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Monday, July 29, 2019

HALLMARK'S CHRISTMAS in AUGUST * FREE PRINTABLE * + 10 Christmas Movies "Yule" Want to Watch RIGHT NOW!!! #CountdownToChristmas

That's a wrap! Like many of you, I'm sorry to see Christmas in July go. I mean, it's been Christmas around the clock at my house since the end of June! Sound familiar? You, too?

Let's look on the bright side, though, we still have Christmas Thursdays & Fridays each week - as the Hallmark Channel continues to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Countdown to Christmas! We can look forward to that and a whole new season of Christmas movies - right around the corner!

I'm also going to share 10 random Christmas movies below - you can either watch on DVD or streaming video any time you choose!

In honor of Christmas in August, I created a print out of ALL the Christmas movies airing Thursdays on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Fridays on the Hallmark Channel. Please note: it is possible the schedule could change; therefore, please be sure to check back for any updates!

Hallmark's Christmas in August - PRINT OUT:

poster images: Hallmark Crown Media

(*Please Note: After image loads in new page-
you may have to click on the image again to enlarge.)

Here are 10 random CHRISTMAS MOVIES I have chosen - that you might enjoy watching (or re-watching, again) as we await the new Christmas Movie Season to begin:

(listed in alphabetical order!)

1. Christmas in Tennessee

This movie, starring Andrew Walker ("Bottled with Love") and Rachel Boston ("The Last Bridesmaid"), premiered on Lifetime in 2018. If you haven't seen it, yet, "Christmas in Tennessee" has the same feel as a Hallmark movie, and the two leads, as well as the story, are absolutely magical! (rated TV-PG)

*You can watch Christmas in Tennessee via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video

2. Christmas Wedding Planner

Starring Jocelyn Hudon, who Hearties will instantly recognize from "When Calls the Heart" and the upcoming "When Hope Calls," this movie is lighthearted and a whole lot of fun. It felt like a mix of "From Friend to Fiance," with a bit of Mystery meets Christmas. This movie has just about everything! I admit... I laughed out loud and I even cried. There's even a sweet romance. Hallmark fans will also recognize Steven Huszar from "Return to Christmas Creek" and Kelly Rutherford from "Love, Of Course." (rated TV-PG for some Adult Dialogue)

*You can watch Christmas Wedding Planner on DVD.

3. Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors

Dolly Parton's original movie "Coat of Many Colors" is a re-telling of her own childhood that feels real and authentic. The cast is truly amazing - Jennifer Nettles (country singer), Rick Schroeder, Gerald McRaney, and young, Alyvia Lind, who was absolutely incredible in her role as little Dolly!

The movie is not rated, however I would consider it to be PG. There are some subjects, including the loss of a family member, that might be too difficult for young viewers to understand. Even in this loss, the family pulls together, and there are many beautiful stories weaved in about love, forgiveness, and faith.

I thought it would be a wonderful time to watch this story again - before "Christmas at Dollywood," starring Danica McKellar, with an appearance from Dolly Parton, herself, premieres this Christmas season on Hallmark.

*You can watch Coat of Many Colors on DVD or via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

4. In the Good Ole Summertime (yes, it's a Christmas movie, too!)

In honor of Summer Nights - I thought this movie would be a delightful mix of Summer and Christmas! Starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson, old Hollywood legends, this movie musical has all the grandeur from that time period, with music and singing that will make your heart soar. When Judy sings "Merry Christmas," you'll instantly be swept away in blissful Holiday memories. Van and Judy's romance doesn't always hit the right tone, but in the end, well... let's just say, it's a beautiful melody!

I thought this would be THE perfect time to watch this movie - before Hallmark premieres more Christmas movies this year with music, especially the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, "A Christmas Love Story," starring Tony Award winning Broadway star, Kristin Chenoweth!

*You can watch In the Good Ole Summertime on DVD or via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

5. It's a Wonderful Life

What can I say about this magnificent, beyond phenomenal classic Christmas movie? Every little line and detail of this film is absolute perfection as it tells the childhood, growing up years, and adulthood of George Bailey (portrayed by the amazing Jimmy Stewart) in the town of Bedford Falls. This impactful story has changed many lives through the years - giving us proof, once again, of how each life touches the other.

My site "It's a Wonderful Movie" was named after this film, because of the pure joy this movie has brought to myself and my family through the years. No matter our age, I think we each see a piece of ourselves in George Bailey, wanting to better ourselves and change the world. Sometimes we may overlook the value we bring to others, but if we look down deep inside, we can see, even in simple things, how meaningful each of our lives are to those around us. There's a wonderful lesson in this film we can enjoy any time of the year.

*You can watch It's a Wonderful Life on DVD or via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

6. Shadow Island Mysteries: The Last Christmas

Okay, this movie is actually on my watch list. And even though I haven't seen it, yet, I'm hearing from reviewers it's a lot like a Hallmark mystery, although please take note, Amazon's listing says 13+. The movie stars Jennifer Finnigan, of Hallmark Channel's "Welcome to Christmas."

*You can watch Shadow Island Mysteries: The Last Christmas via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas

Words, written or spoken, simply cannot express how much I love Hallmark's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." Since that very first letter was lost, but eventually found it's way to where it was intended, with the help of the POstables in the dead letter office, I've been hooked.

When this "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Christmas movie came along, just after Season One ended, I was memorized on how writer, Martha Williamson, took these four individuals and created such a beautiful Christmas story each member of the family could enjoy. Not only was there a hint at romance, which was sweet and endearing, but best of all, the true Christmas story is told, the birth of Jesus!

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas" is filled with heartwarming moments, chance encounters that are never happenstance, plus big and small miracles that will touch your heart and uplift your spirit!

*You can watch Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas on DVD or via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

8. Tis the Season for Love

I thought I would put this sweet Hallmark rom-com on the list, since it did not air during Christmas in July on Hallmark, and because... not only does it star one actor from "Chesapeake Shores," but two! And since "Chesapeake Shores" is premiering Season 4 at the end of the month on the Hallmark Channel, I thought this would be a great time to re-watch this movie, which stars Brendan Penny and Andrew Francis. Another interesting factor, is that Brendan Penny also portrays a fireman in this movie, just like he does on "Chesapeake Shores," as Kevin O'Brien.

*You can watch Tis the Season for Love on DVD or via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

9. The Tree that Saved Christmas

If you love Lacey Chabert's Hallmark Christmas movies, you will also enjoy her in this sweet UPtv Christmas movie that premiered on their network in 2014! Co-starring with Lacey is Corey Sevier, of "Northern Lights of Christmas." It's a heartwarming story of coming home again and finding love and redemption there.

When the family's Christmas tree farm is at risk of closing for good, the family bands together to find a way to hold onto it.

*You can watch The Tree that Saved Christmas via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

10. When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing

With "When Hope Calls" premiere on Hallmark Movies Now right around the corner and season 7 of "When Calls the Heart" soon to begin filming, which will include another new Christmas film, I thought this would be a nice time to look back at the most recent holiday movie where Elizabeth gives birth to her son, Jack, in "When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing."

It was wonderful to see the characters I love in Hope Valley, once again, at Christmastime. Although, I was disappointed to see Mountie Jack pass away at the end of season 5, the way the cast has carried on since, in Season 6, has been remarkable. This Christmas movie was not only a birth, but a re-birth of everything I originally fell in love with when watching When Calls the Heart!

*You can watch When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing on DVD alone, on DVD in the complete season 6 set, or via Amazon Streaming - Prime Video.

I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas in August!

Blessings, Net


  1. "A Christmas in Tennessee" was my favorite movie from last year (sorry, Hallmark...). I heard Andrew Walker talk about it on one of the Hallmark-related podcasts, and he spoke of how he agreed to do it because of the good relationship he has with the director and how much he likes his co-star, and the warmth of those relationships seems to really come through. This is a lovely, charming movie. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of your enthusiastic audience!

    1. Hello Beth! Thank you so much for sharing! I found this movie so easy to fall in love with! The entire film was refreshing, sweet, and held all the warmth and magic of Christmas! I'm so glad to hear how much you enjoyed it, as well!

      I can't wait to watch it again - and thankfully, we'll have Andrew & Rachel (separately) in new Hallmark Christmas movies this year! :)

  2. Thank you for the printable, Net. It's totally going on my frig. I'm missing Christmas in July, but this helps. thanks for suggesting Christmas Wedding Planner. I'll check that out. I can't wait for When Hope Calls to begin!

    1. You're so welcome! I hope you enjoy the list and the movie. Jocelyn is adorable in it!

      Happy Christmas in August!!! :)

  3. One of the movies already changed, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is being played on August 30th instead of It's Christmas, Eve. I love both movies and have both on DVD so this is ok. Plus if more people get to see TMWTOTY in prime time, then I am good. Its such a great movie.

    1. Hello Sabrina!!! Of course! Just before I posted the print out this week, I double checked and August 29th changed from A Christmas to Remember to Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas, so I changed that one, and wondered if It's Christmas, Eve would stay or change. And now... we know!

      Thank you so much for informing me. That is such a huge help! I've updated the print out above with the new change. Hopefully everything else will remain the same, but we'll see! :)

      Like you, I'm happy to see The Most Wonderful Time of the Year any time on the Hallmark Channel. I love that they've kept this gem, even though they've moved so many of the other classics to streaming.


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