidentally visiting a winery she panned in the past, owned and operated by single dad Michael (Elliot)."

When Calls the Heart - my Quick Review of where we stand after episode 7...

For those of us who are currently watching Season 8 of When Calls the Heart, there seems to be so much going on within one show. Is it just me? I feel like each scene moves by so fast; I want even more time and depth with each character. ** SPOILERS ** I personally wanted to see Allie's adoption ceremony with her Uncle Nathan. Is she going to call him Daddy now? I loved that she only invited one special person; she's such a smart girl, a good little schemer. I think she and Rosemary would work well together. One thing's for sure, it's obvious how much Allie loves and adores her Uncle Nathan. I sure wish Elizabeth could figure it out. I felt like Lucas was guilting Elizabeth into showing him some attention with his fancy words while Nathan, as usual, was simple and straight forward. However, from the previews shown for next week, it looks like Nathan might have a secret after all with his time at Fort Clay and Elizabeth is very upset. I don't know. I'm just over the love triangle. As for Ned and Florence, I think their love story is the surprising romance of the season that has swept everyone's hearts. I was so touched by each of their scenes, especially when Ned awoke and saw Florence so lovingly waiting there for him, deep in prayer. Plus, the moment she sang, too - how beautiful was that? Would have liked to seen more with Carson and Faith after Ned woke up. These two need something good and positive to happen in their relationship. As for Lee and Rosemary, I always want more of this delightful couple. Rosemary has the biggest heart; however, she might not be the best person to take over as telephone operator, even if it's temporary. The next obvious question is... will this be temporary? Is this the fulfilling work Rosemary is seeking? Love the scenes with Bill giving advice to Nathan and later on with Lee. It's nice how Bill is a father figure to so many, including Clara and Jesse. Speaking of Jesse and Clara - please talk already! I love how Joseph gave them both individual marriage and spiritual advice. I found it sad when Clara said Jesse wasn't very religious; it's obvious the town of Hope Valley is spiritually hungry and they need a shepherd like Joseph Canfield to lead them, even if he is pushing away from the idea while God keeps pulling him back. Well, that's my quick take. I would love to know your thoughts. Please share in comments below...

Hope you all are having a lovely Spring season, thus far. Sounds like there are plenty of movies still sprouting up - that we can look forward to viewing!

Blessings, Net


  1. Net, I posted this on Friday but did you know that you also share a birthday with Marlon Brando,Alec Baldwin and Eddie Murphy?

    1. Chris, Thank you! Yes, I saw your previous comment and shared it. I do share a birthday with those actors, plus some lovely actresses, too... the late Doris Day, Jennie Garth, Amanda Bynes, etc...

      That was so sweet and thoughtful of you to share! :)

  2. Super excited for some fun new movies, but as one of the rare "trabby" fans, I am so sad to see Jesse Metcalfe leave Chesapeake. Dang, the writer's should have skipped the finale kiss if this was a possible in-the-works idea. ;) They're breaking my TV fangirl heart.

    1. Rissi, That's exactly how I feel. The end of "trabby" is the end of CS for me.

    2. I wonder if Jessie Metcalfe was going to be in the next season, but since they waited so long to film he was done. I follow him and he was all about the next season and Trace and then when the show never filmed maybe he got other offers. I keep wondering why they never released the music from the show. he always said they were going to. he should be a singer and go out touring he is so good.

  3. I was really happy with the last episode of WCTH, with just a few exceptions. I really love Elizabeth’s deepening relationship with Lucas. They’re so sweet together and I like how they navigate through difficulties by talking them out and moving forward. Although Elizabeth approaching Lucas so boldly one day and then days later jerking her hand away and embarrassing him is getting a bit much. I’m disappointed with the writers portraying Elizabeth leading two men on as if it’s perfectly natural, and I will be even more so if they have her share these lovely scenes with Lucas and then break his heart over Nathan. I’ve been Team Lucas since day one, even though I know that Nathan and Elizabeth are the couple that I’m “supposed” to be pulling for since he’s a mountie. Lucas has a lot of depth, kindness and loyalty and I do wish people would give him a chance since the producers have stated multiple times that he’s a good man, worthy of Elizabeth. Nathan is a good mountie and a caring uncle, though not quite as good a parent as he might be, as evidenced by Allie’s manipulation of the ceremony situation and by allowing her to not invite Lucas, who later on presented Elizabeth with a gift for them. It was a perfect moment for Nathan to show an example of maturity to his niece but he enabled her instead. Anyway, just my thoughts. 😊

    1. Thank you for sharing your "Team Lucas" view point. They've portrayed his character as being quite charming and caring, so I can see why so many are drawn to him with Elizabeth. They share a common interest in literature, so it's easy to see why they enjoy each other's company.

      In my heart I'm still "Team Nathan," but I feel like we need a lot more then what the writers are currently giving us here. All they seem to have are passing conversations, which is really frustrating IF (a big IF) E and N are ultimately going to be to be together. There's definitely something there, but it's hard to define.

      Glad we are on this WCTH roller coaster together! Hang on!!!

    2. It’s definitely been a roller coaster this season and I thought last season was! πŸ˜‚ They’re showing me this year! 5 more episodes and I still don’t see an end of the triangle yet lol

    3. Also Team Lucas from the start - Elizabeth doesn't need another Mountie. You expressed your thoughts beautifully.

    4. Thank you, Phyllis! Hope we both enjoy the new WCTH episode this weekend. I'm hoping no matter what "team" wins in the end, we can all be satisfied with the end of this season.

    5. No, just before Elizabeth has change her mind when Lucas isn’t the one for her. She follows her heart is always Nathan where she belongs with.

      When Elizabeth realized when she supposed to be with?

      What Allie wants Mrs. Thornton (Elizabeth) to be with her Uncle Nathan?

      What Little Jack wants Nathan to be his Dad for his Mom, Elizabeth

      We don’t want to see Allie & Little Jack are both sad at all when they want Nathan & Elizabeth together

      Little Jack manages to call Nathan, Daddy

      Nathan seems protecting Elizabeth & Little Jack to get hurt because he didn’t want to see them get hurt somehow

      I hope Elizabeth will gonna choose Nathan

      Nathan is the endgame

  4. These new UPtv movies are all on the list of ones I read had been sold to them.

    I do like Charlene Tilton and I overall thoroughly enjoyed A Welcome Home Christmas chiefly becaused I thought the leads had fantastic chemistry but Charlene nearly ruined that Movie for me.

    I appreciate she was only playing a part but I found her character coarse and vulgar and it was out of line with the rest of the movie.

    1. Yeah, isn't it great to see all the movies coming to UPtv!

      I thought for the most part Charlene Tilton was funny in "A Welcome Home Christmas," except for the one scene when she was speaking to Tim Reid's character General O'Toole. Is that the part your thinking of too? Her behavior was rather bazaar then.

  5. Have I missed anything?

    I see there are Christmas movies on Thursday and Fridays but I can't find anything Hallmark has said about the last two weeks in April and the first two weeks in May.

    There are no movies scheduled and I'm puzzled as to what's happening?

    1. No, you're not missing anything. It looks like the Hallmark Channel must be taking a little break on those Saturday nights from new premieres. It's not uncommon; they sometimes do this little break - this time of year.

  6. Thank you Net.

    I have so many things to say. First, can Hallmark PLEASE play different Christmas movies? They have already played Christmas Next Door, Christmas Under the stars, Dollywood and Christmas She wrote, on top of already playing Time for Us to come home. it seems they like playing the actress or actor in the weekend movie that week, well Lacey has many Christmas movies, can we play one of them? Danica does as well. I wish they would top repeating the movies.

    #2--loving UpTv right now :)

    #3--I was excited to see Lacey's movie is the one being directed by Peter Benson, it was called Carolina on my Mind, but I guess they changed it. Love to see Peter directing more.

    #4--Cant wait for Christmas in July, hoping they don't play all 2020 movies though.

    #5 Chesapeake Shores-ugh, I love all the characters, but will miss Trace so much. Love his songs he sings, have been wishing so long for a soundtrack. even Jessie said we would get one soon many years ago. I love his songs on Country wedding too. Freefall on CS is my favorite. he did some other songs on CS that were songs of country stars. and on country wedding he had Love Don't Die Easy, a song by Charlie Worsham. I know there is another song I cant think of right now. I love it too. And Trabby are the central storyline in the books, well at least the 1st story. I wonder if it is because it took so long to film, I mean JM was pushing it back when they were to start filming last year, I don't know. I am sad.

    1. Sabrina, I so agree... You hit the nail on the head!

      We really do need more options with the Christmas movies! Except for The Christmas Cottage, which I was happy to see, everything else has aired recently. We definitely need more variety, and even if we get Christmas in July, I have a feeling it's going to be more of the same. Thank goodness we have our DVDs, right?

      And, that is such a good point on the Jesse Metcalfe music that never was released. His voice is amazing! Why didn't that happen? That would've been incredible for him to release something to go along with Country Wedding or Chesapeake Shores. Wonder if that was part of the decision making, along with how time consuming it is to film a series. Remember, there were also plans a couple years back to do a CS movie with just the sisters. They were supposed to travel somewhere for an adventure, but that never panned out either. It is disappointing to see this series carrying on without him. Wonder if it will be the last?

    2. I know things with music are tricky, everyone wanted freefall to be released you cant really find it anywhere. they said he was still doing MVM, but I know they already have one filmed, but is he doing any more? the article said he is still with HM on MVM and one is being played in May, but I don't see anymore being filmed. well yet.

      They do film these shows over a long period of time, and having to be in Canada with their rules and probably not able to travel back and forth, its probably hard he has a family.

    3. I would like to see a Christmas movie on either Hallmark Movies and Mysteries or on Hallmark Channel in 2021 to take place at a church for Christmas Services.

    4. “Wonder if it silly the last?” ~ I hope so! They’ll just ruin it!

  7. Lost interest in Chesapeake Shores.
    Trace and Abby were hot and cold and well I have not missed the show.

    1. Same here, my interest is 0% now without Jesse Metcalfe.

    2. It just feels like they wrapped everything up in a nice little bow on the last episode. I am thinking maybe with JM leaving, they should just leave it there. I am happy I have read all the books and know Trabby are married and happy in the original stories. I love Bree and Kevin, but it seems they just wrapped everyone's storyline up in a pretty wrapping and a bow and without Trace, maybe we should just leave it lie.

    3. Sabrina, that is interesting about the books. I wonder if they will stay true to that. I keep wondering if it's possible they will tape an end scene with Jesse Metcalfe for the last episode. In fact, they could record several scenes to go through the season, but who knows. The press release makes it sound like he's leaving at the beginning and that's it. I agree with you, they should've let it go last season if they can't finish it right with Trace and Abby.

  8. Ok I had no idea Jesse Metcalfe and his fiancΓ© broke up. they were together a long time.

  9. WCTH

    Lucas is up to something when he’s hidden his secrets in his past. something gonna do with Jack’s death because he’s the one whose is responsibility for Jack’s death with his friends. Possibly cannonball?

    Lucas is with Christopher whose give him warning in HV

    Can’t trust that guys because they’re up to something

  10. Well, I'm a little older than most of you and I'll just say...Elizabeth should wait until a 'new' man comes along that sweeps her off her feet. It shouldn't be this hard to know if you love someone. In my experience she would know already! lol We're all getting a little tired of them acting like teenagers I think. But of course I love all of the actors SO much! I love Henry and sure hope he doesn't get hurt by his conniving son! Enjoy your day Hearties!

    1. Diane, I like your perspective on the When Calls the Heart melodrama. It does seem Elizabeth is stringing both Lucas and Nathan along, which isn't right. Even though she has currently chosen Lucas, it just doesn't seem settled. I'm not sure it ever will, no matter who she chooses.

      Like you, I've fallen for all of the people in Hope Valley. I'm so glad they've included many wonderful stories this season.

      Thank you for sharing with us... I hope you have a beautiful day! :)

    2. I feel like she has chosen Nathan with her heart but is too afraid of losing him like Jack so she’s trying not convince herself that she’s in love with Lucas. That’s my take anyway. The writers dragging this out for three years have made it ridiculous though. Becky F.

  11. My feeling is that Jesse Metcalfe leaving will mean the end of Chesapeake Shores.

    It won't affect me since I don't watch it but for all the fans I hope that Hallmark won't do the dirty like they did with Cedar Cove and tie up the loose ends.

    If they've known he was leaving then they should show some respect to the viewers and end the series (If they do) in a respectful manner.

  12. I just wish WCTH would have more episodes. At least 16 episodes pro season. There are so many storylines. And we have to wait always over 9 months for a new season.

  13. In ET's exclusive clip, Nathan and Elizabeth have a tense conversation following Allie's adoption ceremony. Just as quickly as tension arises, Nathan has to leave town to handle a situation where a prisoner has escaped. Lucas attempts to speak with Nathan as he and his horse gallop out of town, to which Nathan replies, 'Save it.' 'When Calls the Heart' airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

  14. I agree there was a lot going on in the last episode of WCTH.


  15. In the video, Elizabeth is seen approaching Nathan, wanting to talk about how Allie only invited her to attend the adoption ceremony. The scene which ended Episode 7 of Season 8 was very awkward when both Elizabeth and Nathan realized Allie’s plan for the first time.

    “I’d like to discuss what happened the other day,” she says, as she approaches him on her horse.

    “At the adoption ceremony,” Nathan responds.

    “Yes, at the adoption ceremony,” she agrees. “I’m concerned about Allie.”

    “I didn’t know that you were going to be the only one invited,” Nathan quickly explains. “And may I add that I was probably just as uncomfortable as you were.”

    “Allie didn’t discuss with you who she would be inviting?”

    “As a matter of fact she did,” Nathan said. “And out of all the names I saw on the list, yours wasn’t one of them.”

    “Well now you’re just being hurtful,” she responds.

    “Elizabeth, if that’s what you think of me, you don’t even know me,” he says curtly.

    “Nathan, we’re talking about Allie.”

    “Well, we’re gonna have to wait to discuss it. There’s been an escape at Grandville Penitentiary. Prisoner’s been spotted nearby.”

    As he rides away, leaving Elizabeth looking upset, he passes Lucas who’s standing outside his saloon.

    Lucas calls out, “Constable Grant.”

    Nathan calls out, “Save it!” and just rides on.

    Nathan stands up himself to say “Save It”

  16. Yep, I’m done with Chesapeake Shores without Trabby. I’m still upset about Cedar Cove being left on a cliffhanger. And I’m over the WCTH drama. They’ve dragged this on for 3 seasons now and it’s ridiculous. If they’re going to have her be with Lucas then just say that already! I’m still hoping she’ll end up with Nathan, but I haven’t been watching the episodes all the way through because I’m annoyed that it’s dragged on for so long.

  17. Hey,agree with all your comments,thanks again for update.i love Christmas movies but there is ten yrs plus of movies hallmark could show.as far as new movies I'm pretty much done,and with oh my gosh it's crazy,just get on with it.theres only what 8or9episodes.the new guy is my fav character this season.well hope Christmas movies come in July but they bring older movies back too.thanks

  18. I vote they cancel season 5 plans and just wrap everything up in a movie. That way Jesse can participate, it will take less time to film, and they will have less time to ruin it with non-family-friendly content. Sadly, they could still do that. But we don’t really need another season. Season 4 was dragged on with so many character personality flips it didn’t even make sense. Just let us enjoy what we have and don’t ruin it with another season!

    1. You know, that's actually a brilliant idea.

  19. Hello all. Some may remember that Hallmark did have a ST Patrick's Day movie about 10 years ago called Chasing Leprechauns. I thought it was a cute movie. If you haven't seen it, you may want to check it out. I think it might be on DVD and/or on Hallmark Drama.

    1. Alicia, I do recall that movie years ago. I just checked and unfortunately, I couldn't find it on DVD and the streaming option is not currently available either. You're right it is listed on Hallmark Drama's site. Maybe they played it around St. Patrick's Day???


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