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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

LIFETIME TO PREMIERE 28 CHRISTMAS MOVIES in 2019! See Melissa Joan Hart and Tia Mowry-Hardrict and More!

Get your DVRs ready ASAP! Lifetime has announced their 2019 CHRISTMAS Movie Season is going to be BIGGER than ever before!

Melissa Joan Hart - attending Lifetime Christmas Movie event / img: celebmafia

In a report from EW - it was revealed that LIFETIME will be premiering 28 Christmas Movies during the holiday season. That means, they are premiering 10 MORE movies then they did last year!

And, if you want to get technical on the numbers, Lifetime is actually premiering more Christmas movies than any other individual channel. While Hallmark is premiering 40 Christmas movies across both networks, which no doubt - makes them the leader in Christmas movie production, the Hallmark Channel will premiere 24 of them and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will premiere 16. With 28 Christmas movies, Lifetime will most definitely be in the lead in movies - on their individual channel.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict - Lifetime Christmas movie, My Christmas Inn / img: Lifetime

In these 28 new Lifetime Christmas movies - it has been revealed, via EW, that Melissa Joan Hart (pictured in the purple dress above) and Tia Mowry-Hardrict (pictured next to the Christmas tree above), who are no strangers to the Lifetime network, will be back again this year, to individually star in their own Christmas movies.

Melissa Joan Hart previously starred in these Christmas movies:

Lifetime’s A Very Merry Toy Store - 2017

Lifetime’s A Very Nutty Christmas - 2018

Hallmark Channel's Broadcasting Christmas - 2016.

Lifetime’s Santa Con - 2014

ABC Family's Holiday in Handcuffs - 2007

Christmas Snow - 1986

Tia Mowry-Hardrict previously starred in these Christmas movies:

Lifetime’s My Christmas Inn - 2018

Hallmark Channel’s A Gingerbread Romance - 2018

ABC Family's The Mistle-Tones - 2012

This Christmas season Melissa Joan Hart will star in Christmas Reservations on Lifetime. According to EW, "Hart stars as an event coordinator in Christmas Reservations, and a handsome widower factors into the wintry mix."

Tia Mowry-Hardrict will star in A Very Vintage Christmas on Lifetime, which according to EW, "involves an antique shop and the search for the owner of a mysterious box filled with romantic souvenirs."

This is certain to be a very busy Christmas season - keeping up with all these new Christmas movies!!!

Joyous Blessings to you all, Net


  1. Wow!!! 68 new Christmas movies on just these two networks alone. Sabrina's OCD is going to put her over the edge...haha. MINE TOO!!!! As the white coats are wrapping me in a straight jacket, I am heard babbling...BUT I MUST SEE THEM ALL!!!

    1. Jim, Oh Nooooo... Don't let them take us away.... We have to see one more, just ONE more.... Pleeeezzz!!!

      OMGSH...I can just imagine that happening to so many of us!!! 68 is A LOT of movies, I admit it, but we can do it! I have faith in us, even if it takes half of 2020 to watch ALL of them!!!!!

    2. You know it, Jim. I thought I would just read synopsis, and maybe cross some off the list right out of the gate if they have actors/actresses I am not fond of, but that is not working very well. I have said how I am not a fan of Christmas at Graceland and Wedding of Graceland, and with Adrian Grenier in CAG #2, I was like check it off the list. But then there was a Hallmark survey.......and well, it sounds like a good movie from the different titles being thrown out to the synopsis, and well it is on watch list now.

      And with the preview this past weekend, every one of those movies looks so good. So it will be very tough.

      And Lifetime has stepped it up, but truly there are only like 3 or 4 Lifetime movies that I LOVE, and like 400 Hallmark movies I Love!!!!

      It is a lot better having the movies spread out Thurs and fri and then Sat and Sunday. I usually take days off during thanksgiving week so that wont be an issue. DVR will get a workout.

  2. Lifetime really started getting serious with this Christmas competition against Hallmark last year, a huge departure from Lifetime's usual "women in peril" fare. As Hallmark claims to be proud of American TV's #1 Christmas destination, can Lifetime really challenge that?

    1. Hello TVsenior, It is quite the challenge for Lifetime to take on Hallmark, especially at Christmastime, but I'm finding people saying, more and more, how much they love Lifetime's Christmas movies.

      Throughout the year, you're right... Lifetime's movies center around romance, violence and suspense that are not exactly G or PG, but at Christmastime, their movies are typically Hallmarkesque. They've been attempting to rival Hallmark for years when it comes to Christmas movies, matching their formula of sweet love stories, and often using the same actors.

      This year, I feel, will be Lifetime's biggest challenge, yet, with their bigger than ever, number of films they are premiering + the fact that Lifetime will also be playing Christmas movies this year 24/7!

      As for the content of Lifetime's Christmas movies... 9 out of 10 (my guess... not scientific) are family friendly, but there are still those that are not and that may be one very important reason viewers stick to Hallmark. For the most part, they know they can trust Hallmark, and that trust in the Hallmark brand may be what draws viewers to remain loyal to Hallmark throughout the Christmas season.

    2. I think you are right here, Net. While they are offering the same thing, Hallmark still has it's loyal following. I know I can trust watching a Hallmark movie with my family.

    3. I understand completely, Anna. But, don't miss A Gift Wrapped Christmas and Christmas in Tennessee on Lifetime. Those two are fantastic and very family-friendly and you never know what's in store for this year! :)

  3. This is great news. Can't wait to get more details, but very happy to hear about MJH and Tia returning as I have been a fan of each of them since the '90s. I just watched "My Christmas Inn" again yesterday. I liked it even better the second time around. Tia is a really good actor and her character was just so believable. But I digress. Great news, Net, and thank you for sharing with us again. Peace to all.

    Mark2 in Washington sate

    1. Hey Mark2! Glad you enjoyed this awesome Lifetime Christmas movie news! It is fun to see both Melissa & Tia will be returning again this year with new movies on their network.

      So... now we know 2 officially for Lifetime! Only 26 more to go! :)

    2. Net, all I can say is Yay!

  4. did hallmark changed the amount of movies on each channel? I thought it was 24 on Hallmark and 16 on HMM? Last year I really liked the HMM movies, so I am sad they get less now. and the 16 movies fit perfectly in the EVERY Thursday and Friday night movie timeline they announced. I did see on Hallmark channel yesterday a commercial saying Saturday and Sunday nights, so no competing movies on same nights and times, yay!!!!

    1. Hello Sabrina! Your numbers are right. It should definitely be Hallmark Channel - 24 and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - 16 with a total still of 40! Sorry for the number mix-up. Course, it's always possible Hallmark could change something around - as we know very well!

      And, like you said, these numbers work out perfectly with Christmas movie premieres Thursday & Friday on HMM and premieres Saturday & Sunday on the Hallmark Channel!

      It is funny to think, even though Hallmark altogether has 40, the Hallmark Channel has 24 and Lifetime will have 28!

    2. Yes, Last year, Hallmark Channel had 22 & HMM had 18 = 30. This year, Hallmark Channel has 24 & HMM has 16 = 40.

    3. I know it's hard to keep all these numbers straight. Last year, for the longest time, it was going to be a total of 37 movies, but then they added "A Christmas for the Books," making the total 38.

      So it ended up being LAST YEAR - 22 on the Hallmark Channel and 16 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

      The Hallmark Channel is adding 2 more this year, making their total 24, while Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is playing the same number as last year, 16. The grand total, of course, is 40 this year, UNLESS they surprise us by adding more somewhere - and you never know!!! :)

  5. Can there be a thing of too much Christmas?

    1. Yeah, I think we are ALL feeling the Christmas Overload this year! :)

    2. I loved the Lifetime Christmas movies last year. I think many of their story lines were more developed than the Hallmark ones. At any rate, I am looking forward to all the new movies

    3. I feel the same way, Mary! I love all the family friendly Christmas movies that make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Like Hallmark, Lifetime has been wonderful at creating some terrific, feel good Holiday films!


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