Monday, July 1, 2019

☀ Hallmark Channel's 2019 "Summer Nights" will be shining bright! ☀

Hallmark Channel Press Release:


Network’s Annual Programming Event Starts July 27

This summer, Hallmark Channel celebrates the sun-drenched days of leisure and love with its annual Summer Nights programming event.

“Summer Nights” features a slate of five all-new original movies, starting with “Rome in Love” on Saturday, July 27 (9 p.m. ET/PT), followed by “Love and Sunshine” on Saturday, August 3 (9 p.m. ET/PT), “A Taste of Summer” on Saturday, August 10 (9 p.m. ET/PT), “A Summer Romance” on Saturday, August 17 (9 p.m. ET/PT) and “All Summer Long” on Saturday, August 24 (9 p.m. ET/PT).

"Rome in Love" image: Hallmark Crown Media 

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, July 27 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Italia Ricci, Peter Porte, Vincent Riotta

Amelia Tate’s (Ricci) world is turned upside down when she is plucked from obscurity in Bend, Oregon to star in a remake of the classic film Roman Holiday. After being flown to the Eternal City for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Amelia is obliged to spend time with American reporter Philip Hamilton (Porte), who has been assigned by an Italian magazine to write the story that will introduce her to the world.

"A Taste of Summer" image: Hallmark Crown Media

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, August 3 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
NEW PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, August 10 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Roselyn Sanchez, Eric Winter

Sous-chef Gabby (Sanchez) opens a restaurant and must contend with former high school baseball hero Caleb (Winter), the competitive owner of a popular eatery. A star in culinary school, Gabby is unconcerned until opening night, when her restaurant has few customers due to Caleb’s wings promotion. Deciding to enter the Taste of Summer to win $10,000 and stellar reviews, Gabby is stunned when Caleb enters a similar dish, but heartened when he helps after her sous-chef burns himself. With the contest winner still unnamed, there’s lots of competitiveness in the air, but now it’s mixed with a hint of romance.

 images: Hallmark Crown Media

‘LOVE AND SUNSHINE’ (working title)
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, August 10 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
NEW PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, August 3 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Danica McKellar, Mark Deklin

Recently retired military dog Sunshine has been living with American Rescue volunteer Ally Craig (McKellar) and helping her to put her life back together after a dissolved engagement. When her military partner Jake Terry (Deklin) returns to claim her, he and Ally discover that loving Sunshine is not the only thing they have in common.

images: Hallmark Crown Media

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, August 17 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Erin Krakow, Ryan Paevey

Samantha “Sam” Walker (Krakow), the owner of her family’s picturesque ranch in Bighorn, Montana must decide whether to sell her land to wealthy developers or risk losing it in foreclosure. When New York real estate developer Richard Belmont (Paevey) arrives at the ranch to convince her to sell, he learns some life-changing lessons from Sam about the country lifestyle and the importance of home. Despite the budding romance that develops between them, the pressure on Richard from his colleagues to close the deal grows and threatens to undermine everything he’s come to love since arriving in Bighorn.

images: Hallmark Crown Media

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, August 24 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Autumn Reeser, Brennan Elliott

Tia’s (Reeser) dream job of captaining a dining cruise hits rough water when her ex Jake (Elliott) is hired as the restaurant’s chef. Will they be able to open a new business, navigate the sea, and each other?


*UPDATE - July 2, 2019: This is the official press release, above, sent out on July 1st from Hallmark. The TV promos are saying there will be SIX new Summer Nights movies, which would include: (unless further changes occur) Love on the Ranch, on August 31st. Also, the premiere dates for A Taste of Summer and Sunshine & Summertime are different on the Hallmark Channel web-site. These two movies may be, or may not be, switching dates with one another. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates!

*UPDATE - July 5, 2019: The premiere dates for A Taste of Summer and Sunshine have been updated above!

*UPDATE - July 10, 2019: The last Summer Nights movie is...

‘MY ONE & ONLY’ (Love on the Ranch)
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Premieres Saturday August 31 9pm/8c
Starring: Pascale Hutton and Sam Page

After being passed up for a promotion at work - and learning of her ex-fiance’s approaching nuptials to his best friend - Stephanie reluctantly agrees to be a contestant on the popular reality dating TV show “The One.” Arriving on set in the gorgeous Wyoming mountains, Stephanie immediately bumps heads with the handsome ranch owner Alex before beginning her courtship with her fellow contestant - and supposed perfect match - Oliver. Against a backdrop of fun summer “dates” for which Alex is the guide, Stephanie and Oliver try to determine if they’re fated to be together. But while Stephanie and Oliver hit it off, sparks fly between Stephanie and Alex as they challenge one another to face their fears and ask for what they want. Yet the complexities mount as Stephanie questions if Alex has feelings for his best friend Kelly and if, like with her ex-fiance, history will repeat itself. With a ticking clock towards the show’s grand finale, Stephanie must decide between Alex and Oliver - but who is “The One?”



  1. Yay! I'm so excited for these. Glad to see so many familiar people!:)

    1. Me too! I always love seeing the Hallmark stars we love - from season to season! :)

  2. When Hallmark Channel first announced its June Weddings 2019 schedule, it featured “In the Key of Love,” starring network newcomers Scott Michael Foster (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) and two-time Tony nominee Laura Osnes, as the final premiere of the event, airing June 29.

    A little over a week before the music-filled rom-com was set to air, Hallmark revealed it was adding a new movie to its lineup, “Sister of the Bride,” that would air in the slot previously designated for Osnes and Foster’s flick.

    It was a bit of a surprise, but it wasn’t affecting Hallmarkies too much because they were getting another new Hallmark flick, plus “In The Key of Love” would still air, just on a different day, as Hallmark announced on Twitter it had pushed the movie to a “special Monday night premiere” on July 1, 2019.

    Well, today is that day, and the second-chance romance, once again, will not air.

    Star Laura Osnes shared the news on Instagram on Friday.

    Good things come to those who wait! Previously scheduled to air Monday night, #InTheKeyOfLove will instead be available for streaming via @hallmarkmoviesnow later this summer, to coincide with @hallmarkchannel’s new series, #WhenHopeCalls (starring our own @andreakbrooks!). Thanks for all the excitement surrounding the movie, as we keep the anticipation alive till August!”

    As of now, the latest release news for “In the Key of Love” is that it will not have a network premiere but will instead debut on Hallmark’s paid streaming service (which offers a seven-day free trial), Hallmark Movies Now, in August. As Osnes mentioned, that same month will also see Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” spinoff series, “When Hope Calls,” debut. No official date has been announced for either program.

    The film’s director, Joe Ricci, also updated fans about the latest switch.

    While Hallmarkies and Hearties will have to hold on a bit longer until they can check out “In the Key of Love,” here’s a bit more info about what to expect from the flick when it does arrive in August.

    “Maggie (Osnes), a former musician and singer who’s now a wedding photographer on Piedmont Island, has to confront her past when Jake (Foster), her ex-boyfriend and music partner, arrives for his sister’s wedding she’s photographing,” the synopsis shares.

    The cast also includes Shannon Chan-Kent (Sasha), Andrea Brooks (Jennifer Collins), Thomas Cadrot (Kyle), Colleen Winton (Evelyn), Peter Bryant (Mayor McCready), April Cameron (Lindsay), Devon Alexander (Derek), Sarah Hayward (Tricia), Shaine Jones (Kev), Zenia Marshall (Ashleigh) and Marco Soriano (Julio)

    1. That's right. I shared this information on my page for In the Key of Love when we learned about it last week. I know many viewers are still disappointed. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Net -- It appears that someone ONCE AGAIN copied and pasted the info above -- this time from the IB Times -- and did not credit the source when pasting it here. It would be so easy to just copy the link to the article and paste it here, OR simply say "I got this from IB Times," but they did not do that.

      The reason I know it was IB Times is because the writer of the IB Times article had Joe Ricci incorrectly named as the director, when the director is actually Clare Niederpruem. The writer of the article later changed the sentence to reference Joe as the writer and not the director.

      Here is the link to the IB Times article --

    3. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this link - to where proper credit is due.

      It is nice when people share movie news, but I agree, they should provide a source - and to be fair to the writers, I prefer they not copy+paste an entire article.

      Again, thank you for catching this and posting the link.

  3. In the Key of Love
    Sunday, AUGUST 11, 2019

    Laura Osnes as Maggie
    Scott Michael Foster as Jake
    Andrea Brooks as Jennifer

    1. Yes, if you have Hallmark Movies Now (Hallmark's Streaming Service), you can watch In the Key of Love, beginning August 11th. Hope many of you can see it there! :)

  4. WOW. This is the hottest line up ever.

    1. I agree, TVAdora! This is a fantastic lineup of movies! The Summer romances will be heating things up! ☀☀☀

  5. Well this is a somewhat promising lineup.

    Rome in Love sounds cheesy but Italia Ricci is crazy talented. Her work on Chasing Life was outstanding. Plus Peter Porte and it goes on the watch list.

    A Taste of Summer will be a might watch. Eric Winter is someone i keep my eye on and acting alongside his real wife will be a fun dynamic.

    Sunshine & Summertime - military theme and Danica McKellar will make this one a highlight.

    A Summer Romance - Won't even bother.

    All Summer Long - Autumn Reeser gets an automatic watch from me.

    So 3/5 isn't too bad.


    1. Hello K! Thanks for sharing your take on Hallmark's Summer Nights movies! There are always some that appeal more to me, too, than others. Hope you enjoy the ones you watch and... maybe you'll discover a few surprises!

      Happy watching!!! :)

  6. Hallmark Is Casting for Their Baking Competition Show 'Christmas Cookie Countdown'
    Do you have what it takes?

    and craft holiday treats for your friends and family? Is coming up with imaginative recipes your calling? Most importantly: Do you love Christmas? Then you definitely need to apply for Hallmark’s new competition series.

    The network known for its impressive slate of holly jolly programming announced earlier this year that they will debut Christmas Cookie Countdown in 2019. The 5-episode show reportedly follows home cooks as they battle it out to make the best delicious desserts. A panel of “well-known” pastry chefs and Hallmark stars will judge, meaning this is basically the best thing to happen to us since Nailed It.

    Scratch that—this news is even better: Hallmark is now casting amateur bakers for their latest project. According to several posts, company Wyldside Media is on the hunt for Southern California residents who think they’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate Christmas cookiechamp. Oh, and there’s allegedly a $25,000 cash prize, too.

    The requirements are simple. Basically you have to answer an enthusiastic “yes” to the below questions, and be available to film from July 29-August 4 in Los Angeles:

    Do your friends and family tell you your Christmas cookies are the very BEST?
    Are people always asking you for your cookie recipes?
    Are you confident in your creative abilities in the kitchen?
    If the above sounds like you, then be prepared that the challenges span “everything from visual and decorative, to taste and overall presentation.” Even more exciting, you’ll apparently get to “partner up with some of your favorite Hallmark Television stars” if you make the cut.

    So, what are you waiting for!? Get baking!

    1. That's right. There is casting call going on for Hallmark's new baking competition show - 'Christmas Cookie Countdown' - that will air this upcoming Christmas season on Hallmark Drama. Should be fun to watch!

      I can't wait to see what they have cooking up next!!! :)

  7. It's nice to see Erin Krakow in something new besides WCTH on the Hallmark Ch.

    1. Anna, I so agree! I also love Erin Krakow on WCTH, plus it's always fun to see her in a modern era movie too! Really looking forward to "A Summer Romance" with Erin & Ryan Paevey - plus our Opal from WCTH, Ava Grace Cooper!

  8. Aren’t Sunshine & Summertime military dogs’ names?

    1. According to the movie description above, Sunshine is definitely a dog's name. I'm not sure about Summertime. It could be another dog's name or simply the season.

  9. I think there may be 6 movies, as I saw on the bottom of the screen this weekend, I think it was during sister of the bride, and it said all new summer nights and it said 6 new movies. maybe they just haven't figured out what the 6th movie will be.

    1. I saw that too, Sabrina. Not sure why they would send out this press release without the 6th movie. By the way, the 6th movie will be Love on the Ranch - premiering August 31st. (unless there are more changes!)

    2. Was Love on the Ranch known as something else? I know there are a few movies on my list of wondering if they were hallmark or not, so trying to see if this is one. I find no info on Love on the Ranch.

      I might be crazy, but I am so looking forward to the Fall Harvest movies, as I know that will be the next group of movies announced.

    3. Sabrina -- The former title of "Love on the Ranch" was "Summer Camp."

      I, too, am looking forward to the Fall Harvest movies -- mainly because the actual season of summer is my least favorite season (too hot), and want to fast forward to fall and the holidays. However, I do enjoy some of the summer movies quite a bit, and I am looking forward to "Rome in Love"!! One of the actors in "Rome in Love" played a significant role in "Under the Tuscan Sun" -- one of my favorite theatrical romantic films!

    4. Yes, the original title was Summer Camp. Perhaps, they thought there might be confusion with Christmas Camp and changed it.

    5. I agree Anonymous, I live in Florida and today we have a heat advisory, had some last week too. don't have them very often although it is hot here a lot, but I guess with the heat index it is dangerous so they have a warning. The one thing I like about Florida Summers, all the rain we get, it makes everything so green and pretty. But unfortunately while the Fall Harvest movies play and pretty much when some of the Christmas starts, it is still hot here. My poor pumpkin rotted last year so fast cause I put it out in October and we had record heat in the 90's most of the month. So yes, Summer is my least fave season too. Whats crazy is that we kind of have a "fall" in January or late December, here in Tampa one of the only trees that has leaves that change colors are the turkey oaks, and they are pretty in January. right at the time Winterfest movies are playing :)

  10. I just went to Hallmarks site, I guess they moved Sunshine up to the 3rd, and then A Taste of Summer Back, but of course, what I noticed when I click on movies, of course they only have pictures of Erin Krakow's movie. Even though other movies are premiering sooner, they have A Summer Romance on the "new" section. And they are the only movie with an on location. even though the other movies, to me, have better actors and actresses they of course choose A Summer Romance as the one to promote. Not to be mean, but we have Danica Mckeller, Autumn Reeser, big time Hallmark actresses, I hope I see they get a lot of promotion and not only the one with Erin Krakow.

    1. Yeah, I saw that yesterday, too, when I received this press release. I don't know which one is right? Very puzzling. Plus the name for Sunshine & Summertime is shortened just to Sunshine again on Hallmark's web-site.

      I'm thinking it's possible the premiere dates might change for A Taste of Summer and Sunshine & Summertime, but I think they'll keep the fuller title - Sunshine & Summertime, instead of shortening it just to Sunshine. But you never know... time will tell.

      As far as promotion, it sometimes takes longer on certain movies to get their official posters/pictures, etc... Hopefully, we'll see them all soon - especially with the Summer Nights preview show coming up soon!!!

  11. It looks like July will be a bonanza month for those of you who aren’t all caught up with the Hallmark channel’s Christmas movies. That’s right, it will be Christmas in July on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. And these Christmas reruns will not only be on in the evening, but they will also replace the daily roster of mystery shows like Columbo, Monk, and Hart to Hart. Also, once the channel resumes its regular programming schedule on Monday, July 15 the channel will continue to show a Christmas movie every Thursday night.

    I do have some rather good news for those of us who enjoy the Hallmark mystery movies. Aurora Teagarden will be back with new shows next month, August 2019!

    Rather than list all of the Christmas movie reruns, I’m just going to tell you about the brand new Christmas movie the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel will be airing:

    Monday – July 1, 2019 to Monday – July 15, 2019
    Christmas movies all day and night.
    On Thursday – July 4, 2019 the Christmas movies will honor veterans.

    Thursday – July 11, 2019
    Christmas Camp
    To get a promotion, Hayley, an advertising executive who specializes in social media, must land a toy company that is all about traditional Christmas as an account. Stars Lily Anne Harrison, Bobby Campo, Ben Gavin.

    1. ^^^ It looks as though someone is once again copying and pasting text that was posted elsewhere, either on another site or by someone on social media (I notice that people do this a lot here in the comments on Net's site -- they copy and paste someone else's text and don't name the source of the info).

      People, when you copy people's information, please credit them and name the place where you got it. It's the right thing to do.

  12. Not this again. I want to know when a movie is coming out with NO changes!


    1. I know, Misty. I feel the same way. Just when we think everything is settled, changes always seem to occur.

      By the way, it appears "A Taste of Summer" and "Sunshine" are officially switching dates.

  13. Keep that dates: A Taste of Summer and Sunshine & Summertime

    1. According to newly released information, they are changing dates with these two movies.

      Sunshine - August 3
      (Title also appears to be shortened again)

      A Taste of Summer - August 10

  14. Sunshine is a Military dog that belong to Ally & Summertime is a Military dog that belong to Jake

    I saw a picture of Erin & Ryan with cowboy hat at Country Fair Festival

  15. Sunshine is a Military dog owns by Ally Craig but her Military partner; Jake Terry whose thinking that she’s Summertime - his Military dog

  16. Sunshine
    Danica McKellar & Mark Delkin

    A Taste of Summer
    Roselyn Sanchez & Eric Winter

  17. Rome in Love
    July 27, 2019
    Italia Ricci & Peter Porte

    Sunshine & Summertime
    August 3, 2019
    Danica McKellar & Mark Delkin

    A Taste of Summer
    August 10, 2019
    Roselyn Sanchez & Eric Winter

    A Summer Romance
    August 17, 2019
    Erin Krakow & Ryan Paevey

    A Summer Long
    August 27, 2019
    Autumn Reeser & Brennan Elliott

    Love on the Ranch
    August 31, 2019

    I wonder if there's 7th Summer Nights movies for Labor’s Day (Labor’s Day Movies Marathon)

    1. Yes, that appears to be the line-up for Summer Nights, so far!

      I'm thinking any new movie that comes in the 3 Saturdays after that, will simply not have a Summer Nights or Fall Harvest theme. There really needs to be a name for those in-between movies too!


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