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Monday, January 25, 2021

Happy January 25th - Let's 🎄Countdown to Christmas🎄 Again! 🌟 SEE HERE:

 🎄 Merry *Mark the 25th*! 🎄

Happy January 25th! Are you ready to Countdown to Christmas? If you've been following *It's a Wonderful Movie* for awhile then you know starting on January 25th, we highlight each 25th day of the month as we Countdown to Christmas! January 25th marks 11 months until December 25th, Christmas day!

If you'd like to join along to celebrate the day - all you have to do is choose something Christmassy to watch TODAY! It can be a Christmas movie, cartoon, family sitcom or anything you like. (There's only one stipulation - it must be family friendly.) Then, please share in comments below your Christmas choice for the day!

My pick to *Mark the 25th* is...

The Hallmark Hall of Fame movie -

I was thrilled to see "Pictures of Hollis Woods" would actually be airing on Hallmark Drama tonight, Monday, January 25, 2021 at 9pm/8c., so I thought right away - this would be a nice way to begin the *Mark the 25th* Christmas Countdown! (If I have a little extra time throughout the day, I might also watch a little of one of the 2020 Christmas movies I haven't watched, yet.)

"Pictures of Hollis Woods" Storyline: Having run away from a succession of foster homes, a 12-year-old girl resorts to desperate measures to stay with the eccentric retired teacher who's made her feel like she's finally in the place where she belongs.

My Movie Review: "Pictures of Hollis Woods is such a beautiful, heartwarming movie. I was deeply touched by the story of sweet, gentle Hollis Woods... who is orphaned as a small child and looking for the love of a family, all the while loving and giving so much back to the families who reach out to her.

Young children may not fully understand the character, Josie, Hollis' foster parent (portrayed by Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek), who is facing forgetfulness; however, it is an excellent teachable story of showing kindness and empathy toward others in need.

The main Christmas portion of this movie does not happen until the very end, so it's not extremely Christmassy, but trust me, it's well worth it, as you will instantly feel the warmth and love in this amazing Christmas scene that completes the movie so perfectly.

"Pictures of Hollis Woods" is available from Amazon on DVD and Streaming, if you have a Hallmark Movies Now subscription.
If you'd like to join in our Christmas Countdown event, please share your *Mark the 25th* Christmas pick in comments below!

Joyous Blessings to You All! Net


  1. It was past midnight on the 25th last night when I finished watching "A Taste of Christmas" from Lifetime, this past Christmas. I absolutely looooved this movie. Maybe it's because I am Italian but I laughed a lot. I laughed and I cried (although I usually shed a tear on most Christmas movies). Really enjoyed this movie. Just started watching the New Christmas movies from 2020 four days ago. Loving it. Christmas 2021 has begun. Hopefully a better year.

    For anyone that may have not been able to see the Christmas movies on the Lifetime Channel this past Christmas, the Library system has a free service called Hoopla and they are showing a bunch of the Lifetime Christmas movies for free with no commercials. It's great. I don't have the Lifetime Channel.

    1. Is Hoopla like Overdrive/Libby?


    2. Jim, What a great way to start the 25th! I've watched that one - it was very sweet. However, it's kinda awkward when two women (who are both heterosexual) are trying to do the French tradition of kissing on each cheek and they actually accidentally do a quick kiss. That was unexpected and both women are surprised. Otherwise, I recall it being very family friendly and lighthearted. I liked how she kept trying to figure out the secret ingredient.

      Thanks for the tip on Lifetime Christmas movies! I've never heard of Hoopla.

    3. Oh, Jim, I also loved A Taste of Christmas! And thank you for the Hoopla tip. I had NO idea I could watch movies through the Hoopla app. I have multiple library systems I can borrow through and I downloaded the Hoopla app hoping for more audio books; it turns out that particular library system doesn't have audio books but now I find out they do have movies. Wow, who knew?! Kind of surprising that they'd have movies and music but no actual audio books! You'd think a huge metropolitan library would have audio books before they had movies!
      Misty, yes, hoopla is similar to Libby/Overdrive and CloudLibrary.
      Net, I don't think I've ever seen Pictures of Hollis Woods. Thanks for the heads up, I'm looking forward to watching it. I think I'll dvr it as I was planning to watch one of the 2020 Christmas movies tonight. I've been playing catch-up on all those movies this weekend and I think I only have 4-5 more unwatched movies to go!

    4. Hi Misty. Hoopla is like Overdrive?Libby as a free library service. However I don't believe Libby has movies. I think they just have books/audio books. Never used that one. Hoopla has movies as well...www.hoopladigital.com...You could check to see if your library has it. I use the App on my Apple TV but it is available on other devices as well. It's working great for me. Very clear picture. No commercials. I stumbled on it looking for a way to watch some of the better Lifetime Christmas movies from past year, thinking I would have to pay for them now that Lifetime no longer has them on demand and plus I don't have the Lifetime Channel on my TV service.

      Net, I remember that scene with the two girls trying to do the French tradition of kissing. I didn't even notice that they accidentally kissed. I thought they just bumped heads...haha.

    5. You're welcome Jane. My Hoopla through my local library does have Audiobooks also. Hopefully you can find another one that does.

      It was such a pleasant surprise when I stumbled on Hoopla having a bunch of the Lifetime Christmas movies. I have been watching one a day for the last five days. Love it! I have been selecting which ones to watch based off of a lot of yours and others movie reviews so thank you so much for that. The Family Friendly or Not are great to know. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about the bad not family friendly commercials that you warned a lot about. No commercials on Hoopla...Woohoo!

      I was able to find out this info on Hoopla by way of this website www.justwatch.com. I searched for Lieftime's "Christmas on Ice" seeing what services might have it and saw Hoopla was on the list. That Justwatch service will pretty much show you any movie and what services you can find it on.

    6. OverDrive you can do all three. Rent movies, ebooks and audio. Libby is the smartphone version of OverDrive. I use it all the time as Audible is so pricey and I don't like that you can't sell off the audio book or give it to a Goodwill or something like you can a book. I will look up Hoopla though! Thanks.


    7. Jane, Wow! You have 4-5 new Christmas movies to go! That's awesome! I think I have around 15 or so, but that's okay, I love carrying the Christmas spirit over in January... and probably February, too!

      My recent watch of the new movies was "Christmas at the Castle." Somehow I made it through to the end. I was determined to see if it was family friendly or not. It was wholesome (minus two uses of Oh My G--), but even being G rated didn't help. I agree with your review, Jane, much of the movie didn't make sense. The only good things about it were the almost Cinderella looking ball gown the female lead wore to the Christmas ball and the one maid was rather cute. Other than that, it was definitely not a keeper for me, either.

      Hope you enjoy "Pictures of Hollis Woods" when you get the chance to watch.

    8. Jim, I'm so glad you shared that Hoopla tip - I think you've opened up movie viewing for a lot of people who don't have Lifetime. Plus, that's awesome that it's commercial free. I love that! :)

      And, if anyone else reading this wants to check out the Movie Reviews Jim was referring to of the Lifetime 2020 New Christmas Movies - you can see them *HERE*!

      Happy Christmas Movie Watching!!!

    9. Misty, thanks for the info that OverDrive has movies also. I don't see any of the newer Christmas movies on OverDrive like Hoopla has, at this time, but I'll keep an eye out for them. Thanks.

  2. Yes, this is when Hallmark shined. I don't get why they don't show it on it's normal channel. It silly to me that they don't at least show it's wonderful library of classic Hallmark Hall of Fame movies every Sunday.


    1. Misty, I agree! I wish they would create more movies that touch the heart like this one. It's sad they've stopped making Hallmark Hall of Fame movies lately. Not one was made in 2020. I was going to say it was understandable due to the pandemic, but they still made lots of Christmas movies in spite of it. Hope they bring the tradition back this year.

    2. Hallmark needs to have 4 HHoF movies

      2 HHoF Christmas movies
      2 any HHoF movies during March, April, May, or August

  3. Merry Mark the 25th to everyone! I had no idea Pictures of Hollis Woods would be on tonight. I'll make sure to watch it with you, Net. It's been years since I've seen this movie, but I remember grabbing a tissue or two last time I watched. It made me cry in a good way.

    1. Awe, I know just what you mean - it makes me feel the same way... enjoy watching again tonight!

  4. I haven’t heard Pictures of Hollis Woods HHoF before!!!

    1. Hope you have Hallmark Drama and are able to watch!

      Merry *Mark the 25th*! 🎄

    2. Sorry, I don’t have Hallmark Drama!!!

      I notice Hallmark Drama on my phone; I don’t think i able to watch it.

    3. I don’t have Hallmark Drama but my phone won’t let me watch it but only HC & HMM, Not Hallmark Drama. They might add Pictures of Hollis WOODS

    4. Sorry you don't have Hallmark Drama. Maybe in time, the movie will become available through another streaming source besides Hallmark Movies Now. Unfortunately, Hallmark doesn't play Hallmark Hall Of Fame movies on HMM very often, but who knows, they rearrange their schedule all of the time.

  5. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, January 25, 2021

    Hello Net and to all the "Mark the 25th" fans! I will be watching Christmas Getaway! Love that movie!

    Heads up! Maybe some of you have already seen this...I saw a commercial for the Valentine movies on HM. Saw a same sex couple, don't know which movie it was in. Don't think they were the headliners, but watch with caution.

    Merry 25th everyone!

    1. Joyce, Thank you for joining in to Mark the 25th! That's a great pick! :)

      Also, I saw that "Love Ever After" commercial you are referring to over the weekend. Not surprising, huh? I shared a Caution for it on my Love Ever After page under "Mix Up in the Mediterranean," which is the movie shown in the commercial and the one we originally suspected would have a same sex character.

      So appreciate you sharing! By the way, I flipped during the commercial breaks of "Picture of Hollis Woods" last night to "The Good Doctor." I saw Barclay Hope, but I missed Kristoffer Polaha. bummer, huh? Did he have a good part?

    2. Hey Net! Yes, Kris's role was good. He was widowed with a teenage daughter played by Eden Summer Gilmore(It's Christmas, Eve). Both were great in their roles. Very emotional ending!

      I had forgot all about the review on the upcoming February movies. I followed your link and read them again. I wish Hallmark would change their course!! We have to be so careful now! I miss the old Hallmark...never had to worry about what might pop up on the screen.

      Hugs to you my friend and many thanks to you for keeping us posted!!

    3. Joyce! Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful info on Kris's role in The Good Doctor. Sounds like it was a great episode. I caught the scenes where Shaun was practicing, then meeting his girlfriend's parents. Those were really cute. Fiona Gubelmann was adorable, as usual, really getting into the role of playing the mother.

      As for Hallmark, you're so right on having to guard ourselves with the movies we watch. I miss the old days, too! Can't even watch Little House or The Waltons on Hallmark anymore without seeing these commercials. So sad. I worry about the younger generations since freedom of thought is being taken away increasingly every day.

      Hugs to you, as well, my friend! Love, Net

  6. 'The Christmas Shepherd" is my pick for January 25. Just got this movie for Christmas in one of Hallmarks 3 pack. One of my favorite's . Stars Terri Polo and an adorable German Shepard .

    1. Jersey Joe, Thank you for sharing your pick to Mark the 25th and Countdown to Christmas with us! :)

  7. Sorry, I don't have Hallmark Drama. With the great reviews, I will purchase the DVD. Sounds like something I would watch more than once.Thanks Net!

    I am going to watch SSD Christmas movie tonight on DVD. Watched SSD this weekend. Never tire of these movies!

    1. kitkat, Oh, I hope you love "Pictures of Hollis Woods" as much as I do. I've had it on DVD since it came out. I was glad it was still available to share. It's certainly one of those movies that pulls at the heartstrings.

      "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas" was a perfect choice to Mark the 25th, especially since they skipped on Saturday night during the HMM marathon! I feel the same way about them, so glad we have another marathon to look forward to this Saturday!

      Happy watching!!! :)

  8. We chose to watch Return to Christmas Creek. One of our very favorite Christmas movies. Hoping it comes out on dvd. Hard keeping all these movies on the dvr.

    1. I love "Return to Christmas Creek," too! This movie is definitely a DVR keeper. Sure hope we see it on DVD soon. What a sweet choice to Mark the 25th! Thank you for joining in on the fun with us! :)

  9. I hope Hallmark could pick the movies up on their channel so, the viewers could watch those movies

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    1. Thank you for sharing this list of movies. We'll have to be sure to keep a look out for them as they could show up anywhere... on Hallmark, UPtv, streaming, etc...!

  10. Are there any Hallmark Christmas movies that took place in a church?

    1. Chris, A few or more Hallmark Christmas movies come to mind where a church is shown quite a bit: The Christmas Card, Operation Christmas, A Veteran's Christmas, What The Deaf Man Heard, and Have a Little Faith.

    2. There's another movie that took place in a church I don't know if this counts but A Family Christmas Gift.

    3. Chris, That's another great option! Sure would love to see more movies where the characters attend church. That would be wonderful! :)

    4. Actually A Family Christmas Gift took place in a church but not for services but for a school Christmas concert.


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