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There has been another shuffle in the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie schedule, including: Check Inn to Christmas, Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy and more! See details on which movies have changed below...

Christmas Schedule Changes:

*Check Inn to Christmas, starring Rachel Boston and Wes Brown, moves up a few days to November 26th.

*Christmas at the Plaza, starring Ryan Paevey and Elizabeth Henstridge, has been moved to November 28th.

*Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy, with it's all-star cast led by Maggie Lawson and Paul Greene, has been moved to November 29th.

*Holiday Date, starring Brittany Bristow and Matt Cohen, has been moved to December 14th.

*A Cheerful Christmas, starring Erica Deutschman and Chad Connell, has been moved to December 15th.

*Double Holiday, starring Kristoffer Polaha and Carly Pope, has been moved to December 22nd in honor of Hanukkah.

You can see all of these changes in the newly revised-

If you've made your own list - you'll definitely want to check it twice!

Joyous Blessings! Net


  1. Wow! That's a lot of changes! Thanks for the update. I am sure there will be more.


    1. I'm sure you're right, Misty! The schedules never seem to stay put. I gave up on printing them long ago!

  2. Looks like we haven't lost or gained anything.

    Those six movies have just been swapped around in the same six airing times.

  3. Let's just say for Hallmark this year, we won't know if a movie is on until it's actually on tv. So frustrating I'm seriously becoming less of a hallmark fan, I watched all other network movies first this weekend and they were far better than hallmark 2 movies put together. Christmas Wishes was the most boring movie I've seen in a while, not even jill Wagner made it better, though I did enjoy matthew Davis but I'm done with planning party movies for rich people. Merry Christmas Match was slightly better, but the misunderstanding part was pretty weak.

    I loved No Time Like Christmas. I enjoyed both Sweet Mountain Christmas (fake country accents were bad, on at times, then off) and The road home for Christmas was very good. I laughed a lot at A Christmas Movie Christmas as it seemed to poke fun at all these movies and it was a good movie in that respect.

    Pretty much only thing I'm happy with hallmark now is Drama channel, I watch it the entire time while hallmark is playing the 2018 bad Christmas movies 24/7.

    1. Hi Sabrina! I watched a mix of all the stations this weekend, too, but mostly Hallmark for me. My reviews of the new Hallmark movies are completely different than yours, though. I really didn't like "A Merry Christmas Match." For me, there was no connection between the two leads. He walked into her store and next thing you know, they are in love and she's giving him precious items that belonged to her late father. It just seemed all too rushed. And, for me, it just didn't seem to have that typical Hallmark feel to it.

      As for "Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses," I loved every second of it! Jill was her usual bubbly, enthusiastic self and she just stole the show, although Matthew Davis, I agree, was perfect for the role of Nick Sinclair. You never know how your going to feel about a new actor on Hallmark, but I just loved him and Jill together! Plus, add in that adorable little Boy and Donna Mills, who was likable and wonderful in her role - I personally just loved this movie so much - I didn't want it to end!

      By the way, I also laughed a lot at UP's "A Christmas Movie Christmas!" It was very clever and funny! All the playful jabs at Christmas movies was a hoot.

      It's a good thing there are lots of movies - so we all have our own picks to enjoy!!! :)

    2. I agree with you, Net. I thought that "A Merry Christmas Match" was just sort of meh (those acquired movies are very hit or miss). I liked each of the leads individually, and I liked Lindsey Gort too, but I thought that the main couple seemed to get serious too quickly, and they didn't know each other well enough for Ashley's character to be handing over precious items. I might like it better if I watch it again in a year or two, but I wasn't feeling it on Friday.

      I really enjoyed "Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses," and I just love Jill. I wouldn't say that this movie is an instant all time favorite for me, but I was entertained by it and I never felt as if I wanted to stop watching it. It was good. NOt amazing, but good.

      I liked "A Christmas Movie Christmas," and I really liked the 2 female leads, but I thought it lost a little bit of steam somewhere in the second hour. It was clever and funny in the first hour, though.

      However, I tried to watch the Lifetime movie with Marcus Rosner and Megan Hilty and couldn't sit through it. I turned it off after a bit. It's just not for me, personally, although I have a feeling a lot of people will like it.

      I only caught a scene or two of the Marla Sokoloff Lifetime movie and the banter was fun, but I want to be able to watch it from the beginning, and I don't know when or if I will have time to.

    3. I guess what I liked about merry Christmas match was that it was different that the lead actually did leave to go to the city. she was more doing the antique store for her dad and mom but it wasn't what she really wanted to do.

      I do love Jill Wagner, and she was great, I just didn't enjoy that movie cause it was boring and it was yet another person decorating the rich guys house. and I felt they smacked you over the head with the fact that abby quit work a few years to raise her son, it didn't need to be mentioned that many times, I got it the first time she said it.

      I just saw the ratings for Christmas wishes and it seems a lot lower than the typical Hallmark Christmas movies. Hallmark continues to brag about their ratings, but they are down from the past year, and they went downhill after Winterfest. either people didn't watch this 1st Christmas movie, or maybe the competition is eating into hallamrks viewers. I know Hallmark is very family friendly and I appreciate that very much, I just feel they got very cocky this year and just seem to me, they are getting greedy and I hope they just remember us fans that get them to their #'s, and not just watch only Christmas, but watch all year, watch their shows, are very loyal.

      I very much enjoyed No Time Like Christmas, it was so good, loved the Vermont town they went to, loved the fact that the 2 had some issues in their relationship, and they both let go to soon instead of working them out, and they addressed what went wrong and it developed all thru the movie.

  4. I was looking forward to check inn on thanksgiving and not excited for Christmas at plaza so thank you Hallmark for putting me fully on and psyched for lifetime thanksgiving night.

    1. That's great, Sabrina! Something else to be thankful for! :)

  5. Hallmark could manage to add more than 40 new Christmas movies

    Hallmark Channel: 24 to to 26
    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: 16 to ??

  6. Christmas in Evergreen franchise:

    1) Holly Robinson Peete as Michelle
    2) Barbara Niven as Carol Shaw
    3) Ashley Williams as Allie Shaw
    4) Jill Wagner as Lisa
    5) Maggie Lawson as Katie
    6) Rukiya Bernard as Hannah
    7) Colin Lawrence as Thomas
    8) Malcolm Stewart as Joe Shaw
    9) Marlon Kazadi as David

    Expect for Prince Justin Atkinson as Charlie; Hannah’s love Interest


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