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Thursday, July 9, 2020


images: Hallmark Crown Media

🎄 Are YOU ready for Christmas 🎄
around the Clock?

Enjoy Christmas in July
Night and Day
on the Hallmark Channel
from July 10th to July 26th!

One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock, watch
Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, watch
Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, watch
We're gonna watch around the clock each night

Put your ugly Christmas sweater on and join the fun!
We'll have some fun when the clock strikes 12 and 1...
We're gonna watch around the clock tonight
We're gonna watch, watch, watch, 'til broad daylight
We're gonna watch, gonna watch, around the clock tonight

When the clock strikes two, three and four
When one movie ends we'll wait for more
We're gonna watch around the clock tonight
We're gonna watch, watch, watch, 'til broad daylight
We're gonna watch Christmas movies
around the clock day and night!

Whew... I couldn't resist re-writing a few words from the "Happy Days" theme song and sharing above! Hope you sang along! And, if you check out the clock above, you will see "The Fonz," Henry Winkler, is featured at 10 o'clock! By the way, you can watch him in "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" on Thursday, July 16th at 4pm and Monday, July 20th at 10pm EST.!

Christmas in July is that special time of year when you can dance around your living room to the Christmas tunes in each movie, or you can simply keep cool, sit back, relax and watch 24/7 coverage of some of Hallmark’s greatest and most loved Holiday films!

Be sure to look for these Christmas movies...

Snow Bride,
Switched for Christmas,
Miss Christmas, Christmas Town,
Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy,
Write Before Christmas, Merry & Bright,
Crown for Christmas, Christmas Cookies,
The Nine Lives of Christmas, Holiday Date,
Love You Like Christmas, A Royal Christmas,
Enchanted Christmas, A Christmas Love Story,
Christmas Under the Stars, The Christmas Club,
Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays,
Christmas at the Plaza, A Christmas Detour,
Picture a Perfect Christmas, Christmas List,
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,
A Christmas Duet, Let it Snow,
Christmas Next Door,
Christmas Joy

and much more!

See the complete *Christmas in July* schedule
including the Hallmark Channel,
more movies added to the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries listings, and it's also Christmas on TCT -

I hope you enjoy Christmas movies night and day
Friday, July 10th through Sunday, July 26th
on the Hallmark Channel!

Joyous Blessings to each of You! Net



  1. Now you have me wanting to watch Happy Days!!!! Yippeeeeee Christmas 24/7 is almost here. I might go to the hallmark store on Saturday to see if I can get some of the 2020 ornaments. There are many movies playing that I didn't save on my dvr but look forward to seeing again. TGIAF--Thank God its ALMOST Friday!!!!! My co-workers and I call Thursday "Little Friday"

    Thank you Net for this cheerful post and Merry Christmas in July to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awe... thank you, Sabrina! Glad you liked the Christmas clock!

      I love that you call Thursday "Little Friday"... that is so cute! I'll have to adopt that!

      I've been wondering if the Hallmark stores would be opened for their big 2020 Ornament launch. I'm sure it will vary everywhere due to the virus. We actually don't have a Hallmark store in our area any longer and we used to have two! They went out of business several years ago. I miss them. We did have one pop up in a mall at Christmastime last year, that's a little distance from us, but I don't know if it will be back this Christmas. Hope so! And hopefully shopping during the Holidays can return to some normalcy!

      Happy Christmas Movie Watching Around the Clock!!!!!

  2. Net, you are so clever! Yep, you had me singing along to your "Watch Around the Clock"! And I love your clock and the movie title ornament! Now I am really in the mood for Christmas in July!! Thanks for the fun you put into your site!

    1. Mark 25, Oh... Thank you! I had such fun making the Christmas clock and ornament, too! I'm so glad it gave you an extra boost of Christmas Spirit, but I know you already have it in your soul year round!

      Enjoy Watching *CHRISTMAS* Around the Clock!!!!! :)

  3. Great Clock Image Net. Love it. Around the clock Christmas is so great. Ready for some Fonzi Christmas on July 16th.

    1. Thanks so much, Jim! Glad you loved the Christmas clock, too!

      It's been great fun to have the Christmas movies for a few hours each day, but there's nothing quite like having it day & night... night & day!!!

      Enjoy watching ALL of your Christmas favorites!!!!! :)

  4. This is real cool Net. I love it! I can't wait to watch around the clock again.

    1. Me too, Em!!! It's always fun to think we're all watching Christmas together! Enjoy 🎄!!!!

  5. Net, you've done it again! I am mesmerized by your Christmas clock. I probably stared at it for 5 minutes. Now I can't wait for the real thing!

    1. Awwww.... thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to include a dozen or so more... I have so many Christmas movie favorites. Enjoy watching 24/7!

      Happy Christmas in July to You!!!

  6. July 10th is my birthday! Hallmark gives me one of the best presents every year! Thank you for Around the clock Christmas!

    1. Hope you had a Wonderful, Happy Birthday Celebrating and Watching Christmas Movies!!! I'm so jealous! I would love to have Christmas 24/7 on my birthday, but my birthday is in April. Oh well. At least we've had Christmas on all three networks - with 3 Christmas movies a week - all year and Merry Madness usually ends up somewhere around my birthday.

      Anyway... a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Hope you can relax and enjoy watching your favorites all weekend long!!! :)

  7. Oh Happy Day! Such a cute & fun post Net! I LOVE how creative you are... You are simply Amazing! I too just stared at the clock... it is just that cool! The movie titles shaped ornament is so sweet as well! Your post has definitely gotten me in the mood for Christmas! I going to Watch, Watch, Watch all month long!
    Can't wait for Christmas Around the Clock!

    Merry Christmas in July!

    1. Oh, Nea... Thank YOU!!! You are sooooo sweet!!! You're the best Sister - and I happen to know, you are very creative, too!!! And trust me, Brooke D'Orsay has nothing on you... you are Miss Christmas!!! Love you!!!

      Happy Christmas in July!!! :)

  8. Joyce in CarolinaThursday, July 09, 2020

    Oh yes! I was singing as I was reading! How clever of you Net! And the ornament too!! So glad Christmas 24/7 is finally here!

    Thanks Net! Merry July Christmas to all!!

    1. Yay, Joyce... so happy to hear you singing along! You sound great!!!

      Watching Christmas in July night and day is such a refreshing change... I think we all feel recharged with Christmas Joy!

      Blessings & Merry Christmas in July!!! :)

  9. Replies
    1. Hi Denise,

      Hope you enjoy every minute of Christmas!!! :)

  10. I hope Hallmark will make some movies for Christmas is based on the books by Anna Chase

    The Heartsprings Valley Sweet Romance series celebrates love and romance during the most wonderful time of the year.

    Christmas to the Rescue! (Book 1)
    A Very Cookie Christmas (Book 2)
    Sweet Apple Christmas (Book 3)
    I Dream of Christmas (Book 4)
    Chock Full of Christmas (Book 5)

    It's always Christmas in Heartsprings Valley!

    1. I'm not familiar with this author or these Christmas books, but all of the titles sound very intriguing!

      Thank you for sharing! You never know who might read these suggestions!!! :)

    2. Book Author Anne Chase

      Christmas Romances:
      The Heartsprings Valley Sweet Romance novels celebrate love & romance during the Christmas season & take place in Heartsprings Valley, a small town blessed with strong community spirit. I was inspired to write these stories by my own small-town upbringing (just 2,000 of us) and my family's wonderful holiday traditions.

      Christmas Romance in Heartsprings Valley: Holiday

      Heartsprings Valley is the small New England town with a big heart and a love for all things Christmas. It’s a place where folks embrace what matters most in life — love, family, community….

      Christmas to the Rescue!

      Librarian Becca James, on the mend from a tragic loss, finds hope — and the promise of romance — when an adorable rescue dog leads her on the Christmas adventure of a lifetime!

      A Very Cookie Christmas

      Busy, overworked Clara Cane finds her organizing skills put to the test when her most demanding client shows up in town — and her high-school crush stirs up feelings she thought she’d long since moved past….

      Sweet Apple Christmas

      Cafe owner Holly Snow makes the best scones in town and accepts her single status — until a handsome orchard owner walks in and sparks begin to fly….

      I Dream of Christmas

      Melody Connelly, the Broadway singing star with a heart of gold, is back with a romance of her own!

      Two years after first visiting Heartsprings Valley, Melody has bought and restored a grand Victorian home just outside of town.

      As the holiday draws near, she's busy getting her new home ready to host her mom for the best Christmas ever.

      But when a winter storm hits, Melody finds herself snowbound with James, a handsome furniture craftsman.

      Chock Full of Christmas (Heartsprings Valley Sweet Romance Book 5)
      by Anne Chase When widower John Buckley and his two adorable kids sign up for a chocolate class, Abby finds herself surprised by the immediate connection she feels with them -- and by the realization that the little shop of her dreams may no longer be enough to keep her fulfilled

      The Eagle Cove Mysteries novels dive into murder & mayhem in the tourist town of Eagle Cove, where cafe owner Sarah Boone & her gang of misfit friends must band together to solve dastardly crimes & save the day.

      Murder So Deep (Eagle Cove Mysteries Book 1)

  11. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries just extended Christmas in July an additional week. Goes to the 19th now.

    1. Hey Jim! Yes, isn't it the best news?!?! Not really a question, because it totally is!!!

      That's right... Hallmark has gifted us with even more Christmas on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!!! Plus, the Hallmark Channel is giving us a special Christmas Movie Countdown next weekend!!! :)

      Merry Christmas in July!!!

    2. Yeah Net, I saw that mentioned on one of the movies last night. I am wondering what that means, about the special Christmas Movie Countdown? Do you have any info on that. I checked the guide for next weekend and it just looks like a typical Christmas movies listings. Nothing different that I can see.

      Another thing I noticed last night is on the Hallmark Drama Channel there was one of those blurbs that mentions Christmas every Wednesday so I think maybe they are going to pick that back up on Hallmark Drama, probably in August. Unless that was some blurb that they just forgot to take off from what was running all year.

      Also, I'm wondering how many new Christmas movies we will get this year. Every year around the end of July they always have Lacey Chabert or someone giving previews for the new coming Christmas movies. Nothing yet this year. I'm sure it's because of the Covid virus but still makes me wonder how many they will be able to get in. Especially since the Virus seems to be building up more steam now.

    3. Based on the current schedule, it looks like the Christmas in July Movie Countdown next weekend will start Friday night with "Mingle All the Way" and end Sunday night with "Christmas Under Wraps!" But you never know... there could be changes between now and then. It's simply a Countdown of Christmas movies from previous years, nothing new.

      That's great Hallmark Drama is advertising their Wednesday night Christmas movies again. I haven't seen that promo for awhile, so hopefully that will be good news for August!

      I think we are all wondering the same thing, Jim, as far as how many Christmas movies it's going to be possible for them to make this year and still keep safe. It will surely be less then we are used to.

      I've also been missing the "First Look Christmas Preview Show" that Lacey Chabert typically hosts in July. With everything being different this year it's hard to say when we'll get a preview this year.

    4. Well, Jim... according to the currently released August schedule, it doesn't look like they are continuing the Wednesday - Christmas movie nights on Hallmark Drama, after all.

      "I Married Who?" starring Kellie Martin, is currently scheduled on the first Wednesday in August, on the 5th.

      They are, however, playing "What I Did For Love" (a sort of Christmas movie) on Hallmark Drama -
      Thursday July 23 9:00 PM / 8:00c.

    5. Thanks Net. Yeah, I checked the first week of August schedule on Hallmark Drama last night and saw that on Wednesday there is no Christmas movie...bummer. Oh well, we still have Thursday and Fridays on other two channels, after Christmas in July is over.

  12. I was watching Switched for Christmas

    Which one is real Candace Cameron Bure on Switched for Christmas as identities Twin Sisters?

    Chris with Greg
    Kate with Tom

    Is Kate real CCB?

    Chris is on diet & has children
    Kate has no children

    1. Actually, Candace Cameron Bure plays both of the main sister roles in "Switched for Christmas!" Isn't it such a fun movie!?!? It's especially cute to see the scenes with the sisters and by movie magic - Candace plays both parts.

    2. It’s seem of Lindsay Lohan’s characters named Hallie & ANNIE BY USING a rectangle mirror on the set on Parent Trap

      For split-screen scenes, Lohan Lohan wore an earpiece so someone off-camera could feed her the other twin's lines. She also had a body double, Erin Mackey, to give her a visual reference point.

    3. That's right! It's a lot of computer editing with split screens and a body double. They would have to film each scene separately (possibly many times!) with Candace playing both parts.

  13. I am a Hallmark Fan through and through and I've just watched yet another "Stuffy Royals Change Their Attitude Toward The Down-to-Earth American" Movie.

    . . . You know the one. . .

    Do you have any inside knowledge of the Network changing up this story line?

    Here is what else I've noticed:
    1- No matter what "small sovereign kingdom" the "Royals" are from, they always speak with an English accent. With so many languages and areas in Europe, why can't they have say, a German, Italian, French or other Central or Eastern European accent?
    2- Also, while they've already done 'Pride and Prejudice' a few years ago, do they have any plans on doing 'Pygmalion?'

    1. That is so true! Most of the royals in these movies are portrayed as pretentious and stuffy. Although..., the King in "A Crown for Christmas" is rather nice, one person from his staff is definitely not. Even still, he still has to have an awakening and choose what's best for him and not just the crown.

      As for future Royal Movies, before the coronavirus hit, it was announced at the Summer 2019 TCA event, that Erin Krakow would be starring in ‘THE ROYAL MYSTERIES.’ That was the working title. Course, plans have been changed since the virus and Erin is back to filming "When Calls the Heart."

      In this royal movie, Erin's character, Tanya, is an employee of the Oldavian Embassy, and she'll end up working with James, the Prince of Oldavia, to solve a mystery. I don't know how they plan to portray James, but maybe, just maybe, he'll be nice, but I wouldn't be surprised, at all, if there were a stuffy King or Queen!

      Also, I like when they do 'Pride and Prejudice' versions of movies. 'Pygmalion' or 'My Fair Lady' is also a fun story theme with Henry Higgins making over Eliza Doolittle. Hallmark has done it before with "The Makeover" (Hallmark Hall of Fame) and "Fixing Pete," but I would love to see them use this concept again!

  14. Why “Flip on Romance” didn’t use split screen with Julie & Lucas (Julie Gonzalo & Tyler Hynes) about wrong tiles from A & B Apartment?

    Since I watch “Over the Moon in Love” had 2 or 3 splits with Brooklyn, Clayton & Stephanie (Jessica Lowndes, Wes Brown, & Miranda Frigon)


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