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Friday, September 6, 2019


Check out below what's new on TV this weekend + Happy Grandparent's Day!

Saturday, September 7, 2019-

Get a taste of Love, Romance, Chocolate and CHRISTMAS...

with Lacey Chabert during an encore airing of
Love, Romance, & Chocolate

image: Hallmark Channel Commercial Screen Grab

Lacey Chabert ("Crossword Mysteries") presents this very special announcement of this year's line up of Hallmark's original Christmas movies during an encore airing of "Love, Romance & Chocolate" this Saturday night, September 7th - on the Hallmark Channel!

During the movie's commercial breaks, Lacey Chabert will be announcing, according to the promo commercial- ALL of the Holiday movies coming this Christmas season across both Hallmark networks - the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

See the premiere of
Saturday, September 7, 2019
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel
with Lacey Chabert during encore airing of
Love, Romance, & Chocolate

Sunday, September 8, 2019-

Changes are coming on an all new episode of...

Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Chesapeake Shores Season 4 - Episode 3:

A Sonnet for Caroline - via Hallmark: Abby faces career and legal ramifications for blowing the whistle on a Ponzi scheme, and meets an intriguing new man during her leave from work. Trace mentors Emma, a waitress and songwriter, and encourages her to perform her music at The Bridge. Mick and Megan fear that the return of their romantic feelings will complicate their friendship, and Nell – newly back in town – offers Megan relationship advice. Jess and David navigate a bidding war for a new B&B. Meanwhile, Kevin discovers that his family’s good intentions have Sarah feeling overwhelmed; and Connor and Bree contemplate their futures with their respective significant others.

Sunday, September 8, 2019
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel

*Miss an episode of “Chesapeake Shores” season 4, watch via Amazon Prime.

More... Sunday, September 8, 2019-

It's an All New Mystery Premiering on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries AND the Hallmark Channel...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: It’s not an easy decision for Claire and Joanna Darrow to accept the case of a lawyer who wronged Joanna, but it’s the right one. Cassie Piper was tricked by her bosses into leveling the accusation that ended Joanna’s New York career, and has now been similarly framed. Facing felony charges and the nightmare of losing her daughter, Cassie is desperate. When an apparent attempt on the life... click here to read more...

Sunday, September 8, 2019
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel
and on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday is Grandparent's Day! For those of you who are blessed to still have your Grandparents or a Grandparent, I hope you can spend some time with them or give them a call. I'm sure they would love to hear from you. I will be sharing time with my Grandmother on Sunday - who continues to be such an inspiration to me and all of our family!

For those of you whose Grandparents are gone, I pray you have special memories to look back on. I know I certainly miss my Grandparents who are in heaven now. What an impact they made on my life while I had them. They will always be so precious to me.

Blessings to you all this weekend
and always, Net


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  1. I hope Hallmark will do the movie: “Easter Scavenger Hunt” for Easter Movie - Spring Fever

  2. Did anyone else not get the last segment of Lacey Chabert announcing all the Christmas Movies coming? It's driving me nuts haha...I rewound and fast forwarded and rewound I don't know how many times thinking I missed it. The last I saw was the December 6th movie on HMM. She was going in order by date. There should have been one more segment but it never happened. Just a bunch of commercials after that and then the end of the movie and then she came back with her closing remarks.

    1. Hello Jim! Sorry your channel missed that segment. I saw it on DirecTV. There were 4 movies left after Dec 6 on HMM...

      Christmas in Montana - December 12, 2019
      (Kellie Martin and Colin Ferguson)

      Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday - December 13, 2019
      (Jen Lilley, Carlo Marks)
      And they announced Beau Bridges is returning for this Angel Falls movie!

      An Unforgettable Christmas - December 19, 2019
      (Ashley Greene) (Lacey didn't give this name, but it was previously announced this week.)

      A Family Christmas Gift - December 20, 2019
      (Holly Robinson Peete, Patti Labelle, Dion Johnstone)

      Hope this helps, Jim... They might put this up on Hallmark's web-site this week, if they haven't already.

    2. Thanks so much Net...not sure what happened. Definitely cut it out on my end.

    3. That really is so odd, Jim. I was hoping Hallmark would have a video up today of Lacey doing the announcements, but I don't see one, YET! Hopefully soon!

  3. Lacey Chabert mentioned Candace Cameron Bure hosted for 7 Nights Fall Harvest Movies

    1. That's right, Hallmark's Christmas Queen, Candace Cameron Bure will return once again to host Hallmark's BiG Thanksgiving Week of Christmas Movies!!!!! It's going to be such a great holiday season!!!!! :)

  4. I watched Commercial break during movie Love, Romance, & Chocolate

    I notice Beau Bridges in Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday with Jen Lilley & Carlos Marks

    It’s a sequel to Christmas in Angel Falls

    New Year, New Me
    It’s actually Aimee Teegarden whose starred in “New Year, New Me”

    Probably, Brett Dalton

    1. Yes, those were the new details Lacey Chabert announced last night. I'm excited for all this new Christmas programming + 7 Nights of Christmas hosted by Candace Cameron Bure for Thanksgiving week!

      The 10th Anniversary of Countdown to Christmas is going to be spectacular!

    2. They didn’t mention Ashley Greene in An Unforgettable Christmas during commercial break of the movie: Love, Romance, & Chocolate

    3. That is so true, exactly what I mentioned to Jim above. E News announced it, but Lacey did not. Very Interesting.

      And currently, when Hallmark released all this information on their new Christmas movies, they also left the cast area blank for An Unforgettable Christmas. So... we'll see!

    4. Also, same thing in the article: Christmas in Montana that they didn’t put Kellie Martin & Colin Ferguson’s names

  5. ♥️Miles & Claire have a thing♥️

  6. Claire & Miles have had an on- & off- kind of relationship when they’re actually officially started dating. So, love component is the other story going on in between Miles & Claire.

  7. ❤️Claire rolls her eyes at Miles❤️

    1. Claire (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) and Miles (Tom Cavanagh) are so cute together... what a great chemistry these two actors have together on screen! BTW... I haven't seen this latest Darrow Mystery installment, yet, but I'm looking forward to watching it real soon! :)

  8. We did learn a few more things in Lacey's Christmas list:

    Christmas in Montana is with Kellie Martin and Colin F

    Angel Falls movie is another of the Angel Falls series, I have to say I wasn't a fan of the first movie cause it was so drab, sad, so negative the entire movie til end. I love Rachel Boston, but just got tired of seeing everyone be so negative, so I am not sure I will like this movie, but love Jen Lilley and Carlo Marks.

    New Year New Me has Aimee Teagarden

    They didn't mention Hallmark Drama having Christmas movies on, I am hoping it is all day, but there are the older Christmas movies on the Hallmark Drama site, it would have been cool if Lacey got to say that channel would be playing Christmas movies too.

    I liked watching Chocolate Romance and Love again, or sorry I always forget the title, love Will Kemp, I love him so much I could let some of the silliness of the movie go like how Emma can just extend her vacation like no big deal, the cherry cola, and the fact that she is on vacation and gets a job on day 1. I did chuckle when Lacey was announcing The Mistletoe Secret and she said Holiday favorite Kellie Pickler, um she has been in 1 holiday movie and I would hardly call her favorite.

    Seeing some of these movies little snippets again, finds me so excited for so many movies, Write Before Christmas being on Thanksgiving (2 beautiful people in that movie), Scott Wolf and Kristen C, the 2nd Godwink movie, Holiday for Heroes (reminds me of the Christmas card), A Christmas Duet, and The Christmas Club. Bring on the season.

    1. Sabrina, Christmas in Montana with Kellie Martin & Colin Ferguson

      The title of Lacey’s Christmas movie: Love, Chocolate, & Romance

      I wasn’t a fan of 1st Christmas movie: Christmas in Angel Falls but I’m going to watch Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday

      It’s a sequel to Christmas in Angel Falls

      On Love, Romance, & Chocolate; Cherry Cola is referred to Cherry Coke

      They didn’t say anything about Christmas movies but they said Hallmark’s Christmas Cookie Matchup (Cooking Competition) & Christmas Joy Project (Renovation)

    2. Hi Sabrina! Wasn't it fun to see all the extra video clips with the various Christmas movies! I was watching and tweeting my excitement Saturday night.

      There wasn't a lot of new info, so true, but at least we got a little!

      I, too, was also happy to see Lacey mention Kellie Martin and Colin Ferguson would be starring in Christmas in Montana. I know everyone was wondering if it had changed, since their names weren't mentioned in the announcement on E News, but Hallmark listed their names this last week when they released this news, so I was fairly certain Kellie and Colin would remain on this project.

      Lacey also did not mention Laura Osnes' co-star in HMM's This Time of Year, but Hallmark has announced her co-star will be Stephen Huszar (My One and Only).

      And YES, YES, YES... I saw Aimee Teegarden's name with Hallmark Channel's New Year, New Me. I was surprised to see this new information, when everything else (previously) had been info we already knew. I tweeted it out and posted her name to my Christmas Movie List!

      Only a few empty spots left! Indeed, it looks like we have lots of wonderful Christmas movies to look forward to! :)

    3. For me, personally, the only new bit of information was that Aimee Teegarden is in the New Year movie. But that was a delightful surprise!

      Kellie Martin and Colin Ferguson were announced as being in "Christmas in Montana" in late July. Their names were posted in press on TCA day. However, I think they were somehow inadvertently left out of the big list of movies that was published last week, although their names were still shown on the Hallmark website.

      I read a synopsis for the new "Angel Falls" a couple of weeks ago -- before it was announced anywhere -- and even shared it with Net. That particular synopsis made it seem as though Rachel Boston's character would be part of it, in a fairly significant role, along with Beau Bridges. But... Rachel's name has been left out of every reference to this new Angel Falls movie since it was announced, so either she will not appear in it after all, OR they are trying to keep it a surprise.

      It would make sense to have Rachel appear in a small role in the new Angel Falls movie, and have Angel Falls be sort of like Evergeen in that different stories take place and different characters pass through it. But IF she is going to do a cameo in it, it is not being promoted, that's for sure! lol

      I currently see a few popular, older, Hall of Fame Christmas movies scheduled on Hallmark Drama, i.e., "A Season for Miracles," "Silver Bells," etc. That's a shame, as many, many people still do not have that channel, and they have wanted to see those movies since they were sent over to the Hallmark Movies Now streaming app. "November Christmas" appears to be scheduled for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, but that could change.

    4. They doesn’t mention Stephen Huszar’s name as Laura Ornes’ co-star in This Time of Year during commercial break of Love, Romance, & Chocolate when I saw his name on Wiki

    5. Yes, the Aimee Teegarden news was good to see in Lacey's Christmas movie announcements... I was hoping after that there might be a few surprises for HMM, but it was pretty much a confirmation of what we already know, which is fine, but I was hopeful!

      Plus, I agree... it is great to see some wonderful Christmas classics like A Season for Miracles and A Grandpa for Christmas showing up on Hallmark Drama. Not sure if they will run 24/7, but it's nice to know they are getting into the Holiday Spirit too! :)

    6. Yes, Anonymous, I knew that Kellie Martin was in Christmas in Montana, but according to that article promoting the Christmas schedule, it said still casting, and last year Kellie M was supposed to be in Vet, but she wasn't, so I wasn't completely sure, based on the conflicting info.

    7. That's so true, Sabrina.. we certainly never know if changes are coming, whether it's a movie title, date switch, or casting! Nothing ever seems written in stone. Even premieres can change at the drop of a hat, which we ALL know all too well.

    8. To Anon above... that's right Lacey Chabert did not mention Stephen Huszar's name during the Christmas movie announcements, but Hallmark still has his name listed with the movie.

  9. Alice in Christmasland

    Christmas!!! At every corner of the world, just as in Wonderland, People are awaiting for Christmas, the time of love, hope and Santa Claus of course!
    But, what did really happen to Santa Claus and how did he disappear? How will Alice and the rest of the characters in Wonderland rescue Christmas?

    Come and join us to travel with the characters of Wonderland in the magical world of dance and let’s find Santa Claus together!

    1. I'm very excited to learn more about this movie - especially curious to know who will star as Alice!!! ;)

  10. A Christmas Duet

    Averie & Jesse meet first time as they reunited at Blue Spruce Inn

    Lady to Averie: You look familiar
    Guy to Jesse: You used to sing with (what's her name)
    Jesse to Guy: He’s gone solo
    Averie: Jesse
    Jesse: Averie

    Both: What are you doing here?

    Averie: I own the place (Blue Spruce Inn)
    Jesse: You own this place?

    Averie & Jesse sing “It Wouldn’t Be Christmas”

  11. Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery is one of my favorite Darrow & Darrow/A Darrow Mystery Movies

  12. The Christmas Club

    When I Think of ChristmA Christmas club, also known as a holiday account, is a short-term savings account in which money is deposited periodically to be withdrawn at the end of the year for Christmas

    The Christmas Club by Barbara Hinske


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