Wednesday, July 17, 2019

*** CHANGE OF DATE *** to Hallmark Channel's “2019 Summer Nights Preview Special” hosted by Erin Krakow and Ryan Paevey! ☀⛱🌊 Details...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

UPDATE: Hallmark Channel's “2019 Summer Nights Preview Special” has been moved to Sunday, July 28th at 11pm/10c.! (By the way, I noticed this change in schedule as I was updating the Christmas in July Schedule - see here!)

According to Hallmark, "Erin Krakow and Ryan Paevey invite viewers to saddle up for a sneak peek at the network’s annual Summer Nights programming event, featuring six original movie premieres celebrating the long, sun-soaked season of leisure and romance."

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Hallmark Channel's 2019 Summer Nights Movies include: Rome in Love, Love and Sunshine, A Taste of Summer, A Summer Romance, All Summer Long, My One & Only.

Click here for more details on these films.



  1. Hallmark is getting to be really frustrating! Why would you show a preview when one of the movies already aired the night before? I don't get it. I really hope Hallmark doesn't take a movie away again.


    1. Misty, I agree, it doesn't make any sense at all to play the Summer Nights preview special the day after the first Summer movie premieres. Sounds like they didn't have something edited in time. I don't know. Let's hope they keep all of these premieres.

  2. why would they move the summer preview to the day after the first summer premiere movie? I think I am skipping this preview show, I will just be surprised when I watch the movies. I can't wait for Brennan and autumn in All Summer Long and A Taste of Summer, and Rome in Love, and Sunshine the rest I can do without.

    1. Sabrina, I'm just as surprised as you are on this one. Plus, without the preview special this weekend, that means there will be absolutely nothing new on the Hallmark Channel this Saturday night.

      Another thing, is the time. If you want people to watch this, why would you play it at 11pm/10c. on a Sunday night after an encore airing of a June Weddings movie? They could've at least played it after the new premiere of Rome in Love on Saturday night. I, sometimes, just don't get their programming decisions, and this is definitely one of them.

    2. Oh I didn't even think of that, I guess I know I will be dvring it anyway, the Christmas show is the only one I think I watched Live this year, because they usually start at 11 anyway and its so late, and I would rather be able to fast forward if I want.

      I am way over the "new movie every Saturday night" thing and since they didn't play a new movie last week maybe they are like whatever for this Saturday. I did feel it was weird putting it in between Christmas movies anyway. I didn't mind the Christmas preview, but Summer Nights preview would have been better before Rome in Love or after.

      I have been very happy that Hallmark (I would like to think) has been listening to some long time fans and they have been playing some older Christmas movies in the evenings and on the weekend. I fully expected to see all 2018 movies on full overload, but that's not been the case, and I thank them so much for that. I forgive them for leaving Naughty or Nice and Our First Christmas out of the line up and for making Window Wonderland only on HMMNow :)

  3. Count me in as another one who is mystified and baffled over the change in dates so that the Summer Nights preview special is now airing one day after the first Summer Nights movie has premiered. That's madness! That makes NO sense of any kind.

    The only way I would excuse Hallmark from this latest tomfoolery is if they suddenly added in a new and unexpected movie to the July 20th slot -- which is now lacking in ANY new content. It doesn't look like that is happening, though.

    I have to imagine that Hallmark ran into some sort of late-in the-game issue, either with pulling clips from the Pascale Hutton-Sam Page movie to include, OR maybe something technical that has to be fixed, re-recorded, etc. In other words, some sort of new issue that wasn't present one or two weeks ago -- they could possibly even be trying to include a clip from "When Hope Calls," since it is launching at the end of August on HMN and they will want to promote it, so maybe that caused a delay.

    What they SHOULD do is air the preview special on the same night as "Rome in Love" -- either one hour before "Rome in Love" debuts, OR right after it is over, with an intro that says something like "Now that you have enjoyed our first Summer Nights 2019 movie, here are sneak peeks at the other movies coming up."

    If they could have the special ready to air on 7/28, I'm sure they could have it ready to air on 7/27, and 7/27 would make more sense.

    The only way a 7/28 premiere date for the special makes any kind of sense is if they are planning on moving ALL of the Summer Nights movies to August, leaving "Rome in Love" to premiere after the special airs. But it doesn't seem like that is happening either.

    As I have said before, I have no problems with Hallmarks content, or their formula, or the predictability, or the light rom coms, or Christmas marathons at the end of the year, or any of that. I am happy with what they do.

    However, I DO have an issue with these (constant) crazy, inexplicable schedule changes taking place AFTER dates and titles have already been announced and publicized -- because (1) they inconvenience and confuse the viewers; (2) they inconvenient the "media" outlets trying to preview and promote the content (bloggers and podcasters included), AND (3) they inconvenience the actors/writers/directors/producers/crew members who want to promote their projects!!

    It helps NO ONE when dates keep switching around, titles keep changing, movies get announced and shown in previews and then are booted out of the line-up and banished to the streaming app, etc.

  4. I don't think that Hallmark has an infinite number of times that they can continue doing crazy things, without losing viewers, credibility and respect.

    They got so much attention last Christmas from the mainstream media, but then their movies were mostly a bust to many of us. I don't think that they will continue to receive heavy Christmas mainstream coverage without having good movies.

    As far as the "new movie every Saturday night this year" not really happening...there are just no words for what I think of that.

    And announcing/moving/cancelling movies and specials - all without one word of explanation - is just insane. I'm still waiting for Candace Cameron Bure's Christmas special from last year, for goodness' sake!


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